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Thread: Lines in the Sand

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    Default Lines in the Sand

    To see the story at the original Fanfiction site in which it was posted, go to this link:

    Welcome! I'm glad you found this fanfiction of mine, and I hope you take the time to read through the story I have created. This is the prologue. It skips around on the timeline a bit so PM me if you're confused, or have any questions.

    Disclaimer: I do not own Pokemon. I am doing this for free, and I have no money for you to take anyway.

    This story is rated PG-13 for violence and language.

    Enjoy the prologue!


    Title: Lines in the Sand

    Author: Shinymonkey8

    Chapter: Prologue


    Open your eyes.

    When she heard the voice in her head, the eternal blackness finally faded as she lifted her eyelids; the first thing she saw was death.

    The moment after she heard the gunshot, she turned her head to stare at the woman being struck by the bullet and collapsing.

    She could sense that this was the presence she had felt for so long, the only comforting warmth in her short existence she had known. She looked back at the man who had shot the woman, now dying, lying on the floor in a pool of blood. He had now slowly turned the gun so it was facing her.

    He was somewhat surprised at the amethyst eyes gazing in an unknown emotion back at him. Shock maybe? "Hmm. You're awake earlier than expected." No matter. He had to finish this.

    With an evil grin, he then uttered the words, "Your turn."


    She felt anger welling up in her like a bomb on the brink of explosion, It was overpowering all the other emotions: confusion, terror, shock, welling up inside. She had to avenge the woman she had somehow known. Without thinking, she felt a surge of power exit her body and blast into the man, sending him careening into the wall behind. She heard the cracking of bones and the clank of the handgun hitting the cold, hard ground. The man hit the floor and screamed out in pain, looking up at her in horror.

    He could barely speak through the pain and shock. "No... it's... not possible! You just awoke!"

    Another surge of power exited her body, resulting in the man, again, crumpling up against the wall with another scream of pain. He was now fighting for consciousness, staring at those same amethyst eyes with unchanging emotion; although this time he could see an underlying sense of anger in them. Somehow he managed to whisper through his pain, "No…"

    Not knowing how, she then sent a wave of the energy through the helpless man's head. It snapped back and hit the wall, knocking the man immediately unconscious.

    She stared at the man for well over a minute, emotions running wild.

    Where am I?

    Who am I?

    How did I just do that?

    Who is this man?

    With too many questions to even comprehend thinking about, she decided on looking around first. She was in a large container, slowly draining of an amber liquid on to broken glass scattered across the floor. Most likely it was broken from the blasts of energy she had somehow emitted, but how could that have come from her?

    How do I even know I'm a "she?"

    She looked up. She was in a dark room with what looked like electrical equipment and computers, how did she know what they were called? Tubes were running along the ground up to her container. She realized that some of the tubes running up the container were inserted into her body. Her instinct was to quickly pull the tube out, which was attached to a needle.

    What is it putting into my body?

    On shaky legs, she slowly took a step out of the container and made a small hop to the ground, making sure to avoid any glass she could hurt herself on. Her damp, light coating of fur was dripping liquid onto the floor, making an eerie 'drip' sound as she looked around again, noticing how small the room was. It only had room for a computer and a mass of other electrical equipment on one wall, desks and file cabinets on the other two walls, and a door leading to the outside on the last wall. She and the container were in the middle. The colors were very bland, mostly gray and black from the shadows of the room. There was some white coming from the floor, made of some type of marble. There wasn't very much light in the room for the white floor to reflect. With further inspection, she found that the only light was emanating from the electrical equipment and the light from the window on the door leading outside. This was enough to see, and she took a few steps toward the door.

    She was still struggling understanding how she knew the names to everything and how she could even have this thought process going. She then thought back to what she could remember had happened before she awoke, if anything.


    One week earlier


    It was dark.

    No, there were colors. What were these colors? Red? The colors kept changing, blue, green. What did these colors mean?

    A voice rang out through her world of black and colors, "and how are you doing today?"

    The woman, looking at the creature in the container of amber liquid, scolded herself. "Bah, you can't hear me, your still weeks away from when you're supposed to awake. I don't even know why I'm talking to you right now... I guess I'm just lonely. That bastard Giovanni is getting more and more suspicious over what I am doing all this time I'm gone. If he ever finds out what I'm doing he'll snap for sure. I've even heard stories of him killing rebellious rockets… Am I ranting again? Sorry about that. I just have no one else to talk to!"

    She looked at the sleeping creature and sighed.

    What am I doing?

    What will I do when it awakes?


    Two and a half months earlier


    The man named Giovanni strode through the entrance to the main laboratory. He stopped, frozen at what he saw.

    "Why the hell is there two of them?"

    The man Giovanni's voice was directed at quickly spun around, facing the intimidating Team Rocket boss.

    "I didn't authorize the creation of two Mewtwos!"

    "Sir, I can explain—"

    "Well you'd better explain quickly!"

    The other few scientists in the lab had stopped and were staring at them.

    Flustered, the lead scientist explained, "Well, we had all the necessary... erm... 'supplies,' and equipment to make two of them, so we made a male and a female. They are both coming along quite nicely. Their features are fully recognizable at this point. I personally don't see any reason we shouldn't make two—"

    "A male, and a female?" Giovanni interrupted.

    "… Yes… I thought it would be the optimal choice so we can study the anatomy of both genders, see which one is strongest. Our machines are picking up some interesting brainwave patterns coming from them; they are not near developed enough yet to have telekinetic powers, we will need to teach them that when they wake; but it seems that they can recognize each other's presence. I don't think their brains are developed enough yet to remember any type of mental communication they could have, but it's nice to see at least some communication. "

    Giovanni looked up at the two baby Mewtwos, suspended in the containers.

    "Dr. Fuji. Do you know why I only wanted one?" He calmly said, still staring at the creatures.

    The scientist backed away slightly, almost inconcievably, "Umm, no sir—"

    "What do you think would happen if there was only two of your species, opposite genders?"

    The scientist just stared at him with confused eyes. That couldn't possibly be what he meant…

    "Well I hadn't really thought of that—"

    "With the powers these Mewtwos will have, a rebellion would be so easy. If they developed any kind of caring feelings for each other, the chance of it happening would increase by tenfold!"

    The scientist looked down at the ground.

    "I can't take any chances Fuji, I'm sure you understand," Giovanni said, still trying to make eye contact.

    "I understand sir…"

    He actually did understand, even though this would mean abandoning valuable information. The creatures would be extremely powerful, and any rebellion could be very dangerous.

    "I'm just glad we caught this problem before the creatures were old enough to remember anything."

    The other scientists had started to get back to work. All but one woman. She was an average height, brunette. She was staring away from the conversing men, seemingly toward nothing, with some sort of sad glaze in her eyes.

    "Well everything else looks good Fuji. Get rid of one of them. I want to see only one when I come back tomorrow. The next time you decide to go against my orders, don't expect me to be so lenient."

    The scientist and the woman looked up, wide eyed for just a moment. Fuji then took on a look of defeat.

    "Yes sir."

    Giovanni stood there for a few more seconds, examining the cloned pokemon. The one on the left, the male by the looks of it, was a very light shade of violet, almost white, on everything but its stomach and lower torso. It was colored a deeper shade of purple in those areas. The deep purple continued through the creature's legs until it hit the rather long tail, which also took the same color. It was still very small and curled up in a ball, so it was hard to examine any detailed features. He could see a strange tube running from the base of the back of the neck into the creatures head. He guessed it was to help blood get to the brain.

    The female clone was identical to the male, save only a few things. It was more smoothly formed and sleek; a more rounded body. It was not the most obvious difference but it was perceivable. It was also colored slightly differently. The upper torso, arms, and head were completely white, while the stomach and tail were a faded, light violet, lighter than the male's color.

    As Giovanni turned away and strutted out of the main lab, the main scientist, Dr. Fuji sighed. "Well I guess I'll take care of this then…"

    "Wait," the woman spoke up, seemingly jolted from her trance of thoughts. She glanced back at Giovanni, then looking back at Fuji, "I'll take care of it. You've done enough work for one day." She wasn't making eye contact with him.

    Fuji looked at her strangely. "Okay, thanks. Hmm…" He paused, looking over the two Mewtwos, "just take the female. Giovanni would want the stronger one for his plans and the male is already showing signs of having increased psychic capabilities."

    The woman nodded, looked at the container with the female and sighed. She slowly pushed at it towards the entrance and winced as she heard the squealing of the rusty wheels. Without a word she exited the lab.

    When she got to her destination, she looked at the creature inside again. So small, so innocent. With a determined, but wary composure, she continued past the door labeled "Waste—Caution: Hazardous Materials" and turned down a long hallway, praying no one would be there.

    She sighed in relief as she saw the hallway was empty. She quickly wheeled the container down to the end of the hallway and opened the last door on the left with a key. The gym was a few doors down to her right. She entered the room, warm, cozy, painted a deep red. Nothing unusual. There were some flowers scattered around the room in vases. The pushed the creature up to a wall with a table. On the table was a vase filled with roses. One of the roses was a brilliant white. She slowly pulled out the white rose with a sad frown, looking back at the container as she did so.

    Suddenly, the wall seemed to slide open from an unseen crease. The girl just looked at the widening, dark gap being created with that same sad frown. The gap, now fully opened, was about 4 feet wide. It was large enough to wheel the container through.

    The room on the other side was dark, and somewhat small. "I knew this place would come to some use some day," she mused, looking at the floating pokemon. She then snapped out of her sad trance and seemed to remember what she had been doing. Hurriedly, she hooked the plugs hanging from the container onto some beeping machinery around the edges of the small room.

    I hope I'm doing the right thing, she thought as she finished up connecting the machine.

    She stepped back to look at the container, watching the closed lids of the strange, purple and white pokemon floating in the liquid.

    "You're safe now…" she paused, looking away, staring at nothing, "… Lyric…"


    End of Prologue


    Any reviews are appreciated! Thank you for reading.
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    Chapter 26 uploaded. (The rest of the chapters are on this site, just scroll down)
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    Uh...can you post the chapters here?

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    wifiguest3216: battle plz, no nasty plot, or sword dance, or dragon dance, and u HAVE TO LET me set up bellyzard, and no taunt, or heracross, and NO WEAVILE, and no substitute unless I have it. And dont use that many attacks and NO ROAR or WHIRLWIND. AND IF IM GOING TO LOSE, then quit the fight.
    Back early!

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    Yes I can. Probably get around to doing it tomorrow. Sorry for any inconvenience.

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    Chapter 27 is up.
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    Chapter 28 is up.

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    Chapter 29 is up. The conclusion is nearing!

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    Chapter 30 is up as well.

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    Default Chapter 1

    I hope the prologue wasn't too confusing, there's a lot to explain. It will all make sense in due time so don't worry.

    Contains some of Mewtwos history. Does not explain in full, so. If you're still confused, might want to read up on that.

    His history is very slightly changed: I made Mewtwo be cloned by Giovanni and I made Mewtwo's outrage to the scientists when he awoke at the Team Rocket headquarters. I made it a little less catastrophic and Giovanni ends up talking him out of it right as he was going to destroy the rest of the Rocket base and kill even more people than he already had. Other than that it's the same.


    Title: Lines in the Sand

    Author: Shinymonkey8

    Chapter 1: History


    Mewtwo was alone.

    Well, of course he was alone; he was the only one of his species, and a freak at that. He couldn't show his face to any human. Other pokemon… sometimes it was acceptable, and sometimes they reacted the same way humans did: they looked at him like he was swarming with fire ants, or the humans took the much, much less wiser route and tried to capture him. It only got worse when he tried to communicate with his telepathic ability.

    After he left Giovanni and Team Rocket, he immediately found out he was not suitable for life in the forest. Cold, dark, uncomfortable… Not the life for a genius clone of a legendary pokemon like himself. Yes, Mt. Quena, the place he fled to after escaping Giovanni, was a paradise, but it just didn't feel right to Mewtwo. Not even he understood why, he just felt more comfortable in a city-like environment.

    He had fled to a bustling city: Vermillion. Not too bustling, for risk of being seen, but not too rural. It was a nice combination of tall skyscrapers downtown, along with some smaller buildings dotting the city. The air was nice, surprisingly, holding its ground against the rising number of automobiles that roamed the city, emitting gases.

    The main problem in the town was crime.

    While the city police force did their best, the rate of crime kept steadily increasing.

    Mewtwo glared down from the top of a smaller skyscraper at two men with ski masks on. The cliché image of a robber, they ran into an obscure bank. He sighed and looked down at the end of an alley adjacent to the bank where an obvious getaway car was waiting. He sent a phychic wave towards the driver of the car, instantly knocking him out.

    Not long after, he saw the two crooks run out of the bank with a plastic bag filled with what he guessed was money. He was feeling lazy today. As the men got in the car he watched slightly amused. It took ten seconds for a man to get out and open the front door to see why the driver wasn't speeding away.

    Mewtwo sent another psychic wave at the car, knocking out the two men. Simultaneously, he telekinetically lifted the bag of money and put it at the entrance of the bank, just in time to see the manager walk out. Surprised, he looked in the bag. Mewtwo guessed the man had called the police. Even though he saved the manager from a lot of trouble, Mewtwo didn't have enough patience to see it through. He had done his part.

    Crooks were getting worse these days… He didn't even have to move this time.

    He turned away and hovered down to the ground, shadowed from the sun by the face of another skyscraper. Every time he saw any type of crime, he was reminded of his crime filled past with Team Rocket. Just thinking about it made a chill run down his back…

    He had been cloned back at the laboratory for one purpose and one purpose only, to serve Giovanni. Of course, Giovanni didn't tell Mewtwo that at first, the clone could easily destroy the entire base, and he knew very well. When Mewtwo awoke, in his spite and confusion he nearly did, killing many Rockets. As Mewtwo was getting ready to send a massive psychic wave to destroy the base and everyone in it, Giovanni tricked Mewtwo into thinking that working for him would be the smarter and better thing to do, he told him that the human race is a greedy, spiteful race and doesn't deserve to live. After months and months of serving, Mewtwo was starting to question his real purpose in live. Giovanni, sick of his complaining, flat out told him: he was created by humans, to serve humans, and he would never be anything better than that.

    Enraged, Mewtwo easily escaped Giovanni, destroying some of the Rocket base while he was at it. The clone fled to a place called New Island. Here, he pondered over the human race, why it even existed and what he could do to intervene. His mind, being tainted by Giovanni's lingering advice, he decided on destroying the human race entirely. Why allow something to live that was so cruel and horrible?

    His plans were going smoothly until Mew, the legendary pokemon he was cloned from decided to intervene.

    He battled Mew, knowing he was not the one at fault, and nearly succeeded. He probably would have if it wasn't for a young boy who jumped in at the last second and sacrificed his life for what he believed in. Mewtwo didn't think such courage and devotion existed in any living being.

    Through a miracle, the boy was restored, and Mewtwo's entire perspective on life was drastically changed. Sure, there was evil in the world, but why should the good have to pay for it? The clone decided on erasing the boy's and a few of his friends' memories so that he could start a new life over, at a paradise on Mt. Quena. But Giovanni, he wouldn't give up.

