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    Talking The Pengy Pole


        Spoiler:- Rules:

    Note: I don't cheat in any way. That includes hack, ARs and so on. All of these are legit. I won't trade for non-legit Pokemon. I don't clone as well.

    Welcome to the Pengy Pole! Here, I try to get rid of awesome bred Pokemon. I will update the shop gradually. I have school for a while, I will post if I'm on break. At most times, I give discounts and allow giveaways. Weathers indicate a surplus of Pokemon. Now come on in!

    My Trainer Details Are: Dilan - 3310 5039 1635

    Today's Weather: Acid Rain

    My Stock (Pokemon Ready to be Traded):
    *These aren't bred to specifically satisfy needs. No IVs, no EVs. Just bred.

    Male Ferroseed with Spikes and Leech Seed: 4
    Male Larvesta with Morning Sun: 1
    Male Zorua with Extrasensory and Dark Pulse: 2
    Male Poliwag with Encore: 15
    Male Ferroseed with Stealth Rock and Leech Seed: 2
    Male Vanilite with Water Pulse: 5
    Male Elekid with Cross Punch and Ice Punch: 6
    Male Sigilyph with Stored Power, Psycho Shift, and Roost: 6
    Male Deino with Earth Power: 4
    Male Timburr w/ Drain Punch and Mach Punch: 3
    Male Croagunk w/ Drain Punch: 7
    Male Ralts w/ Shadow Sneak and Mean Look: 3

    Female DW Lapras: 2
    Female DW Dratini: 1
    Female DW Gligar: 2
    Female DW Poliwag: 1
    Female DW Carvanha: 2
    Female DW Eevee: 1
    Female DW Smeargle: 4
    Female DW Vulpix: 5
    Female DW Burmy: 3
    Female DW Tropius: 3
    Female DW Murkrow: 4
    Female DW Ponyta: 1
    Female DW Exeggcute: 3
    Female DW Lileep: 1

    Snivy: 5

    w/ Encore
    w/ Spikes and Leech Seed
    w/ Stealth Rock and Leech Seed
    w/ Stealth Rock and Spikes
    w/ Outrage
    w/ Cross Punch and Ice Punch
    w/ Ice Punch
    w/ Dark Pulse and the Elemental Fangs
    w/ Mach Punch and Drain Punch
    w/ Extrasensory and Dark Pulse
    w/ Wish
    w/ Extremespeed
    w/ Ice Punch, Drain Punch and Dragon Dance
    w/ Encore
    w/ Morning Sun and Close Combat
    w/ Morning Sun
    w/ Cross Punch and Bullet Punch
    w/ Water Pulse
    w/ Rock Blast
    w/ Sucker Punch
    w/ Pain Split
    w/ Outrage and Dragon Dance
    w/ Outrage
    w/ Stored Power, Roost and Psycho Shift
    w/ Earth Power
    w/ Drain Punch
    w/ Shadow Sneak
    w/ Seed Bomb, Drain Punch and Focus Punch
    w/ Haze, Mist and Iron Tail
    w/ Glare and Sucker Punch
    w/ Superpower and Aqua Jet
    w/ Rapid Spin
    w/ Dragon Dance and Ice Punch
    w/ Double-edge and Roost

    Pokerus Infection
    Custom-natured Breeding
    IV Breeding (1 - 2 IVs. Three in specific cases.)
    Evolutionary Items (Stock Needed)
    Basic RNG (something easy since I'm new)
    Cloning via Action Replay by Hokoku (I guarantee this is safe, can be further explained by Hokoku himself)

    Note: I can combine stuff. Egg Moved Pokemon with DW Pokemon only if they're compatible or the same. Services can be combined with Pokemon.

    Male w/ Heat Wave *pending*
    Male w/ Ice Fang and Double Kick
    Male w/ Disable *pending*
    Male w/ Recover and Stealth Rock
    Male w/ Slack Off (and Stealth Rock for 4th Gen)
    Female DW Flawless or or
    Female DW Anorith
    Female DW Wailmer
    Female DW Scyther
    Female DW Stantler
    Female DW Wooper *priority*
    Legit Flawless Pokemon
    DW Female I don't have
    EM that I don't have and are Useful
    All Released DW Starters (9 of them) (Proof needed)
    Events I don't Have
    *Top Priority* Bold or with Wish (legit) only available from Gen 3 event!

    Trade Waiting List
    1. GlaceonQueen
    2. kaiser_soze
    3. Sly Sloth

    PikaPal_Lyra's Section:
        Spoiler:- show:

    Loyal Members Section:
        Spoiler:- Show:

    Shop Goodies:
        Spoiler:- Show:

    Shop Reviews:
        Spoiler:- Show:

    Worthy Visits:
        Spoiler:- Show:

    Please message here first before sending a Visitor Message or a Personal Message. Happy trading!

        Spoiler:- Credits:
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