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Thread: Carmine's Event/Shiny pokemon trading shop

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    Default Carmine's Event/Shiny pokemon trading shop

    Hi everyone welcome to my 4th and 5th gen trade shop,

    I am reopening the shop for some time over summer.

    Rules and things to know:
    1. All sppf and forum rules apply
    2. Do not trade hacked pokemon, as far as I know none of my pokemon are hacked and they look legit so I expect you to check the pokemon and not trade me hacked ones.
    3. Offer me only what I am looking for, which is a very broad range of wants. You can post offers in my trade shop or through pm.
    4. Friend codes:
    Diamond (My event pokemon cartridge): 1463 4076 3550
    Platinum (My shiny pokemon cartridge): 3782 8311 5274
    White (My 5th gen trading cartridge): 1206 0642 0959
    5. A majority of my events are listed with dates but a lot of the gba ones aren’t because the dates can vary by when they are pal-parked.
    6. I want events with legit dates on them please even if it is the DS clock.
    7. I will not be trading for shinies like I have been doing. If you have one of my event wants I will trade you a shiny if you so wish. But I won’t be doing shiny for shiny trading until I complete all of my 5th gen wants. This includes DW pokemon
    8. I only want UT events, no exp, no pkrs, no nick name, etc.
    9. 4th gen event you want migrated up to 5th gen will not have the item on it.

    ALSO IMPORTANT: My diamond cartridge is filling up with events so I might use my platinum to start trading events. If and when I do I will be changing up my rules to limit trades to 6 pokemon each and a majority of them need to be my wants.

    If there are any typos (like in the ID) please let me know. If any of my events are missing the required item let me know and I will try hard to find one to put on it. This excludes events I transfer up to 5th gen as their items I cannot get.

        Spoiler:- MY WANTS:


        Spoiler:- Shiny Pokemon:

    Events(All UT unless stated otherwise):

        Spoiler:- Celebi Events:

        Spoiler:- Pikachu Events:

        Spoiler:- ”GTS Events”:

        Spoiler:- Gamestop Events:

        Spoiler:- Pokemon Ranch/Hayley Events:

        Spoiler:- GCEA Events:

        Spoiler:- “PCNY Events”:

        Spoiler:- DUKING Events:

        Spoiler:- Pokebox Events:

        Spoiler:- Pokepark Events (Japanese) (Complete :D):

        Spoiler:- 10 ANIV events/ Bryant Park::

        Spoiler:- TRU Events:

        Spoiler:- Shiny Beast Events:

        Spoiler:- Mew Events:

        Spoiler:- Pokemon Ranger Events:

        Spoiler:- VGC/WORLD Events:

        Spoiler:- Manaphy Events:

        Spoiler:- Deoxys Events:

        Spoiler:- Jirachi Events:

        Spoiler:- Darkrai Events:

        Spoiler:- Shaymin Events:

        Spoiler:- Hadou (Japanese, Wave) Events COMPLETE!!! :D:

        Spoiler:- Saikyou Events:

        Spoiler:- Pokepark Events COMPLETE!! :D:

        Spoiler:- Wish Events:

        Spoiler:- Jeremy Events COMPLETE!!! :D:

        Spoiler:- Stamp Events:

        Spoiler:- Pokewalker Events:

        Spoiler:- Coloseum Events:

        Spoiler:- Shiny Zigzagoon Events:

        Spoiler:- Enigma Stone Event:

        Spoiler:- Sinjoh Ruin Events:

        Spoiler:- Miscellaneous Events:

    My 5th Gen pokemon:

        Spoiler:- 5th gen events:

        Spoiler:- Dream World Pokemon:

        Spoiler:- ”Dream World Events:”:

        Spoiler:- 5th Gen Legendaries::
    Last edited by A Carmine FTW; 12th May 2014 at 8:50 AM. Reason: taking out a couple events
    Visit my 4th Gen trade shop for a lot of great events/shinies:

    Also visit my 5th Gen trade shop for great events/shinies:

    My Friend Codes:
    Diamond (My event pokemon cartridge): 1463 4076 3550
    Platinum (My shiny pokemon cartridge): 3782 8311 5274
    White (My 5th gen trading cartridge): 1206 0642 0959

        Spoiler:- Current Shiny Hunts:

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