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Thread: "Don't Think, Just Do" A Pokemon Fanfic.

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    Post "Don't Think, Just Do" A Pokemon Fanfic.

    Prologue: The Origin Of The Facepalm

    ...Things go about the same these days in Sinnoh. Or, at least, this is what is considered "Normal" for these two boys. And today, like many others, is of little to no exception. Today, this one young boy realizes just how normal his days will get, seeing as his friend (who shall be named shortly) is about to have an very unexpected change of pace from here on in...
    From my recollection, I think I remember the first half being told to me like this...

    ... ... ...

    ... "Seriously?" the incredulous voice of an young male asked. He fixed his red-framed glasses back onto his face to assure himself of what he was seeing.

    "What, not good enough?" another boy asked back actually thinking that dignified a response.

    They both observed an pretty agitated Gardevoir, heavily dosed with pounds upon pounds of ridiculous colors of makeup. Lipstick, mascara, heavy over-furrowed eyebrows, everything but the shoe polish was but on Gardevoir's face and body.

    The first boy slapped his face and dragged his palm down the length of it, stretching the skin as far as he could as to hide his disgust and anger.

    "Billy," the first boy said as he grinded his teeth together. "I gave you my Pokemon under one condition. Do you remember what that was?"

    To this Billy raised his finger to his mouth; his trademark sign to show him being deep in thought.

    "Hmm...Something about..." Billy kept mumbling things such as this, trying to prolong the scolding he was going to receive from forgetting the one and only condition.

    "You forgot didn't you?" he asked.

    "Uh! ... Well, yea. Sorry Mickey..." Billy replied.

    Billy shielded himself up as Mickey slowly raised his arm. But after a few seconds, he didn't hear any yelling. He turned back to Mickey to find his eyebrows raised expectantly at him as he wiped away the excess makeup from Gardevoir's face.

    "Two days ago, Billy..." Mickey started continuing to clean his Pokemon. "You told me that there was a Pokemon Contest in Veilstone City. Remember that?"

    Billy raised his hand again, then snapped.

    "Oh yeah, yeah..." he finally said. "I remember now! That lady came up to and handed me that piece of paper!"

    Mickey stopped for a second to reach into the coat pocket of his favorite red jacket. Gardevoir quietly sighed as it finally had some time to relax its face.

    "And did you READ that paper, Billy?" he asked as he pulled out the yellow sheet and handed it back to his friend.

    "Oh, uhm...No I guess I never got around to it..."

    Mickey's eyes rolled. Got around to it... he spat at the words in his mind.

    Billy skimmed the paper at first, then re-read it after he came across one or two key points.

    Calling all Trainers!

    Are you interested in entering your prized Pokemon in the beauty pageant of her dreams?! Well your wait ends here! Today at 3:00 PM, come showcase your Pokemon's grace and passion, by signing up for the
    15th Annual Walk-In Pokemon Pageant!

    Entries Begin at Noon Today in the Veilstone City Pokemon Center!
    First Place gets a years supply of cosmetics from Pokemon Quarterly, and a cash prize of 500!!!

    The paper covered Billy's view of Mickey and his Gardevoir, so he slowly lowered it to peek at how Mickey was looking. Embarrassed and shocked, he tried to slip away as the two were still cleaning up.

    "Billy..." Mickey slowly said, stopping him cold.

    "Uhm..." Billy laughed. "Y-yea, Mickey?"

    "Do 'ya see why I'm upset now?"

    The paper flew around in his grasp from the winds coming in from the West, and Billy could only feel the chill as they passed over them. Mickey, having just finished with Gardevoir, balled up the raggedy washcloth and tucked it into the same pocket the paper emerged from. He sighed heavily, then sharply glared back to Billy.

    "...That WASN'T a Pokemon CONTEST!" he yelled. "It was a BLOODY BEAUTY PAGEANT!!"

    Billy knew that Mickey was furious now, because usually 3 things happen when he is:

    1. He yells.
    2. He never breaks eye contact
    3. His British accent comes out clear as day

    He tried his hardest to calm him down.

    "Okay," he said. "I know your upset, but what's the big deal? We still won!"

    There was a big pile of different Pokemon cosmetics lying in the middle of where they'd set up camp. Now, you would think that carrying a huge crate of makeup would come off as odd when you see a young teenage boy happily tugging it along a path, but it had to have been downright embarrassing for the Pokemon that was forced to wear it.

    Mickey's nostrils flared in disgust as he thought about this, then he walked over to their campsite and rummaged through his bag. After a few seconds, he pulled out a thick binder with a lot of papers neatly tucked inside. Once he'd found the sheet he wanted, Mickey smacked it in Billy's face for him to read.

    Pokemon Certificate
    Name: Garde
    Species: Gardevoir
    Date of Capture: June 6th
    Gender: ... o_o*!!

    ... Oh, no ...

    "Do you see it now Billy?" Mickey asked, hoping for Billy's safety he knew the correct answer.

    Gender: *Male*

    "The reason I'm so livid wit' you, is b'cause Garde is a BLOODY BOY!" he yelled. "You entered my BLOODY Pokemon into a GIRLS only 'booty pageant!"

    Haha...he said 'booty'! Billy laughed to himself after hearing Mickey's angry interpretation of 'BEAUTY'.

    Mickey growled and pulled out one of his Pokeballs. With a press of the button, it enlarged and he tossed it into the air.

    "Go, Maestro!" he called out.

    Kricketune, or Maestro as it was nicknamed, stood by Mickey's side, just as angry and fuming mad as its Trainer. Garde took HIS position aswell, both ready to strike when commanded.

    Mickey affixed his glasses onto his face once more, the glare from the sun making him look even more devilish.

    "Maestro," Mickey said, beginning to give an order. "Use Act I, Overture..."

    The hallmark of Maestro's moveset was all thanks to a training regiment Mickey'd taught him earlier as an Kricketot. 'Act I: Overture' is a series of planned movements and songs that lulls any Pokemon (or in this case, Trainer) into moving exactly how Mickey wants his opponents to.

    At the precise moment the foe is in the position desired, Mickey delivers the final blow...

    Billy knew of his style of battle with Kricketune, but never even heard of some of their songs together; let alone the heart-racing fact that he'd decided to use a new composition on him.

    Billy however, had a special strategy on his own. He has an special training style of working in moves as quickly as possible then leading to a grand finale to top it all off.

    ... But as I said, most of Mickey and Billy's mishaps are more than commonplace on days such as this,

    ...and for Billy, TODAY was starting off just as normal as ever. He'd even come up with a new style of battling:

    ...Running...Like Hell...

    __________________________________________________ ______________

    Okay. Please tell me what you all think! I love constructive criticism because it helps me get better. I had plans not to too much introduce Billy and Mickey's looks to you guys just yet. (Saving that for the actual CHAPTER, but I think I did a pretty good job personality wise...)

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