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Thread: Arcanine Lover's Trade Shop

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    Default Arcanine Lover's Trade Shop

    Welcome to Daratinitamer's and my trade shop!

    For frequent traders/ I.O.U.s
        Spoiler:- Whitelist:

    I would Love If you came Here to trade with me

    I run on EST (That is GMT -5 right now).

        Spoiler:- Announcements:

    Now For The Rules Of My Shop:
        Spoiler:- rules:

    You can get a strike for not following my rules.
    One Strike= Banned for 3 days
    Two Strikes= Banned for a week
    Three Strikes= Banned for two weeks
    Four Strikes= Banned for a month
    Five Strikes= Banned forever
    Break the fifth ban and you get blacklisted and I will tell all shops about you. 5 chances are more than enough chances.
    Strikes are listed for two months, but if your ban is over you can post again.

        Spoiler:- Services:

    Trade Ratio:
    Ratios go both ways
    1 DW = 1 DW
    1 Shiny = 1 event/ 1 shiny pokemon
    1 Event = 1 Shiny/ 1 event pokemon
    3 DW = 1 event/ shiny pokemon
    2 regular shiny = 1 flawless shiny
    4-5 DW = 1 flawless event/ flawless shiny pokemon (flawless events coming soon I hope)
    Normal pokemon = normal pokemon
    *Subject to change depending on pokemon and nature
    I will accept almost any pokemon.

    Use this form {my pokemon for your pokemon} Then put your name. I will copy paste them all to the front because I am getting a lot of trade offers. Anyone who does not do this will not be able to trade with me.

    GiveAway! Flawless Japanese Modest Ditto!
    Ditto is free to everyone (Since people have been asking about that) I want more people to have great pokemon!
    You do not PM me unless I tell you to. Any offers made over PM or posted on my page will be ignored. If you tell me that a pokemon is hacked, give me proof and I will refund your pokemon if it is true.

    Got a NEW Shiny!
    Some of these may be from GTS I will try to hack check before I post them.
    Ask me about my other shiny pokes!
        Spoiler:- Shinies:

    Ask about other Event Pokemon
        Spoiler:- Events:

    I have some DW Females, Just ask about them

        Spoiler:- WANTS:

        Spoiler:- credit:

        Spoiler:- Pending Trades:

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