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Thread: Lavaburst the Infernape's trade shop

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    Default Lavaburst the Infernape's trade shop



    A huge thx goes to Mew_ for these awesome userbars and large banner!

    1.) No hacks, pokecheck ribbons, cheats, etc. allowed!
    2.) Be nice and polite
    3.) Blacklist trade people are NOT allowed in this shop!
    4.) Have fun! (rules will be added if needed)

    2 pokemon of his choice from my shop / 2 RNG requests by me : Truevillany (usable at any time)
    3 pokemon of his choice from my shop / 2 RNG requests by me : Scraftyscrafty (usable at any time)


    Flawless/Near-flawless Shinies:

    Shiny Magby Near-flawless lv.1 Naive ut HP ice 70 (in 4th gen atm)
    Shiny Bellsprout Near-Flawless HP fire Clorophyll lv.1 Naughty PKRUS INFECTED ACTIVE UT
    Shiny flawless Gible nn'd KAUMALAT lv.1 jolly em: outrage ut
    Shiny flawless Cubone nn'd TRAGOSSO lv.1 jolly move tutor moves: thunder punch, and fire punch ut
    Winter02's shiny flawless ralts lv.1 ut careful em: shadow sneak
    Shiny flawless cresselia lv.50 (the littlest amout of exp.) BT timid (OT: mat)
    Shiny gastly lv.1 ut modest (OT: mat)
    Shiny flawless houndour timid lv.1 ut em: beat up
    Winter02's Shiny near-flwless onix lv.1 ut relaxed (Active pokerus)
    Shiny near-flawless ho-oh lv.70 ut adament
    shiny flawless darkrai lv.50 timid ut
    Shiny flawless Kabuto lv.1 swift swim em: stealth rock, rapid spin adament ut
    Shiny flawless minun lv.1 em: wish timid ut
    Shiny flawless magby naive ut lv.1 em: cross chop
    Winter02's shiny flawless bagon naive (original traded to a friend) UT
    Winter02's shiny flawless charmander modest lv.1 UT
    Shiny flawless Azelf RNG modest lv.50 UT
    Shiny flawless Uxie RNG modest lv.50 UT
    Shiny Near-flawless Moltres UT lv50 timid
    Shiny Near-flawless Zapdos UT lv.50 timid
    Shiny Near-flawless Articuno UT lv.50 timid
    Myrrh's near-flawless RNG'd shiny articuno lv.50 ut calm special move: roost
    Shiny flawless bagon lv.1 jolly ut nn'd AGGRO (Japanese OT)
    shiny flawless latios lv.35 JAPANESE modest
    shiny flawless dratini naive T lv.21
    TONS of Flawless or Near-flawless ditto JP or English modest, adament, timid, calm, etc. (Some are non-shiny)
    Flawless English smeargle T nn'd Banksy jolly (perfect for MM)

    NON-SHINY Flawless/Near-flawless:

    Winter02's NON-SHINY near-flawless squirtle modest lv.5 ut HP grass 70 (pallet town HG/SS RNG)
    lavaburst14's NON-SHINY near-flawless dratini jolly lv.15 ut (RNG'd by me)
    lavaburst14's NON-SHINY near-flawless HP electric 70 eevee bold lv.15 ut (RNG'd by me)
    lavaburst14's NON-SHINY near-flawless HP electric 70 eevee timid lv.15 ut (RNG'd by me)
    lavaburst14's NON-SHINY near-flawless HP fighting 70 eevee hasty lv.15 ut (RNG'd by me)
    lavaburst14's NON-SHINY near-flawless porygon timid lv.15 ut (RNG'd by me)
    Winter02's NON-SHINY near-flawless Regirock careful lv.100 EV'd
    DW male flawless smeargle lv.100 T JAPANESE (perfect for MM)



    Original EV'd pokemon sets plus the pokemon
    Shiny flawless virizion any nature that is viable in competive battling!
    Shiny flawless azelf jolly/adament
    Flawless RNG'd legends
    RNG requests
    Flawless personalized RNGs
    Flawless shinies
    EV'd shinies flawless
    DWF cottonee
    DWF pokemon I don't have

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