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Thread: Pat's PokéMart

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    Default Pat's PokéMart

    Yeah, this is my first trade shop and I hope I actually get offers. My list isn't bricked like most peoples but I'll sell what I can.

    RULES and stuff:
    -No Hacks (I can identify them and will reject the offer if suspicious)
    -DO NOT offer a trade if you can't trade today, I can't stand people who are like "sorry, can't trade now, tomorrow, okay?" and then forget that we set up a trade
    -I'll PM you if I'm interested in your offer, otherwise I'm not
    -Can lend Pokemon if you have proper collateral
    -Please be reasonable, I think you all can know this
    -I don't care about Natures/IV's and for the "common/shiny" pokemon it doesn't matter if they're UT or not

    Pokemon I have:
        Spoiler:- Spoiler:

        Spoiler:- others:

        Spoiler:- items:

        Spoiler:- WANTS:

    P.S. My FC is: 4641-8583-8774, and register me as "Pat"

    Friend Code (Omega Ruby): 2638 2630 1737
    Register as "Patrice"

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    Why do you care?


    i can give u all of these for Arceus
    -Nidoran male or female
    -Leaf Stone
    Zorua Lover
    White friend code: 4856-6588-6063 offering:
    all gens. starters, zoruas,zoroacks, 3 Johto beasts, most legendaries from other gens.
    i can also infect pokemon with pokerus!
    I'm free to trade between 2-8 pm me with an offer at any time
    when we trade plz turn ur chat off
    wants: CUTE pokemon, shiny pokemon

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    what do you want for the gamestop deoxys
    i can ev train your pokemon
    if you give me a request for an egg move i will do it if you have a good offer

    ive got a shiny kyrem (pending trade)
    sig under construstion

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    i can give you shiny zoroark and salemence and maybe a couple other shinies for Arceus if that sounds fair=)
    upcoming Black Team:
    Black FC:4427-1172-7186
    if anyone would like to have a casual battle please pm me! =D

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