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might work, but only in PO and Shoddy, where people usually stick with the default for most pokemon:Male. In wi-fi battles, there will probably be just as many females.
Preferred doesn't always mean it must be what it has been stated to be. Protect and Mud Slap are also there to cover up for Attract if they set up same gender Pokemon. Lowering their accuracy is one heck of a thing, Having Protect is another denting point plus Attract you are just trolling. There are also the team mate who will most likely be opposite Gender to cover up in double or triple battle. All it takes is logic, Strategic thoughts and common sense to deal with this. What this is just to Annoy them and Whismicott is also there are the troll King or Cottonee (where I use both of them @ level one in battle and troll them in battle. That always makes me crack up my nuts to the limit with laughter). This will work to Troll and defeat the foe.

And Err good luck with your Sunny Day..... Another use for your Sunny Day is to get rid of other weather effect of Sand Stream Snow Warning and Drizzle Randomly since they are annoying, Like I have Forretress with Random Sunny day just for fun. Well mostly Sand Stream since people say it is the Metagame. I like Drizzle More :P