    He led a team to capture Mewtwo. Trapped by his caring for friends who had been captured by Team Rocket, (Mewtwo had cloned them back at New Island) Mewtwo was nearly defeated. The boy who sacrificed his life showed up and somehow saved him from Giovanni. Mewtwo erased Giovanni along with all the Rockets' minds and allowed the boy and his friends to keep theirs. He fled to Vermillion and this is where he stands today.

    Thinking back, he wishes he could reverse his life and make his traumatic history better. He would rather not have a history like this at all. Always running through his head, taunting him through nightmares whenever he slept (which wasn't often).

    Still floating through shadows from alleys and buildings, he made his way toward where he called his temporary home. He considered teleporting back, but he needed to get some air, he had been cramped up in his home for the past week prior because of some type of advanced pokemon virus. He had been ready to explode from anger at his immune system for not being able to handle a simple virus, he, Mewtwo, the most powerful pokemon in the world. Slowly drifting through a dark alley, he wasn't really paying attention to where he was going; the route to the living space was figuratively implanted in his memory from so much repetition. He was completely lost in his history.

    As he arrived, he was jolted back to the present. He took a few seconds to gaze upon his home. It was a somewhat tall, brown and tan cathedral. It had been taller but the spire had been knocked down in the gale a year and a half ago. The church goers were still in the process of raising money for a new one.

    Performing a quick aura signal scan of the interior of the church, he gathered that there was some type of Sunday afternoon service going on from the clustered mass of blues and yellow\oranges of the humans auras. Auras are only detectible to psychic humans and pokemon. Every living being has one and everyone's is different; similar to snowflakes.

    Not wanting to disturb the service by walking in and going up the stairs to the attic of the church in which he lived, he hastily teleported in.

    The church pastor knew of Mewtwo's presence, yes. However, he accepted it, seeing as Mewtwo never disturbed anyone and never stole anything. The pastor was a very humble man.

    The inside of Mewtwo's attic was quite the opposite of a mess. Mewtwo had always believed in organization, why clutter the place up just out of laziness? It seemed like a fruitless thing to waste, space. Not that Mewtwo needed it... He had very little possessions: a somewhat comfortable cot where he slept complete with a heated blanket for winter—the attic did not have a heater. He had a few shelves where he kept interesting things he found on his travels and valuable items, like a small diamond that he found deep in a cave on one of his travelings. He had a very fast computer he had modified to be able to respond to psychic commands. The internet, he had found, was a very useful tool for acquiring any type of information. Many sites, he had found, were accurate proof of the human races intelligence and understanding of the world, while other sites… He had, on more than one occasion accidentally stumbled upon one of these… sites… Let's just say it was not a pleasant experience for him.

    He had a few more miscellaneous items scattered about the room, and to combat loneliness he had, at the moment, curled up in the corner sleeping, a Skitty. He had rescued it on one of his travels. The Skitty was being attacked by a few vicious pokemon in Pallet Town, of all places, which is very unusual seeing that almost all Skitty are found in the Hoenn region. Mewtwo couldn't remember what he was doing in Pallet Town, it seemed like and absolutely trivial place for him to be wandering at. He always cursed himself for being so warm and generous, because this was always a sign of weakness, caring for things. Look where it got him when Giovanni captured the clones he had created back at Mt. Quena.

    This Skitty of Mewtwo's was no ordinary pokemon, it was unusual in a number of ways: First off, it was black. Its underbelly was a crčme color but the fur on the rest of its body was black, a very,very unusual color for the normally pink feline pokemon. I guess this was a blessing to it seeing as it was a male.

    The other reason the Skitty was unique was that he was completely deaf. From what Mewtwo had gathered, he was born perfectly normal and when he was around 3 months old, he had woken up one day, deaf. No one knew why, and sadly he was abandoned by his family because of this disability. Luckily, he had already been taught the basics for survival, and the Skitty did so until Mewtwo rescued him. From what the Skitty had told him, he was a little over 6 months old. Somehow, the Skitty and Mewtwo had instantly bonded. Well... the Skitty had bonded with Mewtwo... The clone often found the feline extremely annoying-Skitty were known for being overly playful, and Mewtwo was not the energetic type. Mewtwo still cared for the Skitty, however, there was many a time they had deep and meaningful conversations with each other.

    The last and most interesting reason the Skitty was so unique was the way he communicated with Mewtwo: telepathically. Skitty have very interesting skills, one of them being Assist. With Assist, a Skitty can take on the ability of a team member or close pokemon. In this way, the Skitty, whose name was Alvar, could take on the psychic ability Mewtwo had and communicate. He could also use very basic psychic skills, like levitating a foot off the ground, but only very basic skills because the Skitty's brain was not made for anything psychical. He could also only use these psychic abilities when around Mewtwo.

    Mewtwo's presence seemed to make the Skitty stir and Mewtwo stood in the middle of the room, watching him. He must have sensed his presence with the psychic skills he had taken on. The clone found it interesting: using Assist had become so second nature to the kitten that it was even used in his sleep. He was virtually a psychic pokemon. As the small, feline pokemon opened his eyes, he spotted the clone and greeted him warmly, slightly groggily, "Oh hey Mewtwo… why are you… staring at me…?"

    "I have just arrived Alvar, I did not mean to disturb you," Mewtwo replied with a monotone, emotionless voice.

    The kitten replied, telepathically, "Oh no you're fine. Where were you anyway?"

    Mewtwo sighed, ready to answer a barrage of questions. Kittens were so very inquisitive. Just like all children; human or pokemon.

    "I was meditating on a building by the center of town. I also managed to stop another bank robbery."

    The kitten's eyes widened, "Oh wow, did you get hurt?"

    "No Alvar, I am fine. It was one of my most uneventful foilings of a robbery yet. Physical energy was virtually unneeded and I still achieved success with…"

    The kitten had already lost interest and was chasing its tail. A smile, while very small, managed to sneak up on Mewtwo, which was very rare. Even he was surprised at this and he began to ponder this, making his smile fade.

    He turned around, without a word and began to walk toward his bed. It was still slightly light out, but Mewtwo was unusually tired... for no specific reason. Damn that accursed virus, he thought. It is still affecting my strength... It additionally ruined my sleep cycle... He was normally nocturnal, and the constant sleeping the virus brought on had messed that pattern up.

    Before settling down for a much needed sleep, he turned to look at Alvar. The kitten had stopped chasing his tail and snuggled back up in the corner again to sleep. Satisfied, he got into his bed and tried going to sleep as well. After a minute of being unsuccessful, due to the thoughts he couldn't stop, he ended up staring at the ceiling. His thoughts were somewhat random, ranging from what he could have done to be more useful today, to thinking about his time working for Team Rocket, to how boring and monotonous tomorrow would most likely be. He decided he definitely needed sleep before he buried himself in a chasm of depression, and pulsed a gentle psychic wave through his body, putting him asleep.

    Little did he know how eventful and life-changing the next day would be.


    End of Chapter 1


    Some of you may have noticed that Mewtwo's home is in a church, which is similar to another Mewtwo fanfiction written by a friend of mine, WiseAbsol. Since Mewtwo is an Athiest, this, to me at least, is a good fitting home for him. :P

    I also mentioned Mewtwo's time with Team Rocket, and while I didn't go into very much detail, another fanfiction also by WiseAbsol called "Angelic Shadows," does, and if you like this story, you will most definitely like that one.
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    Title: Lines in the Sand

    Author: Shinymonkey8

    Chapter 2: Lyric


    As Mewtwo woke up from his shorter than usual slumber, he jolted up in bed for no apparent reason. He gently rubbed the very sensitive tube running from the base of the back of his neck to his skull. By the way it hurt, he gathered that he must have been moving around in his sleep and positioned himself for this to happen. When his wide eyes became adjusted to the dark, he wondered why he had woken up in such an awkward way. There were two reasons he could think of for this to happen: an outside disturbance, which didn't seem like a possibility after a quick glance around, or a nightmare. A nightmare definitely had the potential to make him jolt up, but why didn't he remember it, seconds after waking? He dismissed it as his mind supressing the memories from him unintentionally due to either stress, or the fact that the nightmare was so traumatic, his mind was forced to erase it. The last thought made him shudder.

    I wonder what I was dreaming about that was that bad...

    Not being able to get back to sleep, he quietly got up, making sure not to wake the kitten still sleeping in the corner. He then cursed himself for even bothering... Curses, I always forget that Alvar is deaf. The fact that they had normal psychic conversations on a regular basis made this an easy thing to forget.

    He gazed at the cat, envious. It was still sleeping, with no worries or problems. It lived a halcyon life; it got at least 12 hours of sleep a day. Mewtwo slept much less than the average human, but he could imagine how much energy he could have with that much sleep.

    If I can stay awake all of today, I guess this will be for the better.

    Waking up as early as he did had made it so he awoke at the normal time he did before the virus had taken it's toll on him. He decided on taking a walk.

    It was just a spontaneous decision at the time; a 'random' thought popping into his head that he decided to act upon, taking a walk. A thought, that would have lead to absolutely nothing, if not for what fate had in store for him.

    He teleported outside and made groggy glances around his perimeter for any signs of humans. It was 1 a.m. and nothing was in sight. It was also unusually quiet. The city was usually raptured by the cacophony of bars and automobiles blasting music, and a little less rarely than Mewtwo would have liked, gunshots.

    The clone began walking, with no real destination planned.

    What am I doing... Ah well I need the fresh air, he thought to himself. He walked down an empty street parallel to a barren field. There were some sticks with colored markings on them, an indication of future construction. He sighed, just what I need, more humans. He had never been fond of humans. Most of them were selfish, greedy, and fairly powerless beings that somehow made it through natural selection unscathed, though Mewtwo couldn't see how.

    They have no claws or powers, although their feats of engineering are impressive, he mused as he passed a mind-bogglingly tall, navy blue skyscraper.

    He had been aimlessly wandering for 5 minutes now, going in a direction he tried to avoid due to the clusters of people flocking to the mall nearby. It wasn't a problem right then in the middle of the night, so the clone risked it.

    After another couple of minutes, he decided to turn back, having had enough pointless wandering. As he turned around to make the return trip, his eye caught sight of something. It was like when something shiny, like a CD, reflects light in your eye and you get that flash of white for a split second before it moves on. Except this was slightly different. It lasted abnormally long in his peripherals, the shine should've disappeared in a blink seeing as he was spinning around at quite a rapid rate, not giving time for the light to linger in his vision, but it lasted for over a second. It was enough to get Mewtwo's attention. He turned to look at it.

    It was deep in a perpendicular alley to the street he was traveling on, one of the hundreds of the city. He walked towards it, slightly faster than normal, with a gleam of curiosity in his amethyst eyes. He could just make out a faint shadow of something lying on the ground. It looked white, some kind of label maybe? Why would it shine? As he got closer he realized it was a piece of paper. He approached it, slowing as he got near. He lifted it of the ground telekinetically, inspecting it. It was damp and slightly tattered. As he flipped the paper over he was excited to see that there was fairly legible, yet messy, lettering scribbled on the paper.

    As he began to read, his eyes slowly widened at the first two words:

    Hello Mewtwo,

    I know this will be confusing to you, but please keep reading. Everything will be explained in due time. For now it is just important that you follow what this message says to the letter.

    Go to the Rocket Headquarters. On the right side of the building facing north, there is an alley with a large green dumpster in the center. Go to it. You will find me. I'm sure you will know what to do then.



    He stared at the letter for a few more seconds.

    ...What... is this... How could this be possible...

    In his shock, he didn't notice the paper turning an eerie shade of translucent red.

    He dropped the paper unintentionally, rapidly looking around to see if someone was pulling a prank on him, but no one knew of his existence to even do this. Alvar maybe? No, he had never done anything like this before, and it would be very unlike him. The disturbing fact was that no one awake was around for a mile. A quick aural scan confirmed this.

    As he spun around to reread the letter he just realized he had dropped, he almost cried out loud.

    It had vanished.

    He spun around looking for it, but it was no where to be seen. Okay, this is most definitely a prank, he nervously thought, but no, he had already figured that it couldn't be.

    Well what is going on then...?

    After another minute of standing in utter shock, he changed his thought process. Inconveniently, the Rocket Headquarters was far away from his current location, all the way in Viridian, however, this could easily be remedied by a simple teleport.

    No, what am i thinking, going back to my rival nemesis' headquarters, from directions from a strange, vanishing letter! This could very well be a cunning plan devised by Giovanni to capture me!

    Deep down, he knew it wasn't. It was an exceptionally unusual strategy to attempt, he knew Giovanni fairly well. This is not something the Rocket boss would agree to. He would most likely take an army of Rockets down to the church and try to blow it to a billion pieces, he wouldn't stoop so low as writing a false letter, luring Mewtwo to the building. He knew the clone had more sense than that.

    Do I have more sense than that?

    Apparently not, because he teleported to the headquarters.

    The maxim, curiosity killed the cat, kept ironically running through his mind.

    It took him another minute to work up the courage to enter the small black building. It did not look like the headquarters to the biggest crime organization on the planet, but he supposed this was appropriate, seeing that they are a crime organization. A big skyscraper with the notorious red 'R' would basically be the same as having a big sign out front saying "arrest me."Almost all of the base was located underground, beneath the building that was supposedly abandoned.

    The teleport had been fairly long distance, and had taken some of the energy out of him.

    What had the letter said? The alley on the right with a dumpster.

    He walked to the right of the building, keeping an eye out for an alley. Sure enough, as he reached the end of the building, there was an alley, between the Rocket base and another small, brown/tan colored building. He froze in his tracks.

    What could possibly await me in that alley. If it is dangerous, I can easily fend it off.

    His thoughts were cut short by an eerie howl, sounded like a Houndoom, from far away.

    He mused that his nerves were slightly higher today, and made a mental note to get some extra sleep once he returned home. For all he knew, he was still dreaming.

    This was much too vivid to be a dream.

    Mustering up the courage, he started toward the alley entrance. As he reached it, he reluctantly peered into the darkness of the gap between the buildings. There was the garbage dumpster. Green, like in the letter, but that was all.

    Except for a collapsed, scattered pile of cardboard tucked into a corner of the dumpster, partially covered by a pale blue, furry blanket that looked like it had been mauled by raccoons. The collapsed cardboard went nearly all of the way up the dumpster, and it resembled nothing, maybe the home of some unfortunate homeless human. But, it was enough space to conceal a person.

    "Damn it," he muttered as he started toward the pile.

    He took a hold the pile of cardboard with his powers and slid it away from the dumpster slowly, the blanket dragging along behind.

    A figure was revealed: a pale, emaciated, light purple and white creature, lying unconscious on the ground, huddled up against the dumpster.

    It was a female.

    Of his own species.


    End of Chapter 2

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    Title: Lines in the Sand

    Author: Shinymonkey8

    Chapter 3: The Discovery




    Giovanni announced a new project today. Apparently we're supposed to clone a pokemon from some random eyelash they found on an archaeological expedition. I guess it belongs to some rare, powerful pokemon. I can't recall the name of the pokemon right now, I'll get back to that.


    Okay, so the pokemon we are cloning is called Mew. Dr. Fuji decided on cloning two of the pokemon so we can better study the new species, which will be called Mewtwo. We built the containment units yesterday and they seem to be looking pretty good, tomorrow we will start the cloning process. Hopefully everything goes okay.


    Good news, the deoxyribonucleic transplant was a success, and the embryos have began to grow. I can't see any reason these clones should fail so far. The female was slightly tougher to clone, we had to manually extract the Y chromosome and add another X to it's DNA, a long and tedious process. Dr. Fuji's new electron microscope surprisingly worked very well and everything turned out okay.


