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    Default Simba and Jeff's World of Pokemon

    Simba and Jeff's World of Pokemon

    This Shop is co-owned by Simbacyde and PokemonJeff
    We work in conjunction with our Brother Shops
    Muffin's Trade Thread and Gad's Trade Shop
    Fishy's Pokemon Emporium

    Well, we finally managed to pull together this shop, and we hope that everyone enjoys trading with us. Though some of you may be familiar with our trading habits, here are some quick rules to make this easy and pleasant for everyone:

    1. All SPPF rules and Trade Forum rules apply here; do not get
      infracted for being too lazy to follow them.
    2. No hacks; you will be blacklisted if you knowingly trade a hacked
      Pokemon. Clones are fine, however.
      • If you conclude that we have mistakingly traded you a hacked Pokemon, and you have sufficient proof suporting this, we will return your pokemon in exchange for the hacked. We will release any Pokemon dubbed "hacked"
    3. Posts in this thread or in PM’s are fine. For PMs, you can send them
      to either me or to PokemonJeff. We both will try to respond as quickly
      as we can. However, do NOT contact both of us. This will only
      cause confusion.
      • Posts should be done in this format:
        What You are Offering: Pokemon Name , Category (Shiny, Flawless, etc)
        What You Want: Pokemon Name, Shiny/Not , Level , Nature , IV’s (if
        Possible) , UT/BT/T
      • NOTE: BT= Less than 20 EV's Total. T= More than 20 EV's
    4. Be patient, if you decide to spam either of us you will be
      blacklisted and, depending on the severity, reported.
    5. Please use proper grammar, or at least try your hardest. It gets
      annoying having to interpret PM’s.
    6. If you are posting or PM’ing and your FC is not in your signature,
      please include it in your request.
    7. Please do not Vm us specifically asked.
    8. Pokemon of each category have a point value. You may trade whatever
      Pokemon add up to the point value of your request, assuming that your
      offers are not already in our inventory. The point system is as
      • Shiny: + 1 point
      • Shiny Legendary : + 2 points
      • Flawless Shiny: + 3 points
      • Flawless Non-Shiny: + 2 points
      • Flawless Legendary: + 3 points
      • Shiny Flawless Legendary: + 4 points
      • Event: + 2-4 Points
      • Shiny Event: + 4/5 Points
      • Pokemon has Usefull Eggmoves and nature: + 1 point
      • Pokemon has Nickname: - 1 Point
      • Pokemon is UT : + 1 point
      • Pokemon is NOT UT: - 1 Point
      • Pokemon is EV trained (to our liking) : + 2 points
      • Pokemon has a Dreamworld Ability: + 1 point
      • Pokemon is a rare Dreamworld Female: + 1 point

    Now, for our ever-growing Inventory

        Spoiler:- Shinies:

    Legendary Shinies:
        Spoiler:- Legendary Shines:

    Flawless (or Near Flawless) Shinies:
        Spoiler:- Flawless Shinies:

    EV Trained Shinies:
        Spoiler:- EV Trained Shines:

    EV Trained Non-Shinies:
        Spoiler:- EV Trained:

    Pokemon With Eggmoves:
        Spoiler:- Eggmoves:

        Spoiler:- Event:

    Of Course, The Inevitable Wants

        Spoiler:- Wants:

    ( :[ Was hoping we wouldn't need one )
        Spoiler:- Blacklisted:

    Star Traders
    These People have consistently traded with us and added to our inventory. They are polite, prompt, fair, and friendly individuals. Thank you for trading with us :]
    -Honah (mm'd us the most gorgous near flawless dw + eggmove marill)
    -phetty (For the amazing shop banner)
    -Speedbump07 (for his intense shop loyalty and patience)
    -Tbone27 (For his incredible designs featuring several shop pokes)

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