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Thread: Draya's Master Shop of Darkness (simple banners and sprites)

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    Default Draya's Master Shop of Darkness ~sol

    photobucket lags... alot
    i do all pic with transperent backgrounds
    if the background is white it should fix itself up in a coupple of hours

    Shop of Darkness is:CLOSED

    1. All SPPf Rules Apply
    2. If I am taking a while with you work... DONT RUSH ME
    3. Don’t be rude... please and thankyous are always nice
    4. Give credit either under your sig or as a link
    5. Feel free to leave a message after I’m finished with you work
    6. I hate spam. If you have any questions feel free to drop a PM
    7. Only 5 on the waiting list at the most (i will close the shop if there is too many)
    8. If the shop is closed THAT MEANS NO MORE REQUESTS
    9. Only a maximum of 3 requests at a time... if you are on the waiting list, please don’t ask me for something else (unless you wish to edit)
    10. if you are alredy on the waiting list dont request again... just edit you last post then drop me a vm/pm so i know
    11. Breaking these rules will result in a strike

    Strikes and their meanings:

    <x> strike one is a warning
    <xx> strike 2 is a one day ban
    <xxx> strike 3 is a week ban
    <xxxx> you are banned for life... now we don’t what that do we

    What I can Do

    Crazy Psycho pokemon
        Spoiler:- crazy options:

    Pokemon Chaos
        Spoiler:- chao options:

    Dream world Splices
        Spoiler:- Dw splice options:

    Trainer's Card
        Spoiler:- trainer card options:

    Team Pose
        Spoiler:- Team pose options:

    Cosplay Trainers

        Spoiler:- cosplay trainer options:

    Custom Trainers
        Spoiler:- custom trainer options:

    Sprites of Darkness
        Spoiler:- Dark sprite options:

    User bars
        Spoiler:- User bar Options:

    Simple Banners:
        Spoiler:- Banners:

        Spoiler:- Waiting list:

        Spoiler:- Strikes and bans:

    Egg and evolution by PokemonTrainers
    Lickys and flyer By PikaPal_Lyra
    zorua/zoroark illusion by PikaPika677
    Neo Rocket grunts by Lil Legend
    shadowed be evoloution by arceusvictini
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