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    Default Trusty's Trusted Trades

    Hey, fallow all rules...blahblahblah.


    I am going to transfer some more shinies soon, and I also have trades going on right now the the pokemon you want may not be available anymore.

    Please, if you have something from my wants, offer it up. I will decide if it is a good enough offer or not. ;]
    NO HACKS please. Lolduh.

    So...lets get to it.

    UT unless stated otherwise
    HUGE - Power Items
    BiG - High EV'd pokemon, just offer, I will decide if I want it or not. ;D
    Focus Sash
    Great IV's

    EV'd stuff:
    Darmanitan Lvl. 36 Female/ max ATK/Speed
    Blissey Lvl. 60 Max HP/Sp.Def
    Snorlax Lvl. 44 Male max HP/ Sp.Def
    Shiny Whimscott Lvl. 63 Male Sp.Atk/Speed
    Scizor Lvl. 82 Male Mac ATK/Speed
    Hippodow Lvl. 66 Female Max HP/DEF

    Normal stuff:
    Volcorona Lvl. 70 Male
    Claydol Lvl. 50
    Darmanitan Lvl. 35 Female
    Archen Lvl. 25 Male
    Sudowoodo Lvl. 34 Male
    Pikachu Lvl. 29 Female
    Pikachu Lvl. 28 Male (With Wish)(DayCare'd from Lvl. 1)
    Goldeen Lvl. 25 Female
    Wartortle Lvl. 23 Male (NN: T R O N )T
    Grovyle Lvl. 20 Male T
    Voltorb Lvl. 20 (Explsion)
    Aron Lvl. 18 Male
    Clefairy Lvl. 17 Female
    Onix Lvl. 16 Male
    Geodude Lvl. 16 Male (Lvl. 8 Female)
    Patrat Lvl. 15 Female T
    Nidoran Lvl. 15
    Koffing Lvl. 14 Male
    Makuhita Lvl. 7 Male
    Kakuna Lvl. 6 Male
    Cascoon Lvl. 5 Male
    Zubat Lvl. 4 Male
    Sentret Lvl. 3 Female
    Blaziken Lvl. 55 Male (NN: TRANTIS) T
    Ampharos Lvl. 53 Male (NN: FluffBolt) T
    Samurott Lvl. 50 Male (NN: Yarn ) T
    Ditto Lvl. 48 (Daycare'd)
    Ambipom Lvl. 44 Female (NN: FEDELINA) Probably T
    Larvitar Lvl. 42 Male w/Earthquake, Darkpulse, Payback and Crunch
    Blaziken Lvl. 40 Female T
    Excadrill Lvl. 40 Female
    Zebstrika Lvl. 36 Female T
    Boldore Lvl. 30 Male T
    Klink Lvl. 25
    Foongus Lvl. 23 Male
    Blitzle Lvl. 23 Male T
    Venipede Lvl. 20 T
    Dratini Lvl. 18 Female (NN: DragoRage)
    Woobat Lvl. 12 Male T
    Happiny Lvl. 5 Female
    Aron Lvl. 1 male W/ Stealth Rocks

    Lots of Normal Eevees
    Lots of Wish Eevees
    A few Normal Togepi
    Lots of Normal Bagon
    Lots of Wish Pichu
    Lots of Normal Larvitar
    A few Torchic w/ Overheat

    Shiny Stuff:
    Rampardos Lvl. 100 Male
    Metagross Lvl. 100 Male
    Krookodile Lvl. 40 Male
    Spiritomb Lvl. 1 Male
    Blaziken Lvl. 60 Male T
    Porygon-Z Lvl. 51 Probably T (NFT)
    Electrode Lvl. 46 T
    Pikachu Colored Pichu Lvl. 30 Male (May not trade, I love this thing)
    Cubchoo Lvl. 28 Female
    Cubone Lvl. 4 Male
    x2 Shinx Lvl. 3 Male
    Mudkip Lvl. 1 Male
    Charmander Lvl. 1 Male
    Shaymin Lvl. 30
    Spiritomb Lvl. 1 Female
    Snorlax Lvl. 1 Male (Earthquake)
    Larvitar Lvl. 1 Male (Probably wont trade considering it is Jolly and has Dragon Dance and Outrage)
    Litwick Lvl. 28
    Ho-Oh Lvl. 70
    Houndour Lvl. 1 Male
    MewTwo Lvl. 70
    Cranidos Lvl. 20 Male
    Axew Lvl. Male
    FLAWLESS Gible Lvl. 20 Male Jap. (OMFG, NFT)
    FLAWLESS Eevee Lvl. 1 Male (NN: Hugo, NFT)
    Deino Lvl. 28 Male
    FLAWLESS Totodile Lvl. 1 Male

    TRU Arceus
    x3 DW Arceus
    Sinnoh Ruins Shiny Dialga Lvl. 1
    MewTwo Lvl. 70 (Reserved)
    Japanese. Victini Lvl. 65 T
    DW Mamoswine Lvl. 54 T
    GAMESTP Jirachi Lvl. 5 W/ Draco Meteor
    DW Stantler Male Lvl. 10 UT
    DW Dratini Female Lvl.1 UT
    DW Gligor Lvl. 1 UT
    DW poocheyena Female Lvl. 10 UT
    x2 Zoroark Lvl. 25 Female UT
    DW Mareep Male
    GAMESTP Legendary shiny dogs
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