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Well I did say I just chose Mowtom because he looks like a psycho.

Also, I run Me First on my Mewtwo in Ubers, Palkia doesn't like Spacial Rend coming to him. *Example*

And, uh... I said nothing about Magnezone. Was it an example? I didn't catch it if it was...
Oh, I'm sorry, Magnezone was actually a guy who could replace Rotom-A from the dual screens slot. Forgot to mention that.

On a completely unrelated note, Garchomp is now banned from OU again (according to Smogon), so I guess Rotom-A will never fear a swift Outrage or Stone Edge from Garchomp. On the other hand, Latios is not banned from OU (again, from Smogon)... yet. A Timid Latios's +1 Life Orb Dragon Pulse can 2HKO max HP / max SDef Rotom-A, so Latios has to be included as a check to Rotom-A (not as a direct counter, as 246 SAtk (0 SAtk EVs with a 31 IV) Rotom-F can OHKO Life Orb Latios with no investment in defenses).