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    Default Divine (PG-13)

    For the past ten years, the Unova region has been cut off from the rest of the world due to the tyranny of the leader Ghetsis. No one outside of Team Plasma is allowed to own Pokemon; the people of Team Plasma are deeply entrenched in a doctrine of absolute loyalty and faith. Technology and business are both controlled by the government. As the Plasma enforcers do not have to give any reason for a search, arrest, or even execution, the ordinary citizens are too afraid to rebel.

    But with the assistance of the mysterious person called Tao, seventeen people in Unova are about to receive a chance at divine power: a soul link with one of the legendary Pokemon. This is meant to get rid of the corrupt Ghetsis and Team Plasma, but will the power itself corrupt them and cause more devastation? Only time will tell.

    With great power comes great responsibility… or great insanity.

    Two fans were going at high speed in the classroom, even though it made much of the students in the pathways shiver. As the last day of school, many of the high school classes had been restless, relaxed, chatty, and eager to leave all at once. Not this one, though. The students were quiet, trying not to look restless. Even if it was the last day, no one wanted to cross this teacher.

    She was wearing a black skirt and a white button-up shirt, although the blue baseball cap on her head was at odds with the rest of her outfit. Her black hair was kept in a neat braid and her glasses were tinted just enough that one couldn’t read her eyes. And under her watch, not even the boldest of delinquents would disobey. A few had tried, early on in the school year. They had met with severe punishments; one had even been removed from school without notice to anyone else. That was still a mystery, except that he had angered her.

    “All right, now that your tests our done, I’m going to give you a bonus lesson,” she said. “Although it is a bonus, it may be the most important thing you learn all year, so listen up.”

    The students glanced at each other. Some wanted to groan and complain about a lesson on the last day of classes. But they kept quiet. They knew better.

    The teacher started her lesson. “In the past, Unova was a corrupt and ignorant place. People competed and fought for no reason other than the fact that they enjoyed it. They called it a challenge and a chance for personal growth, but it was really just a glorification of violence and cruelty. Even worse, they did not fight themselves. No, they captured innocent Pokemon and treated them as tools in terrible battles, then claimed all the glory if they won, even if the Pokemon did all the hard work. And people saw this as normal, the ideal way of life.

    “But one person saw this as the cruelty it was. This was Lord N, a unique and magnificent person. His heart and soul were so pure that he could understand the calls of Pokemon as if they were clear words. By listening to the Pokemon, he discovered how much they were hurt by the practices of Pokemon battling, and the tyrannical organization that governed it, the Pokemon League. N could not stand to leave Pokemon to suffer, so he sought to let us humans know what we were doing. At first, few would listen to him.

    “One who did listen to N was our glorious leader, Ghetsis. He saw the truth of what N said and immediately agreed to help him. They gathered six other follows and, between the eight of them, founded Team Plasma with the goal to liberate Pokemon and set right the wrongs that the Pokemon League had inflicted. After researching ways to get people to take them seriously, they had their leader N undergo an ancient trial that established a King in the land of Unova. He succeeded on his first try.

    “But he did not stop there. He decided to travel the land and defeat the Pokemon League at their own game. Since Trainers who did well in the League became famous, this gave him a way to spread his message to everyone. The Seven Sages also went throughout Unova to let others know how they were hurting those they said they loved. The leader of the Sages, Ghetsis, was most successful at this, getting many people to release their Pokemon and do the right thing.

    “In their efforts, even the legendary Pokemon acknowledged the justice that was being done. The black dragon Zekrom, the one who seeks to put the world in the state it should be, conforming to the highest ideals, Zekrom came to N and offered him a link to the power to change the world. N accepted Zekrom’s offer and they worked together to defeat the Pokemon League and take place as its Champion.

    “At that point, no one could deny the truth of N’s vision. Many people called for the end of the Pokemon League, and the system of the Pokeballs that allowed for the enslavement of Pokemon. Only those that had proven themselves truly loyal and sympathetic to Pokemon, N, the Seven Sages, and the best of Team Plasma, were allowed to keep Pokemon to help change the world.

    “Something happened, though, that cut N’s efforts short. He had been offered divine power from Zekrom, but such things are not meant for the mortal hands of mankind. Although few know his ultimate fate, the power consumed him and the King of Unova is no longer with us. The people of Unova, and especially those of Team Plasma, were devastated at this. But Ghetsis remained strong and swore that even with him gone, he would see to it that N’s vision was brought to life.

    “Thus, ten years ago, he became the leader of Unova, the one who would shape us all into the ideal and perfect land. The other regions of the world do not understand our quest and may have declared us corrupt, but we know that the corruptions and excesses of the Pokemon League remain in full power there. We are working to become greater then them, though, and spread the truth about how Pokemon and humans should live separately unless both sides prove that they are wise and understanding, such as those in Team Plasma. Anyone else, including all of you, should strive to improve yourselves so that you may be deemed worthy. You are still ignorant in many ways, and you must work to break past your selfish thoughts and conform to the ideal world that is being made. When you do, all will be clear.

    “So, any questions?” The teacher smiled as she looked over them.

    The students felt nervous. Some wanted to believe in her words and follow them. Others felt that her words were the lies. But no matter what they felt, on the front of her cap, there was a shield emblem of black and white, bearing a large ‘P’ with a zig-zag behind it. She was a devoted member of Team Plasma and if you went against one of them, you went against all of them.


    In the grassy graveyard, things were quiet. A flock of Pidoves cooed to talk to each other, but it was a calming background. If the Pokemon felt comfortable there, then there was likely to be little danger about. The sky was mostly blue with a few clouds about. It was early summer for Unova, and the daily heat was slowly creeping in.

    The three of them were near one of the graves. “All of the packages should have been received by now,” the tallest one said. “So long as nothing happened to them in the mailing system.”

    “Do you regret putting this to the control of many, instead of one?” one of the others asked.

    “It’s too early to be asking that.” There was a pause between the three. “It’s a risk and things will be unstable when their powers begin to manifest. But the chaos may be necessary.”

    “Total chaos would destroy everything.”

    “I know. We must believe in the good nature of mankind. So are you going to stay behind?”

    The third member of the group nodded. “As I should. Don’t worry about me. I can blend in until the right time comes.”

    “We trust you. But we will still worry about you.” A smile, then sadness. “Though we can’t stay here for too long. As much as the respect is deserved… it’s time to go. Goodbye.”

    “Goodbye, for now.”

    The third member left the graveyard to find a place to hide and watch. The other two left the graveyard through the front gate. Once they left, they would have to watch their words and actions. Graveyards were still honored as places of privacy, but if they took advantage of that too much, it would no longer be so.
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    Rich stood at Castelia’s north gate. About to enter the harsh sands of the desert. He had the letter from Tao crumpled up in his pocket, but it wouldn’t be much use to him attempting to read it over again unless he had a lot of time. He tightened the muscle band tied around his forehead, and took his first steps into the harsh desert. He trudged through the sands in the cheap second hand hiking boots he had bought just for the occasion, within the first five seconds, Rich wished he had brought some form of eye protection, because the sands didn’t seem to be very calm today.

    After only five minutes in, Rich had decided that he didn’t like tough walks all that much and that he was already hungry, so he brought out an apple and began to munch on it as he walked. There wasn’t much in this desert apart from an overhead road and a few people hanging around the entrance, along with a few pokémon running around, but even the pokémon seemed to have retreated to their homes in the harsh weather.
    “Oh my god this is so bo-!” Rich groaned, until he was interrupted by sharp and high squealing. He looked to his left to find a small yellow pokémon surrounded by seven scraggies he cowered as he tried as hard as he could to stop them from trying to steal a sitrus berry he held, one of the scraggies low kicked him in the stomach and he fell to the ground, his berry tumbling away.

    “HEY!” Rich shouted, at the scraggies, then dropping his half eaten apple, he ran over to the crowd and shoed them off, one of them tried to run off with the berry, but Rich snatched it from him as quick as he could, he then bent over to the Sandshrew and handed him the berry.
    “There ya go li’l guy.” Rich said as the sandshrew squeaked happily and then burrowed off underground. Rich stood up to full height again, and he noticed something off in the distance, a dull brown building that looked like a tower from a castle with the battlements across the top, but there didn’t seem to be a castle attached.
    Is this the Relic Castle? Rich thought, he shrugged and continued walking towards it.

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    Riley Robinson
    Mistralton City

    -Sigh- What time is it...? Ugh it's only 4... Might as well get an early start on the garden! I slipped on my favorite shirt and skirt, and as I creaked open the door, I saw a speck of a purple flame peek around the corner of the bookshelf on the right side of my room. "Candle! Peekaboo!" I said as my little Litwick friend emerged from the corner of the bookshelf. Candle proceeded to hop onto my shoulder. "Oh Candle, why must you be so cute?" I smiled.

    As I started to stroll out of my house quietly, to avoid waking up my grandparents and siblings, I noticed a peculiar shadow lurking on the top of the roof. I reached for my newly found Pokedex, and used it to examine the gray shadow. "SKARMORY, THE ARMOR BIRD POKEMON..." I scoffed at the idea of a Skarmory in Unova. "They can fly though..." I mumbled to myself. I glanced down at the ring on my finger. "Maybe I could put this to some use!" I said aloud. I immediately covered my mouth with my hand in embarrassment. I cocked my head to the side facing Skarmory. "Skarmory! Would it be okay with you if I tried to befriend you?" I exclaimed so the armor bird pokemon could hear. Skarmory flew up and then landed right in front of me. Okay. All I have to do is touch the Pokemon with the ring. I thought to myself.
    I slowly and hesitantly walked forward to Skarmory. I tapped it with my Landorus ring. Skarmory smiled at me, which I thought was really strange. "I know a good nickname for you! How about Victor? You'll also have another friend in Candle I suppose." I smiled warm heartedly. "You'll have to hide in my attic though, so please don't make a ruckus because if Nana and Papa see you, I'll be in deep trouble." Skarmory flew into the window of the attic and fell asleep. I turned to Candle who was still on my shoulder,"You have another friend sweetie."

    Candle and I reached the greenhouse. It was about 6, yet I had a sudden burst of energy when I unlocked and opened the greenhouse doors. I felt like something was looking gently upon me, but I shrugged it off. I was taking care of my Sitrus berry plant when my cell phone started to ring. Who is it now I thought to myself as I answered the call.
    "Hello?" I said. "Young lady come back to the house, and come explain this Skarmory!!!" My grandma said in an angry tone. Then my Nana hung up. "Candle we'll have to go back home..." I said melancholily. We made it to the house, and my grandma was waiting in front of the house as Victor was eating her favorite shrub. "I also found this letter in your room honey. Can you please explain to me what it means? And since when did you get a Pokedex?" My heart was beating rapidly as I walked forward to my grandma and started to say,"Well there's this guy named Tao who sent these people letters about a legendary who chose them to stop Ghetsis. And Landorus chose... Me..."

    (OOC): I know about the two post catching Pokemon thing... But this post is long so I hope you're okay with it. And Ry's grandma is quite honest, so she won't tell anyone about you-know-what.
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    Its mid-afternoon in Mistralton City. Everything was going as normally as it should be in this quiet community.

    Charles' neighbors, the Peterson's, were heading down to the destroyed airport carrier, for their daily shift. They wouldn't be back until about 11 o'clock tonight seeing as their shifts end at 10:30 on Mondays and Tuesdays, so-after he checked the mail- he'd head over to their house to babysit their two young children.

    Bishop, his Bisharp that he'd obtained when he was younger, was out doing his daily training regiments. He'd set up about three or four over-sized logs, which he was going to use to master most of his abilities. So far he knows Metal Claw, X-Scissor, Double Team, and is trying to master its last move, Detect.

    Bishop set up the logs in a random series, hiding them in the forest behind Charles' apartment. He carefully placed the blade on his arm to cut a single rope, attached to four others that lead into the deep woods. With his free hand he tied a blind fold over his eyes and snapped the cord.

    The sounds of the logs whooshing through the air started, and came at different direction towards Bishop. In his mind, even with his eyes closed, he could see the logs in a shrouded silhouette and nimbly began to evade them.

    The first log came from his right and he somersaulted onto it to let it slam into another one before back-flipping off. The third came dead in front of him, and Bishop simply shifted to the right as it went back into the forest. That just left the fourth.

    A little more off course than expected, the last log came at a curved direction towards him, and at an incredible speed. Bishop's left arm began to glow, and he sprang into the air towards it. As it began to elongate, Bishop sliced his arm through the wood. It split in two, with one edge of it slamming into the 3rd log, that started to swing back after re-emerging from the woods.

    After everything got quiet and Bishop landed on the ground, he removed his blindfold, and his eyes phased from light blue back to their black small pupils.

    "Bishop?" someone called. "Bishopppp???"

    Bishop turned around suddenly , aware that the voice calling after him was his friend Charles. He came from around the house and saw the splintery remains of Bishops training.

    "At it again, huh?" Charles asked.

    Bishop nodded and raised from his knee after dropping the blindfold to the ground. Charles waved some envelopes and a boxed package in the air as he spoke.

    "Well come on then," he said. "I've got the mail. We're about to head over to the Peterson's okay?"

    "Sharp!" Bishop said in understanding.

    They began walking off towards the walkway towards where their neighbors waited. Bishops mind was too focused on how he might've fully mastered Detect, but Charles' mind was wrapped around the brown paper covered package he received. He kept looking over it, but decided to open it up once they'd reached the neighbors house...

    OoC: Was That A Good Post Orrr??? I Decided To Keep This Semi-Short and To Just Really INTRODUCE Bishop This Time, Charles Gets RolePlayed In My NEXT Post ... :P

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    (OOC): I know you said 2 posts to capture a Pokémon, but this is 850 words, which I figure is worth at least 2 fairly short posts.

    Garnet Avaritia
    Nacrene City

    I read the note. And re-read it. I’ve just set up the PokeDex I received… an interesting device. I’ll have to look into it later. I hear grandfather coughing in his rooms. I wince at the hacking coughs. I look at the pendant, untouched on my desk. I believe I can handle Genesect’s corruption. I’ve never even heard of Genesect, and I have no idea. Hopefully, the pendant will give me some idea.

    And also… the pendant could let me have a team of Pokémon. Something that… I’ve never been able to have before. And besides… I could become great. I look at the large propaganda poster of King Ghetsis. I put it up on my wall to remind me. Power. Ghetsis is a monster, but he is strong. I grab the fossil pendant.

