Smogon announced yesterday morning that Garchomp has once again been banished to Ubers.

From Smogon:

"In case you weren't aware, OU suspect testing round 4 finished the other day, and the voting has been going on since then. First, the Non-Pokemon Voting finished, resulting in no bans. Just last night, the Pokemon Voting ended, resulting in Excadrill, Latios, and Deoxys-S being OU, Thundurus being put on watch due to obtaining a simple majority, and Garchomp being banned by supermajority! Yes, that's right, Garchomp is banned from OU... Again! In response to this ban, the Dream World and BW OU tiers on the Pokemon Online server have had their ladders reset for the new period. Partake of the new suspect testing round 5 and see how you fare in a metagame without Garchomp!" ~Rising_Dusk

This thread is to discuss how this will effect the BW OU Metagame. Personally, I think that we will see a slight drop in the number of Sand teams that are used, which, based on the massive amount of them I've seen on PO, will improve Poke-diversity and make things more interesting.

I also think that we will see a sharp rise in the usage of Salamence and Haxorus. People will want another dragon with huge, Garchomp-esque offenses to take Garchomp's place. Dragonite is already extremely prevalent as a bulky dragon, but I think these two dragons, which have thusfar lived in the shadow of Garchomp, will find dramatically increased usage.

What does everyone else think?