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Thread: The Official PokÚdex 3D Discussion Thread & Image Gallery

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    Default The Official PokÚdex 3D Discussion Thread & Image Gallery

    yes, The time has come... For pokÚmon to step into the 3rd Dimension!
    This little 'game' will be released for the 3DS Store, and is Free.
    You can Collect QR Codes (which you can collect via the camera) and collect more information or pokÚdex entries for Diffrent PokÚmon!
    at this moment only Unova PokÚmon are revealed, and I'm not sure if other region pokemon are available.

    POK╔DEX 3D features:
    - Full 3D models of PokÚmon
    - B/W PokÚdex Entries
    - Stats
    - Typings of the pokÚmon
    - Level up Moves
    - Evolutions
    - Abilities
    - Egg Groups
    - the ability to scan QR codes and collect more PokÚmon!

    Compilation of ALL QR's
        Spoiler:- QR's:

        Spoiler:- News:

    Discuss Guys!
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