    An update for the clones: their features have just begun to show, and there are already signs of psychic activity in their brains. It's a very good sign! I know this sounds crazy, but me and a few of my coworkers are starting to get attached to the little things. We haven't heard from Giovanni in weeks, hopefully he wont just abandon this project.


    Giovanni came in today. He threw a fit and ordered Fuji to get rid of one of them. Just as Fuji was going to take the female, I stepped in and said I'd do the dirty work. I don't know what I was thinking... I had grown so attached to it I couldn't just let it die! I brought it down to my quarters and hooked it up to my equipment in the lab I had tucked back in there, secret. Luckily, I had been researching cloning techniques so my equipment was properly modified to handle the clone. I'm almost positive that no one suspects anything yet. I'm staring at the clone right now actually, writing this. It looks so peaceful... I think I did the right thing.


    The clones are almost 3 months old, with about 2 months left of development. They're both coming along great. I'm a little nervous, Giovanni has been eyeing me strangely, I wonder if he suspects anything. Maybe I'm just paranoid. I have been completely isolated from the others during my free-time, working on Lyric. Oh, I decided to name her Lyric, after my best friend's daughter. Her daughter died a few months ago, about the time the project started. I was so busy I couldn't even go to the funeral. Anyways... I still don't know why I'm doing this...


    A short update: Fuji has been working on chips with banks of information on them. Apparently when applied to the clones, it will give them basic knowledge of how the world works, what things are called, the language, things like that. This will save a ton of time not having to teach them once they awake.


    Okay, this is really not good, I'm sure Giovanni suspects something. When I came back from the lab yesterday, it looked like my quarters was ransacked! Nothing was stolen, it looks like they, or he, was searching for something. I suspect Giovanni searching for Lyric. Luckily they didn't find my lab... I don't know whether I should go talk to Giovanni or... I don't know what to do...


    The clones should be waking up sometime next week. They are fully formed, no problems arose the entire development. My apartment was ransacked another 2 times since my last entry. It's a miracle that they haven't found my lab. Its like they searched everywhere but my vase of roses. If they ever found her, they'd kill her for sure, maybe they'd kill me, if not, fire me. I can't back out of my decision now, I care too much for Lyric...


    10 minutes after the murder


    She stared at the door. It was dark outside and she couldn't see anything out the window. What awaited her outside that door? Was a human going to try and kill her? The human she had knocked out was in the same place as where she had left him, crumpled against the wall. It had been 10 minutes since he had murdered her, lying on the floor next to him still in an ever-growing pool of blood. He was still unconscious... That was not a good sign, it usually signified brain damage.

    Well good riddance! He tried to murder me!

    I should probably do something about them before they wake up, she thought. The man... she could just drag him in the hallway outside of the quarters. If he stayed unconscious for another 20 minutes, there was a very high chance of amnesia. Very severe amnesia at that. If luck was with her, he would not remember her at all! She could only hope...

    The woman however... The clone still had a feeling of caring for the dead woman, she could feel her eyes beginning to grow moist, staring at the woman. She wished she knew the entire story of what had happened to the woman she cared for. All she had were blurred memories of colors and darkness. Why did she care for the woman like she did?

    After another few minutes of pondering, she got to work, dragging the unconscious man out of the quarters and down the hall. The walls were a creme color, lined with a dirty, crinkled floral wall paper. There was no one in sight, everyone must be sleeping. She cautiously picked up the gun, still on the floor of the quarters, and put it back in the man's pocket. Then, she dragged him down the hall a bit further to a completely different area of the building before she turned back to the woman. The clone put her in the closet, unable to think of a better place.

    When she was finished, she went back into the quarters. She stopped, staring at the pool of blood, now partially dried, on the floor. She couldn't stay in here, it would drive her mad! She couldn't explore the rest of the building, she would most likely get caught! Her only choice was to go outside and face the unknown...

    After sliding shut the door to the secret lab behind her, she approached the door and reached for the handle, turning it and pulling it open.


    As Giovanni opened his eyes, he was more confused than he had been in his entire life.

    "Where the hell... am I?"

    He had a mind-numbing headache and his chest felt like it was on fire. He reached up and rubbed it, flinching as he did so. It felt like he had a few broken ribs. But how the hell...

    As he looked around he realized he was in one of the living quarters, block D, if he remembered the color scheme right.

    Well that's a good sign, I can remember the color scheme...

    He got up shakily and wobbled down the hall. It was about half a mile to his office. He needed to visit the doctor first...

    As he got to the current Rocket physicians quarters, he banged on the door, not caring if he woke anyone.

    "Johnson! Johnson open up, its an emergency!"

    He banged on the door a few more times. About ten seconds later, a short, unshaven man in his pajamas opened the door with wide, but groggy eyes.

    "Giovanni... what's wrong?"

    "I have no idea," he replied, "that's why I'm here."

    "Well what happened?"

    "I just woke up in a random block... I think I have a few broken ribs..."

    "You don't know how you got to the block?"

    "I haven't a clue..."

    The doctor turned into his quarters, "Well come on in."

    He splashed some water on his face. "There's a number of possible explanations for your condition."

    Giovanni slowly stepped inside, tending to his injuries.

    "First off, you could have had a stroke. That would explain your memory loss, but it wouldn't explain how you can still walk and talk..."

    Giovanni sat in a chair and looked up at the doctor, who was rummaging through some bags.

    "Another possibility would be a seizure, that could be it. You must have broken these ribs while thrashing around on the ground."

    He pulled out some gauze and antiseptic and began wrapping the Rocket boss's wounds.

    "You could've had an aneurysm... That would also explain it. It would have to have been a mild one, but it explains everything. Or... you could've been attacked in your sleep... I really do not know Giovanni."

    As he finished wrapping Giovanni, the doctor sat down, "How much do you remember, Giovanni?

    Giovanni looked at him, confused, "Ummm..."

    The doctor quickly added, "What's the last thing you remember doing, say... a mission."

    Giovanni's eyes widened, "I remember sending Domino to the Pokemon center to steal Pokeballs. We were running low..."

    The doctor looked at him grimly.

    Giovanni looked back, worried, "What?"

    "That was over 6 months ago, Giovanni... Are you sure you don't remember anything else?"

    Giovanni's face conveyed a hint of fear, and some sadness, "No... I don't."

    "Do you remember the clones at all?" the doctor inquired with a glimpse of hope.


    "Yes the clones of Mew. Well, clone. You got rid of the other one. You ordered a team of scientists to make a very powerful replica of the rare pokemon Mew. They have been working on the Mewtwo for almost 5 months now. The clones should awake sometime this week, if I remember right."

    Giovanni looked down, "A clone of Mew you say, that sounds excellent. I could use an extremely powerful pokemon in many of my missions!" He let out a small chuckle.

    The doctor looked up, amused. "Now that's the Giovanni I remember."

    Giovanni rapidly swung his head up to look at the doctor, instantly furious, "And what's that supposed to mean?"

    The doctor quickly avoided eye contact, immediately realizing his mistake, "Oh, I didn't mean anything, sir-"

    "Ah, just shut up. I need to get some fresh air."

    Giovanni got up, stretching his wounded chest.

    "Thank you Johnson."

    "Anytime sir," he replied, looking somewhat satisfied.

    Giovanni then walked out the door, feeling slightly better about his injuries and about himself.

    Now to check up on this so called Mewtwo, he thought to himself.

    Thinking better, he corrected, but first I need some sleep.


    The male Mewtwo, a few days from waking, was still lost in the blackness.


    Giovanni entered the main lab the next morning. It was occupied by a few scientists, monitoring some large electrical machines hooked up to the container in the middle of the room. He walked up to one of the scientists.

    "So is this the Mewtwo?"

    The scientist jumped, "Oh, Giovanni!" He looked confused, "Yes... That's him. He should be waking any day now."

    Giovanni, finding no need to tell him about the memory loss, turned around to stare at the clone and asked, "Where are all the other scientists?"

    "Well there is only one missing, I don't know where she is, might be sick. She lives in the D block if you want to go find her."

    "Thank you, carry on," he finished.

    "Yes sir."

    Giovanni began the long walk to the D block. It was hard on his injuries, but the night's sleep seemed to have work wonders as he was feeling much better. As he arrived, he banged on the door in a similar manner as he did at the doctor's quarters.

    "Open up!"

    After a minute of no replies, he tried the door. To his surprise, it was open. He stepped inside and flipped on the lights. He froze as he saw a dried up pool of blood on the floor. Upon further inspection he found a trail leading up to a closet in the corner of the room. He pulled out his gun and grabbed the handle, being overly cautious. He yanked the closet door open and jumped back as a body flopped out.

    She was dead.

    The rest of the day was a frenzy of forensic inspections. They couldn't find any fingerprints or evidence. The only evidence that could have been found were the fingerprints on Giovanni's gun, and they were already smudged by his handling earlier. Giovanni, in the pandemonium, practically forgot about his memory loss. The inspection was called off after a day with no results. It only was, after all, a lowly scientist. Scientists had little more status than the grunts.

    The next day, the corpse was buried in a nearby cemetery and the crime organization Team Rocket continued on with their normal operations.

    There wasn't even a funeral.


    End of Chapter 3


    Hopefully this chapter answered some of the questions you might have had.

    Reviews are very appreciated!
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    Lines in the Sand -

    After finally escaping from Giovanni, Mewtwo finally has a chance to live his life free, and sadly alone... But when fate leads him to something he has never even dreamed of, a female of his own species, his life is turned upside-down...

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    Warning: There is some language in this chapter.


    Title: Lines in the Sand

    Author: Shinymonkey8

    Chapter 4: Trauma


    Lyric stood at the doorway, the door swung wide open. She waited until her violet eyes adjusted to the light to begin moving. When they finally did, she still didn't. She was paralyzed in fear.

    She had absolutely no idea what she was doing.

    She had no defenses, no knowledge of anything past basics. She didn't even know her own name.

    The clone finally worked up the courage to take a step out the doorway and look around. She was standing in a very dark alley. She could barely see the color of the building in front of her, it was brown. The building she had just come from was black. She could hear Pokemon howling in the distance and cars driving by on roads near the alley. What if they were coming for her?

    Upon further inspection, she saw, to the left, a wooden crate and a few other miscellaneous pieces of wood. She shut the door to the lab behind her and slowly walked toward the crate. When she reached it, she found it was just an empty box. It had a few sharp nails in it. Just some random human dumping their trash in an alley. When she looked further to the right, all she could see was darkness, due to it being the middle of the night. So she looked left. Her eyes widened as she saw something large and green. The clone stood there for a moment, wondering what the object was.

    It looks like a large, green box, she thought to herself.

    Convinced that she would not ease her curiosity without inspecting it closer, she started towards it, cautiously. She had gotten to within a few feet of the object when she finally realized what it was. It was a garbage dumpster.

    Of course, a dumpster. There's probably a dumpster in almost every alley around here.

    She scolded herself for being so overly cautious. The dumpster was a dark shade of green, with some yellow stripes going across and around the corners. It was about five feet across. Sniffing, she couldn't smell any odors, so she guessed it had recently been emptied. She then looked down at some writing she saw on a tag stuck to the dumpster. Intrigued, the clone began to read. It amazed her how she could understand what was written on the tag.

    How can I read?

    The tag said something about the company that manufactured the dumpster, mentioning that it was created in Viridian Waste Disposal. Another tag had some kind of warning to not get inside the dumpster. Why anyone would do this she did not know.

    Satisfied, she looked on the right side of the dumpster to see if there were any more tags she could read. There was nothing except a few spider webs.

    She started for the other side when she heard another howl. This one seemed a lot closer and made the clone jump. Her heartbeat going a thousand miles per hour, she rapidly swung around, checking behind her for any signs of enemies. There was nothing.

    Letting out the breath she had held in, she released a long sigh. She was very tense. Well she had good reason to be she supposed. She had been nearly murdered in her first few seconds of life and she had almost killed a man in the few seconds after.

    How did I do that anyway? I sent out some kind of wave from my body... I wasn't really even thinking...

    That part of her memory had already begun to blur, it was like her mind wanted to block it out from her forever. She tried to produce the same wave, holding her breath and clenching her fists and eyes. It was to no use, the clone had no idea what she was doing.

    After another minute of trying, she gave up, suddenly remembering the other side of the dumpster she had not examined. Just then, she heard some voices coming from far away. She froze, once again her heart rate skyrocketing. Listening to the voices, she could make out a few words, but it was mostly muffled.

    The voices were getting closer.

    As she realized this, she panicked. She didn't know what she should do, so she kept the same position. Her panic was kept only in her mind as an onslaught of opportunities swept through her mind. She could run, but where would she run? She had no idea of where she was. She could hide, but she didn't have anywhere to hide. Behind the dumpster maybe?

    As her concentration was focused on these opportunities, the clone didn't notice that the voices were getting ever closer.

    She was jolted back to reality as they turned the corner of the alley. She was horrified.

    The voices had stopped talking for a moment.

    "Dude, do you see that?" one of the voices, a female said. It was about thirty feet away.

    "What?" another voice said, a male, turning his head to see the terrified, violet figure.

    Lyric was paralyzed, watching the two humans, all thoughts gone from her head. She managed to examine the humans, if only for a second, before her brain was also blank with fear. The female was wearing a faded red shirt and blue jeans and the male was wearing similar attire except that he was wearing a black shirt with some sort of writing on the front. It didn't matter now.

    It's too late. They've seen me. They're going to kill me.

    "What the **** is that thing?" the male said, starting to walk towards the clone.

    Lyric, finally cured of her paralysis, began to slowly back away from the two humans.

    "Well don't scare it off," the woman grabbed the male, "I think it's some kind of Pokemon, it looks like nothing I've ever seen."

    Lyric was still, very slowly, backing away.

    "Well lets ****ing capture it!"

    Lyric, not watching where she was going, still in a fit of terror, tripped over the crate. She fell backwards and landed on her tail, hard. The clone let out a cry of pain and turned her body so her sensitive tail was not pressured by her entire body weight.

    "C'mon! It's down, we can weaken it and capture it!" the male yelled, starting to run toward Lyric.

    "Wait–" The woman tried stopping the man, but sighed and ran after him.

    "You don't even have any of your damn Pokemon!" she called after him.

    Now only a few strides away from the once again paralyzed from fear Lyric, the man replied, "Look how helpless it is! I can weaken it without Pokemon!"

    Lyric scrambled backwards, not being able to lift herself up.

    As the male arrived, the female close behind, he stepped up to Lyric, looming over her, and kicked her hard in the side.

    The female sighed. "You are so..." She shook her head in disgust.

    Lyric wheezed, the wind knocked out of her. Reeling in pain, she managed to open her eyes only to see the man kick her in the side again, harder.

    This went on for what seemed like hours, even if it was only minutes. She hadn't known what real pain was like until now.

    The clone curled up into a ball to protect herself from the devastating blows.

    "Oh come on you've beat it up enough already," the woman said, standing behind the man in a slouched stance, as he continued kicking the strange, white and purple Pokemon.

    "Shut up and help me weaken it!" replied the man, with a sick thrill in his eye.

    As another blow landed, this time on the clones arm, the woman heard a snap.