    My vision is tinged with red. Blood. A green-haired man. A small animal. Claws, slicing, dicing, tearing. Flesh, warm and succulent. Prey. Prey. Prey. Prey. Prey. Prey. Prey…

    Prey. Prey… I tear my hand away from the pendant, but I can’t get the pictures out of my head. The screeching. The feeling of ecstasy, and delight. I just… want… to eat… to tear into flesh and… no. NO! I’m not… I fall to my knees, and sob.

    The thing notices me. Notices our link. The images fade slightly, but I can still see them in my mind’s eye. Wariness. I’m an unknown to it… I can’t understand! It’s showing me things! I don’t… I can’t make them out.

    I grab at the pendant, and clip it to my father’s wristband. I wrap it around my wrist, and breathe deeply. Alright. I have to battle… that? I can do it. I will be strong. I will make grandfather proud!

    I wipe my tears away. Pausing only to lift my bag, I start towards the door. My eye catches something, and I stop. My grandfather’s wood bokken. Hard, tough wood. I strap it to my waist, and continue outside. Pinwheel forest. That’s where I can begin. I’ll build a team. A powerful one. A strong one. Together, we’ll fight, and become great.

    Wincing at the odd flash of red, I stumble outside. Pinwheel forest is visible, right near the city. I bid my hometown a fond farewell. I’ll miss it, but that’s what it takes. I’ll take down Ghetsis. I won’t be some random country kid. I’ll be great.

    Out here, in nature, the agonizing voice in my head is less potent. Calmer. Or… biding its time. I can’t tell at all.

    I wander under the canopy of the trees. Light filters dimly through the leaves. I feel more in tune with this world than before. The twittering of the birds. The rustling of fallen brush. A sudden screeching noise makes me fall. Was it in my head? Was it real? Am I hallucinating?

    Apparently not hallucinating. A purple disk whirls past me, slicing my cheek. Blood runs down my face, and the images take over again.

    Attacked! Wandering through the woods. Massive bears bursting attacking. My claws extend… my claws?

    I return to the present, and an angry tire-like Pokémon is in front of me, glaring. I recognize it. From the book, “List of Insectoid Pokémon in the Unova region, 2nd Edition”. A Whirlipede.

    I remember this one. Me and… her. We were exploring, and there was this one Whirlipede. It was really territorial. Sure scared us off. I notice a small entourage of Sewaddle and Venipede in the trees.

    “Heh… little boss-man aren’t you? A Prince among insects? Well, you want to come with me? A prince here, but with me, you can become a king, of the entire continent!” I say.

    The centipede-Pokémon’s eyes narrow. It begins spinning rapidly. “Crap,” I mutter.

    It crashes into me, knocking me into a tree. Pain rushes through me, and I feel something crack.

    Enemyenemyenemyenemy… KILL!

    The boy stood. His eyes were tinged with red. He bared his teeth in a feral scowl. He pulled the wooden blade off his back. Kill. He tore forward, with the fury of a cornered animal. The Whirlipede was surprised by the ferocity, and was struck furiously, knocked away. The boy tossed away the sword and rushed at the Whirlipede, striking, clawing, biting, flesh! Meat to be…

    I… I fall backwards. What? What just… It’s like I was watching myself… I wasn’t me… No, just a fluke… it won’t happen again. I crawl over to the Whirlipede, lying on its side. It looks at me balefully.

    “Sorry lil’ boss-man. Here, take a some of this nasty gunk my grandpa makes,” I painfully reach for a small bottle of Oran berry slime. I uncap it, and offer it to the Whirlipede. “So, how’s my offer looking?”

    The bug-Pokémon watches me suspiciously, but takes the berry solution. Friendship? Probably not. I’ll take mutual respect though. I touch the pendant to the Whirlipede. “Little boss-man. Made your own gang out here. I’ll call you Capo.”

    I fall backwards beside Capo. My first Pokémon. I laugh, and cough up some blood. I look at Capo wryly. He looks back. “Blah,” we say together, falling to the ground.

    My journey begins. And… I can barely hear Genesect anymore. The quiet is… nice.
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    ~ Alice Rockwell ~
    - Mistralton City -

    Alice read over the letter one more time, for what had to be the tenth time since she received the small package in the mail. She still couldn't quite believe it, but it had to be true. She could practically feel how special the ring was, and this Tao person seemed serious. There was also one other reason...

    Ever since she had put on the ring, she had been getting these strange thoughts. They weren't hers, so they had to belong to the special Pokemon Tao mentioned, Kyurem. That might be a problem, because she didn't like those thoughts. They were dark and scary, and mean, like the thoughts of someone (or something in this case) who only thought of their own personal gain, no matter what happened to anyone else. So far, she had been trying to ignore them. She was actually a bit afraid of what would happen if she tried to answer them. Would Kyurem respond? Right now, she didn't want to think about what that would mean. But if the letter was right, then she was going to have to become partners with Kyurem in order to help overthrow Ghetsis.

    Alice looked at the ring, remembering the drop of blood she had given it to seal her bond with Kyurem. She had asked for this, literally, so there was no use complaining or worrying about it now. She would do what she needed to do, and one way or another, she would have to face Kyurem. She only hoped that when the time came, she wouldn't end up like one of those people who never returned from the dragon's lair.

    But, enough sitting here. If she was going to find the strength to take on a legend, she was going to have to leave her home at some point. May as well be today. But how was she going to tell her mom? Hey mom, I've been chosen to overthrow our evil dictator, so I'm going to go get ready to fight a dragon who wants to eat me, see you later. Yeah, that wasn't the most convincing argument. But she couldn't lie to her mom either. If her mom was going to stop her for safety reasons, then she would just have to leave without telling her first. She still had about seven hours before her mom got back from work, so that would give her a bit of a head start at least.

    "Rune?" Alice called. No response. "Rune!"

    A small gray head peered around the corner of the doorway to the kitchen.

    "Can you bring me a pen from the drawer in there? The blue one please?" Alice asked. "If you can find it, I'll buy you some juice later."

    Rune nodded and slowly slid back out of sight. Alice looked around the room for a moment, trying to find a piece of paper or a memo pad or something to write on. The living room was well furnished. A place of light colors and dark woods, soft couches and fancy cushions. Finally, Alice spotted the memo pad resting not on the coffee table where she had seen it last, but on the shelf above the fireplace. Her mother must have used it for something earlier this morning.

    No matter, it would do fine what she needed. Rune silently entered the room and held out the blue ball-point pen with his tiny hand. Alice took it and gave him a pat on the head. "Thanks Rune. We'll get your juice in just a minute, okay."

    Rune nodded and Alice got a bit of a warm fuzzy feeling in her head. It was the Elgyem's happiness she was picking up. The little guy wasn't too expressive on his own, so his little psychic nudges like that really helped with figuring out what he was thinking.

    Alice tore a sheet of paper out of the memo pad and began to write a note, taking her time to keep her handwriting nice and neat. Rune floated up to the table to see what she was writing.

    "Dear Mother,

    Something very important has come up, something that could very well change our lives, and everyone's lives for the better. I must apologize for not telling you in person, but I fear that you would keep me from going for fear of my own safety and I simply can't allow that. This is far too important for me to place my own safety over that of everyone in our region who suffers because of Ghetsis and Team Plasma. I promise that I will keep you informed of my journey through e-mail at the local Pokemon centers along the way. Please, don't come after me and don't send anyone to find me. I believe that what I am doing is for the good of everyone, and I promise that once it is all over, I will return home safely.

    With love, Alice"
    Alice sat up and placed the pen on the table as she read back over her note. It would have to do, she couldn't afford to give any more details than that.

    She headed into the kitchen, folded the note in half, and stuck it to the fridge with a magnet. Her mother would certainly find it there, and when she did she would no doubt go looking for her. Alice needed to be out of the city by then.

    She grabbed the small bag of things she had already prepared and headed outside, Rune following closely behind her. She thought nothing of it at first, but before they got into town it might be best if Rune kept a low-profile. "Hey, you want to ride in my bag?"

    Rune thought for a moment before nodding. Alice picked the little Elgyem up and placed him in her bag. The result was that he ended up looking more like a doll than a living thing, especially since he din't move much or make much noise at all. An since only his head was sticking out of the white shoulder bag, no matter how much he moved his arms around or whatever, he would still appear to be nothing more than the head of a doll. Alice thought it was a perfect disguise, though a close observer would still notice him blink or tilt his head a bit. It was the only way she could think of to bring him along with her though.

    "Alright, first stop, the convenience store!" Alice said.

    Rune was happy again, and she was too. More so than she thought. Alice locked the door to her house and gave it one last look before turning and heading down the street.
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    Oceanside Street, Castelia City

    Watching over a group of young active children was never easy. Watching over a group of young children that had just gotten a free tour of the Castelia Ice Cream Shop and free samples on a warm summer afternoon? Hectic and stressful. Their caretakers had decided to have the kids burn off their energy by heading to a nearby pier that was usually empty this time of day and letting them run around. Most of them knew they weren’t to go swimming in the bay, and those too young to realize that could be kept away from the edge.

    They hadn’t gotten there yet, so most of the children of Mary’s Kids, a nearby orphanage, were involved in a group song. Pedestrians dressed in business suits and casual clothes alike smiled at them, a bright spot in their day (although they didn’t realize the caretakers were constantly watching the troublemakers). One girl wasn’t singing yet, as she was still munching on the bottom part of her waffle cone.

    A Castelia Cone was such a treat! Meg hummed the song, but knew better than to sing with her mouth full. As they were walking on the sea wall, she put herself on the edge nearest the railing and occasionally peered down into the water. Many times, one could see Pokemon swimming about down there and she wanted to know if a particular one was there. But, she still didn’t see him.

    After finishing off her snack, she spotted a shiny coin under the railing. A lucky day this was turning out to be! She skipped over to pick it up and, on a hope, glanced over to see if he was there yet. And... there! There was a white and gold-ish horn showing about the water, and he was peering up to see if she was there.

    Grinning, she waved at him, then pointed in the direction of the dock. Then she scrambled back up before one of the caretakers came up by her. “I found a coin!” she said, holding out the piece of metal.

    “Very nice, but be more careful,” the woman said. Miss Sarah always had her black hair in a bun and wore rather plain outfits, but she was Meg’s favorite at the orphanage. The caretaker tapped her shoulder and asked quietly, “Is Storm down there?”

    “Yup,” Meg whispered, nodding. “I’m gonna tell him, all right?”

    “That’s good,” Miss Sarah said, smiling although she looked a little sad.

    But then another song started up and Meg could sing along this time, so that was quickly forgotten.

    Down at the pier, Meg ran down to the end while the other kids started discussing a game to play, or finding their own spots to sit. Once she sat down with her feet dangling just above the water, the Samurott emerged from underwater and put his head on the pier. “Wuff,” he said softly.

    “Hi Storm,” Meg said, patting his head. “I still haven’t seen Mommy or Daddy yet. But I’ve got great news instead.” Grinning and feeling like she could burst out shouting in glee, she showed off her new bracelet. “See this? It means that I’m special.”

    Storm sniffed at it, his whiskers tickling Meg’s wrist. It was like the bracelet of a girl’s pink watch, but no timepiece was there. Instead, there was a little wing shaped pendant of pink and white, except for a green emerald set into what would be the shoulder bone joint on a bird. The emerald briefly glowed, causing the Samurott to widen his black eyes in surprise. He watched it longer, but the gemstone did not glow again.

    Meg glanced at the others; still some distance away. Then she leaned closer to Storm’s head and whispered, “It’s a gift from somebody named Tao. I got a bunch of stuff and a letter, which I had Miss Sarah read for me, because it had lots of big words in it. And Tao got it from a legendary Pokemon. I get to meet Latias, Storm! But I’ve got to wait for the person chosen by Latios before I can go. And then, well, we might be doing something very scary.” Her enthusiasm died for a moment as she tensed up.

    Concerned, Storm nosed her leg. He was supposed to be protecting little Meg, but he wasn’t allowed in the streets of Castelia. He certainly didn’t want her to be doing something that scared her, especially when there wasn’t much that did.

    Smiling again, the pigtailed girl kissed his horn. “Don’t worry, you can come with me. Here, Tao says that I can befriend Pokemon with my pendant-thingy and then you’ll know when I need you. You’re already my friend, so here.” She twisted her arm around to touch the pendant to Storm’s skin. “Um, pendant, this is my Dad’s Samurott Storm, but he’s gonna help me now. So, make sure he can hear me.”

    The emerald glowed again, brighter than before. Storm felt the sensation as familiar; it was rather like the connection to a Pokeball when he was out and about. But this pendant couldn’t absorb him like the Pokeball had. It was reassuring, actually; he could sense where Meg was now, even if he had to keep away from her. That way, they couldn’t go stealing her away without his notice.

    “Did it work? I think it did.” When he gave her an amused expression, she knew it had and laughed. “Good! I wonder if we can find where Mommy and Daddy went after we find Latias and Latios. Wouldn’t they be so surprised to see us again?”

    Storm would be very happy to see his Trainer again. But the length of time they had been away left him extremely worried. They had taken them away, of course.
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    Xiong Xishai/Trainer V
    Route 12

    A young man was walking down the path from Lacunosa Town towards Village Bridge; his ash-blond hair swayed slightly with each step. His shining celadon eyes gazed into the distance as he recalled what caused him to embark on this new journey, with the Phione cradled in his arms his only companion. It had been several years since he last had to assume the mantle of Trainer V; yet the entire outfit still fit him perfectly. Like Phio, his mind was focused on the events that led up to his departure.


    "Thank you for your consideration, and I sincerely hope to hear from you again.

    -Tao", Read the ash-blond young man. Seated on a bed beside him were a Phione and an Igglybuff; the latter of the two was his first pokemon while the former felt he owed the young man a great deal for helping him to reopen his heart. He set the letter down and sighed, "Well what do you two think?"

    The Igglybuff was the first to speak up and say, "I think you should put a stop to what Team Plasma is up to."

    "Yeah," chimed in the Phione, "Between your powers and what you're sure to get from this Keldo the letter talked about... taking them down should be a piece of steak!"

    "Piece of cake, Phio, and you guys are right; I should accept this." He looked over to his closet and saw his old outfit from when he aided the Orre police. He turned back to the two pokemon and said, "Looks like Trainer V is officially appearing in Unova." With that he grabbed the pendant and pulled on the crescent attached to the wrist band in his closet. In one swift motion he pricked his finger on one of the two points of the bronze crescent and let the blood fall on the pearl of the pendant and whispered, "Keldo, please help me to do right by others as the hero of Love and Beauty." The pendant flashed and absorbed the drop of blood. "Now, onto the next thing."

