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I liked this episode because of these reasons:
~Tranquill and Roggenrola? My money is on that Scraggy got sent back. Him or Tepig.
~ I couldn't stop laughing at the part with Emolga and Stunfisk.
~ Glad to see that the Archen was a girl. Gotta love Emolga's attract.
~Tranquill got some screen time. Now we just need a Palpitoad episode.
~The look on Oshawott's face is absaloutly priceless.
~ I love the parts where Tranquill landed on Ash's head and at the end when she said goodbye to Archeops. Awwwwww. I said she made a new frend.

This has been my favorite episode of Best Wishes so far. ^_^
Damn you stole all the reasons why I like the episode. *Pouts*
I also liked it when Tranquill landed on Ash's head, I thought it was drop dead cute!
As you can see, I'm a huge Tranquill fan though it's strange because she's hardly ever on the anime! *Shouts this at anime writers*