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    Quote Originally Posted by pikadon92 View Post
    Hey guys, Rotom can learn swagger. It can be given to Fan Rotom, though confuse ray is a better option due to accuracy. Swagger has 90% accuracy compared to Confuse ray's 100%, but it'll boost your foe's attack in the process as well and increase confusion damage! Bonus points against guts users.

    Oh, and in double and triple battle, Fan rotom could be a potential ring target holder and an awesome partner with earthquake users. Give it trick too, and use it on a flying foe so that it will not be sparred by EQ. Ring target is worth mentioned on particulary Fan Rotom because even if it's hit by EQ and its item activates, its ability should save it from getting any damage at all.

    Now how does iron ball affect Fan Rotom? Will it still be immune to ground moves?
    Continuing from here, this is how fan rotom could be played in non-single battles:

    Not Ring Target'd
    Fan Rotom@Ring target
    Nature: Modest
    EV: 252HP, 252Sp. Att, 4 Def or Spdef
    -Air Slash/Hex
    -Confuse Ray/Swagger

    Ring Target would normally cancel its holder's immunity. But Fan Rotom has leviatate, so even if its flying type immunity is cancel, its ability will still block ground attacks. Against flying-type pokemon, use trick and your partners can EQ all they want. Or you can use trick on ground foes to paralyze them.

    Discharge hits all foes, but at the price of hitting your allies too. Thunder has the same chance of paralyzing as discharge with 30%, but it has more power. Better to be used in rain dance team though. Finally, T-wave sacrifices power for a guaranteed par.

    Air Slash and Hex are offense options. The former helps flinch while the latter takes advantage for par.

    Finally, the last slots involves confusion to minimize the chanse of your foe attacking. As mentioned earlier, CR is more stable while Swagger helps chip HP off. If you're onto stopping foes from using moves, use Aire Slah and CR. If you're onto offence, use swagger.

    With 86 base speed and the lack of choice scarf, fan rotom might not be able to outrun sweepers with thunderwave regardless of EVs. Therefore, I took the bulkiness approach.
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