    End flashback

    "Look," Phio shouted, snapping Trainer V out of his daze, "There's Village Bridge, said and lead!"

    Trainer V sighed and said, "You mean dead ahead, Phio." He looked ahead and saw that they were indeed approaching Village Bridge. Soon he would meet with Keldo and face his test. He played with the cord that attached his crescent to his wristband. He was worried about what it would be, but he was certain that it would be something he could handle. This Keldo chose him for a reason, and now he was on his way to end Team Plasma's tyrannical rule.
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    Stin Nieves
    A street somewhere in Castelia City

    A young girl emerged from the large crowds of Castelia city, her absolute, absolute favorite city. She stumbled as she pushed her way through a yet another bunch of slow, boring citizens and picked up her pace when she heard an angry roar somewhere behind her. She was in trouble again.

    And she loved it!

    "Get back here, you little… You need to pay for those!" A forty-something man with broad shoulders shouted after her, the apron displaying his little store's name swaying in the gentle summer breeze. Beh, gentle. Stin hated gentle winds. She wanted a storm, something to get these Slowpokes moving their feet faster. A thunderstorm would be ideal. Nothing to get people running like a little looming danger of getting roasted if you aren't fast enough to get out of the way.

    "Shmorry!" Stin shouted behind her as the man's words finally reached her ears, the various edible goods sticking out of her mouth making it nigh impossible for her to speak. Her apology most likely went unheard, but that didn't really matter to her. She had tried, that should be enough. And sure, she had stolen something, but that man had been asking for it, sleeping on the job and all. Besides, she was going to be saving the world, what's a few… well, quite a few pieces of bread, meat and vegetables compared to the joys of being on her good side.

    Stin looked up, just a quick glance and nothing more so as to not seem suspicious. Far above her, riding the winds of Unova's skies was his companion, flying in a flock of Pidove. A disguise or something, Stin figured and turned her sight back to the busy road ahead of her. People's backs, people's fronts, bicycles… navigating among them while running was such an adventure. It was like a maze! She loved this city, which made it all the sadder for her to have to leave soon. Then again, she had never been to this Thunder Shrine mentioned in the letter. She hadn't even heard of it, despite having traveled through the lands for years. How cool was that? A new place for her to go was waiting for her! She had no time to be paying for measly merchandise.

    She continued her escape, smile plastered on her slightly flushed face until she finally managed to lose her pursuer. With a content laugh, she allowed herself to drop on her behind and stretch. In front of her, not quite spreading all the way to the horizon was the scenery of Unova's biggest city. An exciting city, and yet…

    "I've been here so many times, I know all the streets and shortcuts and... everything," She grumbled to herself, falling on her back and gazing up at the sky, the cold roof of one of Unova's skyscrapers so very cooling against her back. Summer and its hotness. She didn't like it, summer was boring. People got even lazier when it was warm and work was over.

    Just then, her companion landed in her vicinity, being sure to keep a safe distance just in case. Stin chuckled. "Aww, come on, Sigi. You're such a worrywart! They won't catch us here."

    The Tranquill merely started to pluck at its feathers, clearly ignoring her. Stin pouted.

    "Well fine, I'll catch someone else more exciting than you, then!" She challenged, a sly grin on her face, but both she and the bird knew she was kidding. Sigi was her friend, for all it mattered. Sure, she thought he was a total spoilsport and acted like an old geezer at times, but they had seen so much together. Plus, teasing him and making him lose feathers out of worry was funny. Stin grinned happily. Yup, she loved that bird. And one day…

    She sighed as she looked up at the skies. One day, she would fly on his back. She'd feel like she controlled wind itself one day, flying up there, with no one being able to reach her. She'd go to all sorts of places.

    Sighing again, this time a bit sulky, she pulled a folded letter out of her pocket. It was the one she had received some days ago. Days… it had been days and she still couldn't have brought herself to read through it properly. There was so much text, she'd have to sit still for minutes to get through all of it! Plus, she had gotten the key parts anyway; she got an opportunity to fight against the guy behind the ban on travel, she'd get some cool legendary to help her AND she received a way to know where Sigi was at all times. All in all, a cool deal.

    "Thundurus…" She mumbled, one hand behind her neck, one holding the letter above her eyes. Why'd it have to be Thundurus? If she had gotten Tornadus, she could have just asked for its power over the wind, and then she could've fulfilled her dream! She could've flown wherever she wanted to, out of the region and into the outside world. She wouldn't have to worry about this Ghetsis guy or whatever anymore. She'd be free. Though Thundurus did sound exciting too, she had to admit. She liked its way of doing things. And hey, at least she hadn't gotten Landorus or something. Ick. Ground types were boring.

    "Well, no point worrying about that right now. We'll just stick to our original plan, so be sure to evolve soon, okay, Sigi?" Stin cheered soon as she stood up, stuffing the letter back in her pocket, next to the Pokédex she had already activated upon first receiving it. She stretched once more, spreading her arms as if to hug the scenery in front of her. She fixed her cap and nodded.

    "G'bye, see you again. Next time, I promise to bring some more excitement with me. Look forward to it, I know I do," she promised the city with a smirk and then turned to leave. She looked at the bracelet on her left wrist, giving particular attention to the yellow stone embedded on it. That was the pendant she had received, the proof that she was special, that she was promised an adventure far beyond anything she had seen before.

    "We're off," she informed her companion who immediately took wing, continuing to watch over its trainer from above as she made her way down from the roof and started her journey towards Mistralton City. She wanted to wake the legendary as fast as possible. Sure, she had heard it might cause a little bit of a havoc when released, but hey. She was all for a little mischief to get things rolling.
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    Kimberly Goodwin
    ~In the middle of Route 4~

    The wind.... It blows strongly here, harshly even, whistling tales of anger and uncommitted revenges as it attempts to push me back. Back? Yes, back home seems like such a nice idea right now, snuggling in bed, recalling of memories I shared with Oliver. My soul screams to return back to Castelia, away from all this mass chaos. Heck, I don’t even know where I am or how I even got here.

    But yet....

    Why do I feel so attached to this place? Why do I feel as though I belong here, amongst the harsh gusts and the extreme chills? It somehow feels right to be here, in this kingdom of wind. But it doesn’t make sense to feel both comfortable and uncomfortable here. It’s like there are two sides of me, one part I know well and the other almost foreign. And yet, I seem to trust this foreign part of me, fighting back to pass through the wind. It’s strange really.

    And now....

    I can spot a light in the distance, like a vision of hope and dreams, a sign of nearly-claimed victory. It made me smile to see that light even if it seemed alien from a glimpse. Light always did mean something good. And so, I pushed through the wind, mind focusing on reaching the end. I can make it. Yes, I'm sure of it. Only a few more steps; the taste of sweet success is lingering in my mouth.

    The winds scream and my world fades.


    “Fezant...!” a sharp squawk pierces the cool, peaceful atmosphere, jerking me awake from my slumber. My eyes take time to adjust to the sudden light. I can barely just make out a large bird, roughly 4’0 squawking in distress as, I believe that’s Olivia, shoots a colourful beam of psychic energy toward it. And slowly, everything starts to click in my brain. That bird - it must be the source of all that wind in my dreams. Of course, it now all makes perfect sense. And that light had come from the unzipped entrance which must have led it inside my tent. But now, of course, I must get rid of this threat.

    I quickly grab my glasses and fix them on, the world now clearer than before. And my eyes met a chaotic scene with what I could now recognize as an Unfezant fighting roughly with Olivia, beating its wings to produce strong winds. I swear under my breath but I know I can overcome this situation. Olivia had to become me when I was attempting to repel boys; tough and uncaring. She had to look strong on the outside, not her current panicked look. I sigh, it’s all up to me to sort this out, I suppose. I order quietly, afraid that there may be people around, “Olivia, stay tough on the outside; don’t let him see your weaknesses. And be merciless. Good girl. Now, Faint Attack.”

    Olivia, who had listened to my advice, had a typical cold look on her face as she vanished into the shadows, confusing the Unfezant. I grin as I watch it turn around, desperately searching for Olivia. Oh well, he should have thought of the consequences of randomly picking a bone with someone. And so, behind him, keeping perfectly silent, Olivia slipped through the shadows. Fist covered in dark energy, she delivered the critical strike, sending the bird flying through the unzipped entrance – now exit – and regretting his choice, he flew away, probably never to be seen again.

    Typical birds.

    Olivia smiles at me and gives me a thankful hi-five with her small hands. I compliment her battling styles, knowing that she’ll appreciate them. I’m right, she chirps happily in response and performs one of her twirls. My heart cringes, remembering of days long past, when she would dance like that on stage...with Oliver. Oh, Oliver.... Olivia gives me a quizzical look, tilting her head to the side, detecting my sadness. Although I know she would like to mourn with me, I did not want to waste time. My mind flies back to the past, the reason why I was travelling through Route 4 and later, through other cities, big and small.


    That day had been one of the memorable days in my life for it is not everyday that someone finds themselves in an event which could change the world. It had happened three days ago on a hot afternoon in Castelia when I had just finished my daily jog around the neighbourhood. I had been tired then, looking forward to a cool, refreshing shower and perhaps a small nap to replenish my energy. But before I would go in, I would always perform the daily ritual of checking the mailbox in my front yard. On most days, there would usually be pesky bills which irritated me to no end but on that day, there had been something special.

    I remember my confused face reflected on the silver surface of the mailbox as I saw a mysterious parcel, sitting innocently inside it. At first, I had thought it had been sent to the wrong person, a simple mistake most mailmen do but the address had been specifically pointed to my home. I wasn’t really looking forward to the parcel, expecting it to be something a boy had sent which I would swear to kill after finding out what it had been. Well, I had been very wrong. Inside, there had been a Pokedex, one of those gadgets trainers used to store data on Pokemon, a silky, white cloth which I believe may be one of those items trainers equipped on their Pokemon and a weird pendant I had felt specially attached to.

    And there was a letter shrouded with secrets and mysteries. It had been very weird and I had considered throwing the letter away, finding all the information mere nonsense. But yet.... That pendant had told me otherwise, growing a small belief that maybe this was all true, that maybe I was special; granted with a destiny to change the world.


    The travelling, I realized, would expose me to many dangers, the number one on my list being the disgusting boys everywhere, thinking girls as mere toys for their own self-pleasure. Not like my sweet, sweet Oliver. He had always been so friendly and never once considered me as a tool to satisfy his needs. And yet, I felt like I was committing a great sin if I didn’t accept it. That pendant... It made me feel bad to return it back. It was just so...special. It made me feel right and when I touched it....

    I felt power surging through my veins. And I felt I could do anything I wanted to.

    I had remembered growing a desire toward it but still, the risks of travelling still lingered in my mind and so, after a quick brainstorm, I had decided to visit Olivia to discuss this particular matter. But of course, I could not have gone to Route 4 anytime I wanted as people would begin to suspect me having a Pokemon. And so, after some more thinking, I had decided to have a little ‘camping trip’ there late at night and either begin on my journey the next morning or return back home. Happy with my plan, I packed my backpack with all the essentials; three outfits, a tent, some food, a can opener and a map to navigate my way across Unova.

    And so I waited....

    Until the moon rose from its slumber and illuminated the ground in its pearly, white light, beaming down on every house. I stuck close to the shadows, carefully hiding myself from the sight of others. Now that I think of it, that doesn’t sound much like someone perfect would do. But no one had seen, no damage had been done. My secret was safe. Soon, I arrived at Route 4 without anyone noticing me at all while on my mission. Careful as to not wake others, I had called her name, voice soft and quiet. I don’t know how she had heard me through the desert routes’ howls but she had. Right now, the winds aren’t very fierce like last night. Thank goodness for that.

    Anyway, I had quickly showed her the items and read the letter to her and gave her some room to think about all this. Olivia’s face was tense and serious while she thought, unsure whether to believe the odd-sounding tale or to deny its existence, claiming that it was fake. I did not disturb her then, knowing that she had to think properly and well so that her decision would come naturally. After a while, she decided to sleep on it and so, we built the tent when the winds calmed and we slept underneath the beautiful, velvet night sky.


    And now, I’m still waiting for her answer, whatever that may be. But Olivia still does not respond to my earlier question and the winds are picking up speed again. I fear that if things are left alone the wind would blow the tent away which would be a disaster I was not looking forward to. But should I just ask her or leave it until she’s ready? The question flickers back and forth and I’m unable to pick one answer. Heck, what should I do?

    “Riiii,” Olivia suddenly chirps, breaking me out of my thoughts.

    “Yes, Olivia?” I replied, unsure of what she was going to say.

    Olivia points at that strange emblem hanging around my neck and gives a serious nod. I smile and I feel somewhat...happy? Yes, a mixture of happy and excitement in my heart and I feel like soaring into the skies. It’s strange but I decide not to get myself overexcited. It’s not very good to expect something amazing from something as most of the time, they’re not. But yet, this isn’t like most things isn’t it? It’s my destiny! I grab my penknife located in my pocket and very carefully slit one of my fingers. I let go of the penknife and neared the finger to the pendant. And as my blood dripped on the precious jewellery, my fate was sealed. I’ve accepted my role as Tornadus’ chosen.


    It’s been around an hour now and Olivia and I have just finished cleaning up our tent into my bag. We were just in time too because right now, the wind is slowly picking up its pace as it blows some sand away. I award my loyal partner with a smile, letting her know I had appreciated her help packing the tent up. She curtsies, a way of saying ‘you’re welcome’ and I give her a pat on the back. “Shall we get going now, Olivia?” I ask her, carrying the bag from the ground and stabling it on my shoulders.

    She pauses and sticks her hand out flatly as though telling me stop. I give her an odd look, mind rapidly trying to find something I had missed. But as far as I know, I had packed everything; tent, beverages, food and even Tao’s latter which was safely folded and stored in my pocket. So what exactly was wrong? Olivia suddenly bursts into laughter at my confused face, further increasing my bewilderment. This is indeed odd. “Olivia, why can’t we go yet?” I ask, failing to find what’s wrong with the way things currently are.

    Her azure blue eyes twinkle with amusement as she points at my neck. What’s wrong with my neck? She facepalms when see notices my lack of understanding the hint she had given me. I begin to grow an irritation, not liking my lack of control over this situation. My eyes fall to my neck, observing it keenly. But all I could see was my pendant... Oh, my pendant! My pendant must be involved with all this. “Is it something to do with the pendant?” I ask her, swinging it from side to side. The small psychic type nods cheerily as she grabs rock to substitute my pendant and touched it to my skin. That sounded very odd. Why would I need to be touching others?

