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Thread: ♪ TomNacho's Breeding Store! ♪

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    Default ♪ TomNacho's Breeding Store! ♪

    Hi, I'm TomNacho, And I'll Be Pleased To Trade With Anybody Who's Happy To Trade With Me!

    All I Ask Is:
    1: Conduct Yourself In A Civilized Manner, No Swearing Or Offensive Language, And Caps Lock Is Also Prohibited, Any Of This'll Result In Me Declining Your Trade, That's Not To Much To Ask, Is It?
    2: Make Decent Offers, My Level 49 Shiny Wailord'll Be Awful Sad If He Were To Be Switched With A Level 5 Purrlion.
    3: I Will Elaborate On The Details Of The Pokemon In My Shop, And In Return, I Ask You To Do The Same, No "i haz a good basculin", I'll Ask For Something Along The Lines Of "I'm Interested In Your XXXXX, I'm Offering My Level XX XXXXX Which Is Male/Female" And Then Go Into Further Detail If Necessary.

    Well, Without Further Ado, Please Look Through My Small Collection Of Pokemon, And See What You Like, And PM Me, Or Post On This Thread!


        Spoiler:- 1st Gen:

        Spoiler:- 2nd Gen:

        Spoiler:- 3rd Gen:

        Spoiler:- 4th Gen:

        Spoiler:- 5th Gen:

    I Can Train To A Level You Specify
    Give Black Blitzles With Spark
    Evolve By Trade
    Move Teach (I Have Every TM/HM)
    Basically, Ask Me To Do Something, Offer Me Something In Return,
    And We'll Sort A Deal

    I Also Have A Master Ball, If Anybody Wants To Gimme An Offer For It!

    I'll Get My Legendaries & Shinies In Store Soon!
    White FC:
    I've Got Pretty Much Everything Except For The Things In My Wants, But My Sig Had To Many Characters, So I Had To Downsize It A Lil Bit, Sorry!
    Got A Master Ball, So PM Me With A Half Decent Offer.
        Spoiler:- Wants:

    I Find It Easier To Trade When Voice Chat Is On
    But You Might'nt Be Able To Understand My Welsh Accent

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    Black City,Unova Region


    I Want Your Oshawott And Tepig Trade With My Druddigon(Sheer Force) And Boldore (To Get Gigalith)
    Pokemon Black FC'ASH':5243-2984-6844

    Name: Reshiram
    Adopt one yourself! @Pokémon Orphanage

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