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Thread: You got a shiny in how many eggs ? (Masuda Method)

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    I just hatched my first shiny using the mm. It took me 894 eggs to get my shiny charmander! I was so happy when it hatched because it was my shiny not programmed into a game. I've been playing sense silver came out and I'm so glad the mm was put into the game. It makes it a lot more fun to hunt shineys!

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    I really need to get myself a shiny charm, because for some reason I have seriously bad luck when it comes to MM lately.
    The first time I used MM, I got a shiny Eevee in like 100 eggs. I thought wow, that was easy!

    My shiny cottonee didn't show up until about somewhere in the 3000 range. I actually went on a 4 month hiatus with this hunt, because damn, I almost gave up. haha.
    My shiny piplup hunt is current sitting somewhere around the 1200 range. Still dont have it. On another hiatus with this one. orz
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    So far I've hatched all the following shiny Pokemon in this many eggs:

    Axew: 7th
    Snivy: 120th-125th
    Bulbasaur: 1st
    Torchic: 21st

    I guess I got lucky on all of those
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    Trying for SHiny Scraggy, with Shiny Charm and Masuda Method!!! I'm around 210 or something, and still nothing, but I hope it'll hatch soon =D

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    I got bored after 1 box of Treeckos lol. Ain't nobody got time fo dat.
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    Who knows?


    I wanted to get a shiny Cacturne in White so I started the Masuda Method, but after probably 400 eggs, plus another boxfull, I stopped for a month and came back a month later. Last egg I hatched was a shiny Cacnea, and she also had her Dream World Ability (Which actually disappointed me a bit.) My sister wants me to get her a Solosis, since she's too lazy to try herself, but I want to try for a shiny Sigilyph or Pawniard instead.

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    I don't have much experience with the Masuda Method, however, I've been hatching Aipom eggs while waiting for the Honey Trees to set up so I can Soft Reset them.

    I'm currently at 110 eggs, while the reset count sits at 2993.

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    I'm not kidding.
    I think I used up all my luck with that, as further hunts aren's so quick.
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    Thread bumpage, closed.

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