    The world suddenly makes sense.

    “You want me to register you with this pendant. That must be it, right?” I ask, voice low and eager while Olivia nods, awarding me with a thumbs up.

    Now all was clear. She gives me a merry smile as I touch her with my pendant, the light coming out of the pendant bright and blinding. It takes a few more seconds for the pendant to calm down and then she nods, telling that the process is done and over with.

    And so, onward we march.
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    Riley Robinson
    Mistralton City

    As I continued to tell my grandma more in our house, I eventually asked," Would it be okay with you Nana... If I go on this journey? I have yet to make the pledge, but I've already set my Pokedex..."
    "Hun, I was your age once. And I chose not to go on a journey with Pokemon because of your grandpa. I will allow you to go on this journey, IF you call us every once in awhile and take this Skarmory with you." Nana responded.
    "Thank you sooo much Nana! And I will! So I guess it's time to make the pledge, huh?" I strolled over to the kitchen and got my grandpa's diabetes needle. I poked my pointer finger, and watched the blood drip into the ring. I immediately felt relieved, but also a little troubled. "Nana... I guess it's time to say goodbye. I'll visit every once in awhile though. Say bye to Papa, Kailey, and Adam for me please! Oh and teach Kailey how to take care of the plants."

    I gazed at the clock in my room as I was packing for my journey, 8:00 A.M. and my siblings were still asleep. I giggled quietly to myself. I walked out of my room and dashed down the stairs. I waved bye to Papa and Nana and exited my wonderful home. I sneaked into a dark alley and whispered in my ring for Candle and Victor to come. They came into the alley quite quickly. "Victor do you think you could fly me to Nimbasa City? I have some business to take care of." Victor responded,"Skaaarmory!" Which I assumed was a yes, so I crawled onto Victor. "Candle hop on too!" Candle hopped in my lap.
    "Okay, it's time!" I held tightly to Victor and squeezed my legs together so Candle wouldn't fall off.

    I could spot the Ferris Wheel and flashy lights of Nimbasa almost right under us. "Victor we can land now. Thank you for the ride." I said. Victor landed in front of the closed down Pokemon Center. No one was around thankfully. "Victor you can go fly off now, but stay in Unova okay?" Victor nodded. "And Candle. Stay here okay? We can't have you taken away either." Candle also nodded. I strolled of to the East and saw the gate to Route 4. I then had a strange deep voice go off in my head that said, Tornadus's chosen is near. I thought it was weird, but then I remembered the whole Landorus speaking to me thing....
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    OOC: Can I re-nickname pokemon when they evolve…example is when Golett evolves into Golurk thus I may name him Krulog etc…

    James’s Home, Nimbasa City

    2 days ago…

    It was 7 pm in the evening. The night was quiet, his Ttelog was sleeping and James was sipping hot chocolate on his couch, watching the news. A week had passed after finding Ttelog and so far, Team Plasma had no suspicion of James owning a Pokemon. After finishing his hot chocolate, James checked Ttelog, seeing the Pokemon standing motionlessly. James turned off the TV, went up to his bedroom and played Wii Sports for 1 hour after which he turned it off, went outside to his porch and cooled off. The cool breeze of a windy Nimbasa City night relaxed him for a while. Suddenly a mailman came, with him was a single package.

    “What the fudge? I didn’t know the Post Office ran so late?.” James wondered

    “State your business mailman!”

    “Are you James Michael Thompson? If you are, I have a package for ye.” The mailman said.

    “And who is the sender?” James said as he took the package.

    “It’s some dude from Entralink. I don’t know who he is…Sign here and here and I’ll be on my way.” The mailman said

    “Who is this “dude”…I need to know but unfortunately this mailman has no idea.” James thought as he signed the form.

    As soon as James finished signing, the mailman left. James went back inside, took a kitchen knife and opened the box. First, James took out the pendant, then a Pokedex and then a letter. After thoroughly reading the letter, James started thrashing around his house looking for a chain and eventually found one. He placed the pendant on the chain and took out the kitchen knife.

    “I accept this letter but first, I need to do this pledge.” James thought to himself.

    He aimed the sharp point of his kitchen knife and carefully cut himself. He aimed and dropped the blood on the pendant. Quickly James recited his request of using Reshiram’s power.

    The pendant’s white glossy part glowed for about a minute. He quickly bandaged his ring finger then filled up the form in the Pokedex. After filling up the form, he placed the Pokedex in the red sling bag then wore the pendant around his neck. James then turned on the fireplace and stared at the fire. Much like Ttelog, James pondered motionlessly, enjoying the fire and at the same time pondering the truth.

    2 days later…a.k.a present day in Jame’s Home, Nimbasa City

    James was ready to go. He had gone shopping a day ago to buy stuff needed for the survival of himself and his Ttelog. Before leaving to the subway, James went to the basement and looked at his Golett. He then looked at the pendant and decided to try the befriending power of the pendant. As Ttelog had already been his friend for years, he touched the pendant on Ttelog. The imprint of Ttelog’s aura was a success and nicknamed him Ttelog still. After testing the pendant’s power, James and Ttelog left Nimbasa City and went to Route 4. While on their way to Castelia City, James thought to himself.

    “Reshiram chose me, it could have been my dad but Reshiram chose me. I just can’t believe that she chose me. Anyways, I should probably go to that Professor in Nuvema Town, maybe she knows where Reshiram can be found plus I can befriend some Pokemon along the way.”

    James walked with Ttelog and saw the highway which was filled with cars. Traffic was heavy. Ttelog meanwhile was behind him, walking slowly and steadily in the sandy desert. James was confident and was ready to dethrone Team Plasma and interrogate this Ghetsis as the duo walked in the harsh landscape of Route 4. Soon after, James and Golett had arrived at Castelia City.

    “Ttelog, go walk around in the desert of Route 4, just remember to come back to me and don’t get hurt or get into any fights mkay.” James said.

    Ttelog nodded and left to walk around in the desert while James went to his old house. There he paid a visit to his mother and father, where James took some cash from his piggy bank. After paying a visit, James spent his piggy bank money on a Casteliacone. He sat on a bench just near to the entrance to Skyarrow Bridge as James waited for Ttelog to come back.
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    Unova Subway

    Around fifteen years ago, a man in Nimbasa bought the old subway system and remade it into the Battle Subway, a place for expert Trainers who wanted a higher level of challenge than what most battles could provide. Team Plasma was not going to allow that to continue, but a system of travel that avoided Pokemon habitat was too good to completely dismantle. Now it was just an ordinary subway on which Pokemon were not allowed.

    That didn’t mean that some people didn’t try. I knew of two Pokemon that were in this car. One was a Pidove that wasn’t bothering to hide; he perched above on a hand bar, looking around. The other was trying to be hid just across from my place. “You should have left it behind,” a mother whispered sternly.

    “But he was all lonely,” her son said, patting the leaves surrounding a Sewaddle. The Pokemon was trying hard to look like a pile of green leaves. “He can live in White Forest too.”

    “I told you that you could watch the Bugs that were in the Forest already,” she said. “You can’t go bringing others in, or you might get caught.”

    “But we’ll be home soon.”

    The boy clearly loved Pokemon, which made it all the more heartbreaking that the law mandated that he could only watch them. There was another way, which involved sacrificing individuality to join Team Plasma and get established there. In the end, it really wasn’t worth it. I had found another alternative, but there were only so many pendants and it had its own risks.

    Once the subway train closed its outer doors, the door to the car in front opened up. There was a man there wearing the armor of the knights of Plasma, their lower level members. From the black coat over the armor, this was even one of the enforcers. Someone who didn’t seem to be with the woman and boy tried to shift a backpack to further obscure the Pokemon. Some others glanced at me and the Pidove hanging above. Given that this was a regular occurrence for me, I wasn’t bothered by any of it. The woman and the boy, though, they were both still, afraid of what would happen to them.

    The enforcer’s eyes went right for the Pidove, who had decided to settle in and pretend to nap. “What is this Pokemon doing here?” the enforcer asked sharply.

    “He’s with me,” I said calmly, taking my wallet out of my pocket and flipping through the cards. I pulled out my license and offered it to him.

    One of the other passengers looked distinctly jealous of me. This license was a headache to acquire and maintain, but for my work it was necessary. The enforcer looked it over, even running it by a reader to check for authenticity. If it wasn’t for that, the enforcer was allowed to capture the Pidove and take it into Team Plasma’s system for review. They would either use him for themselves or release him. And they would take me away for having a ‘fake’ card and a Pokemon. No one was told where people who were taken away after arrest ended up, but many of us suspected a prison camp somewhere.

    “All right, professor,” the enforcer said, handing back my card and sounding annoyed that he couldn’t do anything about it. “Then the Pidove is under study?”

    “And another,” I added without hesitation.

    “Fine, but if they’re trouble at all, you must answer for it.” He checked his gear, making sure that everyone in the car was a paid customer, then moved to the next car. Nobody made a protest about the ‘another’ part, even though they had heard the discussion about the Sewaddle.

    The boy and his mother talked quickly for a moment, then he said, Hey, thanks.”

    I was opening up my laptop to get a bit of work done, but I glanced over and nodded. “You’re welcome. Though would you allow me to scan him for my database in exchange?”

    “Sure.” He picked up the Pokemon and brought him across the aisle.

    Once I put that data in so that the Sewaddle was technically under study, I entered the Pokedex database. All of the units I had sent were activated now and there were a few I needed to approve of. There was an email I needed to send to them, but there wouldn’t be time on the subway train for that. Perhaps near the train station, if I could get a spot safe from prying eyes.

    -To All-
    -You have received an email from the Pokedex Research System-

    Congratulations, your application for being a field researcher for the Global Pokedex Research Project has been fully approved! You will now have full access to the online encyclopedic Pokedex with all the information collected in nearly two decades of thorough Pokemon research. You will also get updates on requested data for incomplete entries and the most up-to-date knowledge of every recorded Pokemon species. Please speak with your adviser and/or another local Pokemon Professor for more detailed explanations of how the system works.

    This email is also an invitation to join a discussion group formed by the field researchers under the adviser Tao. If you opt to join, you will automatically have contact information and Friend Codes for other researchers under this adviser and in the discussion group. To do so, follow this link to the contact release form and the discussion group registration.

    Again, welcome to the GPRP! We wish you the best in your search for your research, dreams, and hopes.

    Addendum from Tao: Due to us being in Unova, this automated email is inaccurate. We only have access to the local Pokedex encyclopedia, not the global, and any updates only come from a few individuals instead of the regular network. And under Ghetsis’ restrictions on research, there isn’t much that can be done for incomplete entry data.

    But please do join the discussion group to get contact information on the others working against Team Plasma. I’m certain that it will help coordinate our efforts efficiently.

    OoC Notes

        Spoiler:- OoC:
    Pokedex OS- Still trying to capture every single Pokemon out there in words: 648/718 Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh complete!

    Fluer Noir- A story of a black flower, a shameful history, and magic.

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    ((OOC: I included Tao's e-mail in my post, even though he hasn't exactly sent it yet. Hopefully that won't mess up the plot or anything. =P

    And speaking of extremely long posts... ))

    Rylee Devlin
    Chargestone Cave

    Klick Klick Klick Klang…

    The sound of footsteps echoed off of the cave’s walls, bouncing in every which way so that all could here. Their sounds let imprints in their wake, causing the naturally glowing rocks to burst with vibrant blue sparks. Boulders hung limply in the air, carried by the powerful force of magnetic energy that pervaded from the stones nearby. There was no breeze to move them, yet the rocks moved along their own paths, blessed with life by the electrical currents that ran deep underground.

    Klick Klick Klick Klang, Klick Klick Klick Klang…

    While the cave looked barren, it was easy to see that this was not the case. Joltiks scurried across rocks and into holes, Klinks slept on the sides of rocks, stuck to them like stickers. Occasionally, a Tynamo would scurry by unnoticed, or a boulder would shift its position to show that its name should be spelled B-O-L-D-O-R-E. And then, sometimes, a Ferroseed would pop out of the ground, spinning away from the people who stepped on it – namely, the two figures that were hiking through the cave right about now.

    Klick Klick Klick Klang, Klick Klick Klick Klang…

    The echoing footsteps belonged to none other than the quick pace of Rylee Devlin, aggressive teen, and the dragging steps of her buffoon of a bodyguard, Piro the Heatmor. Since the cave was one of the quickest paths to Misaltron City, the two had crept inside via an incomplete mineshaft and blasted their way into its depths. As a Pokémon-infested territory, Team Plasma had closed the cave to visitors some time ago. Luckily, they never actually went into their nature reserves… at least, not this one.

    “My gosh…” Rylee groaned, leaning back to stretch, “This is the most boring adventure ever…” Muttering under her breath, she slumped over, dragging her feet along the ground like a zombie on coffee withdrawal.

    “All we’ve done is walked through town, hitched a ride with some hobo, and blasted a hole in a wall,” she whined, “Where’s the excitement? The thrills? Weren’t trainers supposed to, I dunno, have fun?” She glanced toward the Heatmor behind her, who was wavering back and forth, stumbling along in her footsteps, “Goshdang it, Piro, would you walk straight for once? You look like your drunk.”

    “Mor…” Piro sighed, wobbling slightly to the left. When it came to directions of any sort – be it compass, directional, or even locational – … well, he had trouble following.

    Rolling her eyes, Rylee flicked at a Joltik that had landed on her shoulder, sending the poor thing flying into a large rock. “This place is disgusting,” Ryle muttered, kicking up the dirt, “The only things in here are Joltiks and Ferroseed thorns. Why the heck was this listed as a go-to sight for Trainers, anyway?”

    “Heatmor?” Piro guessed, gesturing toward the floating magnetic rocks.

    “It was a rhetorical question, idiot,” Rylee said, but she stopped to look at them, anyway. The soft blue glow that emanated from them, the way they moved through the air… they were magnificent, really. Magical. She smiled softly as they floated by, patrolling the boulders of the cave in a never-ending circle.

    Just then, another Joltik fell from the ceiling, this one landing in Rylee’s hair. “ACK!” She shouted, “GET IT OFF GET IT OFF!” She smacked the Pokémon off of her head, sending it flying into the ground. “Piro!” Rylee shouted, pointing toward the Joltik, “Blast that thing!”

