Im really glad this happened, Chomp was I think one of the biggest things making the cureent metagame so unbalenced. So far with the other suspects

Thunderus: Annoying, but beatable, though that may be because i run Mamoswine. Even if i didnt though, its SR weak, limiting its switches, and is relativly frail, making it easy to take out for some of the metagames top threads like CBnite and Lead Tanktar.

Excadrill: I presonally hate this guy, but he can be, again, easily beaten. Mamos Ice Shard does around 50%, and he's also checked by some of the games top threats like Gliscor, Rotom-W, and any Weather other than sand.

Reinucleus: I dont even know why this is here. Its strong, but nowhere near broken. Tyranitar, Scizor, Excadrill, Spectoed, and many more can beat it

Deoxys-E: The only thing to look out for is a Psycho-Boost, other than that though, again, Tyranitar, Scizor, and many more pokes have a bug or Dark type attack Kill it.