    "Oh... I think I broke it's arm," the male said, stepping slightly backwards, a small amount of fear penetrating in his eyes.

    The woman just stared in horror. "Great..."

    Lyrics arm had indeed been broken, and the pain only flared up even more. It was like dipping her arm in a vat of molten lead. The arm had been broken completely in two, making it flop to the side, limp. The fear in the mans eyes seemed to fade as he heard Lyric scream out in pain again.

    "Alright that's weak enough."

    She didn't think the pain could get much worse than this.

    Just then, Lyric heard another sharp crack through the pain and the haze of near unconsciousness. At first she thought it was another one of her own bones breaking, but then she heard a loud thud. She partially opened her bruised eye to see the man lying on the ground, bleeding from a large gash on his head, unconscious. At first she thought the woman had done it, it was hard to think through the excruciating pain she was in, but those suspicions vanished as she heard the woman scream.

    "Wha-!" Her exclamation was interrupted by another sharp crack, followed by another thud.

    She was lying unconscious on the ground.

    Fading in and out of reality, Lyric managed to get a glimpse at a face staring down at her–

    before she faded out of consciousness.


    She had her first dream.

    There was a field. Everything was perfect. No more pain, no more worry or sorrow. This was paradise. As she looked around, she could see nothing but snow-capped mountains surrounding her, but the mountains emanated not a capturing essence, but a protecting one. Nothing could harm her here.

    The grass was a deep green, the most beautiful shade of green you can imagine. It felt heavenly against her skin, like angels, caressing with the most gentle of touches. A soft wind was blowing through the field. It was the perfect temperature, and everything was right.

    But it all ended.

    She blinked.

    The moment her eyes reopened, the field had turned into a shade of hell.

    All the grass, now a horrible charred black, was burning, fire covering the entire field. The stench of sulfur filled her lungs, burning them.

    The pain was back.

    Memories flooded the banks of her mind, memories of the woman she cared for, being shot, over and over again.

    The sorrow was back.

    She could see the mountains in the distance burn and crumble as giant balls of fire rained from the black-orange sky, destroying everything around. All there was: fire, and burning.

    Yet she could not die, the pain could not go away.

    This would last forever.


    She jolted awake. It was still dark.

    The first thing she noticed was her arm throbbing, along with the rest of her body. It felt as she was still on fire.

    Then she noticed the place she was sleeping in was enclosed. As her eyes adjusted, she saw and felt that she was covered by a pale blue, tattered blanket.

    This was way too much to take in. Where was she?

    She needed to get up, but her body would not allow it. So she relaxed again, thinking back to her most recent memories, before the nightmare, which was already fading. As the memories of her beating returned, she couldn't help but gasp.

    That man, he hurt me... But, what–

    Then she remembered the cracking she had heard, and the thud of both the humans hitting the ground. This memory made her want to get up and look for the person who saved her, but she thought better of it and repressed the urge. She was in no condition to be walking.

    She looked down at her broken arm and was surprised to see a brown fabric wrapped around it, acting like a cast. Someone had set her broken arm...

    From the looks of it, it was still nighttime, although she couldn't really tell, the small space she was in was completely closed off from the outside except from a small opening in the corner, which didn't let in any light. It was big enough for a person to crawl through, however. Looking at the walls, she noticed that they looked a lot like cardboard, but it was dark, so she couldn't be sure.

    The exhausted, confused clone decided to rest more, ignoring the searing pain and closing her eyes. Graciously having a dreamless sleep.


    The next time she awoke was to a small nudging of her good arm. She didn't want to open her eyes, the dreamless sleep was too good, too perfect. No worries or pain, it was just nothing. However, as the nudging continued, her brain decided to shut back on and she slowly awoke, eyes still closed.

    Who was nudging her?

    Her eyes flew open and she screamed at the sight of an old man.

    Well, he looked old. His hair and long beard were completely white and gray, but his face was kind, gentle, with compassion emanating from his eyes. He had on a white, tattered shirt, and tattered pants. The shirt was badly stained all over, as well as the pants. He wore no shoes or socks, and his entire body was covered in filth, like he hadn't showered in months. She looked away from the old man, who looked very surprised at her outburst. She looked at the opening in the corner, which now glowed, radiating sunlight. It must be morning. The old man's hands were in the air, as if to show he wasn't armed. She knew he would hurt her any second now, after all, that's what humans did, hurt her. So she curled up into a ball and closed her eyes.

    When nothing happened for several seconds, the clone opened her eyes again. The old man was still staring at her, slightly confused, yet slightly interested. They both stayed like that for another half a minute, until the old man finally shuffled. There was just enough room for him to stand up, and he was fairly short. There wouldn't be room for her to stand up, if she ever did again.

    Why wasn't the man talking at all? He didn't make a sound. As if reading her thoughts, the old man pointed at his throat and shook his head. He then imitated speaking by putting his hand to his mouth, still shaking his head, and moving his hand back and forth, like the sound waves leaving his throat.

    She thought to herself, so... he's either sick with some sort of throat problem, or he's mute...

    Then the man seemed like he remembered something, and turned around, crawled out the hole, and left her.

    After about ten seconds, the man entered, and it looked like he was holding something large. When the man settled down next to her, not too close, the clone saw that it was a small, portable white board.

    By the way the man carried it, it looked like it was his most valuable possession.

    In his other hand, the man carried a black marker, and a small, black rectangular thing that Lyric guessed was an eraser.

    After showing it to her to prove that it wasn't a weapon, he uncapped the marker and began to draw something on the board.

    He finished, and turned the white board to face Lyric.

    It said, in neat, large letters:


    Lyric looked at the board, understanding the greeting. The man just looked at Lyric, as if saying, "do you understand?"

    He than erased the words and was about to write something else.

    She worked up some courage and reached out to the board with her good arm before he did. The old man, confused at her gesture, slowly gave the marker and the white board to her, cautiously.

    She looked at the white board, and messily, but legibly, wrote, as the old man's eyes widened:



    End of Chapter 4

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    Lines in the Sand -

    After finally escaping from Giovanni, Mewtwo finally has a chance to live his life free, and sadly alone... But when fate leads him to something he has never even dreamed of, a female of his own species, his life is turned upside-down...

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    Note: if its underlined, that means its written on the white board.


    Title: Lines in the Sand

    Artist: Shinymonkey8

    Chapter 5: Communication


    Mewtwo looked down at the unconscious form of the female of his own species, in utter disbelief. This went against everything he understood, everything he thought he knew.

    How is this possible? She must have been cloned, but when and where? Either that, or… No, that's the only possibility. She was cloned. Who else besides Team Rocket has cloning capabilities?

    No organization that he knew of was as technologically advanced and powerful as Team Rocket.

    But, that would mean she was created while I still served Team Rocket… It has only been a little over a month since my escape from Mt. Quena; it takes months to clone a mewtwo. Unless she was created before me…

    He had no answers, and he realized he wasn't going to get any unless he got a chance to talk to her. She wasn't in the best of shape.

    She was very similar to his own colors, except she was lighter. One could tell she was a female by the curvature and flow of her body, she was also slightly smaller. Her aura was very faint, in an again, slightly lighter hue than his.

    After scanning her again, he realized, although emaciated, she was very beautiful.

    Mewtwo sighed; he didn't have time to even scold himself for being so primal. He was surprised and disgusted at himself. He thought he had buried those feelings deep down, never to be seen again. This is a special circumstance, a female of my species… Damn it to hell! He cursed himself. She was probably the only other one of his species and she was probably dying as he stood here, ogling her.

    I should take her back to my home… he thought. I could care for her and interrogate her when she wakes, this opportunity is way too important to just let go. I need to find out how, and by whom she was created.

    It had to be better than wherever she was living at the moment. She might even have been living right here for all he knew…

    With his mind made up, the male clone gently picked up the surprisingly light female. She hanged limp in his arms. In a flash of white light, they were both gone. Teleported back to Mewtwo's home. The cold dark alley was now empty; the wind howling through the crevice between the buildings, making an eerie, ghostly sound.


    8 months earlier


    The old man stared at the seemingly simple 5-letter word written on the white board. This word, however, was a very significant 5-letter word.

    This pokemon knew how to write…

    The strange looking pokemon just stared back at his amazed, awestruck expression. She looked slightly confused, as if wondering why he was so amazed.

    It wasn't unheard of, a pokemon learning to write. It was however, very unusual. Languages are usually too complicated for pokemon minds to comprehend. This completely changed his plans, they could actually communicate…

    Unless that was the only word she knew…

    He finally took the board back, and not being able to think of anything better, wrote:

    You can write?

    Understanding, she took back the board and wrote:


    They continued going back and forth like this:

    How can you write?

    I don't know.

    The old man stared at the pokemon. How could she not know? He had so many questions, so he wrote a list of them, hoping she would understand, starting in the top left corner:

    What are you doing in this alley?

    What kind of pokemon are you?

    How old are you?

    Did you come from the Rocket Base?

    Do you have a name I could call you by?

    She looked surprised by the onslaught of questions but she answered each one truthfully:

    I don't know.

    I don't know.

    I awoke yesterday.

    I don't know what that is.

    I don't know my name.

    The old man looked disappointedly at the five lackluster answers. None of them made any sense whatsoever. The third answer confused him the most, however.

    Yesterday? How is that possible?

    These answers just created more questions. He settled on one, not wanting to overwhelm the pokemon, and took a moment to write. Finished, he then showed the pokemon the board with the near pristine penmanship:

    Where did you come from?

    I was in a lab, and I stepped outside into the alley with the green dumpster. Then I got beat up by some humans.

    The man's eyes instantly widened when he saw the words 'green dumpster.' If she stepped out of the building adjacent to the alley with the green dumpster, the dumpster she was leaning against right now, then she had come from the Team Rocket base. Things could be very bad for him.

    Do you work for Team Rocket? The building you came from is their headquarters.

    No, I woke up in that lab yesterday. I have no other memories.

    They must have erased her memories. Why would they erase a pokemon's memories?

    Do you have a place to live?


    The old man's eyes slightly softened. That meant he would care for her if she would allow it. It would be nice having the company.

    Have you eaten?

    No, I am very hungry.

    The man realized she must not have eaten since she had woken up. He reached for a corner of the enclosement they were sitting in, and grabbed a stale piece of bread from a plastic tray. He handed her the bread.

    Eat this, it will nourish you.


    As she eyed the disgusting looking piece of bread, she couldn't help but think it was poisoned. Why shouldn't it be? This old man was the first human who had not tried to harm her. He had asked the clone a flurry of questions, practically none of them she knew the answers too. The man did seem genuinely curious and compassionate, and eying the slice of bread made her stomach growl.

    She snatched the piece and gobbled it down hungrily, wincing at the taste of mold. Her stomach pains had subsided, however. She closed her eyes, waiting for the burning to begin in her stomach.

    But it didn't happen.

    The old man looked slightly amused by her show of terrible manners, and took another piece of bread from the corner. He nibbled on it slowly, seemingly savoring the horrible taste.

    He ate in silence for a few more minutes. Lyric couldn't understand how he could make a small slice of bread like the one he was holding last so long.

    She felt grateful to the old man, just finishing up his bread, for giving her part of his small food supply. She had no idea why she had told him so much about her short life. How could she trust this old man? There was just something about him that was just so… compassionate. Caring. She couldn't explain it, so she wrote:

    Thank you.

    The man smiled.

    You are welcome.

    Where am I?

    The old man's smile faded. He had asked his questions, it was now her turn.

    You are in my shelter. We are still in the same alley as where you were beaten up.

    She looked very surprised, had he been the one…

    Did you save me?

    I disposed of the thugs and tended to your wounds, so yes, I suppose I did.

    She gave a small smile, the first he had seen since she had woken up. He returned the smile.

    Are you mute?

    Yes, I was in an accident many years ago. It left me not able to talk.

    She had just noticed the scar across his neck. She shivered, not wanting to think about the pain he had endured to acquire it.

    Are you homeless?

    The man's smile instantly faded. His current financial situation was not something he was comfortable talking about. It's not like the pokemon had any clue though, she had probably had a much worse past than he had.

    Yes, I am. My life has been very difficult and I ended up here.

    He had tried to explain it so that he didn't have to tell the truth, and the pokemon looked satisfied. She wouldn't understand anyway, she was just a pokemon, wasn't she? He wasn't even sure if this pokemon was a female.

    I am not certain, are you a female?

    This got a confused look from Lyric. Was she a female? She knew the meaning of the word, but she did not know whether she was male or female. The man seemed to think she was, so she went with it.

    I think so.

    The old man chuckled at this. Why was that so funny?

    It seemed like he was satisfied, having accrued enough information for one session. He motioned for her to follow him and started for the hole in the corner of the shelter. She instantly froze up, shaking her head.

    The man mouthed, 'it's okay,' and motioned for Lyric to follow again.

    She shook her head again and carefully crossed her arms. That was a good sign; she could move her injured arm.

    She had no idea what was outside the shelter, the last time she was out there she had nearly died! There was no way she would go out there again anytime soon.

    The man sighed and picked up the board.

    I am going to teach you how to get your own food. If I ever disappear, you need to know how.

    That was eerie. He wrote it as he was going to disappear soon, like he was expecting someone to finally catch up with him and kill him. She looked at him strangely.

    It took the old man another few minutes, but he finally convinced her to crawl outside, where it was nice and sunny. The alley was much less ominous in the daylight. There was no one around. She squinted, the sun hurting her eyes, and looked towards the man. Then she realized he was standing at the base of a dumpster. The green dumpster. The old man's shelter was on the side of the dumpster she had not explored. Looking at the shelter made her cringe, it was made of tattered cardboard with a light tarp over the top to protect from the weather. It seemed unusually sturdy, however.

    The man banged on the dumpster, making a loud clanking sound to get her attention. It worked, and Lyric turned to the man, slightly confused. The old man pointed to his eyes.


    He began to climb up onto the dumpster. It was taller than he was, so he had to get a foothold on a jutting piece coming off. As he reached the top, he flipped himself over and the clone heard him land in the dumpster. She was surprised at his acrobatic ability, he didn't seem like the type of person who was athletic, he looked at least 70…

    Gross… she thought. Why would he have to teach me this? I can do this myself…

    She had to admit, however, that she would have never thought of getting food out of the dumpster. She guessed it was their only option. They both would be turned down at any place where food was available. It didn't help at all that they both couldn't talk.

    That last thought made her wonder… Can I talk? She had never tried to use her physical voice before; her common sense told her that humans couldn't understand the pokemon language anyways. She didn't look like any pokemon she could picture in her mind. It was strange, she could think of hundreds of pokemon that she'd never seen before. Maybe she was different.

    With the old man still rummaging in the dumpster, she opened her mouth and tried to speak, using the never before used, dusty vocal chords.

    All that came out was a weak, "Mew."


    Pokemon only spoke using the name of the species… Mew was a legendary pokemon, supposedly one of the oldest and rarest pokemon ever… That meant that she… was a Mew?

    This was a stunning development. She had just found out that she was one of the rarest pokemon in the world. There are not really words to describe the feelings that come along with this type of epiphany. Nothing like this has ever happened before.

    The man finally crawled out of the dumpster and slowly lowered himself to the ground. He had a small bag that seemed to be filled to the brim. She hadn't noticed that he had carried the bag with him when he climbed into the dumpster. He smiled at Lyric as he reached the asphalt ground, and set the bag on the floor, motioning like it was her turn.

