Is it just me or does the whole situation of 'Ash and friends enter an area where a crime happened and are instantly blamed for it' happen a lot. Guess innocent until proven guilty doesn't exist in the Pokemon World.

I also didn't really understand why the writers had Ash bring out Roggenrola for this. I mean considering they were tailing the pokemon, wouldn't Tranquil have been a better choice since she has an aerial view. And while I'm on it, what did TR even want with a bunch of Tabune anyway? And why did Ash need to scan Tabune when he sees one every time he goes into a Pokemon Center? Did the writers think we forgot what one was since last week?

Overall, this episode wasn't really all that interesting to me and based on the title, I can't help but feel that based on the title, the episode would have been better if it was a real mystery instead of anther case with TR obviously behind it.