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    Quote Originally Posted by Serebii View Post
    I skew the RNG so there's more Gen Vs, and there's still moaning. I can't win ¬¬
    Personally, I think you should've left it as it was.

    Oh well, UU is always good in my book.

    Pertaining to the topic:
    Seriously, this guy is a beast in Multi-battles. I know I've already said it, but jeeze... Heal Block, Splits and Swaps, Calm Mind, Simple Beam, Psych Up, Dual Screens, Disable... The list goes on and on what he can do for a multi-team. Heck, forget Singles, this guy shines in Multi-battles. Please, I'm serious, this guy rocks the Multi-battle area...

    ...Yes, I know he's Psychic. But I mean, come on. He rocks in Doubles and Triples.

    EDIT: Also, Rock Slide is useful in Multi-Battles, too. Just more reason for me to rant about Multi-battles for a change.
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    Mwahaha! R4GE Zibdas! I have Claimed Probopass!

    I support MC. But with Eviolite. Viva la Eviolite!

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