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    Default Roughneck JB's Tenacious Depot

    Apologies for the absence. Business has finally resumed!

    'Sup pokedudes?
    Now that I've finally discovered a way to clone without having to buy an AR, I can finally set up shop instead of being a travelling merchant & stalking everyone else's threads.


    1) All general forum rules apply.

    2) I will not knowingly accept hacked pokemon, nor trade them.

    3) I do clone and as such, will accept clones. If you want, I will also clone the pokemon you trade me and send you them back. Everybody wins!

    4) I have finally found a way to clone Premier Ribbon-free Pokemon, so good news there!

    5) Please make fair offers only.

    6) All trades must be done over Gen 5 games.

    7) I have included as much relevant information as I can about each pokemon

    8) Everything in this shop is UT unless stated otherwise.



    - Adamant Elekid (Flawless. Egg Moves: Fire Punch, Ice Punch, Cross Chop)
    - Adamant Spiritomb (Flawless. Egg Moves: Pain Split, Shadow Sneak)
    - Adamant Gallade (Flawless. 4th Gen Moves: Ice Punch, Drain Punch. Egg Move: Shadow Sneak) EVs: 246 HP, 252 Atk, 12 Spd

    - Careful Scraggy (Flawless. Egg Moves: Dragon Dance, Drain Punch, Ice Punch)
    - Adamant Excadrill w/ Sand Rush (31/31/31/30/31/31) (EV'd fully in Atk & Spd. NNable.)
    - Timid Magnemite w/ Magnet Pull (31/22/31/30/31/30. HP Fire 70)
    - Adamant Croagunk w/ Dry Skin (Flawless. 4th Gen Moves: Ice Punch, Thunder Punch, Sucker Punch, Gunk Shot)
    - Brave Timburr (31/31/31/31/31/0. Egg Moves: Mach Punch, Drain Punch, Endure, Counter)
    - Adamant Karrablast (30/31/31/24/31/31. Egg Moves: Megahorn, Knock-Off, Pursuit)
    - Naive Bagon (Flawless. Egg Moves: Dragon Dance, Hydro Pump)

    - Adamant Metang
    - Careful Patrat
    - Timid Snivy (31 SpA IV)
    - Adamant Mudkip (Flawless) (EVs: 252 Atk, 174 HP, 84 Spd)
    - Adamant Dratini (Egg Move: Extremespeed)
    - Timid Zoroark (Flawless. Fully EV'd in SpA & Spd)
    - Modest Tynamo (31/22/31/31/31/31)
    - Timid Chandelure (31/31/31/31/31/30, HP Ice 70. Fully EV'd in SpA and Spd)

    Dream World:
    - Timid DW Vulpix (31/30/30/31/31/31. Japanese. HP Ice 70, Egg Move: Hypnosis)
    - Calm DW Poliwag (31/9/31/31/31/31, Egg Moves: Encore, Ice Ball)
    - Impish DW Gligar (31/31/31/1/31/31, Egg Move, Baton Pass)
    - Jolly DW Dratini (Flawless. Egg Move: ExtremeSpeed)
    - Mild DW Carvanha (31/31/23/31/31/31)
    - Impish DW Wooper (31/31/31/28/31/31. Egg Moves: Stockpile, Recover, Encore, Curse)
    - Sassy DW Murkrow (Flawless. Egg Moves: Roost, Featherdance)
    - Timid DW Nidoran-Male (31/22/31/31/31/31)
    - Jolly DW Lapras (31/31/31/9/31/31. Egg Move: Dragon Dance)
    - Timid DW Eevee (31/10/31/30/31/30. HP Fire 70)
    - Relaxed DW Slowpoke (31/26/31/31/31/0). Ideal TrickRoom Poke.
    - Adamant DW Barboach (31/31/31/4/31/31) Egg Moves: Dragon Dance.
    - Timid DW Abra (31/6/31/30/31/30) HP Fire 70)

    - Modest Flawless Dialga
    - Timid Flawless Palkia
    - Timid Thundurus (31/18/30/31/31/31 HP Ice 70)
    - Timid Flawless Ho-oh (Japanese)
    - Naive Heatran (30/31/31/30/31/31. HP Grass 70)
    - Modest Flawless Zapdos
    - Modest Flawless Moltres
    - Adamant Flawless Groudon (Fully EV'd in Atk & Spd)
    - Jolly Virizion (Atk, Spd & HP IVs are 31)
    - Jolly Cobalion (31/31/31/12/31/31)
    - Timid Flawless Latios (Fully EV'd in SpA & Spd)
    - UT Timid Latios (31/6/31/30/31/30. HP Fire 70)

    - Timid Flawless Azelf
    - Timid Flower Paradise Shaymin. Flawless (NFT unless for my Major Wants, by tyty's request)

    - Timid Kyurem
    - Timid Thundurus
    - Jolly Terrakion
    - Naive Landorus (31 SpA IV)
    - Impish Birth Island Deoxys (EV'd as physical attacking Tank/Spiker)
    - Adamant Faraway Island Mew (Flawless)
    - Timid Giratina
    - Timid Flawless NewMoon Island Darkrai

    (I've recently acquired more shinies, but the list may take a while to completely update)


    - Jolly WISHMKR Jirachi (31/31/31/29/31/31) Body Slam, Fire Punch, Trick, Iron Head
    - Adamant DW Bagon - Male, with Outrage (31/31/31/24/31/31) (Taught Fire Blast & Brick Break via TMs)
    - Jolly DW Spinda - Female, with Superpower (31/31/31/23/31/31)
    - Adamant DW Torchic (31/31/31/31/31/29) (OT: Something Japanese)
    - Win2011 Celebi*
    - Jolly DW Chimchar (OT: Dom)
    - Adamant DW Torchic (31/31/31/24/31/31) (OT: Something Japanese)


    - Poliwag
    - Vulpix
    - Carvanha
    - Corphish
    - Slowpoke
    - Lapras
    - Tangela
    - Stantler
    - Dratini
    - Sunkern
    - Lickitung
    - Magikarp
    - Nidoran
    - Gligar
    - Sudowoodo
    - Skitty
    - Natu
    - Exeggcute
    - Murkrow
    - Eevee
    - Smeargle
    - Burmy
    - Porygon
    - Abra
    - Drowzee
    - Stunky
    - Cotton Guard Banette (Was unsure at first, but they passed the hack-check)


    These days I have copies of more or less every legal item which I can trade.

    * = Can't clone via Pokecheck (Damn Event Ribbons), so only ask for these if you can clone them another way

    I also offer cloning, EV training, and RNGing (Though I can't clone pokemon with Event Ribbons). Post which poke you want trained/cloned/RNG'd here and we'll discuss a deal via PMs


    ( Other offers will be considered, but these are what I'm most likely to trade for: )

    JOLLY DREAMWORLD LUCARIO (For this, anything from my shop is yours! Especially if it's near-flawless)

    NICKNAMEABLE Shiny near-flawless Rayquaza

    NICKNAMEABLE Shiny near-flawless Dialga

    Any Flawless/Near-Flawless shinies with (useful) Previous-Gen Exclusive Moves

    Any Shiny Gen I-IV Legendaries I don't have (Preferably with good stats)

    Any Event pokemon I don't have (with good IVs, preferably)

    Any Dream World Females/Events I don't have (Will offer substantially more for shiny ones)

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    My Gen VI Trade Shop, JB's Tenacious Depot

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