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    Post Over the Edge

    I know the title's sucky but cut me some slack please. I'm not the best writer and this is my first fic.
        Spoiler:- Here are the ships:

    I welcome constructive critisism!! XD (It helps me become a better writer to prepare for college too! LOL)
    RATING - PG13, T for curse words and some romance

    Edit: This story is now posted on

    Edit: Disclaimer: I do not own Pokemon or anything else because if I did, Pokemon would be much more shippier! XD And Pikachu would love Ketchup more...

    And without further ado, this is the Prologue.


    “Hey! You over there!”

    May, a long haired brunette, looked up to see a young woman with long brown hair and a pale yellow shirt and skirt to match it hovering right above her. “Is it true you are going out with the Drew Royale?” Today, May was wearing the same outfit she always wore: a red blouse with a white mini skirt and blue shorts. Her signature bandanna with the white Pokéball logo was tied neatly around her hair. Her red shoes had a yellow stripe that stretched around the outside of the shoe and a white strap partially hid her black socks.

    Wait, Rhonda from Sinnoh? Why is she in Johto? “N-n-nooo!! Of course not!! He’s just my best friend!”

    “Oh come on! You’re gonna have to do better than that to—“ Rhonda was interrupted by a whack in the head as the pudgy man (who could use a diet) let go of the heavy microphone.

    “You!!! I’m gonna make you pay!!!” Rhonda roared. Everyone sweatdropped.

    “Uh… Rhonda, we’re still rolling.” The cameraman said.

    “Oh! We’ll stop for a short commercial break.” Rhonda feigned a smile.

    “Umm…Rhonda? Why are you here in Johto when you’re working for Sinnoh Now!?” May questioned.

    “I was just checking on the world’s hottest coordinating couple!” Rhonda replied with a hint of excitement in her voice.

    “Wh-wh-what?” May stuttered. She paused for a moment to regain her composure but ended up exploding, “HE’S JUST A GOOD FRIEND!!!” After that, Rhonda backed away still unconvinced since May was blushing furiously.

    A short distance away, a shadowy figure watched as May hurried back into the school yard after lunch with her white and black gloves clenched in fists.

    May heard a crackle in the bushes and turned her head. Stealthily, the shadow slipped away.

    Suddenly, a loud noise broke her thoughts. Oh no! It’s the bell! I’m so late! She shrugged off what she saw in the shadows. It must be my eyes playing tricks. But she just couldn’t convince herself.
    In one corner of the school yard, Rhonda was looking depressed.
    “Well, that was a disappointment! I came all the way from Sinnoh for nothing!” Rhonda complained. The cameraman and the pudgy man decided to ignore as she prepared herself for the end of the commercial break. “I know! We’ll just have to catch them in the act!” She cackled evilly.

    The cameraman and the pudgy man shrugged to each other as the pudgy man let go of the microphone again.

    "YOOOOWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!" The scream pierced the air.


    By the way, the only reason its short is because its the prologue. So please don't comment on length. But please review. I think I'll post Chapter 1 next week. I'll notify you for any further changes. (And I have no idea what a PM list is so would someone tell me please!)You also get a slice of icecream cake if you point out a mistake!! Although I think I reviewed it enough.
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