    Nodding, Piro stumbled over to the Joltik. Before the Pokémon could recover from its first blow, the Heatmor unleashed a powerful Flamethrower at the tiny bug. A cry emitted from the insect as it ran for cover, shrieking and trying to put out the small flames that were growing on its back. Frantically, it dived into a hole under a rock, never to be seen again. … Hopefully.

    “… Thanks.” Rylee said. She began walking again; Piro followed close behind. The two kept walking in silence, quick steps followed by slow ones, three klicks and a klack.

    A flash of light, followed by a white blur. “Piro!” Rylee shouted, and the Heatmor sprung toward the figure. With the quickness of a Sucker Punch, it knocked the Pokemon into Rylee’s path. A Tynamo… wait, a Tynamo?! The super-rare, 2% chance of finding one Tynamo?! Rylee’s eyes lit up greedily. She reached for the pendent disguised as a bracelet on her arm and unfurled the chain, letting it hang loosely in her fingers.

    “Aw yeah!” She exclaimed, “Pendant, go!” She threw the pendant at the Tynamo lying on the ground, dazed. The pendent hit the ground, clicking as it bounced across the rocks before slowing to a complete standstill some inches away from the Tynamo. By the time it stopped, the Tynamo had broken out of its daze. One look at Rylee was all it needed to see before it took off running.

    The wide, open smile on Rylee’s face hung, slowly changing into a frown. “What…” she said, and then, much louder, “WHAAAAAATT?!” Stomping over to the pendant, she snatched the thing from the ground and examined it. At the moment, the gem looked completely average.

    “This is supposed to catch Pokémon, isn’t it?!” Rylee shouted to no one in particular, “Then WHY ISN’T IT WORKING?!” She pounded the pendant a few times with her fists. “Worthless piece of junk!”

    As she continued to rant about her “malfunctioning” pendant, Piro calmly lowered the bag he was carrying to the ground. Rummaging through the miscellaneous belongings, he pulled out a crumbled up piece of paper from the bottom of the bag. Sticking his long tongue out, he licked at Rylee’s shirt.

    “WHAT?!” Rylee shouted, snapping toward the Heatmor. Piro held the paper out to her like an offering. Glaring at him, she snatched it out of his hands. “Tao’s letter?” She said, uncrumbling the paper. Truthfully, she hadn’t bothered to reach through most of the letter, in part to the fact that she really didn’t care about anything else Tao had written about.

    “Alright. Let’s see…” she said, scanning over the contents, “Blah blah something about Heatran blah blah powers… Blah. Blah. Bl-“ She stopped herself in mid-blah, squinting at one of the paragraphs. “Take the pendant in the package and place a drop of your blood on the precious stone that it holds.” She glanced down at the pendant.

    “Oh. Well, that explains it.”

    In one swift motion, she slid her thumb over the cave walls, creating a gash. She cringed; it hurt a lot more than she had thought it would. Muttering under her breath, she placed a drop of blood on the obsidian in the middle of the pendant. It sat there, completely still.

    “Hurry it up, will you?!” Rylee shouted. The words must have done the trick, for the blood permeated into the stone. A fiery glow emitted from the stone, shining a dark red and tinged by waves of black, similar to the appearance of molten lava.

    “Now I gotta say a little prayer or something to it...” she muttered. She paused, thinking about what to say. Well, Heatran wanted to save the Unova region. That was a start. He wanted to defeat Ghetsis, too. And they needed each other’s combined power to stop the madman from completely ruining the entire region. Smiling, she opened her mouth to speak. She knew exactly what to say…

    “Look,” she said, “I’m just here to get fire powers. If that means I get to blow up Ghetsis in the process, then it’s a win-win for me.”

    As she said her last words, she could hear something in her ears. It was… a roar. It almost sounded like the whatever-it-was was laughing at her… or was it annoyed? The glow of the stone stopped, and the noise faded away from her hearing.

    Rylee swung the pendant around. “So…” she said, glancing at the letter once again, “I guess that means it’s supposed to work now.” Turning to Piro, she smiled. “Want to give it a shot?”

    Piro’s eyes widened with happiness, and he nodding vigorously. He lowered his head, falling into a bow. Here it was, the reuniting of Pokémon and trainers, friends who had known each other for years-


    The pendant whacked Piro in the head with full force, smashing into his head and bouncing back. Piro stumbled back, spinning around in a daze. How hadn’t he seen that coming? He shook his head clear, looking toward Rylee. She was straight ahead… wait. Straight ahead?! He… he knew which direction she was in?! His eyes widened with joy and surprise. Finally… he wasn’t completely lost!

    “Feel anything?” Rylee said with a smirk, swinging the pendant around with her fingers. Piro nodded again and stepped toward Rylee with unfaltering steps.

    But wait… how did he know if the pendant really worked?

    Turning to Rylee, he held one finger up, signaling that he wanted to do something. Walking over to a cliff on the right side of the cave, he looked down. If the pendant wasn’t working, he’d be lost down there in a heartbeat. But if it was…

    “Piro! What the heck are you doing?” Rylee shouted, running over to the Pokémon’s side. Glancing in her direction, Piro nodded and leapt off of the cliff, landing on the lower floor of the cavern.

    “PIRO!” Rylee screamed, rushing over to the side of the cliff. “PIRO!” She called, but the Heatmor didn’t answer. “Goshdang it, Piro, I didn’t hit you that hard! Pir-“

    Holding the note, she turned slowly toward a buzzing sound that had been slowly growing closer to her. Her eyes fell on a Joltik – nay, fifty Joltiks, crowded together in one large formation. At the sight of her, they let out a flurry of sparks.

    “-o shoot.” Rylee muttered, clambering to her feet. The Joltiks drew closer to her, sparking with revenge.

    “… Look,” Rylee said, slowly backing toward an exit behind her, “We’re all mad here, aren’t we? Why don’t we just-“ She took off running before she even finished her sentence, screaming as the Joltiks chased after her, a yellow blob bent on destruction.

    “I’m going to kill you, Piro!” Rylee shouted as she dodged past magnetic rocks and Thundershocks, “I mean it! I’m going to stab you in the stomach until you bleed to death, dang it!” She glanced at her pursuer. The Joltiks were fast; they’d be able to catch up to her in a minute or less. She was a goner… and she hadn’t even gotten to meet Heatran yet!

    Worst. Adventure. Ever.

    Suddenly, a blast of fire shot out from behind one of the boulders, sending the Joltiks running. Rylee turned her head in the direction of the blast to see Piro leap from a rock high on the ceiling and crash into the ground beside her. Flame Bursts fired like bullets from his small mouth, sending shrapnels of flames around the cave. By the time he was finished, there was no Joltik left standing – none that would show their faces, at least.

    Smiling, Piro turned to give Rylee a thumbs up – only to be met with a powerful slap to the face. The blow sent him spinning backward again, and he slumped onto the ground.

    “What the freak were you doing?!” Rylee shouted, the rage in her voice more prevalent than usual, “You could’ve gotten me freakin’ killed!”

    “Heat…” Piro whimpered, lowering his head in shame. Rylee rolled her eyes.

    “Just get up.” She commanded, and the Heatmor scrambled back to his feet. “I guess it’s not too much of your fault. I mean, if I had, oh, say, I dunno, FIRE POWERS,” she shouted the phrase at the pendant in her hand, “then this wouldn’t have happened. But since I don’t happen to have FIRE POWERS,” she said these words to the pendant again, “then I guess all we can do is move on and find an exit in this dang place.”

    Her eyes wandered around the cave. They’d gone pretty far in – in fact, right now, they were in a dead end. Surely that meant that there was an exit somewhere. Walking over to one of the nearby walls, she slid her hand across the stone. There was something strange about this wall.

    She stepped back from the wall. “Piro,” she commanded, “Body Slam. On the wall.” Nodding, Piro stepped back a few feet, readying himself for the blow, and then rushed toward the wall with the full force of his might. The rocks shook, cracking slightly.

    “Again!” Rylee shouted, and Piro slammed into the wall again. The crack largened. “Once more!” She commanded, and Piro used Body Slam once more. This time, the rocks broke away, sending Piro tumbling through the wall at full speed.


    “Excellent work, Piro,” Rylee said, walking past her comrade, who had tumbled upside-down into the wall. She shielded her eyes from the light of the exit. Ah… clean, Joltik-free air. How she could taste it.

    Glancing at Piro, she shouted, “Get yourself together! We’re not done yet!” She walked toward the exit, forcing Piro to find his balance and rush after her.

    As the two stepped outside, a gust of wind blew into their faces. Blocking her face from the blast, Rylee stared at the city in the distance. The exit they had found was somewhere to the left of the city, some distance away from the airfield.

    “I’m not sure if we should go into the city right now,” she said, “How ‘bout we camp out here for a bit? You know, so that we – I – don’t look like a dirt-covered zombie when I actually go there.” Piro nodded vigorously. The two walked over to a group of thickly-growing trees – perfect for cover – and sat down.

    Rylee pulled out Tao’s letter from her pocket. “Hey, Piro,” she said, glaring at the letters on the paper, “Hand me that Pokedex.” Nodding, Piro dived into her bag and threw the rectangular device at her. “Mkay, thanks.” Flipping open the Pokedex, she turned on the system and went over to the “Personal Files” section. “Prob’ly be a good time as ever to register this thing… oh hey, I have Wi-Fi!” Smiling, she filled out the form matter-o’-factly before sending the required information.

    Now all that was left to do was wai-


    “Well, that was quick,” Rylee stated, picking up the Pokedex and flipping it open again. Opening the message, she skimmed its contents, “Blah blah Pokedex info blah blah Team Plasma. Whatever.” She flipped the Pokedex closed and tossed it back into her bag.

    “We’re about halfway there now.” She said with a yawn, leaning back on one of the trees. “I’d say that, with all the running around we did, that’s pretty good, don’tcha think?”

    Yup, I'm a Christian.

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    OOC: Before you get mad at me, this boy is not the same one Ysa is dealing with, and is an actual plot character I'll see.


    It had been two days since Valen had received that strange letter in the mail. What made it even stranger was that he had received a letter in the mail to begin with. He had stayed around White Forest contemplating on whether this guy "Tao" was the real deal or not, and any ally to fight against Team Plasma would be worth meeting, even if he would initially leave. The ex-trainer pulled out the pendant; he did take the oath, and saw exactly how the letter described it, but something was indeed weird about this mess. Valen finished up packing for his trip to get to Mistralton Cave near Driftveil City, though as per usual he was packing light.

    "Hey, let me go! I didn't do anything!" called out a boy nearby. Valen turned his attention to see two Plasma grunts pulling a young boy. He was struggling to get away.

    One of the Plasma grunts said, "Kid, stop struggling. You're making this worse on yourself."

    Valen decided to step in. He came up to the three and asked, "What's the matter?"

    The second plasma grunt answered, though neither grunt was looking straight at the ex-trainer at the time, "This kid was seen bringing a Pokemon to his home."

    "Here let me help you," stated Valen. He used a left hook on one of the two grunts. The second one kneeled down and said, "Kenny, are you okay?" Valen and the boy used this as a means of escape. They ran through the trees, Valen leading the kid around since he knew the terrain from a couple of days ago. He hoped that these two Plasma grunts would be too disoriented to follow them outright. After they found a safe haven to hide, a grove of bushes that was housing several pokemon, Valen and the kid rested.

    After a while, Valen asked, "Are you all right?"

    "Yeah," replied the child. "That was so cool. Can you do it again?"

    Valen shook his head. Children he thought. Then he replied, "No, but please be more careful. The only reason why I saved you was because of Team Plasma. Understand? Don't expect me to go back saving you again."

    "Okay, mister," said the child as he ran off.

    He's going to pull the same stunt again, Valen thought to himself. He decided to trail the kid to make sure that he got home safely, and he might get to knock a few more Plasma skulls along the way, but sadly this was not to pass. After the child reached home, Valen decided that he was ready to go. He started to head west to head to Driftveil City.
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    Rich began walking towards what looked like a tower from a castle, as he approached he realised there wasn’t a door, so he had to squeeze through a window, he found himself next to a staircase, so he naturally walked down it.

    As he approached the bottom he ended up in a massive hallway, stood at the end was a grey and brown figure, on four legs, Rich approached him slowly. He didn’t really know what to do, so he knelt down as a sign of respect, Rich didn’t even know if this was Terrakion, but he looked pretty darn powerful, so he must have been.
    “I’ve been waiting for you, boy,” Terrakion said, or thought, as his mouth didn’t move, Rich assumed it was through telepathy.

    “Now, don’t just think you’re gonna get my respect instantly, or at all for that matter, you’re gonna have to go through a challenge, to prove your worth to the powers you’ve been told about, I don’t know what that Tao guy told you, but this ain’t gonna be easy for ya’!” Rich could help but notice the Texan accent.

    “You’ll descend into some ancient caverns, to recover an item, an item special to me,”

    “Umm... Okay” Rich replied, “What is this item... sir?” He asked

    “I’m pretty sure you’ll know, now, these caverns that you’ll need to explore are just down...” Terrakion smashed his left foot down on the ground with such force that the roof seemed like it would collapse in, a massive fissure opened up in the floor, Rich leapt back to avoid falling in.
    “Here! It shouldn’t be hard to find it” Terrakion said. “It’s getting it that’ll be the problem” Terrakion grinned in a way that made Rich feel a bit uneasy.
    “So I just head down here and grab this item you’re after, right?” Rich asked.
    “Well, you’ll have to do more than just grab it... but yes.”

    “Well then, here goes!” Rich announced as he leapt down into the cavern, it wasn’t that far a drop, but Rich still stumbled as he landed, he pulled himself up. He felt a vibrating in his pocket, he reached in to find it was coming from the pokedex he was given, there was an email notification...

    ‘Congratulations, your application for being a field researcher for the Global Pokedex Research Project has been fully approved! You will now have full access to the online encyclopedic Pokedex with all the information collected in nearly two decades of thorough Pokemon research. You will also get updates on requested data for incomplete entries and the most up-to-date knowledge of every recorded Pokemon species. Please speak with your adviser and/or another local Pokemon Professor for more detailed explanations of how the system works.

    This email is also an invitation to join a discussion group formed by the field researchers under the adviser Tao. If you opt to join, you will automatically have contact information and Friend Codes for other researchers under this adviser and in the discussion group. To do so, follow this link to the contact release form and the discussion group registration.

    Again, welcome to the GPRP! We wish you the best in your search for your research, dreams, and hopes.

