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Thread: Scrafty- DD, DP, BU, I'm confused!?!

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    Default Scrafty- DD, DP, BU, I'm confused!?!

    ok so i am making a 'Moxie' Scrafty for my 1vs1 team.
    But there is a problem...his moveset!
    i would prefer to have the following:

    Scrafty@ Impish
    Evs: 136 DEF - 136 S.DEF - 252 Speed
    Drain Punch
    Rock Slide
    Dragon Dance
    but i dont think he can 'legally' have Drain Punch and Dragon Dance together?

    if this is true, would the following moveset be better:

    Scrafty@ Calm
    Evs: 252 Def - 252 S.DEF - 4 HP
    Stone Edge
    Drain Punch

    i want him to slowly pick them off one by one, to gain moxie.
    He wont be my lead, and i already have 'Quick Sweepers' so basically, is it possible for him to have Drain Punch and Dragon Dance together?
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    Personally I prefer a BU set, but IF you don't want to use bulk up, then the DD set could work.

    Oh, and Smeargle can solve the problem of the DD and Drain Punch Combo.

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    It breeds with Smeargle, meaning he can learn any combination of his egg moves.

    Best offensive Scrafty set is this:

    Scrafty @ Leftovers
    252 speed / 252 attack / 4 hp

    Dragon Dance
    Drain Punch
    Ice Punch

    But use the single questions thread next time.

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