    She instantly shook her head in big semicircles; there was no way she was getting in there…

    The old man sighed, seeming to know the clone would not change her mind. She walked back into the shelter while the man stood there, his eyes following her. As she crawled in, she heard the man climbing back into the dumpster.

    Today must be food-gathering day or something, she thought.

    Lulled by the sound of the man rummaging through the trash in the dumpster she was leaning against, she slowly fell into an again, dreamless sleep.


    End of Chapter 5

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    Lines in the Sand -

    After finally escaping from Giovanni, Mewtwo finally has a chance to live his life free, and sadly alone... But when fate leads him to something he has never even dreamed of, a female of his own species, his life is turned upside-down...

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    Just got through Chapter 5. proving to be quite interesting. Knowing you're 25 chapters ahead of me, the thoughts that cross my mind are vaguely useless, but I'll share them anyway.

    1) My first thought is "I wonder how much of Lyric could have been the human clone Amber. (I spend WAY too much time on Bulbapedia...)
    2) A thought I had had prior to reading this, but Mewtwo is hinted that it went to New York City, possibly, due to a similar background. Or not, who knows, but since New York is the basis for Unova, could mewtwo be runnign around Unova?
    3) This time-travel jumping is just a pinch annoying, trying to keep everything straight, I'm all for starting at the end and going back, but there's too much back and forth and I'm not a Celebi. :P I also think it might have served good to have done some stapling of Mewtwo's life to Lyric's as a hint of when is when (though we didn't have a definatel timeline fo Mewtwo either, but the lab explosiopn could/should have been news on Viridian. For that matter, wasn't Mewtwo on Cinnabar when it happened? Or am I cornfuzzled?) and possibly to have done this more froma Mewtwo's interrogation than a currently untied story thread. (but then, I'm only 1/6th of the way into it so far. )

    EDIT: Ijust read CHapter 6, and you did just that. Though I think maybe a bit of the canon story was snipped, as mewtwo was I beleive on Mt. Quena soem time after the events of the Cerulean Cape ambush, but for the purposes onf storytelling, it works.

    Personal preference: I look forward to picking up the next chapter. Mewtwo was a fun character int he movies, and a fun character here as well. The church taking him in is a lovely touch and a good oppertunity to put some religious meaning into a story if one wanted too.And it really is refreshing to see a character observe the obvious hints, liek a big red R.

    I think I'll rest here for the night though, and work on a chapter of my own fiction.

    PS. I'm gonna hold off on grammar errors, because I suck at Grammar myself and will stick tyo content.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Glover View Post
    Just got through Chapter 5. proving to be quite interesting. Knowing you're 25 chapters ahead of me, the thoughts that cross my mind are vaguely useless, but I'll share them anyway.

    1) My first thought is "I wonder how much of Lyric could have been the human clone Amber. (I spend WAY too much time on Bulbapedia...)
    Interesting thought. I didn't write any connections originally, but that is an intriguing connection. I really don't know what to think of it.
    2) A thought I had had prior to reading this, but Mewtwo is hinted that it went to New York City, possibly, due to a similar background. Or not, who knows, but since New York is the basis for Unova, could mewtwo be runnign around Unova?
    Mewtwo is in Viridian City, which is not in the Unova region. I'm not sure what pointed you towards New York City...
    3) This time-travel jumping is just a pinch annoying, trying to keep everything straight, I'm all for starting at the end and going back, but there's too much back and forth and I'm not a Celebi. :P I also think it might have served good to have done some stapling of Mewtwo's life to Lyric's as a hint of when is when (though we didn't have a definatel timeline fo Mewtwo either, but the lab explosiopn could/should have been news on Viridian. For that matter, wasn't Mewtwo on Cinnabar when it happened? Or am I cornfuzzled?) and possibly to have done this more froma Mewtwo's interrogation than a currently untied story thread. (but then, I'm only 1/6th of the way into it so far. )
    I did try to lay off the time jumping after Chapter 3, as I realized it might have been too much, especially in the prologue. I think later in the story, however, her timeline becomes a little more clear.
    EDIT: Ijust read CHapter 6, and you did just that. Though I think maybe a bit of the canon story was snipped, as mewtwo was I beleive on Mt. Quena soem time after the events of the Cerulean Cape ambush, but for the purposes onf storytelling, it works.
    The canon doesn't exactly state how long Mewtwo stays at Mt. Quena (at least I haven't found any place) so, as you said, to fit the story, I made the stay quite short.

    Personal preference: I look forward to picking up the next chapter. Mewtwo was a fun character int he movies, and a fun character here as well. The church taking him in is a lovely touch and a good oppertunity to put some religious meaning into a story if one wanted too.And it really is refreshing to see a character observe the obvious hints, liek a big red R.

    I do love the church as a home as well. Mewtwo is a very fun character to write, and for Lyric, having to balance the cold, stubborn personality of Mewtwo with her... It's definitely a challenge!
    My comments are in bold.

    Thank you for reviewing! I appreciate your thoughts on the story and I hope you continue to read. Also, I'm looking forward to more chapters in your story!
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    Lines in the Sand -

    After finally escaping from Giovanni, Mewtwo finally has a chance to live his life free, and sadly alone... But when fate leads him to something he has never even dreamed of, a female of his own species, his life is turned upside-down...

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    I got a few PMs from readers that were a little confused, just wanted to clear them up if anyone else is confused as well.

    Lyric is not a Mew. She is a Mewtwo. She thinks she's a Mew because of her physical voice. Mewtwo have Mew voices for obvious reasons. They're not going to run around saying 'Mewtwo.' That would be inaccurate.

    The reason she knows all the Pokemon names, what they look like, and all the names to things is explained in chapter four in the diary section. Fuji invented a chip which implanted basic knowledge into the clones, so they wouldn't have to teach them when they woke up. I probably should have been more specific about this.

    Also, Lyric is a fully grown, fully developed mewtwo; didn't want anyone getting a wrong picture in their head about that.

    Hope this clears things up! If there's any other questions feel free to PM me. I want to make this as clear as possible. Here's chapter 6.


    Title: Lines in the Sand

    Author: Shinymonkey8

    Chapter 6: Struggle


    It had been an entire month.

    The month had gone by rather quickly, which was a blessing, seeing as the days were very dull. There was nothing to do. Lyric found her favorite days were when the old man told her stories about the Earth's past. Things that were not in her previous knowledge. She had learned a lot from the man, so she felt guilty for not being able to teach him anything. He seemed to know a lot anyway.

    The old man was still very confused about her history, and still slightly suspicious, that feeling would probably never go away. Lyric was just as confused, and she was angry that she didn't know her own history. He was also confused about why the pokemon didn't have any elemental powers whatsoever.

    She had shown him her voice, and told him that she thought she was a Mew. The man seemed adamant that she was not a Mew, apparently knowing what Mew look like. He was bewildered about why her physical voice was 'Mew,' and so was Lyric.

    The only exception to Pokemon having their voice being anything but their species name is found in a few legendary Pokemon, along with very few others, he wrote.

    Which others? She wrote back.

    Oh, pretty much all the legendary Pokemon: Celebi, Jirachi, Mew, all those poke—

    She yanked the board from him.

    Maybe I'm related to a Mew!

    The man looked at her doubtfully.

    I don't think so, Mew use telepathy along with their physical voice, and you look nothing like a Mew anyways. Although you are somewhat feline.

    Lyric sighed; she didn't have telepathy, did she? She had to have some type of elemental power! Almost all Pokemon did!

    Wait a minute… She did have powers… How had she knocked that man unconscious back at the lab? That must have been her powers, now hidden deep inside.

    She wrote eagerly:

    Is there any way you can teach me powers?

    She looked at him hopefully. He chuckled slightly.

    No, and there's very few humans who could. Maybe psychic humans. The teaching of powers is usually done by a Pokemon's parents, and it comes rather naturally to most Pokemon.

    Why doesn't it come naturally to me? I've been awake for over a month now!

    Since she was cloned, this didn't apply to her, and although she didn't know this, she would've been trained by a Team Rocket psychic if she was still in their possession. It would have come fairly naturally to her if she was given specific directions of what to do.

    Why could I only use my powers right when I woke up?

    She could barely remember what it felt like to use the powers; the events of that night were all just a big haze. On a better note, her arm was practically fully healed, she seemed to heal faster than humans, but it was still a hindrance.

    I'm completely defenseless, and I'm weak. I need to learn a power! All Pokemon have one! And I'm a Pokemon…

    She cursed, wishing again to know more about her past. It would answer so many of her questions. There was no hope about finding anything more, was there? Maybe at the lab where she woke up… Whenever she left the shelter for outside, she could see the door leading to it. Sadly, she had never left the alley, in fear and confusion of what was in the unknown. The man had written that he too, didn't know what the outside world looked like anymore, he had been gone for so long. He never left the alley either except for rare occasions which he didn't tell her about. He left for a few hours some nights.

    It was a sad, boring life, but it was all the clone had ever known, so she learned to live with it.


    Another month passed.

    It was the same thing every day, the man would leave for a few hours constantly now, Lyric was getting agitated that he would not tell her where he was going, but the old man was unchanging. They would have conversations, and he still was teaching her things, but the times he taught her were getting sparser over time. It saddened her, she had enjoyed those times.

    She had also begun to enjoy some games that they played together, games on the white board, which was now getting very smudged and beat up from overuse. She hadn't noticed the marker ever running out, which was strange. He kept it with him all the time, maybe that's what his trips were about.

    As his trips kept getting longer and longer, she got lonelier and lonelier. If she ever even brought up the topic, the man would be furious and they would not talk for the rest of the day. It was very strange of him; the old man was normally friendly and compassionate. This made her even more furious, he had no right to keep things from her, and she had told him everything. It was rather difficult to argue without being able to talk, so she just buried these feelings inside her.

    She was having horrible nightmares almost every night.


    More months passed; she couldn't remember how many.

    She contracted some sort of virus on the third month. It was amazing that she hadn't gotten a virus any earlier; she had been eating semi-rotten food and living in terrible conditions. The clone's immune system must have been exceptionally strong. She got over it after a week, amazingly. She stared at the water she drank, in a bowl, dirty. The man gathers water in his small tarp whenever it rains, (which is a lot in Vermillion) and they both drink the water from that. It was disgusting, but it was how to live.

    One day when Lyric woke up, the man was gone. This had happened many times in the past, but it was still disconcerting.

    As the day went by, and night fell, however, she began to get a sense of fear. The longest he had ever been gone was about 8 hours. He had always come back by nightfall, often looking very weary, and one time even having a large cut across his arm.

    Another day past. Still no sign of the old man. The food supply in the corner was running low; the man had always taken care of that. She was beginning to think that the man would never come back; he had been gone for a week now. Her loneliness and depression were at an all time high, she often spent nights crying herself to sleep.


    After another week, she finally got the courage up to do something. It was the bravest thing Lyric had ever done.

    She would go back to the lab.

    The clone was sure she could find answers to the questions that were tormenting her.

    When night finally fell and when she thought she was ready, she crawled out of the shelter and made for the lab doorway. It was only about 15 feet away, haunting her this entire time. She stood at the foot of the door, staring at it.

    I have to do this. I have to know the answers.

    She slowly opened the unlocked door.

    As she saw the inside of the secret lab, a wave of old memories washed over her.

    The body in the closet… Is it still there? The man…

    But no, everything was the same, except for the puddle of blood was gone from the floor. Had someone come in and cleaned it up? Had anyone discovered the body?

    For the first time, she wondered why hadn't the man come back for her. She thought back to knocking him out, remembering he had hit his head pretty hard. Then she got another small fragment of memory. She partially remembered entering his mind for a moment. How could she possibly have done that?

    Did I erase his memory?

    He had hit his head very hard too, so it could've been that.

    Focusing back on the task at hand, she looked around the room. It was exactly as she remembered it, gray and dark. She thought of where she could get any information on herself. She looked around the room for some file cabinets, there were none.

    Then she eyed the computer. That had to be it! Computers stored loads of information! She briskly walked to the computer and flipped it on, pacing impatiently for it to boot up. She had a basic knowledge of computers; the mouse over to the side of the computer was what one uses to control it with, if her knowledge was correct.

    How do I have a basic knowledge of computers! Did I have a life before waking up? Damn it!

    She needed to find out now.

    The computer finally finished booting up, and she scanned the desktop for anything pertaining to her.

    What pertains to me?

    She saw a file labeled 'My computer.' She clicked on it, hoping to find something useful, but what popped up on the desktop was just a bunch of gibberish to her. She clicked out of it and scanned again.

    There was a folder labeled 'Diary.'

    This could be it… she thought.

    She opened it and began to read. As the contents of the diary worked their way into Lyrics mind, her eyes widened in sudden realization.

    Lyric! My name is Lyric! And I'm part of a species called Mewtwo!

    It felt wonderful to finally have an identity, but as the other content started to make sense, her eyes got even wider, in horror.

    I'm a clone? But… how? What…

    As she reread the second diary entry, she noticed the words, 'two clones.'

    There's another one of my species? So I'm not the only one…

    As she read more, she realized that this must be the dead woman's diary. It all made sense… As the rest of the horrible story of her near extermination, the braveness of the woman to secretly care for her, and the suspicions of Giovanni unfolded, she could only keep reading, entrapped in the story.

    Another thing had caught her eye. The information chips that Fuji had been working on. They must have transferred all that basic information to her mind.

    So that's how I know all these things! It makes so much more sense!

    She also read something that mentioned the psychic ability of Mewtwos.

    So I can use my powers! I'm a psychic Pokemon… Why can't I use them now?

    She had no idea how, that's why.

    She read to the end and shivered at the sight of the abrupt ending. She knew what had happened after that. That man… His name was Giovanni. He had been the one who murdered the woman and had almost murdered her. He had found out about the woman's secret somehow, and killed her. How a man could be that cruel and heartless stunned Lyric. A small flame of rage began to burn inside of her—rage for Giovanni. It was his fault that she had to live like she did for all these past months. If not for him, she probably could have lived happily in secret with the woman she cared for.

    She switched the computer off, angry, still not satisfied. She was thinking about that other Mewtwo, where was he? It had been long enough that he had awoken, many times over. He had to be out there somewhere…

    She was also pondering what this building was. The old man had once mentioned a name: Team Rocket… That's what this place was. She then realized that she would not be going back to that accursed shelter just yet. She started for the door.

    Surprised by her bravery, yet steadfast, she slid open the door to the woman's quarters. She remembered knocking Giovanni through this door luckily, and she had dragged him down the hallway. The quarters looked exactly the same, as if no one had been in here since she had left.

    I wonder what happened to that man, Giovanni…?

    She approached the door to the hallway, very warily. She couldn't hear or see anyone, so she slowly opened the door. There was no one in sight.

    I can't get caught.

    She kept repeating that to herself, like a mantra. Who knows what they would do to her if they caught her…

    Maybe I should turn back…

    But no, she had come this far. What would she do if she turned back? Sit in the shelter and die of sheer loneliness? No, she had to act.

    No one seemed to be here at all. Maybe everyone was sleeping, it was nighttime after all…

    Well that's a good thing, she thought to herself.

    After another minute of walking, she came across a big door with a window. The door was labeled: 'GYM'.

    She made sure she could not be seen through the window. It was a dead end; the gym must be how to get to all the other sections of the headquarters. Curiosity got the best of her again as she peeked her head out of the window to see what she could see.