    Addendum from Tao: Due to us being in Unova, this automated email is inaccurate. We only have access to the local Pokedex encyclopedia, not the global, and any updates only come from a few individuals instead of the regular network. And under Ghetsis’ restrictions on research, there isn’t much that can be done for incomplete entry data.

    But please do join the discussion group to get contact information on the others working against Team Plasma. I’m certain that it will help coordinate our efforts efficiently.’

    Rich took an incredibly long time to read the email, and he still barely understood it anyway, but one thing he did understand was that Tao wanted him to go into the discussion group, Rich didn’t think that’d be much of a great idea anyway, considering his dyslexia.

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    Default Charles Allen And Bishop , Mid-AfterNoon , Peterson's House

    OoC: Sorry, LOOONNNGGG Post Here, Just Wanted To Be Up-To-Speed... And Uhm... I Need Some Friend Codes Here If I'm About To Start On My Own... -__-

    ... ... ... !

    "Hey guys! We're here!" Charles yelled as he unlocked the Peterson's door with the spare key they'd given him.

    Quickly after, Sammy and Tony (short for Samantha and Antonio), ran to his side to hug and greet him.

    "Looks like you two slept well!" Charles said admiring their bagless eyes and thier wide expressions. "So, where's Scruffy?"

    Samantha tugged Charles down the long hallway towards the kitchen, quickly starting on about the anime that'd just finished right before he'd arrived. Bishop smiled at Tony, who quickly tackled him to the floor and began to wrestle like they always do.

    "Hey! You two be careful in there!" Charles called out after watching Bishop be put in a Full Nelson.

    "...and then the hero guy, he pulled out this HUGE sword and sliced all the bad shadows away!" Samantha yelled explaining the end of her favorite show.

    "Sounds great, Sammy." Charles said as they'd entered the kitchen.

    And with a loud bark, Charles too was tackled to the ground, and soon embraced with a facade of kisses from Scruffy-the Peterson's Pokemon Herdier.

    He had to put up a fight to get Scruffy to calm down, but soon he managed to pull the playful Pokemon away and pet him slightly. He looked over towards the back door, where Scruffy's food bowl would be, and noticed the dent in its already filled contents.

    "Oh, so you two fed him already?" he asked still fighting off Scruffy's kisses.

    Sam nodded. "Yep! And Mommy left a note for you on the fridge, she said to 'tell you right away when Charles gets here', so that's what I did!"

    Charles put Scruffy down and walked over to their refrigerator to read the sticky note, thinking nothing was going to be too important as he quickly scanned over it.

    Wait, WHAT? he thought as he read over the note again.


    Some strange man came by your house this morning before we left. He just kept staring at your house for like an hour until we came out for work.
    We don't know how long he was there for, or what he was doing either, but we thought little of it because it didn't seem like he was doing much else...


    A man? Standing in front of my HOUSE?! ... Charles' face grew pale at the thought as he stared at the brown package. Samantha looked up from playing with Scruffy and noticed his scary expression.

    " something the matter, Charles?" she asked nervously.

    He studdered for an answer. "Er-uhm...N-no, Sammy. I'm fine..." he looked up at her scared face and then feigned a smile. "Hey why don't you go back into the living room and make sure Bishop and Tony haven't killed each other, huh?"

    Samantha, pleased with his answer,nodded an okay and skipped down the hallway back to the other room. When he heard the door to the next room close, he walked himself over to the kitchen table and placed all the mail out in front of him.

    Letter from Mom, more news magazines, the paper... he thought as he went over what he'd received in the letters.

    He kept scanning over the letters and when he'd seen everything, his eyes couldn't stay away from that package.

    ...Okay, what could this possibly be?...

    He peeled back a glued down fold on the wrapping and when he had a good grip on enough of it, he easily ripped the rest free. The box unnerved him slightly. No name on the return address, which he thought was going to be on the actual box since it wasn't on the wrapping, and it says that it was sent from somewhere in Central Unova.

    Around the box was a rubber band holding and envelope to it, so he decided to open that first...

    Dear Recipient:

    Please be cautious in whom you show this letter to. It may seem strange to you to get such a warning from an unexpected package, but you have been singled out for an effort to overthrow the rule of Ghetsis and Team Plasma.

    I am Tao, and I have contacted the spirits of legendary Pokemon around the region of Unova. They have agreed to work with humans to undermine the tyranny that has settled here. This will be done by linking their souls and sharing some of their power with a human partner. You have been selected by one of these great Pokemon as a potential candidate.

    I have heard stories that Deoxys is a Pokemon formed from a space virus. On encountering it, it seems benevolent, but its alien nature may take getting used to. In order to receive its blessing, you need to find it in Nacrene City and pass the test it presents to you. Team Plasma has a strong presence there, so be careful in doing so.

    The divine power you have the potential to hold is not meant for humans to wield; I am able to warn you of some dangers, but there may be others that lie hidden. But it has been agreed that the consequences of not doing anything are far worse. If you are apprehensive of using these powers, please return this package and all of its contents to the return address listed. I will ask the spirits if there is another that can be contacted.

    If you decide to accept this power, you must pledge your soul to the legendary Pokemon that has chosen you. To do this, take the pendant in the package and place a drop of your blood on the precious stone that it holds.

    Charles opened the box and took the pendant from inside since it was placed on top. It had no chain, so he'd taken some loose thread from Mrs. Peterson's sewing kit and quickly woven together a red and blue rope to hold in on.

    The pendant was odd to him at first. The jewel was a blue, sharply pointed star. It would probably be dangerous to the touch if it weren't for the reddish metallic coating surrounding it. The most intriguing part though, was the little piece of rock that was positioning on the top-right portion of the jewel.

    After staring at it on his neck for a few seconds, Charles kept reading over the letter...

    Make a request for the assistance of the legend, in your own words. When done correctly, the drop of blood will be absorbed into the stone and it should glow briefly.
    BLOOD!? Charles thought in a panic. ...That's a little EXTREME...


    When you have done this, please register your Pokedex as well.

    He pulled out the weird black gadget and it slid up as soon as he touched it, slightly starling him. The screen played a pretty fancy loading screen and a little chimed played before taking him to the Personal Data tab to register himself.

    I sure hope that this part comes with directions... he said continuing the message.


    Activate it and go to the ‘Personal’ menu, then select the ‘User Data’ option. Fill out the form there; I will be listed as your advisor in that section. When it is complete, tell it to save the data and it will ask you to register the unit. Follow the instructions there. I will receive notification of the Pokedex’s activation within a few hours of this and approve of it. You will then have full access to the Pokedex’s programs.
    ...Better do all that NOW before I lose track...

    Charles began typing away on the touch-screen of the Pokedex. It was all very new to him seeing as he'd never even known what a Pokedex WAS before all of this, let alone that it could do so much.

    ...Advisor: Tao... he read as he'd reached that portion of the form. I'd better just leave this part alone, then.

    Once everything was complete-his age, date-of-birth, and all that- he pressed 'SAVE' and a pop-up message came asking if he was sure he wanted to register under those settings. With a shrug he accepted it, then the Pokedex slid back to a close and restarted itself, which once again startled Charles, making him drop it on the table in shock.

    It loaded back up, this time with just the modern chime, and his picture popped up with all of his information on-screen.

    Hmm,... he thought. Wonder what this note says about this?...

    My contact information is listed in the address book of the unit, so please contact me by email if you need to.

    Through his experience with the Pokedex so far, Charles decided against picking it back up, thus not risking dropping it again in a sudden fit of panic.

    He touched on the 'E-mail' app on the device and the only contact that was listed was Tao's, his supposed "ally" in this little conspiracy ploy that he just accepted to take part in...


    But the legendary Pokemon wish to test you and find your true character, so I am not to tell you everything right off. Other than that, I will assist you in any way I can in order to defeat Ghetsis and put Team Plasma out of power.

    Once you have made the pledge, the pendant’s power will be awakened. It will allow you to form special bonds with ordinary Pokemon too, so that you may gather a Pokemon team to assist your efforts without needing illegal Pokeballs.


    Another Pokemon team? 'Without Pokeballs'? ...Charles heart rate increased as he read over this a few more times.

    ...Forget the Legendary Pokemon! he thought, he'd fight this 'Ghetsis' character all by himself for another chance at truly becoming a Pokemon Trainer again, even if it was on a whim.


    What you must do is find the Pokemon you want on your team and befriend it. Get it to listen to you and offer it a bond of friendship. When the Pokemon accepts, touch it with the pendant to imprint its aura onto the pendant. You must also bestow a nickname to the Pokemon in order to make certain the bond holds.

    When a Pokemon’s aura is imprinted on the pendant, it will always be able to locate the pendant, and hear your words through it. And it will come to you if you call its name while holding the pendant, no matter where it may be. This will allow you to train and organize a Pokemon team, while also allowing them to disperse to avoid suspicion from Team Plasma.

    You may also challenge the secret Pokemon League with such a team.


    ...This is surreal...Pendants and Legendary Pokemon? 'Ghetsis' and this...Underground Pokemon League?...


    In order to join, you must go to Anville Town from any subway station and locate a member of the Elite 4 or the Champion Alder. I have contacted them with information on the pendant’s bonding ability, so they are aware of the possibility. One of them can register you and give you what you need to find the Gym Leaders and earn their badges.

    Thank you for your consideration, and I sincerely hope to hear from you again.





    Charles put the letter inside the box and slid it shut, finally picking up the Pokedex again and staring at Tao's contact.

    Guess I should inbox him and tell him that I've registered...he thought mostly trying to convince himself that this was all real.


    Hello, It's Charles. I've received your letter and accept the challenge. I'll help you take down Ghetsis and whoever Team Plasma throws against me. I'll do anything to be a Pokemon Trainer, I just need to know if this is real or not. I'll try and find Deoxys in Nacrene City first, then I'll challenge the League and collect the badges...

    Until then, I'll need your help in my exploits...

    -Charles Allen.

    "That should do it..." he said getting up and walking over to the knife shelve of the drawer.

    He haphazardly picked through the set of different blades and, ironically, nicked his right index finger on a serrated kitchen blade. He quickly retreated it to his mouth, starting to halt the slow flow of blood, then soon remembered why he'd opened the drawer to begin with.

    He used his other hand and freed the necklace from his neck, then looked at the smeared spots of blood on his finger.

    Carefully angling it, Charles let a drip fall onto the blue jewel and, just like the note said, the pendant glowed a bright light blue for a second. His grip was mysteriously tightened around it as it shone, and a slight burning sensation started. But when it all phased away, Charles unconsciously placed it back on his neck, as if being compelled to do so. all he could manage to think.

    He looked at the time on the Pokedex, 2:16 PM it said.

    He wasn't worried about the kids at all; Bishop was more than enough protection with or without Charles, but he decided to check in on them anyway.

    He wrapped a little gauze around the open cut on his finger as he walked towards the living room. He could begin to hear the TV, the sounds of Samantha's favorite anime playing again (Charles thought it to have been TEVO'd) but Bishop was to busy playing Helicopter with the both of them for her to even notice it was on.

    They all saw him rip a piece of the bandages off the roll and stopped in worry. Charles' face grew quizzical and confused at first, but when he saw Tony's gaze turn to the roll, he'd remembered his bloody finger.

    "Oh! Uhm, don't worry about this guys, just a little accident in the kitchen..." he assured the group, but Bishop knew from the beginning that that wasn't particularly true. "Come on, I'll fix you guys lunch again today instead of just plain ol' takeout, huh?"

    To this the kids cheered and ran into the kitchen past him, leaving Bishop in the living room to clean up the toys. Before he started though, Bishop and Charles exchanged looks.

    ...And just like that Bishop knew.

    Something was happening, and he wasn't too sure if he should be excited about it...

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    Ah… I’m writing on a bus. Been here for 4 hours… Feeling a bit sick… Think I’m going to die… *Sigh* Band trip…

    Garnet Avaritia
    Pinwheel Forest

    I regain consciousness several hours later, feeling as if my ribs are in fragments. I glance over at the Whirlipede, who’s similarly injured.

    “One tough little bug aren’t you?” I ask wryly. The wheel-shaped centipede straightens out, and glances at me. I think he’s reflecting my comment back, although it could just as well be a request for Chinese food for all I know about insectoid facial expressions.

    An Audino drops from the trees, feelers gently running over Capo’s wounds. There don’t seem to be any real wounds, except for a slightly cracked shell. The heavy shell took most of my… assault. I’m… afraid. Genesect is changing me more than I expected. I thought I would be strong enough…

    And I will be. The voice is quiet now. I can barely hear it. I’ll learn to control it. I always do. Capo lets off a slight noise, and the Audino looks towards me. She, or I assume it’s a she, looks back with a quizzical air. Capo wiggles a feeler. The Audino comes over to me and begins to probe my wounds. I look over at Capo, who is looking away. A smile comes to my face. Having a Pokémon is better than I expected. A friend, a true friend.

    Suddenly, the PokeDex that was sent to me dings. I pull it out of my pocket and read over the email. Hmm, excellent. The power of a small core of concentrated rebels should never be underestimated. History has proven that true. Besides, a group of allies…

    Mistrust. Others can’t be trusted. Images flash by, of hunts, victories, glories. Won alone. Standing over a fallen Bouffalant, and roaring with passion. Chasing down a herd of Deerling and Sawsbuck, drawing one away with immense patience and cunning, and bringing it down. Intruders steal prey. None can intrude on my lands!

    I’m on the ground, clutching my skull. The Audino looks alarmed. I scratch at my skull, trying to wipe away the bloody scenes… and yet, they excite me. That kind of power… if I had it, no one could fight me. I take a breath. Calm… yogic breathing… in… out… in… but my heart rate doesn’t slow. I’ve read all about it… why can’t I do it? A few minutes lying down begins to calm me. Back to… back to work.

    I pull up the link, opening the registration page. I fill out my information, quickly signing up for it. At every second, I anticipate the sudden headache, the images. What do they mean? I… I can’t tell. I can’t live like this. I can’t live in constant fear… I’ll have to find Genesect quickly. I’ll have to master it…

    I shut down the PokeDex, and notice that the Audino has put down a sort of poultice on the heavy bruising on my chest. I wonder what it’s made of, but it feels good. I lift my bag, and pick up grandfather’s bokken. I feel a painful soreness all over my body.

    I consider sending Tao an e-mail about the visions… but the letter seemed to imply that Tao knew little about Genesect, and besides… I can solve my problems on my own.

