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    Default ミ★ their rooms

    ♥ rules

    • All SPPf rules apply
    • Please, always give credit
    • One request at a time
    • Do not PM/VM me to request
    • I will take 3 request at a time, but my friends can request anytime even if the waiting list is full
    • Don't give me to many images to work with, and only 1 image for avatar
    • Provide your own image
    • High quality image only
    • Always use the form
    • Be nice, don't flame, bash or nag, I'm doing you a favor
    • Do not ask to be worker, I don't want one
    • I spend times to make it for you, you should at least use it, unless it's super crappy or something like that
    • I'm going to do banner and icon only for now
    • Oh yeah, speak English, proper English

    ☂ waiting list - open

    1. open
    2. open
    3. open

    ♫ examples



    ♪ forms

    banner/avatar (choose one, delete another)

    *All graphic are made by me respectively, please don't use it without my permission
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