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This is it. My first EVER One-shot I made. Any advice WILL be helpful, I will need it to improve on how I make one-shots. If there is a error in the story please describe it and I will fix it before I send it to completed Fics.

This is a Rendshipping story, which means the Grovyle X Celebi ship. However it focuses on Celebi and is a "Midquel" to after Grovyle and Celebi leave Vast Ice Mountain and before they are revived by Arceus.

In the Void: Revival
A Rendshipping One-shot by Hawkmbl

The last second of the dark future. That second would show that I did my duty. My duty to guard Grovyle with all of my power and also his partner. But now it’s over. His partner saved the present by defeating Primal Dialga.... And because of that, we are vanishing.
And I am one of them. I, Celebi will probably die any moment now. And right after I had that one moment with my beloved Grovyle.

Just a second ago I saw the last second of the dark future with him. Now I am in a dimension where I will be erased forever.

I never thought Grovyle had a strong affection toward me. He was more like a guard than a partner. But his partner liked him regardless. But now I know he would protect me with all of his will too.

You see, not only did Grovyle’s partner and Chikorita destroy Primal Dialga here, but the three of us also destroyed him here. On Vast Ice mountain. Yes. The three of us.

Dusknoir was a evil pokemon. One with ambitions so high he almost killed Grovyle by luring him into a trap in a attempt to send him as a time agent to the present to stop his partner. But when Dialga betrayed him he decided to avenge it. I am not sure if he even has real feelings, all I think he did was help Dialga so he wouldn’t die....

Ah, the light. The yellow light of this dimension, the dimension I will be erased from history along with Grovyle and Dusknoir. Any moment now I will corrupt and shatter into pieces, and then be erased. So will Grovyle. I can’t seem to find him anywhere, and I can’t even move in this Dimension now. I am getting so weak by the minute... My wings feel like they are becoming dust, my body feels like liquid evaporating.... But it was for a good cause.

All of the pokemon in the treasure town Grovyle talked to me about were very kind indeed. They are now more happy. Now that the two destroyed Primal Dialga in the present, they will be safe.

Now I feel like my left foot is almost gone. The erasing is beginning.

Now I feel it. The feeling of affection I had. I loved Grovyle as much as a baby pokemon would love his mother. Willing to protect him at all costs. When he was almost trapped, I thought I failed my duty. But now all three of us did a good deed toward restoring Dialga, even though not much will change as we are going to vanish anyway...

Now my right foot is gone. I can no longer feel my legs. I can’t actually feel anything now, but my heart and mind.

Then I heard a voice.

“Celebi...” The voice said.

“Grovyle?” I thought. I couldn’t speak, but I just hoped in this dimension he could hear my mind.

“You have served me well. I don’t know why, but I am realizing some things I never thought of before. Thank you.” Grovyle communicated.

I knew right then he was communicating with his mind as well.

“I love you Grovyle!” I thought as hard as I can. I needed to reveal it now or never.

Right then, I realized that my neck was just about ready to be erased.

So I stopped thinking. So I could prepare myself for the second I am erased from history. I closed my eyes.

And waited. Waited for when I would be removed from this yellow dimension and would be erased from history forever. I didn’t bothered to look at my current self.

All of a sudden, after what seemed like hours, two voices randomly spoke.

“This is it. The biggest discovery in the world!” A voice called.

“Yes. It is, reminders of a dark future filled with creatures....” Another voice said.

“Now what happened again?” The first voice asked

“Well, apparently--” The second voice was about to start the phrase until it was finished in a dramatic change of tone.

“There was a trio. The trio were never along. One of them was trying to betray one, and another was trying to get in love with one, and the other wanted peace. One day they destroyed the dark being....” The majestic voice continued.

All of a sudden, a pokemon that was glittering with light appeared in front of me. It was white with a yellow neck collar around it.

“And I, Arceus came to save them.” Arceus said. Arceus then slowly closed his eyes and then a Pink and Green light came from my neck, which was slowly vanishing. The light went into Arceus.

“Now let me consume your power and revive your loved one.” Arceus said.

“Grovyle... Is already erased?” I thought. Hoping Arceus could read my mind as well.

“Yes. Now there is not much time.” Arceus’s neck collar then changed to green, and it’s eyes became green as well.

“Now let me revive your loved ones!” Arceus exclaimed. Ones. A word I never understood at first then. He started shining a huge green light that shot to another area of the dimension of erasing. A hole opened underneath the area he shot, and a cluster of yellow light went into the hole. Then he shot another green blast through a vortex in time, similar to the ones I make. The neck collar changed to Pink then.

Right then I lost eyesight. My eyes were gone, and I was starting to lose control of my mind.

“Now I will revive you. Keep this a secret with all of your might.” Arceus said.

Those were the last words and I could remember. I don’t even remember what happened right after that.

All I know is one thing. Someone, no matter how bad our situation is, will help us.