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Thread: Iris and Excadrill Against the Dragon Buster! (695)

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    Got confused at one point. I thought when Iris and Excadrill were training it was a flashback...then Ash and Cilan came in lol.

    Wasn't expecting Excadrill to be 100% obedient, only thought it would begin to listen but still have moments where it ignores Iris. Nevertheless, I don't mind this. Excadrill seems much more friendly now.

    So what was Excadrill's problem the whole time? It felt like it let Iris down and thought she was disappointed in it? I guess Iris thought the opposite with feeling she let Excadrill down. Sounded like Cilan figured it out for her...he said something and when he speaks it's always important stuff.

    Ash took the back seat, didn't really do anything at all. I don't even think he had any comedic moments. Oh well, it was for Iris so it's all good.

    Langley is just as I pictured her, design wise and personality wise.

    I knew the battle between Beartic and Excadrill would end in a tie, just gives Langley more of a reason to come back to battle again. Clearly she's Iris' rival.

    Drilbur debuted in this episode. Iris joins the group of people who caught a Pokemon without a Pokemon, although I don't remember seeing her have Drilbur or Excadrill in a Pokeball in the flashbacks.

    The episode didn't have much comedy in it, just a few moments of Langley and Iris trash talking each other and some Iris fails at catching Drilbur, other then that nothing really funny. I like Pokemon comedy, although I'm glad it wasn't present a lot in this episode, doesn't really fit into the plot of the episode.

    Overall, I enjoyed it. I enjoy Iris a bit more now, and I'm glad to see more from Excadrill.

    EDIT: Forgot about Drayden. Not sure what he said, but he seems like a pretty nice guy. Not sure if he was mentioned to be the Gym leader. His Haxorus is pretty strong, nice to see one in action.

    Also, forgot about Beartic, seems pretty cool. Doesn't seem to be like it's trainer though, it looks like a pretty calm cool Pokemon, kind of fitting for an Ice type...not so much for a Polar Bear though. It's interesting I find.
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