    “Capo,” I call, holding the pendant. Capo, who is sitting two feet away from me, looks over at me like I’m an idiot. Hey, I feel like I understand him better!

    Capo rolls over to me. I wave a hand, and begin limping through Pinwheel Forest. I remember the paths and the shortcuts well. I traveled the forest often. I pass into a darker section of the forest, where the thick canopy obscures the sun. If I pass through here, I’ll be able to reach Skyarrow Bridge in just a few hours.

    I trip over a log, knocking into a pair of dueling Pokémon. I’ve never seen these before. One is short, bulky and red. The other is tall, lean, and blue. Their bodies appear to be made of some sort of crystal. Both are wearing martial arts gi.

    I remember my PokeDex. I pull it out to scan the two Pokémon.

    THROH: The Judo Pokémon. Fighting-Type. No other Information available.

    SAWK: The Karate Pokémon. Fighting-Type. No other information available.

    … Apparently these two haven’t been studied yet. But they seem to be fighters. Maybe I’ll get to take part in my first Pokémon battle! And-

    The blue Pokémon, Sawk, rushes towards me, a fist extended. Only years of Kendo training with my grandfather saved me. Instinctively, I brought the wooden blade up, just barely deflecting the punch, and probably dislocating my shoulder. The Sawk looks angry. Very angry. The Throh also looks upset, but less so. Four other Throh are standing in the shadows behind him.

    6 on 1? Not fair at all. Hopefully these fighters have a sense of honor, or I’m completely and irrevocably dead.

    “Capo! Use…” what does Capo know how to do? I know that he can use Rollout, but nothing else really… My PokeDex might work. But first, “Rollout!”

    I point my PokeDex towards Capo. After a moment the device dings. Capo currently is whirling towards the Sawk quickly, bashing into the Pokémon’s stomach. I feel a moment of pity. I know how that feels.

    WHIRLIPEDE: The Curlipede Pokémon. Bug-type/Poison-type. This Pokémon is protected by a hard shell. It spins its body like a wheel at high speeds to attack its foes.

    There doesn’t seem to be an attack list, but there is an attack list for Venipede, it’s pre-evolution. I assume Capo would know most of Venipede’s attacks.

    “Poison Sting!” I shout.

    Capo ceases spinning, and launches several barbs, glowing with purple poison. The barbs stick into the Sawk, and he roars with pain. He replies with a furious punch, that knocks Capo back, but doesn’t seem to do much damage. Ah, right. The type advantages chart I found in that book. Both Bug-type and Poison-type are resistant to Fighting-type. Cool. Unfortunately, the Sawk pulls back, bringing a powerful karate chop down on Capo. His shell cracks slightly, where my sword strikes hit. Capo whines in pain.

    I wince. “Sorry Capo! Use Poison Tail!”

    Capo rolls its eyes, and uses Rollout again. Except… this time his feelers and back appendages are out, and look like sharp blades in a circle around his body. That’s Steamroller! But he didn’t listen to me…

    The spinning wheel of death whirls into the blue Karate fighter, knocking him into a tree. Capo hops back, and the Sawk slumps unconscious. Victory! I prepare for one of the Throh to come up, but instead, all five bow, and carry the Sawk away.

    I walk up to Capo, who stares at me belligerently. “Sorry I wasn’t all too great of a trainer. This is my first time… Here, let me put some more berry paste on that.” I wish I had Potions, but without Pokémon, they aren’t sold anymore. I rub the Oran Berry paste on instead. I try to lift Capo into my arms, but fail. He must weigh over a hundred pounds! I rub my forehead. “I guess you have to walk, er roll, on your own.”

    Capo rolls along beside me, and we continue to Skyarrow Bridge. Finally, we arrive! The bridge is huge, and magnificent. The grand bridge runs over a road for cars and traffic. The sea is beautiful here.

    I laugh out loud. I’ve only seen photographs, but some things have to be seen for yourself.

    I look over at Capo. Maybe this journey won’t be so hard after all.
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    Default Charles Allen and Bishop , Friday LateNight , Chargestone Cave

    It's been two days since Charles left Mistralton City to start on his trek to Nacrene to find Deoxys, and ever since that Wednesday, the only thing that's been on his mind was that letter, and the Soothe Bell that came along with it.

    First, they both had to prepare their house for the leave, so they both cleaned up from attic to basement. Basically they had four floors that they barely even used; guess it'd be better for anyone else that decided to take it off their hands.

    It wasn't easy to explain to Bishop what the package had in it, and what the request was inside, but once he had a grasp on everything, Bishop decided to help out too.

    The Peterson's, while objective to the idea firsthand, agreed to let Charles help this Tao character in restoring Trainer rights to Pokemon; even if none of them were 100 percent on what it was that "Ghetsis" had in store for Pokemon to begin with.

    As for a babysitter, Charles called on an old friend he met while in Driftveil City. He was supposed to met with a little while before they reached Route 6, which they'd reach in about one more day since Chargestone Cave was so big and spacious.

    He decided to call and make sure she was still on her way, since it would have been an very difficult journey on both of their ends.
    *Ring... Ring...*

    Christian, hey. It's Charles. he greeted looking around the entrance at the bluish cave jewels.

    *Oh! Charles, hi! Whimsicott and I are almost there now, but we're setting up camp for the night. It's late and all you know?*

    Yeah, we're about to do the same then. Listen, I'll call you tomorrow; make sure you both get some rest, okay?

    *Okay, and you guys better find somewhere safe inside Chargestone. It's dangerous in there at night.*

    Yes, we know. ...Uh-huh...yea sure, we two...G'Nite.
    Charles hung up and turned to Bishop, who in turn nodded.

    "Now," he said lifting the pendant. "Let's see if this thing really works..."


    Chargestone Cave, also known as Electric Rock Cave, is home to many different forms of Pokemon. The magnetic fields generated from its core jewels are similar to those of Mt. Coronet in Sinnoh; all of which can create the evolved forms of Magneton and Nosepass; Magnezone and Probopass.


    "Okay Bishop," he said once he closed the 'Index' tab on the Pokedex.

    "We're looking for either a Joltik, a Drilbur, or a Ferroseed. Either one of those three'll do, but we're gonna need at least a 3-man team if we're gonna even attempt the Pokemon League outside of Anville Town."

    They began walking down the path in the caves, getting closer to Christian, but really looking for the desired 3-tiered Pokemon...

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    Cynthia Lawson
    Black City

    Cynthia glanced out the window. All she could see was a wall of endless black; the skyscraper across the road from the one she lived in. Once, when she was younger, she’d seen it as a cage. And then her opinion had changed, becoming a haven. Now, she was torn between the two. She wanted to go outside, into the wilderness and just run and climb and be free. But it was dangerous, she knew that. The young adult was torn.

    Sighing, she walked into the kitchen, feeling slightly peckish. Her youngest sister, Catherine, was there, pulling things out of the cupboard. She stopped when she saw her older, but shorter, sister.

    “Umm, Cyndi?” She said shyly, using her sister’s nickname. “I was going to be cooking some stuff on the stove so umm…” She trailed off, looking embarrassed.

    Understanding, Cynthia smiled kindly. “Yeah sure, I’ll get out of your hair. I’m not much of a cook.” That was a lie. She could cook just as well – perhaps even more than Catherine – but she was terrified of the small, blue flames that the stove summoned, and would probably have fled out of fear anyway. Catherine was just saving her the shame.

    Upon wandering back into the hallway, Cynthia sighed again, and leant against the wall, her mind upon the small brown package that was hidden under her bed. After looking though everything, and reading the letter carefully she had… shamefully hidden it under her bed and hadn’t done anything about it for almost a week. She really couldn’t put it off for any longer. After heading to her room and pulling the package out, she pulled it open and looked at the contents again. A note from Tao. A Pokedex. A Razor Fang. And a pendant, shaped like a Yin Yang symbol. Zekrom’s symbol. She picked it up and studied it, but didn’t really see it. In her mind, she was picturing a huge black dragon, like the one’s she’d seen on posters when Team Plasma was taking over. People around her had been in awe of Zekrom and the power he had. Her mind suddenly focused. With that power, she could rid Unova of this parasite that was feeding off it… She was decided.

    Fetching a knife from under her pillow, she cut open her wrist and let a few drops flow onto the pendant, which glowed pure black as soon as the first drop hit it.

    “Zekrom, if you can hear me, please allow me to join with you, in hope that we can cleanse Unova of Team Plasma, and make it an ideal place once again.”

    That done, she went to the bathroom to clean the knife, before getting a bandage from the first aid kit in the hallway, hiding it under her jacket. Hopefully, Catherine would never notice.

    Holding her bandaged wrist up high, she registered her Pokedex, which would have been confirmation enough to Tao that she had joined his crusade. With all that done, her mind focused on the first thing she needed to do: Find N.

    Nobody had seen the King of Team Plasma ever since they’d taken over, which would be a problem. It would be difficult to track down someone who’d disappeared off the face of the planet for 10 years. But, thinking logically, the only people who would really know where he’d gone would have to be Team Plasma itself. So, she’d have to find out what she could from members… but to get them to spill she’d have to either torture them – which she instantly dismissed as a option – befriend them, join Team Plasma or get one of them drunk. Only one of those was a possible option in Black City.

    “Oi Catherine!” Cynthia called out to her sister, without walking into the kitchen. “I really feel like going out to a nightclub tonight.”

    “Really? Yeah, it won’t be a problem, I’m sure mum and dad will be cool with it.”

    “You sure you don’t want to come?”

    “Oh gawd, I’ve told you I don’t like nightclubs. Far too loud, too many crazy people.”

    Cynthia shrugged. “Suit yourself.”

    She went upstairs and changed to something a bit more suitable for running around in a nightclub, before grabbing a handbag and walking out the door, yelling out bye to Catherine as she went. In her mind’s eye, she could see a nightclub called The Retro. Until a few others in the city, it wasn’t only for Team Plasma members, but it sure attracted a lot of them, and people who agreed with them. Cynthia being Cynthia, it would seem a bit odd for her to be there, but her story was that she was trying to find Chermona, her other sister, who had joined Team Plasma a few years ago. And she could use that to escape if need be…

    The Retro was filled with people dancing and pulsing music and flashing light and alcohol. Some guys were boasting and flexing to a group of giggling girls nearby, but Cynthia ignored them, scanning the crowd for any familiar armour outfits. She didn’t see any, but she have never expected to anyway. Pausing for a split second, she chose to go to the bar instead of a lounge on the side. That guy sitting there looked like a creep anyway.

    Trying to act casual, she took a seat at the bar and pretended to look at the drinks they had, while actually listening in to the conversations around her.

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    Entralink Village


    Hello, It's Charles. I've received your letter and accept the challenge. I'll help you take down Ghetsis and whoever Team Plasma throws against me. I'll do anything to be a Pokemon Trainer, I just need to know if this is real or not. I'll try and find Deoxys in Nacrene City first, then I'll challenge the League and collect the badges...

    Until then, I'll need your help in my exploits...

    -Charles Allen.

    Dear sir:

    This is Sarah Kinsey of Maria’s Kids Orphanage and I am writing to you on behalf of Miss Meg, whom you contacted about this pendant business and rebellion against Team Plasma. I don’t know how much you know about her, but Meg is just a five-year-old girl and I dislike putting her into a dangerous situation like your rebellion even if she will have the guidance of a legendary Pokemon. I think that this whole idea is irresponsible and reckless. Surely you know that Plasma with go to any means to keep in power?

    At any rate, Meg activated the pendant before I realized it, so unless there’s a way to undo this, she’s stuck with the job. At least I managed to convince her that she needs to wait for this chosen person of Latios to come; I hope that this isn’t another child or I will come find you myself and deal with you personally. For now, I’d like a better explanation for what you’re planning and why you’re giving these items of power to total strangers.

    -Sarah Kinsey

    While Entralink had a subway station in it, the village was small for Unova. And a good portion of it was made up of rundown and abandoned buildings. There had been a campaign from some of the Sages to shut it down entirely, leaving all of central Unova as a nature preserve for Pokemon. But other Sages wanted the village to remain, and Ghetsis seemed to have no strong opinion on the matter (fortunately). The point of contention was the great tree in Entralink and just how important it was.

    At any rate, the low population and few visitors recently made it a good option for me to organize this effort. And knowing the Plasma members around here helped, as I knew how to evade their notice. I was free to spend the day outside working while the Pokemon I worked with enjoyed the sunshine.


    I commend you for seeking proof on your own. As I’ve mentioned, I’ll help however I can. I know a fair amount about Pokemon as well as Team Plasma.

    The Gym that used to be in Nacrene was housed with a museum and a library; the building still holds the latter two functions, but is run by Plasma now. The main reason for their strong hold there is that the town used to be a gathering place for artists. Plasma seeks to control the media, including the arts, so they watch over the artists and have taken some of the old warehouses for their own use.

    Be careful out there,

    With that email sent back, I tackled the harder issue of replying to Ms Kinsey.


    The Retro Club, Black City

    There were a number of conversations flowing at the bar, with some people moving around to see which groups would be most interesting. Much of it was general gossip, although one group was chatting with the bartender about an upcoming party. In the chatter, there were two discussions that seemed to be about Team Plasma.

    One was a pair of young women and a guy near the center.

    “How many streets are we closing down in this town for the celebration?” the guy asked.

    One woman said, “We’re still working that out with the mayor. I think he needs a stronger reminder that this is for the tenth anniversary of Ghetsis’ rule and that Black City had better show more respect.”

    “These people think money can do anything.”

    “Yeah, well that isn’t going to save them if we have to pull a major crackdown on the citizens.”

    The other conversation about Plasma was on Cynthia’s other side, several seats down. There were three men there with a couple of women hanging around.

    “Listen, I don’t care if you outrank me,” one man said. “I’ve been with Team Plasma for fifteen years, so I’ve got seniority over all of you.”

    The guy he was talking to smirked. “And just how much good has that seniority given you? Face it, you’re gonna be a grunt forever.”

    “No I won’t. I’ll get back into a position of power, just you watch.”

    “How could you have been in Plasma for that long?” one of the women asked. “I thought the team had only been together for twelve years or so.”

    “You young ones don’t know anything,” he grumbled, finishing off his mug. “Back in the beginning, we were dedicated!”

    “Oh brother,” the third guy said, getting up and moving off with the two women.
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    (OOC): I’m kinda assuming Pokedollar = Yen. So 100Poke = 1 Dollar. Which makes sense, because things like Poke-balls would cost 2 dollars, potions would be somewhere around that, and rich kids give out $50 ish. Maybe I should just use US Cash. But this is the Pokémon World!

