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    Pokemon: Dawn of Darkness is a new, fan made, Pokemon MMORPG that will soon be made available for free public download. This of course only shows some of the things on offer and we are heavily in development so we bring out updates a few times a week most of the time.

    Here's a basic summary of what we have to offer:

    - 99% server uptime based upon the last 12 months of work.
    - Practically lag free gameplay due to many anti-lag systems at work in the core server coding
    - Many items, pokeballs, greatballs, ultraballs, revives, potions, status cures and many many more fully functional
    - Almost all types of evolution supported! Happiness, day/night etc are working correctly
    - Scam proof trading system
    - Custom game world, it will eventually hold 5 fully custom regions
    - Nicknamer, move tutor and other cool NPCs
    - Too many features to list, and the list is always growing!

    Please be sure to visit our website and forum at HAI ADVERTISINGto see the latest editions and here is a link for the planned updates of the June month
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