    What she saw through the window was the biggest shock yet.

    The gym was very orange, and there were bleachers on either side, filled with people watching some commotion in the center. Lyric looked to the center. There was a human standing in front of a pokemon on one side of the gym. Seeing the Pokemon made her eyes widen. It was the first one she'd seen except for some Rattata hanging around back at the shelter. The Pokemon in the center of the gym was very large and looked like a water Pokemon. It was very strange, like a mix between two. It seemed to be in battle against another Pokemon on the opposite side of the gym. The other Pokemon was hard to see because it was moving so fast. It looked like it was clad in some type of unwieldy armor.

    Wait… Is it flying?

    Yes, the armored Pokemon had begun flying around the gym, over the enraged water Pokemon, dodging water blasts as he flew. Lyric just stared as the water Pokemon started to float too! The expression on its face, however, changed to terror, as it flew backwards into the gym wall, hard.

    The hybrid water Pokemon was knocked to the ground, instantly unconscious, and the other armor-clad pokemon touched down to the ground.

    Had it done that? Whatever it did, that is one very, very powerful Pokemon…

    The people in the stands started clapping, and a man came up to the creature, standing next to it, talking to it. She couldn't see the man's face; his back was turned away from her.

    Having a better chance to examine the armored Pokemon, her eyes widened as she saw the creatures tail.

    It was exactly the same as hers.

    Besides his hands, feet, and arms, its tail was the only part of its body that wasn't covered in armor. She couldn't see any expressions on its face.

    But, this Pokemon has the exact same tail as me!

    A realization came over her:

    Maybe this is the other Mewtwo the diary spoke of…

    Her suspicions were confirmed as the Pokemon hastily removed his helmet and held it in front of its chest. It was a Mewtwo, a very powerful Mewtwo. If that Mewtwo had this power, did that mean that she did?

    I don't have time to ponder this, she scolded herself.

    Although she was ashamed to admit, the first thought that came to her head when she saw the other Mewtwo… His face was… well… how handsome he was.

    What the hell?

    She had never even pondered these types of feelings before, and she was disgusted at herself, and slightly surprised that she even had these types of feelings; but mostly disgusted. These feelings didn't even make sense... there was no other of her species to compare the other Mewtwo with, was there?

    The female clone quickly dismissed the thought when she felt something.

    It wasn't something physical; she felt it in her mind…

    It gave her a sense of extreme discontent, unsatisfaction, depression, even loneliness.

    What is this?

    Somehow, she could sense that it was coming from the other Mewtwo. Maybe he's broadcasting this, he is a psychic Pokemon… But…

    How can I hear it? Because… I'm a psychic Pokemon…?

    It made sense; she knew for sure now that she had some hidden psychic powers deep inside, she just didn't know how to use them. Also, why would that other Mewtwo be broadcasting its feelings?

    Lyric's thoughts were interrupted as she saw two men walking toward the door she was peeking out of. Instantly terrified, she turned around and ran, finding the nearest place to hide. She saw a corner and rapidly veered around it, ducking out of view just as the men opened the door and started to walk down the hall she had just run through.

    She pressed herself against the perpendicular wall and prayed,

    Please don't turn this corner… Please don't see me…

    Thankfully, they continued on and turned the next corner.

    That was way too close…


    The next day, she couldn't stop herself from going back. She waited until nighttime again and entered. This time the adventure was a lot less eventful-no one was in the gym. She did manage to hear something about an 'escape,' to some place called, 'Mt. Quena,' from some men wandering through the halls. The words didn't mean anything to her, but she filed the information away for later use.

    The next few days she went back, there was no one there. It's like everyone vanished. On the third day of no one being there, she promised herself she wouldn't come back, but she did.

    The fourth day, everyone was back, but everyone she saw was acting very strange, kind of confused. She overheard some men having conversations:

    "We were in the middle of the freaking mountains completely lost, having no idea where we were or how we got there. We had to call in choppers to get us. Boy was Giovanni pissed. He looked just as confused as everyone else though!"

    Giovanni… So he is alive.

    After overhearing a few more conversations, most of them similar, she decided to turn back for the shelter. She'd heard enough. None of it made any sense whatsoever, no reason to continue listening. She was getting quite good at hiding and camouflaging herself so she wouldn't get caught.

    She didn't see any more of the other Mewtwo, which saddened her.


    One day, when she was numbly eating the last of the food supply, thinking about how horrible her trip outside to gather more food was going to be and waiting for nightfall so she could go back into the Rocket headquarters 'one last time', a very loud, clanking noise almost made her jump through the roof of the shelter. Surprisingly, there hadn't been any more disturbances since the two thugs had showed up the night she awoke. Maybe the man's trips had something to do with that, too.

    The terrified clone cowered in the corner, hearing the noise, which sounded like some kind of machine moving closer. Despite of her increased bravery, it was a déjŕ vu of that night she had been beat up, and she was having terrible flashbacks. Fully fledged fear had come back to haunt her.

    The noise grew even closer, until it seemed like it was right outside the shelter. It finally stopped, and she let out a sigh of relief, but only for a moment. Another noise sounded, and in another moment the clone heard a loud clank which sent strong vibrations into the dumpster she was leaning on, cowering.

    She quickly scrambled away, almost screaming, as the dumpster began to slide up.

    Now on the other side, she watched as the light streamed in from under the lifted dumpster, now a foot off the ground and rising. She realized that the shelter might fall over if the dumpster was completely removed, so right before it did, she put a paw on a top corner.

    The dumpster had been lifted all the way, she was completely exposed. It was a very strange sight, half of the home she had become so used to had now disappeared, and she was left holding it up, slightly feeling the strain of it resting on her paw.

    She heard another noise, something like the trash from the dumpster emptying into another container.

    Then the revelation hit her, this was a dump truck! It had come to empty the dumpster! Immediately, she wondered:

    How will I get food now? All the food is gone…

    Another noise, the dumpster was being lowered down. She sighed in relief; she wouldn't have to hold the shelter up anymore. But her eyes widened in horror as she saw the dumpster set down on the ground about two feet farther away from the shelter as it had originally been.

    The rest of the day and part of the next was spent holding up the shelter, in fear of it collapsing if the clone let go. If it did collapse, that would be a catastrophe… She didn't know how to rebuild it!

    What do I know how to do?

    Her arms burned with fatigue, she was weak from thirst and hunger. Her back hurt from sitting up so much. She couldn't just let the shelter collapse! She regrets even holding the damn thing up in the first place, she should've just gotten this over with. The clone felt as if she would die if that happened, she didn't know why. She probably would too. With no shelter, there was a good chance of death. Even if the shelter did not collapse somehow, she would still most likely collapse of exhaustion, even loneliness someday, it was inevitable. What made this worse was the fact that she had contracted another virus in the few days before this incident. She was already very weak, but that symptom seemed to be the full extent of the virus.

    After a few more hours of this, she realized she would continue to hold the shelter up until she collapsed of exhaustion. Maybe someone would come and fix it from the outside? The clone knew it was highly unlikely; no one had been around for months.

    She was already beginning to grow dizzy.

    More hours passed.

    If she collapsed right now, she knew she would most likely die from dehydration; she had not had any liquids in a day and a half. She was terrified, and began to shake.

    She felt her arms giving out and struggled to keep the shelter up.

    I can't give up now, my life depends on it!

    But she felt herself begin to slip into unconsciousness. As she struggled to keep her eyes open, she managed to get one final thought before her arms gave way and the shelter collapsed, falling on top of her:

    I'm sorry…

    She didn't know who she was sorry to, maybe the old man, who she had become such good friends with over the past months, even if he kept his secrets. The only person who had ever cared for her. Maybe to the woman who had died in front of her, the woman she had such a strong, unknown bond to.

    Maybe to herself.

    But nothing mattered anymore, she had failed. She would die here, abandoned, confused. Not ever having a real purpose in her life. There wasn't even a reason to live anymore, the man was gone, and he probably abandoned her.

    With that thought in mind, she felt the cardboard ceiling cave in on top of her. As the dust cleared, she was buried under the flimsy cardboard shelter, unconscious.

    Lyric would die alone.


    End of Chapter 6


    Well that was depressing. Thanks to Glover for the review, I really appreciate it!

    I always thought that I took this chapter too fast, but I'm not sure what I think of it. Sure, a large amount of time passes in this chapter, but I'm just not sure if I took it too fast.

    I hope that you continue reading, and reviews are always appreciated!
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    After finally escaping from Giovanni, Mewtwo finally has a chance to live his life free, and sadly alone... But when fate leads him to something he has never even dreamed of, a female of his own species, his life is turned upside-down...

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    Title: Lines in the Sand

    Author: Shinymonkey8

    Chapter 7: Confrontation


    In another flash of white light, Mewtwo was back at his home. The strange sound the teleporting made immediately woke up the Skitty sleeping in the corner. His eyes slowly opening, he groggily greeted him.

    "Oh, hey M—"

    His voice caught in the back of his throat as he saw what confused, but exited Mewtwo had in his arms.

    "Wh—is that…"

    He had seen the limp body of another Mewtwo, hanging limply in the arms of Mewtwo. The limp body looked starved, and quite shockingly, looked female.

    Alvar had had more than one conversation with Mewtwo about his past, and he had been rather stubborn, but in the Skitty's persistence, he finally got Mewtwo to open up. He knew he was a clone, and he thought he knew Mewtwo was the only one of his species. Had Mewtwo lied?

    Mewtwo just stared at the female in his arms.

    "Mewtwo, who is that…"

    He finally took his eyes off the female, "I—I don't know…"

    The kitten had never seen the male Mewtwo so distraught and confused before, even though he had only known him for a little over two months.

    "Well, please explain when you have the time…" He could tell now was not the time to be asking questions.

    Mewtwo nodded and set the fragile female on his bed, gently. She smelled horrible, like a sewer, but Mewtwo didn't seem to notice. He was pacing, completely lost for words. He had no idea what to do.

    He stopped pacing for a moment to examine the other Mewtwo.

    The fine, light fur she had was completely matted with dirt, almost like she had been rolling in mud. Her face was weak and frail. It was strikingly similar to his own face, but it was noticeably feminine. The Skitty was seemingly doing the same thing as Mewtwo, also noticing the similarities.

    "How is this possible," the normally energetic Skitty couldn't stop at least that question from exiting his mouth; "you said you were the only one…"

    "I believed so as well. I am just as confused as you Alvar…" he said with that same confused, but some how excited tone.

    The kitten was about to ask where he found her when Mewtwo took a damp cloth from out of nowher, and dabbed at the burning forehead of the female. This seemed to help, as she began to stir. Mewtwo's eyes widened, and he stared at hers, expecting them to open.

    But they didn't, and Mewtwo and Alvar sat there for hours, nervously, but excitedly watching over the unconscious female. Mewtwo spent the time pacing back and forth, his tail lashing through the air. Alvar, not used to sitting still for so long, had gone and touched the female's hand, which in turn had made Mewtwo freak out. Mewtwo needed sleep; the extreme emotional drain had taken its toll on him. When he finally calmed down, the Skitty offered to watch over her while he slept, but Mewtwo refused.

    "I must be here when she wakes up."

    The Skitty didn't ask why. He guessed that another reason he wouldn't let him watch over her was because he thought Alvar might touch her again. What is wrong with touching her, the kitten thought. Mewtwo had kept the damp cloth on the female's forehead, rewetting it periodically. It had seemed to keep the fever that she apparently had down. When he finished with the cloth, he began pacing again, his tail still flicking through the air.

    The Skitty did have a lot of unanswered questions, like how she got unconscious, why she looked so starved, questions like that. But he didn't ask them. He had a feeling by the way Mewtwo acted that he didn't have any of the answers.

    The two conscious pokemon's conversations were limited; the tension in the room was palpable. It continued on like this for a few more hours. The female's breathing did seem to get less shallow and erratic, like she was finally exiting a nightmare. That was about the time she started to wake.

    She let in a sudden sharp breath, and her eyes flew open.

    Her eyes… were so beautiful.

    All of Mewtwo's worry and confusion disappeared for a small moment as he saw her eyes for the first time. Her amethyst eyes, the same color as his, were the epitome of beauty, but not physical beauty. It wasn't emotional beauty or any other type either. He couldn't explain it.

    As Alvar saw Mewtwo's stunned, amazed look, watching the female's eyes open, he was sad to see the evanescence of his bliss, his numbness to feeling. All that happiness and ecstacy had faded away. He saw Mewtwo realize what was happening, that the female Mewtwo was awakening, and he saw as they were both thrust back in to reality.


    As the amethyst eyes of the female slowly gained comprehension of her surroundings, the first thing she saw was another pair of amethyst eyes. At first, she thought she was looking into a mirror. As the last of the drowsiness faded she saw how she was verywrong.

    Lyric stared up at Mewtwo; they both had unreadable expressions on their faces, too many emotions to count. Mewtwo unknowingly backed away very slowly, keeping his gaze on her, paralyzed in emotion. It wasn't very different for Alvar, except the shock in having everything he believed in turn to dust wasn't present.

    It was a moment of silence.

    The next chapter in their lives had started.

    The first thing to break the silence of the emotions running silently wild, was the bed squeaking as Lyric slowly and cautiously sat up. Mewtwo gave her a little more space, and still remained silent.

    The first and seemingly most appropriate words were spoken by Mewtwo, finally coming out of his stupor.

    "Are you feeling alright?"

    Lyric made a microscopic jolt backwards, surprised by the psychic voice she could hear, coming from the other of her species. It took her until now to put the pieces together, but this must have been the other Mewtwo…

    Mewtwo noticed the microscopic jolt, and his eyes widened in confusion in horror. Had he said something wrong?

    Lyric turned and looked at the small, feline pokemon, staring at her from the foot of the bed. The feline, not knowing what to think at the sudden eye-contact, quickly turned to stare at Mewtwo. She looked at the room she was in. It was a cozy, tidy room, void of a plethora of items. A computer, a few shelves, a bed… Various random items for sustaining life, such as food and bottles of water.

    This must be where he lives, she thought.

    Mewtwo accidentally read her thoughts.

    When reading thoughts, usually it is easy for a psychic if the thought is very loud. If the psychic doesn't want to hear the thoughts of others, it can just set a weak barrier up in its own mind so the memories cannot be detected. It becomes second nature to a psychic… hearing thoughts becomes quite annoying and unneeded most of the time. The barrier only goes down when completely relaxed, or at other times…

    For some reason, this was one of those other times, probably because sustaining a psychic barrier to block out others' thoughts was the last thing he could be thinking of right now.

    As he heard the thought coming from the female Mewtwo's mind, he couldn't stop himself from answering.

    "Yes, this is where I have made my home."

    Lyric looked back up at Mewtwo, surprised he had read her thoughts. Mewtwo looked embarrassed, as if he hadn't meant to respond, but it had just come out.

    Not wanting to stay in the awkwardness, he walked towards a shelf in his room and grabbed an apple and a water bottle. He walked back to the bed and handed the items to Lyric.

    "Are you hungry or thirsty?"

    Without a word, she snatched up the items and consumed them ravenously.

    I guess that answers his question, Alvar thought, amused.

    As she finished consuming the items, she looked back towards Mewtwo with a slightly guilty look in her eye, most likely for the show of bad manners. She couldn't help it; she hadn't eaten or drank anything for 2 days.

