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Thread: Jighery's Amazing Trade Shop

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    Default Jighery's Amazing Trade Shop

    Status: Open
    Hello. Welcome to my trade shop. This will not be completed for awhile because I will have to breed, train, send all the pokemon I have. I have basicly every pokemon so just ask but it my take me a bit.
    Updates: Plan on putting shinies I recieve through trades on here (Unless I really like them)
    My events shall now be once a month
    New strike system

    Alright rules:
    1) Follow all SPPF rules (shocker right)
    2)Do not trade me hacks. If you think or can tell I traded you a hack we will trade back and I will release the said pokemon.
    3)Since I do not have multiple lengendary, I will only trade & trade back and I must know I can trust you.
    4)Please don't ask for crazy trades Ex. lvl 1 pidove for a lvl 100 shiny Giratina flawless (and no I don't have one so still don't ask)(Edit on that part: I have a shiny Giratina ,not flawless and won't trade it)
    5) I AM OK WITH RNGing AND CLONING. I understand both of them.
    7)From June 21, 2011 an onward please post Amazing in your trade request if you haven't traded with me before.

    Alright I am starting out with my wants first because that way people will see what I want and won't get confused.

    Shiny Pokemon (I don't care what pokemon just any shiny I don't have)(And just to clarify I will not take shiny legendaries for my shinies. I just find it unfair to you if my shiny isn't a legendary)
    Events I don't have
    DW Females (Why didn't I put this in the first place... don't ask...)
    MAIN WANTS A Cloner to help clone my pokemon I can't clone on Emerald And Stat reducing berries (need them fast!!)
    Item wants-
    Max Revives, PP restoring items (or Leppa berry),Big nuggets, Relic crown, Dive balls , Battle Subway items, stones ... will add more later

    X=Working on trade
    Alright here are my haves

    Can get any Gen 1 just ask

    Can get any Gen 2 just ask

    Can get... alright I can get just about any pokemon from any Gen so lets just stop there for space

    Crown entei and suicune(Also known as the win2011 events) (I have a raikou but it is lvl 100 so it will not be traded.)
    Liepard 25
    Ferrow 50
    Magnemite 29
    Darmanitan Zen Mode (F) 35
    Palkia lvl 50 (unknown of iv's but looks legit. Nothing odd)
    Eevee lvl 1 UT

    (Don't ask now but later I will have a ton of shiny rayquazas from me cloning on Emerald. Have to catch it...)

    DW pokemon. (I rarely get on DW so that's why I don't have a lot
    Farfetch'd (M)
    Bidoof (M)
    Doduo (F)
    Surskit (F)

    Will breed the females but males will be traded away.

    Event Pokemon (Not to be mixed up with my events):
    Lvl 100 Japanese Movie Jirachi
    WIN2011 Celebi (2 both touched and won't unlock the event, Both already used)
    WIN2011 Entei and Suicune (Both touched and used one of them for the event)
    If I have more I will post the here

    Legendaries (Some will be Trade/ trade back while some will be up for trade.)
    WILL TAKE 1 ITEM PER TRADE AND TRADE BACK (Normal trades do not require an item )
    Cresslia 50 BT (Will trade)
    Victini T (3 lvls) (Will Trade)
    Palika (Trade and trade back)
    Dialga (T&TB)
    Giratina (Have Sinjo Ruins one yet the other T&TB)
    Rayquaza (T&TB except for future shiny)
    Arceus (T&TB)
    Zekrom (Forced to be BT Will Trade)
    Landorus (T&TB)
    Lake Trio (Will Trade)
    Darkrai (T&TB)
    Groudon NN Groundy (Will trade)
    Ho-oh (T&TB)
    Regigigas (Will trade)
    Kyorge (2 that I cloned on emerald NN Waterblast and for Trade)

    Smeargle Moves: If you want me to I will give your Smeargle certain moves(I have most moves except for unrealesed move ,V-create, Fusion bolt/flare and some others). 1 item for 2 moves and 2 items for 4 moves

    Other services- Poke-Transfer: I will send over 12 of your pokemon free of charge. Just use my SoulSilver FC for 4th gen trades.

        Spoiler:- Items:

    Strike system:
    Posting when I say not to= 1 strike
    Give me a hacked pokemon and not returning=5 strikes= INSTANT BAN FROM MY SHOP
    Being rude or immature=1 strike
    Trolling= Instant ban from my shop

    Events: Once a month I will be giving away a Pokemon(s) and it will last for 3 days. All you have to do is write "I want said pokemon" and you will be entered for the giveaway. At the end I put all the names in a hat and draw from it.

    Blacklist: No one so lets keep it like that.

    Trades working on: Serane- My Rayquazer for 3 of his dreamworld pokemon (Last date on may 27...)
    FallenZephry-2 upgrades for something of his (4th gen trade) (unknown if she even gets on anymore)

    My friend code is in my signature(I recomemend you use JIGHERY. If you don't it won't work. OK?)

    (Thanks to ******* for helping me upload the picture and yes I did make that picture)
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