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    Ishie's PokétShop

    My offer:

    Catching/Breeding on request (can breed/catch any nature/gender the customer wants if the offer got the right nature/gender too):

    Normal Pokémon:

    - any starter from any generation
    - any fossil Pokémon
    - Zoruas
    - Bagons
    - Gibles
    - Spiritombs
    - Ralts
    - Voltorb
    - Hippopotas
    - Scyther
    - Phanpy
    - Eevee
    - Nidoran♂
    - Skarmory (without Roost or Stealth Rock)
    - German Dittos (requested nature)
    - White Forest pokés like: Togepi, Elekid, Happiny, Machop, Mareep, Nidoran♀, Abra, Wurmple, Lotad, Surskit
    - Pokémon White exclusives: Caterpie, Paras, Misdreavus, Poochyena, Minun, Solosis, Rufflet
    - Gothita (exclusive to Pokémon Black)


    GTS Legendaries (all seem legal):

    - a few Reshirams (one is UT Japanese, previous owner deleted all moves but dragonbreath... may use my heart scales if needed; the others are European/American, touched~ around level 50-60)
    - Thundurus (level 41)

    Can attach (if needed, depending on customer's offer):

    - Pokérus
    - Rare Candies
    - Heart Scales

    Can EV train and/or train Pokés to level 100 for the right offer.

    Looking for (legal only, or they should at least seem legal if gotten over GTS):

    Normal Pokémon:

    - Gastly
    - Diglett
    - Meowth
    - Tentacool
    - Impish (preferably UT or rightly EV-ed) Skarmory with the ability "Sturdy" and the moves Roost and Brave Bird
    - Adamant (preferably UT or rightly EV-ed) Scizor with the ability "Technician" and the move "Superpower)
    - Pokémon Black exclusives (I think I need all except Gothita and Black's legendaries)


    - Bold (preferably UT or rightly EV-ed) Suicune (preferably with the move Sleep Talk)
    - Timid/Naive/Rash (preferably UT or rightly EV-ed) Heatran (preferably with the move Dragon Pulse/Stealth Rock/both)
    - Bold/Calm (preferably UT or rightly EV-ed) Zapdos (preferably with the move Heat Wave)
    - Timid (preferably UT or rightly EV-ed) Latios (preferably with the move Trick)
    - any other pre-generation legendaries (preferably with the right natures, rightly EV-ed or UT, having popular "Gen IV only" moves) and any Victini (also with right nature, UT or rightly EV-ed)

    PM me if interested.

    Time zone: CEST

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    I Want Your Oshawott/Dewott/Samurott
    Trade With My:

    Name: Reshiram
    Adopt one yourself! @Pokémon Orphanage

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    I'll trade Mandibuzz and Whimsicott for a Ditto.

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    I can trade you any non-legendary exclusive Black pokemon or any of the "normal" pokemon in your list {non-EVed} for the UT Japanese Reshiram.
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