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Thread: Facing Fear With Eyes Wide Open! (694)

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    Default Facing Fear With Eyes Wide Open!

    This was a Good episode. I liked how Oshawott trying to get over the fear of opening his eyes underwater.

    Snivy and Emolga still acting like rivals was kinda funny, it reminded me of there rivalry in "Emolga and the new Volt Switch!" Scraggy attacking the Foongus(geez, now I really dislike Foongus) wasn't surprising since he's still a baby Pokémon and still wants to attack anything that comes his way. But the Foongus not only poisoned Scraggy, but the other Pokémon too! I felt bad for Pikachu, Snivy, Emolga and the other Pokémon. Even though Iris was helping the Pokémon, they looked so helpless.

    So it's up to Ash, Cilan and Oshawott to get a Remeyo Weed from the bottom of the lake to heal the poisoned pokémon. here were two captures (Palpitoad and Stunfisk) in one episode, both at the same time by Ash and Cilan. So Ash and Oshawott tries to get a Remeyo Weed from the bottom of the lake, but a Palpitoad commands a group of Tympole to attack them. Geez, what's up with this Palpitoad? What did Ash or Oshawott do to him that he wanted to attack them so badly?

    Anyways, I liked how Oshawott finally opened his eyes and relfelcted the Bubblebeam shot at him by Tympole, causing the group of Tympole to to flee. And it's good to see that

    I liked how Cilan started to spin Stunkfish around after catching it with his Fishing rod, that was really cool.
    Also, I like how Oshawott defeated Palpitoad and Ash caught it. Cilan catching Stunkfish(without battling it with a Pokémon)was cool too! It's great how both Ash and Cilan caught a Pokémon in the this episode.

    I'm glad Oshawott finally mastered Aqua Jet and managed to get over the fear of opening his eyes, but it's still unknown why Oshawott was afraid to open his eyes underwater. I think they should've explained the reason of Oshawott's fear.... Oh well, I guess it'll remain unknown.
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    Absolutely loved this episode! Great to see Ash training so hard with Oshawott. I definitely wish there was some sort of backstory for Oshawott's fear of opening his eyes, but I guess there'd be no way of him actually explaining that to Ash. Still, it was really nice to see him learn to open his eyes and save the rest of the group from their poison. Ash and Cilan catching Palpitoad and Stunfisk seemed really random in my opinion though. These were hostile wild Pokemon - which Ash and co. usually defeat and leave alone. Should be interesting to see how they interact with the rest of the group and with their new trainers.
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    I thought the (not sure if I'm spelling this right...) Romayo weeds were those weeds that Misty was trying to find back in the episode where she first got Poliwag. Those were the Salvayo (again, spelling?) weeds I was thinking of.

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    Oshawott's development and the captures of Palpitoad and Stunfisk made this a pretty enjoyable episode but I don't like how Scraggy is being portrayed. Imo his stupidity should affect only him, not the entire cast's parties. Right now he's portrayed as someone who isn't good at battling, does dumb things and only causes problems for the other characters as a result. I haven't seen a redeeming quality in him so far so I don't know how he's useful in any way.

    Which kind of sucks because I like the species.

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