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Thread: Lavaburst the Infernape's trade shop

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    hey lava i'm interested in these shiny pokemon , are the houndour n minun male?
    Shiny flawless houndour timid lv.1 ut em: beat up, Shiny near-flawless ho-oh lv.70 ut adament, Shiny flawless minun lv.1 em: wish timid ut, Shiny flawless Azelf RNG modest lv.50 UT, Shiny flawless Uxie RNG modest lv.50 UT, Shiny Near-flawless Moltres UT lv50 timid, Shiny Near-flawless Zapdos UT lv.50 timid, Shiny Near-flawless Articuno UT lv.50 timid
    MY TSV IN MY AS GAME= 0359
    MY TSV IN MY Y GAME= 2737

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    What are the iv's on that Semi-flawless Zapdos? I'm interested in it.
    I have the following shinies all rng'd by me:
    -Jellicent Bold M Water Absorb
    -Politoed Bold M
    -Tentacruel Bold DWF (Rapid Spin)
    -Cloyster Naive M sskill link (rock blast)
    -Gengar Timid M (disable)
    -Hydreigon Modest and Timid F Rash M (earth power and dark pulse)
    -Alakazam Timid DWM
    -Volcarona Timid F
    -Scizor Adamant F
    -Salamence Naive DWF (Dragon Dance, Hydro Pump, Outrage, Draco Meteor) Lv 100 I have some that aren't lv 100 but don't have Draco Meteor
    -Infernape Naive M (Nasty Plot)
    -Reuniclus Bold M
    -Skarmory Impish F (Roost, Brave Bird, Whirlwind) Sturdy
    -Ferroseed Sassy M (Spikes Leech Seed)
    -Bronzor Relaxed
    -Dugtrio Jolly F (Memento, Reversal) Arena Trap
    -Metagross Adamant
    -Kingdra Modest Swift Swim
    -Empoleon Modest (Agility)
    -Magikarp Jolly DWF
    -Rotom Timid HP Ice 70 31/30/30/31/31/31
    -Gible Naive, Hasty F (Outrage)
    -Jolteon Hp Ice 70 (same as Rotom's spread)
    -Clampearl Modest M Shell Armor

    Non-Flawless (You could probably guess which IV doesn't have 31)
    -Dragonite Jolly DWF (Outrage, Dragon Dance, Extreme Speed)
    -Haxorus Adamant M
    -Tyranitar Sassy M (stealth Rock)
    -Gliscor Impish DWF
    -Golurk Adamant
    -Gyarados Jolly DWF
    -Gallade Adamant DWM (Shadow Sneak)
    -Garchomp Jolly M (Outrage)
    -Eevee Bold DWM (Yawn Curse Wish) Timid DWF (Curse Wish) Timid M

    Let me know if you have any questions about ev spreads. For the most part they are pretty standard.
    Shiny Card

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