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Thread: Gotta Catch A Roggenrola! (696)

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    Roggenrola was so cute, I love its voice. At least it was more like one of the old Team Rocket episodes, with them going after a whole bunch of pokemon. I love the eviler Team Rocket, but a reminder of Team Rocket's past schemes is nice once in a while. And it's funny that of all the types Ash has owned, Roggenrola is the first rock type he's ever had (not counting Larvitar, since it was never officially owned by him). It seems like he's had practically every type, except psychic and ghost. Overall, nice episode.

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    I haven't seen the episode yet but I just found out the COTD is named Mr. Garrison in the English dub. Could this be a South Park reference?
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    I'll be honest, when it was revealed the plumbers name was Mr. Garrison, I couldn't help think "But where's his hand puppet"?

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    Team Rocket's repetitive lines are kind of annoying since we already know they want to take over Unova. There's no need to repeat this all of the time.

    Also, even though the TRio is more interesting in Unova, I'd appreciate if they at least showed some traces of their old personalities. Changing them from how they were in DP to this is kind of disturbing, especially since their tactics are getting rather cruel as shown in this episode.

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