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Thread: Harvest Moon Stage

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    Default Harvest Moon Stage

    Don't let the title fool you, this is not a Harvest Moon game thread X3. It's just to post my art, get some critique, advertise my shop[see the banner in my sig!] and hopefully meet some new people =3.

    The pics are huuuuge, but thats only cause I have no idea of the right dimentions that should be used in Gimp and tend to just use A5 for everything ^^'

    I have some Pokemon:

    My Serperior Ryukishu, who's French [despite his Japanese name] and my best friend Mystic's Audino, Sonata, who's Welsh and has a crush on him ^^'

    Jazon [Butterfree] and Devon [Beedrill] are two of my Fire Red Nuzlocke pokemon~

    Little Chibi Red~

    You may have seen a smaller version of this in VictiniMaster's signature, it was a request in my shop Shameless Advertising

    The large version of my Avatar that I use on DeviantART [My username is Kae-amp-Insanity]

    The members of Team Kevrix, a non-existand PMD team I made X3

    The first lineless picture I ever drew~

    Request in my shop by Sweet Dreams~

    Another request, by Latios_lover this time~

    Request, another by Zozo1999

    My Smeargle Leo, showing you how much he loves you~ This pic is old.

    Moar Leo~ He does actually know spacial rend~ Again, oldish

    Some of my OC's~

        Spoiler:- Warning, Blood:

    Cute little pic I drew while bored X3 It's Akai and Kaiven, my Wolf Twins~

    My...I dunno, sona? I guess you could call her that...I use her to represent me when I draw myself [although usually the blue is red]. I drew this after walking into my Nan's glass door X3

    Why yes, this is a MLP: FiM OC, how did you Guess?

    Masq and Kaiven doing the Matryoshka dance. Masq is the brown haired tall one, Kaiven is the short Black.Orange one~ This is new.

    Old reff I drew of my Fursonathing X3

    Chibi the Linheraptor being sad <=(. Old

    Otis and Kyle [Archer and Lemur-boy], these two are used in English exams, and I like to doodle them in [surprisingly] English class X3. Sorta old

    Hari, a creature of my own creation, is not happeh. My friend Mystic and I created him and Kama [below] in Art class when we were bored. I don't draw them enough... Slightly old.

    Kamakiri, Kama for short. Was created with Hari [above], pic drawn just before Hari's.

    Ajhdspfoka I love this picture soooo much~ I drew it during my exam leave, mid May-ish. It's Masq and Kaiven being cute ¬w¬

    Rodreich [left] and Pharo [right] being cute. I seem to like drawing my babies being cute, ne? Drawn about a month ago, give or take a week or so...


    My love for this picture is unexplainable. It took 3 days~

    A baby Kougra drawn for one of my Neofriends~

    Still not sure if I really like this...It's RatselFalter, my Starry Bori, but I really don't like his face here....


    Drawn for Zozo1999, a request in my shop. This is the less violent version, to see the one with blood go here

    Haha I don't even know why I'm posting this! It's a picture Mystic took of me that I doodled on ¬3¬

    Data and Geordi from Star Trek; The Next Generation 83

    Random Unicorn-Dog. His name is Benji o3o

    The Dreamons, odd creatures created after I had a reeeeallly weird dream...

    Random dragon I made in my first year of [Scottish] High School...The pic is fairly recent though~

    Paper children! Top to bottom: asq, Kaiven, Dougle, Akai, Rodreich, Pharo~

    I call it; the Leaning Tower of Dreamons~

    A-cat-suki...Gettit? The akatsuki from Naruto, as cats o3o. This pic is very old, but I love how TobiKitty came out, even if the anatomy is horrid~

    So, What do you think? Good? Bad? So terrible you fell from your seats in disgust?
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    Also, if you want to check my art out first, go here!

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    I currently have a claim on Sweden and Finland from Axis Powers Hetalia, who are so cannon it's Moe.

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