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    Default Quilt's Signature Shoppe

    Welcome back.

    My girlfriend (Gemiix) and I are just doing this for fun and to sharpen our skills so please be patient,
    as we sometimes can't get to them straight away.

    Rules... heh
    1. Proper Renders please.
    2. One render limit, unless compatible renders, incompatible renders may be rejected.
    3. No explicit material.
    4. Be patient.
    5. Please fill in request form properly.
    6. We will NOT put extra work into other Signatures that aren't our own work. (includes text and borders)

    Example of a render:

    Not a render:

    Notice the difference?

    Please note JPEG aren't renders.
    If you need help finding a render, look here

    If anyway would like to request anything,

    Text(if any):


    Text: "LoL SHEN"
    Size: A
    Style: 1

        Spoiler:- Sizes:

    Style 1
        Spoiler:- Examples:

    Style 2
        Spoiler:- Examples:

    We will try our best to get your sigs to you on time and to your standard. Thank you.
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