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Interested in:
PKTOPIA Electivire
PKTOPIA Magmortar
Mystic Ticket Lugia
Enigma Stone Latias
Pokemon Movie 10 Suicune
Pokemon Movie 09 Pichu
WORLD09 Weavile
VGC09 Milotic

You were interested in:

Concert Chatot ペラップ Jolly Lv.25 OT: コンサート 10286- Somewhat Stubborn
SHINY Hadou Mew ミュウ Lax Lv.10 OT: ハドウ 50716- Good perseverance
Meowth ニャース Jolly Male Lv.5 OT: ポケパーク 50318- Likes to thrash about
Celebi セレビィ Brave Lv.30 OT: ポケパーク 60632- Somewhat vain
Mew ミュウ Calm Lv.30 OT: ポケパーク 60510- Somewhat of a clown
Lucario Modest Male Lv.50 OT: PALCITY 07157- Strongly Defiant
E4ALL Manaphy Adamant Lv.50 OT: E4ALL 10187- Likes to thrash about
Togepi トゲピー Sassy Female Lv.20 OT: レオ 08756– Strong Willed (E-Card)
Aura Mew Adamant Lv.10 OT: Aura 20078- Loves to eat
Shiny Magby

The Shiny Hadou Mew isn't available anymore since it was discovered available on Pokecheck. I also am hesitant to trade the taiwan pokemon events as they are rare.