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    Default A-Dust's Trade Shop

    1) All Serebii Forum rules apply.
    2) You can contact me here or by Private Message, I don't mind.
    3) Only offer and trade legitimate Pokemon.
    4) Some Pokemon I obtain are from trades and if you have proof they are hacked then contact me and I'll gladly give you your Pokemon back.
    5) Do not use 'text speech' as your request will be ignored.
    6) I do not and will not EV train, IV train, clone, battle, get egg moves or do specific nature requests.
    7) This shop is for the fifth generation only.
    8) Have patience.
    9) Breedables are available to trade for free but anything on my wants list would be very much appreciated. Those listed under 'Others' will require something on my wants list (and not legendary for breedable).

    For Trade
        Spoiler:- Generation I:

        Spoiler:- Generation II:

        Spoiler:- Generation III:

        Spoiler:- Generation IV:

        Spoiler:- Generation V:

    *Dragonite (level 61, adamant nature, inner focus ability)
    *Cranidos (level 26, naive nature, mold breaker ability)
    *Gligar (level 24, lonely nature, sand veil ability)
    *Ninjask (nicknamed Quicksilva, level 50, jolly nature, speed boost ability)
    *Castform (nicknamed Rain Man, level 18, with Pokerus, mild nature, forecast ability)
    *Basculin (blue eyed, level 28, naughty nature, adaptability ability)
    *Cobalion (level 42, quiet nature, justified ability)
    *Terrakion (level 42, careful nature, justified ability)
    *Terrakion (level 42, relaxed nature, justified ability)
    *Heatran (level 70, careful nature, flash fire ability)
    *Rayquaza (level 70, impish nature, air lock ability)
    *Tornadus (level 40, mild nature, prankster ability)
    *Thundurus (level 40, gentle nature, prankster ability)

    My Wants
    *Burmy (sandy cloak)
    *Burmy (trash cloak)
    *Wormadam (sandy cloak)
    *Wormadam (trash cloak)
    *Shiny Pidgeotto
    *Shiny Tauros
    *Shiny Ditto
    *Shiny Weezing
    *Shiny Venomoth
    *Shiny Tentacool/Tentacruel
    *Shiny Seviper
    *Shiny Pachirisu
    *Shiny Buneary
    *Shiny Chatot
    *Shiny Carnivine
    *Shiny Croagunk
    *Shiny Yanmega
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