    Mewtwo realized he hadn't heard anything from the Skitty for a long time now. This was probably the longest the Skitty had ever gone without talking or jumping around in play. The kitten was just staring at the two of them, waiting for something to happen, with an undecipherable look in his eye.

    He turned to the Skitty and inquired, "Alvar, are you feeling alright?"

    He spun his head to make eye-contact with Mewtwo and replied, rather nervously, "Yeah Mewtwo I'm fine."

    Lyric, relieved to finally have the attention off of her, if only for a moment, tried getting up. She collapsed, and Mewtwo rushed over to the side of her bed, "You should rest, you are still very weak."

    As she lied back down, she couldn't help but thinking, how did I get here?

    Not being able to restrain his mind-reading once again, he replied, "I found you unconscious and I took you here. You were in very bad condition," his tail lashing nervously as he spoke.

    Lyric found it rather rude that this male was reading her mind like this, and Mewtwo, sensing that thought also, put up a powerful mental shield so it would not happen again.

    "I am sorry; I did not mean to intrude. Can you speak?"

    It would be much easier to communicate if they could speak telepathically; she was a Mewtwo. That's why, when she shook her head, Mewtwo looked at her strangely. "Why not? A Mewtwo such as yourself should have the power of telepathy, unless someone has manually put up a mental barrier preventing you from using that ability. Did someone do something like this?"

    She shook her head again, and shrugged her shoulders, as if to say, 'I just don't know how.'

    Alvar, very glad that the awkwardness of the situation was fading, strode up to the foot of the bed and greeted her.

    "Hello, I'm Alvar, nice to meet you."

    She smiled and nodded to him. It was impossible to fear him whatsoever, he was way too cute. The other large pokemon in the center of the room however…

    "Do you need anything?" he said. He seemed genuinely concerned, but there was no way she trusted either of them.

    I don't think I'll ever trust anyone again.

    She shook her head, and he seemed content with the response.

    "I am going to rest now, if you need anything, or have any questions…" he looked around rapidly for a paper and a pencil. Finding one he handed it to her, "just write them on this sheet of paper." Lyric noticed how tired he looked and how sunken his eyes were. Mewtwo then realized she had no means of waking him up if she did have a question. He looked at the Skitty, "Will you watch over her for me now? "

    "Of course!"

    The kitten was wide awake with excitement, but didn't want to make the female scared or weirded out by staring at her, so he just plopped down over in the corner and put his head down.

    Mewtwo looked at Lyric one last time, and walked out of the room. She was feeling tired again, and decided sleep was the best option. She did have many questions, but they could wait. It's not like she was going to try to escape; she had nowhere to go. These pokemon were not of the human species, the species that had tried to kill her from day one, excluding the old man.

    …And he abandoned me anyway…

    Diverting her thoughts away from those painful memories, she focused on something entirely different.

    The male Mewtwo's telepathic voice was nice, slightly deeper than an average adult human. It had this wisdom laced through it, as if he had lived for a thousand years. It was warm and compassionate. She wondered what her own telepathic voice sounded like.

    She would have to ask him if he could teach her how to use her telepathy sometime.

    Lyric sighed, she didn't want to think about anything anymore, she had a massive headache. Sleep would be nice right now.

    But how can I go to sleep? I just woke up in another one of my species' home… After almost dying…

    She realized he must have saved her life.

    She cursed herself for not saying thank you. Oh right, she couldn't talk, she could have written it on the paper though…

    Damn it, here I go again, thinking about things.

    Her head pounding again, she closed her eyes, forcing all thoughts out of her head. She tried to think about that wonderful dream she had dreamed a while ago, but making sure she didn't picture the nightmare it had turned into.

    The green grass, the beautiful mountains, the wonderful smell of the air, and the feel of the grass on her skin; she could feel it all again. It was wonderful. It was a perfect life, a perfect world.

    But she couldn't keep the nightmare from slipping into her memories again as she drifted to sleep.


    End of Chapter 7


    Things are going to start to pick up in a few chapters, and once they do, they really do. Thanks for reading this far into the story, and please review! I'd like to know what you all think of this.
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    Lines in the Sand -

    After finally escaping from Giovanni, Mewtwo finally has a chance to live his life free, and sadly alone... But when fate leads him to something he has never even dreamed of, a female of his own species, his life is turned upside-down...

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    Title: Lines in the Sand

    Author: Shinymonkey8

    Chapter 8: Breakthrough


    After another entire day of sleep, Lyric felt that she was strong enough to walk. She didn't want to wake the males, the Skitty still sleeping in the corner and the other Mewtwo over in his room. He had made a room for himself apparently, a large sheet with a floral decoration separating his area of the attic from the main space. It was a small nook in the attic, probably only big enough for a blanket to lie on and a pillow. It had been very nice of him to give up his bed; she'd have to remember to thank him. She did wonder about his need for privacy, hiding behind that sheet, but it wasn't really important. She didn't remember that sheet being there yesterday, he must have put it up before he fell asleep. Strange she didn't notice.

    As she slid out of the bed covers, listening to the quiet breathing of both the sleeping pokemon, she wondered again, should I escape? Now was a perfect opportunity… But could she get away from them? The other Mewtwo was a powerful psychic, she was sure that he could track her somehow.

    Why do I even want to escape? He was nothing but kind to me yesterday. Of course, this could all be a setup, some sort of elaborate hoax created for the sole purpose of torturing her. That Mewtwo could even be a human in disguise!

    Okay, now she was getting paranoid. She had forgotten that she had no place to run, and if she did try to escape, she would just probably end up living on the streets again. Besides, this bed she had slept in last night was heaven compared to the ground at the shelter.

    She was still very suspicious of the other Mewtwo. What was he doing at the Team Rocket headquarters and why was he fighting innocent pokemon? Where did he disappear to after all the Rockets came back confused from some place called Mt. Quena? Did he have something to do to that?

    She finally decided that what she needed to focus on was standing up. So on wobbly legs, she slowly took a step.

    This isn't that bad, she thought.

    It just felt like her legs were extremely sore; holding up that shelter had really taken its toll on every part of her body.

    Damn, that was so stupid. Why the hell did I hold that thing up for so long? I practically killed myself!

    She hadn't been thinking straight. She was hungry, thirsty, and exhausted, not to mention lonely. She was so lonely. Then she realized how nice it was to be around other living beings. It had been a little over two months since that man had left.

    I wonder what I would have done if that man never existed. Probably died from those thugs beating me up.

    Her headache returned, and she cursed herself once again for over thinking things. She was standing, and she congratulated herself for it.

    Now what?

    "I see you have regained your strength."

    She jumped at the sight of Mewtwo, coming out from under his sheet. When she realized it was him, she relaxed and nodded her head.

    "That is very good, I'm glad the sleep helped."

    Lyric realized that now should be the time to answer all questions, since they both were rested and they both probably had nothing else to do, but the atmosphere was already turning awkward because of her absence of a reply. She wouldn't get anywhere by denying all contact with the pokemon. She was here now, they had saved her, and she might as well make the best of it. She slowly navigated to the small shelf by her bed and grabbed the piece of paper that she would communicate with. Mewtwo went along with it, not saying anything, but nodding his head slightly, as if confirming that this is what he wanted to do.

    She grabbed the pencil and sat on the bed again. Mewtwo sat down besides her, making sure to give her space to keep her comfortable, and they began their conversation.

    Do you have questions?

    Her handwriting had gotten a lot better since she had first begun communicating with the man. It was fairly neat, and easily readable.

    Mewtwo, not knowing whether he should talk or write, froze for a moment. He ended up grabbing the paper and pencil, seeing that it would be awkward responding to her written questions with his voice.

    Yes, I have many. I am sure that you do too.

    His handwriting was slightly slanted, and surprisingly tidy for how fast he wrote.

    Well, you go first.

    Mewtwo looked at her, somewhat surprised at the generosity, and agreed.

    Why can't you use telepathy?

    His first and main question; it would make everything much easier, and it should be completely possible. It was, however, a question Lyric couldn't give an answer to.

    I don't know, I guess I just don't know how.

    Well if that is the case, I could most likely teach you how.

    She looked up at him, wide eyed. If he could really do this, that would make communicating so much easier.

    Reverting back to telepathy, Mewtwo started to explain, looking at her, "It's actually fairly easy, once you get accustomed to it. It becomes second nature. I taught myself very soon after I… awoke." It was fairly obvious he didn't want to go into his history, and Lyric could easily tell this. Inwardly, she felt relieved that he was created in the same way she was; it confirmed her suspicions that he was the other Mewtwo. Unless, he was made in a completely different experiment. His face did look the same as when she had seen him fighting in the Team Rocket gym. Before she could ponder anything further, he stated, "Do you think you would be willing to learn?"

    She nodded her head.

    He shifted his position so he was facing her more directly, "Very well. It is actually quite hard to teach… It is second nature... I do not even think about how I am doing it. I just think about what I want to say and then I project it outward… with my psychic powers…"

    As he finished the statement, he knew that the explanation he had given would not be enough. It was very hard to teach this, and she seemed to understand, gratefully.

    Project your thoughts, huh? She thought, Seems easy enough.

    Concentrating hard, she thought of the word, 'hello,' tried forcing it out of her mind. Mewtwo, just staring at her concentrated gaze, was trying to determine whether she needed another explanation.

    When that tactic failed, she clenched her fists and held her breath, but knowing that this wouldn't work even before she started, she let the breath out in a long 'sigh.'

    Mewtwo had been thinking hard for another explanation, and the sigh had been the sign that he needed to give another explanation.

    "Try, not so much forcing it out of your head; try to just let it…" he paused, thinking of the right word, "flow out of your mind."

    She nodded her head and focused again. She tried not squinting her eyes, not tensing up, and just letting the words… flow. She almost let out a squeal when she very, very quietly, but definitely telepathically, whispered the word, "flow."

    Mewtwo heard the telepathy, and even though it was barely audible, he let a smile blossom on his face.

    "Very good! You have used your telepathy." He was extremely surprised that she had learned so fast, it had only been a couple of minutes! He stared at the excited, smiling face of the only other of his species, ecstatic that she had discovered her abilities, his smile not fading.

    Wow, this is great! It will make everything easier! She thought, I knew I had powers!

    "It will be hard at first, but it will get easier over time. You will need to practice it often."

    Another smile emerged on both their face as she felt the word, "hello," telepathically exit her mind.

    Alvar had finally woken up, and they both turned to look at him as he cut in, "Whoa, did she just use telepathy?"

    Mewtwo replied to the Skitty, still with the small grin, "Yes, she has just learned to use her psychic ability of telepathy." Alvar just stared at him in awe, "she actually learned extraordinarily fast, in a matter of minutes… Much faster than you did I might add…"

    Wait… did Mewtwo just make a… joke? The kitten thought, as she heard Lyric burst out laughing, telepathically. The grin on Mewtwo's face only widened, even if it would only be considered a small smile; It was very wide for Mewtwo.

    "Yeah, and I might add that I'm not a freaking psychic pokemon!" Alvar added, with a big smile.

    Lyric, amazingly already getting the hang of the ability, managed to say, slightly louder than before, "How can you speak telepathically, anyways?"

    The voice was now loud enough to hear tone and characteristics of the voice. It was fair, slightly hollow, and very noticeably female. It was higher than Mewtwo's telepathic voice, and it was actually quite pleasant to hear. This only made Mewtwo faintly smile, again.

    "I have an ability called Assist," the Skitty replied, also smiling "It lets me copy the abilities of any pokemon that I am near. I copy Mewtwo's psychic ability so that we can communicate easier. My brain wasn't really built for any crazy psychic stuff, so telepathy is really all I can do. It's all I try to do anyways."

    "It took you a matter of days to utter your first word Alvar," Mewtwo retorted with a small chuckle.

    "Well I guess I just suck at everything!"

    This got another laugh from both of them.

    Once the laughter died down, Mewtwo noted, "I'm very glad that no one did anything along the lines of blocking your abilities. Any mental barriers can be difficult to get rid of. I would've had to enter the depths of your mind and destroy it from there. A very complex and somewhat dangerous process, which I would not want to put you through."

    Lyric replied, still not completely used to the telepathy, which was noticeable due to the still quiet voice, "Enter the mind? I didn't think that was possible."

    "Yes, it is a very confusing process, I'm not sure I understand it myself. I consider it very intrusive. If you didn't have any psychic barriers up, all your memories would be too easy for the person to break into. I will teach you how to make psychic barriers someday as well, but first, you should master the telepathy."

    "I think I'm getting the hang of it," she replied.

    "It sounds very good."

    As she was about to say 'thank you,' she remembered all the other things she wanted to thank him about. Now this was easily possible for her.

    "I wanted to thank you for… saving my life."

    She suddenly wondered why she was doing this… she had only met this pokemon yesterday, and she was already thanking him… Did she trust him?

    No. No way. I will never trust anyone. I've been hurt too many times.

    But that didn't make it wrong to thank the being you owed your life too.

    "…For saving my life," she continued, "and for nursing me back to health. I would probably be back at that alley… most likely dead by now…"

    She looked up at him, he was looking down at her warmly, "You are very welcome. You did not expect me to leave another… of my species, lying on the ground unconscious, did you?" He was still in disbelief of the past events.

    She replied, imperceptibly wary, "No, but… Just, thank you…"

    She then realized she didn't even know his name. She knew the Skitty's name, staring at the both of them, with an amused look in his eye, Alvar. She had heard the other Mewtwo mention his name. But she didn't know his name.

    Pondering how to ask before she spoke, she decided and continued, "What do you usually go by… er… what should I call…"

    She sighed; she had messed that up royally. But the Mewtwo just answered her question like nothing ever happened. "I prefer to be called by the name, 'Mewtwo.'" He then looked at her, slightly nervous, "And, what name do you go by?" Inwardly hoping it wasn't also 'Mewtwo,' that would cause a lot of unneeded confusion.

    She smiled and looked up at him, remembering back to when she had read the diary.

    "My name is Lyric."


    Giovanni looked very agitated as he stared at the computer monitor.

    "Where the hell is this?"

    The man at the computer replied, "This is the B Block sir, there were reports of electronic equipment stolen from this area too."

    They were staring at feed from a surveillance camera, playing back on the computer. Giovanni kept staring at the screen.

    "If someone steals from Team Rocket, they will not get away with it!"

    Wow, he is in a bad mood, the man on the computer thought to himself. He clicked on the screen, switching the focus to a different view of the B Block.

    The man on the computer looked to the Rocket boss, "Do you know how recently the theft was committed? Even if I have a basic idea it will be much easier to find the right time frame to look—"

    "It's been going on for the past two months," Giovanni replied, with a hint of fury. "How recent is this feed?"

    "This is from about a month ago sir."

    "Well skip ahead a little and switch to a different block. Maybe that damn thief was less cautious after he'd been stealing from us for over a month. "

    He fast forwarded two weeks and randomly switched to D Block. After a few more camera switches with no results, he looked at Giovanni, waiting for instructions.

    "Hmm… try… two months ago, right when it started."

    The man obeyed, and rewound the feed two months. He looked slightly scared when he thought about if Giovanni would take his anger of not finding anything out on him. As he switched to the last camera in D Block, all those thoughts faded, as they both gasped, wide eyed, at what they saw.

    There, standing by the door to the gym looking through the window, was a strange, white and purple Mewtwo.


