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Thread: 2fast2good's Events and stuff Shop!!

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    Default 2fast2good's Events and stuff Shop!!

    Welcome 2fast2good Shop!!
    Welcome to my shop, im very happy to see you here!
    If you are looking for some legal pokemon you are in the correct place!
    Cause in my country all are Pura Vida!

    Some Rules:
    - All other SPPf rules apply here as well as the TRADE SHOP FORUM RULES.
    - Don't offer any kind of hack (Shiny, Event, Item, etc).
    - If you think I have traded you a hack, I will trade you back your Pokemon. Although, I will accept clones as I do not consider them as hacks.
    - You can post offers on this thread or via PM (I will just Ignore any VM)
    - If you FC is not on your Signature or is another one, please include it in your request post or PM.
    - I may clone the pokemon i will trade you before the trade.
    - Do not do spam, and be patient, i have a job, a social life, and university, however i check the forum all the days, so i will answer you request as fast as i can.
    - Dont offer me Flawless pokemon because i will just ignore it.
    - Make Razonable offers acording what do you want
    - All my offers are on 5th Gen cartridge so if you offer me something from old gens try to trasfer to 5th gen firts

    Now my offers:


        Spoiler:- 5th Gen Events: :

        Spoiler:- 4th Gen Events::

        Spoiler:- Shinys::

        Spoiler:- Dream World Females::

        Spoiler:- Egg Move::

    Pokerus is offered upon request.
    Have some BattleSubway Items, Evos Stones, and other items to trade.

    Now the wants:
        Spoiler:- Looking For::

    All trades must be for legits pokemons.
    Any other offer will be checked and reply if im interested.
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    3DS Friend Code: 1075 0759 9103
    Friend Safari: Swirlix, Togepi, Floette.

    Looking for X/Y Exclusive MegaStones (PM to offers)

    If your first language is spanish let me know, we can talk in that language for better comunication i guess.

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