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    Default Rules for Contest Cards

    First of all, you can customise these anyway you like. I'm just posting this because I kinda came up with the idea.

    Now, all placements and sizes are exactly the same with normal HL cards. So, what's different you ask.

    1 - Instead of having a normal HP, pokemon now have "ER" or "Energy Rating". Basically, instead of having 50 HP, you'd have 50 ER. Pretty simple.

    2 - Attacks are mostly the same, with only a few changes. Gone are the ideas of Paralysis, Confused etc. Now there are only 3.

    Judges' Attention: On your next turn, flip a coin. If heads, your attack is doubled. If tails, nothing happens. (Would be put in an attack as "Your Pokemon has the Judges' Attention")

    Boring Judges: The next time you are attacked, flip a coin. If heads, nothing happens. If tails, you receive +20 D from the next attack. (Would be put as "The defending pokemon is boring the judges")

    Scared: Your next attack's damage is reduced by 20 D. (Would be put as "The defending pokemon is scared")

    3 - Pokemon can also have a Combo Attack. These attacks are triggered by either: Having a certain pokemon on your contest team / Using a certain Trainer card / Using a certain attack a number of times, or the order of your attacks. Combo Attacks normally do alot of damage, but may differ depending on the pokemon in question (you choose really).

    4 - Your bench is now called your "Contest Team". Just for attack effects really.

    5 - You don't need to put "Tough" or "Smart" etc. in the name, since we have the blanks and symbols.

    EDIT: 6 - I forgot to mention Weakness and Resistance. Normally, it'd be

    Tough - Weak against Cute, Resistant against Smart
    Smart - Weak against Tough, Reistant against Cool
    Cool - Weak against Smart, Resistant against Beauty
    Beauty - Weak against Cool, Resistant against Cute
    Cute - Weak against Beauty, Resistant against Tough.

    I can't think of anything else necessary ATM.
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