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    Default RedHairedKing's Trade Shop!

    Temporarily closing trade shop due to problems connecting to the internet.


    1. All normal rules apply

    2. Please post your offers and what you want in this thread. Do NOT send me a PM unless I PM you first or reply to you in this thread to arrange a trade.

    3. Please use proper grammar and the standard font.

    4. I will not accept hacked Pokémon. If you knowingly trade me a hacked Pokémon and refuse to take it back, I will add you to my blacklist. On the same note, if I ever unknowingly trade you a hacked Pokémon that I got from the GTS, I will refund your Pokémon.


    NOTE: All Pokémon are UT unless otherwise stated. All non legendary Pokémon are level 1 hatched from eggs unless otherwise stated. I am able to hatch eggs of almost any Pokémon, I am not going to type out the names of every Pokémon. If there is a specific Pokémon you need please post a request.

    Standard Pokémon (non legendary)

        Spoiler:- Kanto Pokémon:

        Spoiler:- Johto Pokémon:

        Spoiler:- Hoenn Pokémon:

        Spoiler:- Sinnoh Pokémon:

        Spoiler:- Unova Pokémon:


        Spoiler:- Kanto Legendaries:

        Spoiler:- Sinnoh Legendaries:

        Spoiler:- Unova Legendaries:


    I can offer most items in the 5th generation games. I have saved all of my rare candies. I would consider trading my master ball if the offer was good enough. Post what items you would like and what you are offering and I will see what I can do.


        Spoiler:- Shinies:

        Spoiler:- Standard Pokémon:

        Spoiler:- Legendaries:

    Pending trades:
    1. Screweh
    2. Matt36
    3. Confusious
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