I'll put Arkham City on hold. Got Naruto SUNS 3, so I've been playing that.

Naruto SUNS 3
"A Hidden Memory" - Unlocked a Secret Factor
"Battle of the Hidden Leaf" - Got A rank in The Nine Tails' Attack. (Wish I got S Rank!)
"Gem of a Card" - Got a ★x 5 Ninja Info Card.
"Burning Hidden Leaf Village" - You cleared the Prologue
"Ready to Roll" - You customized your ninja tools.
"Take This!!!" - Performed an Ultimate Jutsu Finish.
"New Products in Stock" - The Tool Shop added to its ninja tool lineup.
"Creeping Shadow" - Used rear attack feature in a mob battle.
"Ruler of the Battlefield" - Triggered Burst Attack in a mob battle.
"Crash the Five Kage Summit" - You cleared Chapter 1.