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Thread: Archeops in the Modern World (698)

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    As a fan of Fossil Pokemon, I was pleased to see Archen and later Archeos, although the lack of their counterparts Protouga and Abagoura was too bad. I liked how we saw Makomo and Araragi-hakase again as well, and Archen's intense desire to learn how to fly reminded me of the Tatsubay from Houen.

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    Looking at this episode again, the one thing I still can't figure out is why Prof. Juniper & Dr. Fennel were blushing after Archen was revived

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    This was a very interesting episode. Archen was a great character who caused a few troubles and then when it evolved it learned to fly. Fennel and Juniper researching on Archen and Archeops was nice.

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