    Garnet Avaritia
    Skyarrow Bridge~Castelia City

    The bridge is beautiful and all… but it’s so long… I march unsteadily across the bridge. Capo is rolling along far ahead of me. I told him to go on first, so we don’t get caught together. My legs are killing me.

    Finally, FINALLY, I reach the other end of the bridge. What I see is even more amazing than the bridge.

    Castelia City.

    It’s massive! The buildings scrape the sky, for goodness’ sake! I gawk up, and then look down. Don’t want to seem too touristy. After all, with the Pokémon League down, there’s no reason for people to just be wandering all over the place.

    “Hey kid, you gotta pay the toll,” a man, bald and wearing a leather vest speaks to me.

    “Toll?” I ask.

    “Yeah. 5,000 Poke,” he grins at me, “or you can just turn around and leave.”

    5,000 Poke? That’s ridiculous! Big cities are expensive I guess… “Here…” I hand him 5,000 PokeDollars. He walks away, laughing. I notice Capo bashing himself into a pole, eyes shut. I look at the man, and then look back at Capo. “Oh, wait. Damn!” I shout, running towards the man.

    Theft? Theft of prey? There are weaker predators all around. A Beartic grabs at the fallen meat I stand over. I swiftly claw his eyes out, and roar. The animals flee, leaving me to my prey. Protect myself. Kill my enemies!

    The boy looks towards the man. The Whirlipede’s eyes widen, and it shivers away at the new predatory stance. He leaps forward, swiftly stepping aside a man walking towards the road. The thief turns, and he laughs. He begins speaking, but the boy does not comprehend the words. The boy strikes forward, clawing across the man’s face. He falls, and the boy rushes in for a killing bite across the throat…

    I see. I look at the man on the ground before me, whimpering and crying. I did that. No one can screw around with me anymore. I lift my money, and step over the man. That’ll teach him to steal from people. I hesitate. The thought of the blood… I run my tongue over my teeth, feeling my incisors. They aren’t razor sharp. They aren’t. I gag, feeling bile rise in my throat.

    I turn and stumble away. I return to the street, to see a pair of Team Plasma members looking at Capo. Oh, no.

    “Hey, what’s that? Those don’t live around here.”

    “Maybe it wandered in from Pinwheel Forest?”

    “Looks pretty tough. I call it, ha, ha!” The grunt steps forward, pulling a Poke-Ball from his waist. “I’m taking this wild Pokémon in for study,” he called to the watching crowd. Capo looked around, and caught my eye. I motion quickly. Capo begins spinning, and leaps into the air, hitting the grunt in the face. He rolls towards the alleyway, and I take off in a run. My legs twinge, the leaps I took while I was… out… must have pulled a few muscles. I’m not quite athletic enough to pull those off.

    As I run, I look over my shoulder to see if the Team Plasma grunts are chasing. I run, and run, and run. I come out of the alley. Oh, I’ve been running the wrong way. The sun shines into my eyes, and I see the ocean. Many children are milling about. I see a little girl on the pier. I bet I can lose myself in the crowd. I push past a businessman, hastily muttering my apologies. Capo rolls beside me. I run into the crowd of children, trying not to run anyone over. I see a glint of green, and look over curiously. … A pendant? No way! This little kid is… what the hell is Tao thinking? Sending a little, I don’t know, five year old to fight Team Plasma?

    I notice the Team Plasma grunts run out of the alley and look around. I push Capo down a few steps and under the pier. I sit down and murmur to the girl. “Hey, kid, are you… are you one of the special people that was chosen by Tao? I’m one of them too…” I whisper quietly, keeping a smile on my face for the benefit of the Team Plasma members.

    I can’t believe it. I hope the girl says that she has no idea what I’m talking about, and pushes me away. Don’t talk to strangers. Because… getting a kid into all this… I think it’s a bad idea. She’ll get herself killed.

    I lift my armband with my pendant on it. “See? And… watch out, Team Plasma’s coming.”

    The grunts come over here. “Did you see a big centipede Pokémon, a Whirlipede, about this big?” He holds his hands about three feet apart. “It’s a wild beast, and we have to capture it to keep the city safe.”

    I smile, and pray that the little girl doesn’t give me away. “No sir, I’ve just been here, on the pier, and it looks like some children are out here too. I believe I saw some crazy woman go running off in that direction with some purple ball or whatever. Maybe that’s who you’re looking for?” I point in a random direction. Hopefully, they’ll be looking for a woman, and I won’t be suspect.

    The Team Plasma grunt looks at me shrewdly. “Alright then. Remember, it’s your duty to report Pokémon to us. If you’re lying… we’ll find out.”

    “I would never sir,” I say. He walks away with his partner, and I sigh with relief. I’m alive. I look under the pier, and whisper to Capo, “he’s gone. Stay here for… what’s that?” I see a golden glint in the water.
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    Marec Golen
    Striaton City: 7:30AM

    Green eyes surveyed the top room of the Stration Cafč. Marec had been working in the building for the past two years, having set out to gain expeirience outside of the hospital's store. Running his hands through the silver of the gray of his hair, he took in the building for the last time. Oaken floors and walls, which gave off the feeling of a cottage, with half a wall cut out to make room for a window. In the far left corner of the room was a marble staircase, which had been installed during the remodling of the building some years ago. While the original owners didn't live there anymore, they'd sometimes stop by as evidenced by the mural of three symbols to represent the types the Gym had specialised in: water, fire, and grass. Finally, in the far wall, a series of hooks could be seen. Although bare, the room hadn't normally been this way. Most of the things that the original ownes hadnt left had been taken with them whereas Marec's items had been recently moved into storage.

    At first glance, one wouldn't take Marec for the twenty-two year old he was. Silvery-gray hair pulled back in a loose ponytail, rounded green eyes. Today he had chosen to adorn himself with a pair of blue jeans and a gray polo shirt. Flicking off the light to the top room, he made his way down to the bottom floor.

    "I've gotten you a few things for your trip." his boss, a kindly man who claimed to be a famous chef from another region, remarked as Marec appeared at the foot of the stairs. Red hair cut short rustled as the owner came towards him while holding a black and green colore backpack. "You got your Town Map for if you ever get lost, a few rations of food, and my old sleeping bag. I also got some apricorns and berries from a friend of mine, so you got those to spare until you get a first aid kit. And you'll want to get a tent before leaving. You be safe now, you hear?" he asked, reaching out his hand. Glasping the man's hand, he nodded as he made his way to the door.

    Once outside, Marec pulled on the backpack before tugging up the sleeve of his shirt. On his wrist was a metal watchlike band, a blue and white wing inlaid with glossy emerald set into it. Calling Mist's name, he settled on the steps of the stairs to think about the pendant and what it meant.

    'First I have to find Latias' partner. From there we can make a small detour to Nacrene to do some research in their library and then set out. But first, where do I find them,' he thought as Mist, a blue creature with an appearance similar to a crocodile patted him on the leg. Standing to dustt himself off, he began to walk. "We're going to go to Castelia first,, okay? If we're going to find who we're looking for, we should start with some of the bigger cities," Marec explained, walking alongside the Totoile.


    Marec Golen
    Striaton City: 5PM

    A week earlier, Marec could been seen climbing upstairs. Upon arrival, he began to pull off his uniform, which consisted of a blue bowtie, a white dress shirt and cufflinks,a black vest, white apron, black slacks, and a pair of brown shoes. Upon changing into a pair of jeans and a brown jacket, he sat at the table within the middle of the room.

    Taking the letter off the brown box, he read of it twice before opening the box. Inside, he'd found the Pokédex as he'd been told he would, a stonelike item knownas a Metronome, and the pendant he now wore on his right arm. After activating the Pokedéx V6 (his was black with some white here and there; how fitting), he'd completd the ritual before clasping the pendant two his wrist. The next day he'd resigned from work and had his items put into storage. Another three days had passed before he'd managed to get Mist to accept the connect. The last two days had been spent getting help from his boss before he set out.


    Marec Golen
    Straton City Pokémon Center/Hospital 7:45AM/ Straiton City Train Station 9:50AM

    Standing at the counter to the Pokémon Market, Marec smiled as he handed over the money for his tent. "Do you know when when the train to Nacrene leaves and how long it takes?" he asked of the brunette, who bowed as he handed over the tent.

    "There should be one leaving in about two hours and it shouldn't take more than two or three hours, barring delays," the man replied, smiling at Marec.

    Two hours later, Marec could be seen settling into a chair on the train, Mist sitting beside him. Leaning his head against the window of the train, he drifted off to sleep.
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    “Huff... Puff... Stay strong, Kim, you’re almost there,” I encourage myself. It is very tiring to walk through a route while fighting against harsh winds and shielding yourself from the heat of the Sun. Sometimes, summers like these can be pretty irritating. Even if this was a typical day in Castelia, the sun’s heat would repel me from having a good exercise outside as even though I don’t care for fashion, I do not want my skin to be burnt to cinders. That is why my heart screams in delight when autumn finally arrives, getting rid of the heat spells summer has brought forth. Urgh, my head’s beginning to ache now. Stay calm, Kim, come on.

    Olivia, on the other hand is doing well coping with the rough sandstorm and the intense heat. She’s making me look like a fool and I can’t stop but feel an ounce of jealousy. I know I shouldn’t be but it is in my nature to envy others should they be better than me. But I won’t let that side of me possess me when I’m with Olivia. If I did, I would do all sorts of actions just to become better. I would become reckless; a monster in other words. I need to contain all these feelings before they turn my whole life upside down. All of a sudden, I feel a jerk of support from the pendant almost as though it wanted me to remain as a green little monster forever.

    But of course, Tornadus actually encourages recklessness and it’s normally at its peak when I experience a strong jealousy.

    I should change for the better though and if this pendant says otherwise, I must ignore it. A perfectionist like me must conquer every negative quality. Oliver would be proud of me right now, no doubt. “Riii!” Olivia suddenly chirps, jolting me awake from my wandering thoughts. I don’t know why but she’s hopping around lots of times and giggling cheerily. I tilt my head, wondering why Olivia was behaving this way. She looks at my way and realizes my utter confusion and thus points forward. All I can see is more sandstorm, probably covering the view of what I was supposed to be looking at.

    I squint, determined to see what the good news was. Yes, are those...buildings? My eyes widen in shock and absolute surprise. Since when had been close to reaching Nimbasa? A mixture of feelings begin to boil inside of me; happiness because I’ve reached closer to my final destination, sadness because I already, I can see nostalgic places which mean much to me and fear because my parents live in Nimbasa and if they find me here, I wouldn’t be allowed to continue with this life. If they discovered me, I think I would have to live with them again and my life would be like a living hell.... I don’t want that.

    With that thought blazing my peace, the rest of my journey to Nimbasa was filled with scary thoughts. Right now, I’m a distance away from the gates because I had just told Olivia to stop. I need to think properly as there were now some problems. Firstly, there is the issue of my parents which I could solve by disguising myself while in the city. The second issue is that Olivia, being a Pokemon, can’t enter the town without Team Plasma capturing her. It’s really troublesome.... How can I let her in?

    Something clicks. Why shouldn’t I just disguise her too? But she would need to sleep in Route 4 for at least one night so I can buy an outfit for her. It would have to do for now. Voice quiet, I whisper my grand plan to her. She waits, thinks and then later agrees. Okay, that should be it. I walk toward the town’s gates, keeping my head low so my parents, if they should be there, did not see my face. I also didn’t want to see the town much. It hurts to see places Oliver and I had once visited. Knowing my way around here, I walk into the nearest wig store and walk to one of the shop assistants.

    “Could you give me a black wig which comes to my ears and a bald cap too? Thanks."


    Two hours later, I step out of a little shop with a small plastic bag, containing some new clothes for me along with the new outfit for Olivia. With all my tasks done, I run towards Route 4 and during my sprint, my head seems somewhat breezy with my long, red hair sealed under the bald cap. But still I run, ignoring the difference. Right, I’m almost there. Hold on, Olivia.
    All of a sudden, my pendant shoots forward excitedly and something pings on me. They startled me quite badly and my eyes begin to stare at my pocket, the source of the noise.

    The sudden attention change causes me to bump into someone....quite roughly as I had been running. A pang of pain shocks me as I fall on the ground roughly beside the unfortunate victim. I stare up and spot a teenage girl, her braid moving in the breeze. My heart begins to pump quicker for some reason and my pendant begins to shake eagerly. It sends me a spark of excitement and yet, I don’t understand why though. Suddenly, my eyes fall on her fingers as if I had been told to. My eyes widen as I see a ring with a strange pendant.

    “Are you...?” I start and then stop after I hear a whisper of someone’s name.

    “Are you Landorus’ chosen?” I eventually ask, my heart beating tensely as I wait for the girl to speak.

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    ~Riley Robinson~
    ~*Nimbasa City*~

    I sit in the gate waiting for what seems to be an eternity for some person that could possibly be a hoax. I doubt Landorus would lie though... Then I start to get restless, so I stand up and pace around for a bit. The 18-ish cute male gatekeeper then asks me,"Who could you be waiting for for so friggin' long miss?"
    "Oh my um... friend... She is taking forever trekking through the desert sir." I reply nervously.
    "That's cool. Wait as long as you want." He said and then smiled. Oh how I stink at talking to um 'cute' guys...
    I decide to stroll out of the gate, and see a feminine figure with fake-ish black hair dashing toward me in the distance. I'm assuming that must be Tornadus's chosen. Then a speck of desert sand gets stuck in my right eye which pretty much annoys me a ton. It just won't come out! But then that figure is almost right in front of me, and BOOM! Everything turns black...

    Whoa... Wha...What was that? I must've bumped into somebody... I slowly rise to my feet, and see a peculiar girl. That must be Tornadus's chosen! I'm hesitant to ask her though if she really is the person I think she is, because if she isn't, I could be insinuating to someone horrendously evil about the legendaries and stuff. I don't really feel angry about our collision, I feel... A sort of like an authority figure now. I wonder why...? I erase all that stuff out of my head as soon as she asks me",Are you Landorus' chosen?"
    I'm kind of hesitant to answer, but I think ahead of myself and respond,"Why yes I am! I'm assuming you're Tornadus' chosen then?" I then randomly ask her,"How exactly old are you anyways? And you are... Kim?" I immediately smack my hand over my mouth in disbelief that I knew her name. Well I hope she's nice...
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