    End of chapter 8


    Thank you for reading this far. As always, reviews are appreciated!
    Current story:

    Lines in the Sand -

    After finally escaping from Giovanni, Mewtwo finally has a chance to live his life free, and sadly alone... But when fate leads him to something he has never even dreamed of, a female of his own species, his life is turned upside-down...

    I return all reviews!

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    Title: Lines in the Sand

    Author: Shinymonkey8

    Chapter 9: The Plan



    Lyric finally awoke from her recuperating and officially met Mewtwo and Alvar back at his home. Meanwhile, looking to see if he can find video on the surveillance cameras of an unknown thief stealing electric equipment, Giovanni finds a recording of Lyric staring through the window of the door to the Gym. He has no idea who it is…


    Giovanni, stared at the screen again, completely unbelieving.

    "Is… that Mewtwo?"

    The man at the computer just sat there, speechless. Giovanni kept his gaze on the screen.

    "That one… looks different from my Mewtwo, but… how…"

    He finally turned to face the man at the computer, "And this video is from two months ago, correct?"

    Finally out of his stupor, he turned and met eyes with Giovanni, nervously, "Yes, a little over two months."

    "Two months ago, Mewtwo was still under my control. He was fighting pokemon and was helping me out on missions at that time if I remember correctly… That thing right there," he looked back at the screen to the still staring Mewtwo at the door, "Is not my Mewtwo. It looks more like… some sort of..."

    He took a long look at the Mewtwo on the screen, noticing the more flowing, curvy features of the pokemon. "It looks like a female… A female Mewtwo…"

    Giovanni looked at the man again.

    "Why the **** is there a female Mewtwo in my building?"

    The man jumped at the accentuated curse and tried looking defenseless as he could.

    "Sir… I have no idea, I just work with the computers. I wasn't a part of the cloning experi—"

    "Shut up." His fury was instantly gone. "Who was the leader of the cloning experiment…? Ah, it was Fuji. Dr. Fuji… He should be working right now back at his lab."

    They silently watched the rest of the video, until the Mewtwo on the screen turned and ran out of view of the camera, just before two Rocket grunts walked through the door.

    "May I see the file of this video?"

    The man at the computer fumbled around on his desk until he found a flash drive. He hooked it up to his computer and transferred the file to the drive. After he finished, he grabbed the small, plastic device from his computer and handed it to the Rocket boss, "Here you go."

    Without another word to the man, Giovanni grabbed the flash drive, turned, and left the office.

    Once Giovanni got to Dr. Fuji's private lab, he went over the plan he had made on the way over there in his mind. Giovanni knew about the female Mewtwo that had been supposedly exterminated soon after its creation, he had been informed of that much by the doctor who bandaged his wounds after he woke up with his memory partially erased from… a stroke or something. This Mewtwo in the video… It could be the same pokemon…

    What did they not inform me of after I awoke… If this is Fuji's doing, he is going to pay…

    He opened the unlocked door slowly, and strolled in to find Fuji hunched over in a chair, looking at a microscope slide without a microscope very intently. Apparently he hadn't heard Giovanni walk in, because he made no movements to turn around.

    The lab smelled of cleanness, of disinfectant. Like most of the labs in the headquarters did. It was small, and had an overwhelming amount of white. Where there weren't tools for what looked like chemistry, beakers and vials, there were electrical equipment and wires. Yet, it still retained that clean feel, despite being so cluttered.

    He silently stepped toward the scientist until he was only a few feet behind him.


    Startled, Dr. Fuji dropped the slide and spun around in his seat to face Giovanni. He let out a sigh of nervous relief when he saw the origin of the shout, and replied, "Sir, you scared me. Did you knock?"

    Ignoring the question, Giovanni continued, "Fuji, I need to talk to you."

    "Go ahead sir."

    "Does this job treat you well?"

    Fuji, instantaneously nervous of the mention of his job, stayed cool, "Yes, I very much enjoy my job—"

    "Do you know what happens to employees who keep secrets?"

    Knowing where this is going, Fuji replied, "Sir, I haven't kept any secrets from you…"

    Giovanni was tempted to whip out the flash drive he had in his pocket and show the scientist the video, but he held out for a bit longer. He decided to be more direct.

    "Do you have any secrets… pertaining to the experiment with the Mewtwo clones… that you have not told me?"

    Fuji looked at Giovanni strangely, with a hint of fear in his eyes. He paused for a few moments before answering.

    Deep down, Fuji did have a secret he had not told Giovanni. By the looks of things, it didn't matter whether he held it back or not, Giovanni knew what he was going to say, he was just trying to make him admit it. How the hell did he find out about this…? I took every precaution to make sure it was kept secret…

    "… Yes sir…"

    Giovanni tried not to look surprised, he had knew all along, but he couldn't help a smirk from appearing as he replied, "And why didn't you tell me about this little…" He paused, picturing the female Mewtwo in his head. "…secret…"

    Fuji took some time to answer, trying to come up with the right words. "Because… I thought…"

    Another moment of silence. Fuji dropped his head in shame and finally answered, "I thought I could save her sir… she meant so much to me…"

    Giovanni's dominant, angry expression instantly changed to one of confusion, until Fuji ended,

    "My Amber…"

    Fuji let out a long sigh, as if a weight had come of his shoulders. He looked back up at the Rocket boss, slightly teary eyed.

    Giovanni, still confused, slowly regained his anger as he retorted, "Oh, so you named her now!"

    Now it was Fuji's turn to be confused. He got rid of the tears that were starting to form and kept the same very confused glance as he warily replied, "Of course I did… She was my daughter…"

    Giovanni, speechless, took nearly a quarter of a minute to respond, "What the hell are you talking about?"

    Fuji thought Giovanni had already known everything, and was shocked when Giovanni replied.

    "M-My daughter… she died… and I tried to clone her along with the Mewtwos. I thought I could do it… but she wasn't strong enough…"

    It had been hard for him, but he had done it. He had successfully explained the traumatic past of his daughter to Giovanni. Giovanni seemed to completely ignore Fuji, however, and simply replied, dropping all emotions, "Fuji, get over here."

    Giovanni walked toward one of the many computers in the room and turned the monitor on. Warily, the scientist followed. Giovanni took the flash drive out of his pocket and swiftly plugged it in to the computer. He opened the video and turned to stare at Fuji, to see what his reaction was.

    Fuji saw the Mewtwo standing at the Gym door, and was taken aback.

    "Is that…?"

    "This was taken a few months ago by some surveillance cameras in D Block. Do you know anything about this?" Giovanni interrupted, staring intently and angrily at the stunned scientist.

    Fuji looked at the recording for another moment, taking in the features of the pokemon. Its face wasn't visible; its back was to the camera, but by the looks of the rest of the body, it did have similarities…

    "That… looks like the female Mewtwo we cloned a while back… Fully grown from the looks of it. I thought it had been scrapped in fear of… rebellion, if I recall correctly.

    "Yes, you recall correctly," Giovanni answered with a frown. "It's apparently still alive, which means that… someone must've disobeyed my orders and raised it in secret."

    Fuji also frowned, and replied, "The scientist who was in charge of disposing of the female clone, if I remember right, was the woman who was found dead in the closet of her quarters…" He looked at Giovanni, trying to see in his eyes if the Rocket boss had made any connections with this new piece of information.

    Damn it! It was all Giovanni could think. That means the trail had run cold. For all he knew, that pokemon that she must have raised had awoken and rebelled. It probably murdered her, and escaped.

    Why was it in the D Block then?

    After pondering for another few moments, he turned around, "Thank you Fuji."

    He left Fuji's private lab and headed back to the man who he had found the video with. He would see if he could find any more recordings of this strange female Mewtwo.


    The river water felt wondrous on Lyric's dirty, matted fur. It was like the cold of the water was washing away all her aches and pains. It felt like heaven.

    As soon as she could, Lyric had asked Mewtwo where a good place to clean herself off would be. She smelled like a sewer from her life in the dirty shelter. Mewtwo had told her that he bathes in the lake regularly, and had handed her a bar of soap and a towel. He teleported to the river with her, since he had to teleport her back when she was finished. She did not know how to use her teleportation ability yet, and this was considerably harder than just using telekinesis anyways. Mewtwo would most likely teach her that after she had learned more basic psychic skills, like levitation.

    Wanting to give her privacy, Mewtwo had taken a walk. He had bathed recently and felt no need for a second wash. He had disappeared into the surrounding forest and left her to take her first, wonderful bath.

    As she marinated in the heavenly water and began to lather up the soap, she let her mind wander.

    Most of her thoughts were of the old man, surprisingly.

    Why hadn't he come back? Where did he go on those trips of his?

    She sighed. She had already pondered these questions many times before and knew she would never get any answers unless she got a chance to talk to the man again, which she most likely wouldn't.

    Her thoughts shifted to a more relevant topic: Mewtwo. She had questions about this pokemon swarming through her head, and now that she could communicate, she could ask away.

    How would he respond?

    If Lyric was going to stay with Mewtwo, even for a short time, she needed to know about his past, and everything else. Even if he told her all these things, she still couldn't trust him, he could very easily lie. It would most likely make her feel more secure, however.

    Would she stay with Mewtwo anyways?

    Not this again… I have nowhere else to go, she reminded herself. He's been nothing but kind to me so far and there's no reason I should treat him wrongly. He's the same species as me! He would never do something like that.

    Then, she realized how little about this Mewtwo that she actually knew. She was of the same species as him, but she was also of opposite gender… What if he was doing all this for her, caring for her, only to later try and satisfy some sick desire of his? For all he and Lyric knew, they were the only members of their species…

    This thought almost made her gag, she couldn't be thinking about things like this… She needed to focus on cleaning herself.

    Damn, the things I think about…


    End of Chapter 9


    This chapter had to be edited a bit, so that's the reason for the abrupt ending. Thank you all who are still reading this!
    Current story:

    Lines in the Sand -

    After finally escaping from Giovanni, Mewtwo finally has a chance to live his life free, and sadly alone... But when fate leads him to something he has never even dreamed of, a female of his own species, his life is turned upside-down...

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    Fun story. A litytel rushed in places, but I'm not ome to talk. I really enjoy the idea of fleshing out Mewtwo even more, he was one of my favorite pair of movies.

    In response to the last chapter, yes, I was expecting the old man at some point to show up.

    And yes, I do see Mewtwo leaving to protect them. he proved in Returns to compassionate, and to be sacrificial. Were he a greedier being, he wouldn't have released the other clones.

    The grunt dropped Alvar, as well as the Ultra Ball on the ground, and before the kitten could run away, the ball opened, and a wave of red enveloped the Skitty. Alvar let out a weak cry as the red light sucked him in, and the ball snapped shut, only wiggling a few times before locking in place.
    How? Alvar should technically be claimed by a Pokeball, unless I forgot him breaking it before he left, and irregardless, the Ultra Ball should have spat him back out. Unless you want to retcon it with them having a technological override. And Alvar is just too loveable with his innocense.

    I do like the use of the TM in chapter 30, that was a good way to take it.

    EDIT:Congrats on the 10K!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Glover View Post
    Fun story. A litytel rushed in places, but I'm not ome to talk. I really enjoy the idea of fleshing out Mewtwo even more, he was one of my favorite pair of movies.

    In response to the last chapter, yes, I was expecting the old man at some point to show up.

    And yes, I do see Mewtwo leaving to protect them. he proved in Returns to compassionate, and to be sacrificial. Were he a greedier being, he wouldn't have released the other clones.

    How? Alvar should technically be claimed by a Pokeball, unless I forgot him breaking it before he left, and irregardless, the Ultra Ball should have spat him back out. Unless you want to retcon it with them having a technological override. And Alvar is just too loveable with his innocense.

    I do like the use of the TM in chapter 30, that was a good way to take it.

    EDIT:Congrats on the 10K!
    Thanks for the review. I see you must have read the rest on FF.

    Yes, I realized I was rushing it early on, probably around chapter 8 or 9. I tried really slowing the plot down around 15-25, and hopefully I succeeded. What parts exactly do you think were rushed?

    (shh spoilers! :P) Yeah, I tried not to be too predictable. It gets even crazier in the next chapter, and you will never expect what happens.

    As for your comment about Alvar and the pokeball... erm, that little fact must've slipped by me! *is embarrased* :P. I could always use the retcon you mentioned if anyone asks, however. Or I could edit so Alvar does actually destroy the pokeball. Great catch, in any case!

    The TM will play an important part to Chapter 31, so be prepared to see more of that later.
    Current story:

    Lines in the Sand -

    After finally escaping from Giovanni, Mewtwo finally has a chance to live his life free, and sadly alone... But when fate leads him to something he has never even dreamed of, a female of his own species, his life is turned upside-down...

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    So I went and read all of it. Glad you got around the copy/paste problem. Just for my curiosity - was it capping at 65535 characters?

    IIRC Giovanni had balls that could capture other people's Pokemon as if they were wild, but with the regular condition (that they would need to be sufficiently weakened). I think he used it after a gym battle with somebody when Mewtwo was still working for him.

    But I'm calling a Piggy's Glasses.
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    If there was a like button, I'd have clicked it or something: (N.b.: fic recommendations may be outdated, haven't updated sig in years)
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    Quote Originally Posted by teamVASIMR View Post
    So I went and read all of it. Glad you got around the copy/paste problem. Just for my curiosity - was it capping at 65535 characters?

    IIRC Giovanni had balls that could capture other people's Pokemon as if they were wild, but with the regular condition (that they would need to be sufficiently weakened). I think he used it after a gym battle with somebody when Mewtwo was still working for him.

    But I'm calling a Piggy's Glasses.
        Spoiler:- :
    I'm not the author, but I think youre reading too far in. For a proper teleportation, one must create a containment field. (In Mewtwo's case, a psychic barrier). When Mewtwo teleports, he throws the barrier around him, taking everything that is attached to him, arms, legs, skeletal, foregin objects. Otherwise, Mewtwo should be teleporting around and not taking his claock with him, either, just himself. In such an instance, the bullet is treated as a part of himself. What it's inhibiting, is a localized field that cuts it off from Mewtwo, which I suspect Mewtwo couldn't do anyway, for the same reason most humans can't voluntarily cut their own arm off. I suppose, it's possible that if Mewtwo were strong enough willed, he could teleport out a lerge enough piece to be alright, but that might just be too much for Recover. Does that make sense, and am I overstepping my bounds Shinymonkey?

    Oh, and if Giovanni doesn't have an ovverirde ball, I know of a group in Orre who does, who might be selling such devices...
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    You humans think in such three-dimensional terms.


    But seriously, different people will have different headcanon, and I'm wondering how Shinymonkey8 would handle it.
    If there was a like button, I'd have clicked it or something: (N.b.: fic recommendations may be outdated, haven't updated sig in years)
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    Quote Originally Posted by teamVASIMR View Post
    You humans think in such three-dimensional terms.


    But seriously, different people will have different headcanon, and I'm wondering how Shinymonkey8 would handle it.
    3D huh?

    I got s guy who knows a guy over in a another universe building satillites. he uses them to recycle. You know, when a culture or species goes from bad to worse, you fire up the sub-molecular scanners, reduce and collect into subsequent protons etc, and recycle...

    into a lush forest or something. All you need is a transporter and something that can compute a reconfiguration pattern into something else. And a wide enough beam.
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