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Thread: The ~ Clefairy ~ MoonBase ~ Boutique

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    Default The ~ Clefairy ~ MoonBase ~ Boutique

    Hello! Welcome to my Boutique!


    Along with all the serebii rules, I have these ones also.

    1) I like to try to keep trades fair, and do Event nature switches when possible, but I am flexable and a generous trader

    2) Please no swearing or abusing people or myself on Thread, I will treat you and others with respect,so please try to do the same

    3) If you trade me pokemon with false information, PowerSave Date Pokemon obtained after the Powersave date or it turns out to be a Hack etc, I will message you to arrange a tradeback, if you ignore my request then I have to report you, and you may be banned from my shop

    4) Have Fun!

    I can clone your pokemon for you if you want to keep a copy for yourself

    FC 1822 0226 2009 IGN Lucy

        Spoiler:- Wants:

    Now here is what I have to offer

    Generation 6 Events

        Spoiler:- Halloween White Gengar:

        Spoiler:- Taiwan Wonderland Darkrai:

        Spoiler:- Fancy Pattern GTS Vivillon:

        Spoiler:- SUM2014 Vivillon:

        Spoiler:- SUM2014 Heracross:

        Spoiler:- SUM2014 Pinsir:

        Spoiler:- GAME 2014 Charizard:

        Spoiler:- Movie Diance:

        Spoiler:- Pokebank Celebi:

        Spoiler:- SPRING 2014 Magmar:

        Spoiler:- Spring2014 Electabuzz:

        Spoiler:- Tretta Wobbuffet:

        Spoiler:- Birthday Sylveon:

        Spoiler:- Birthday Pikachu:

        Spoiler:- Birthday Glaceon:

        Spoiler:- Birthday Umbreon:

        Spoiler:- Birthday Espeon:

        Spoiler:- Birthday Jolteon:

        Spoiler:- Birthday Leafeon:

        Spoiler:- Birthday Vaporeon:

        Spoiler:- Birthday Flareon:

        Spoiler:- Birthday Eevee:

        Spoiler:- Movie Darkrai:

        Spoiler:- X/Y Torchic:

        Spoiler:- Coro Coro Chaizard:

        Spoiler:- Coro Coro Garchomp:

        Spoiler:- WINTER 2013 Garchomp:

        Spoiler:- VGC Garchomp:

        Spoiler:- X/Y Garchomp:

        Spoiler:- Hong Kong/Taiwan XY Sylveon:

        Spoiler:- PCTB Inkay:

        Spoiler:- Christmas Trade Scizor:

        Spoiler:- PCBC Scizor:

        Spoiler:- WINTER 2013 Scizor:

        Spoiler:- PC Scizor:

        Spoiler:- PCBC Kangaskhan:

        Spoiler:- PCBC Gyarados:

        Spoiler:- Korean Eevee House Sylveon:

        Spoiler:- VGC Mamoswine:

        Spoiler:- Olleh TV Charizard:

        Spoiler:- Christmas Trade Gengar:

        Spoiler:- PC Gengar:

        Spoiler:- PCBC Gengar:

        Spoiler:- Paris Vivillon:

        Spoiler:- PCBC Tyranitar:

        Spoiler:- Get TV Pikachu:

        Spoiler:- PCBC Mawile:

        Spoiler:- Jessies Wobbuffet:

    Thank You!
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    Woah, i'm interested in ALOT. Can you please list ALL the events you want from Kevin24's shop?(I can get 'em from him for free)
    OT: Jesse ID:
    Friend Code: 1808-3045-5838
    Pokemons i want
        Spoiler:- List:

    Pokemon's up for trade
        Spoiler:- List:

    Currently After!
    Flawless Events
    Events i dont have
    Shiny Events
    Shiny Flawless Events
    PM me if you have any↑
    Thank you

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    Hey, I'm interested in DW Modest Bulbasaur, Lvl 10, UT, preferably with pic of friend board before sending to extra link, but if its too late it doesn't matter. As long as the OT isn't Mat. I can offer a lot of events you might be missing, so just send me a reply or a PM and ill get back to you as soon as I can. Cheers
    Platinum FC: 1550 7312 4136
    White FC: 1636 5031 1365

    Check out my trade shop!

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    I want your Lv. 1 shiny Dunsparce! Check my trade shop for anything you might like!

        Spoiler:- Credits:

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    Hello, and i apologize to the people who posted messages here for me some time back, but i was waiting for a long time for my shop to be approved that I just assumed it had been denied, that and i just stopped trading for a long time. so again apologies.

    My shop now is exclusively generation 6 events and I hope to be trading a lot here in the future!

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