Welcome to
The shop in the middle of nowhere
which few people know about. =w=

  • Let me start by saying that I, under NO circumstances, will accept hacks or pokemon that are suspected of being hacked. Not only is it against the rules, I was traded a hack before and it crashed my game. So if you trade me a hacked pokemon, there's a 200% chance I'll ban you from here and cancel any future trades.
  • Also, I do not breed for egg moves. I can try to breed IVs, but no promises. I don't really understand the big deal, I mean to me a shiny is a shiny, but I guess a lot of people think differently.
  • Also, what I state below is what I have. Don't go asking "Do you have -------?" because if I get it, it'll be added to the list.
  • Can shiny hunt on request.
    Spoiler:- Shinies&Events:

    Spoiler:- Shiny Hunting Conditions:

    Spoiler:- Looking For:

Now then, that's about it. ^w^ I'll add more services as I adopt them and add new Pokemon as I obtain them.