Ok this shop is going to be fairly small. I don't have a huge selection because i can't trade my stuff from my older versions. Anyways here we go.

Breed stuff:PS I plan to breed a lot more stuff.

Zorua lvl 1 Naive x4
Dwebble lvl 1 Adamant(1) Sturdy(and 2 shell armor)
Ferroseed lvl 1 Relaxed(2) Brave(2) Impish(3)(They all have spikes and leech seed)
Cottonee lvl 1 Modest(2)(Both have encore and I have some males for the move but bad natures. best is a naive.)
Lillipup lvl 1 Jolly(2) (With pursuit I also have males to breed with pursuit)
Tynamo lvl 1 Naughty(2)Adamant(2)Rash(2)
Solosis lvl 1 Modest


Braviary lvl 100 not EV trained Jolly
Glaceon lvl 54 Lax nature. (Not sure if it is EV trained or not haven't checked)
Charizard lvl 100 Lax not EV trained.
Flygon lvl 100 Gentle Not EVed.
Kyurem lvl 76 (Mostly untouched) Relaxed.
Umbreon lvl 42 lax (not sure about EV's)
Leafeon lvl 100 Quiet (Not ev trained)

Kyogre lvl 71 Rash(No idea about EV's)
Ho-oh lvl 70 Quirky (seems untouched)
Entei lvl 40 Relaxed (appears untouched and has strength no idea why)
Virizion lvl 42 UT Careful(caught it myself)
Cobalion lvl 42 UT rash (caught myself also)
Deoxys lvl 30 Bold UT(only trade this for ALOT because otherwise I plan to train it)

Event pokes.

Arceus TRU hardy lvl 100(Legit.)
Latios 10 ANIV ID 00010 Gentle Legit touched lvl 71.

And I think that is all I got to trade at the moment. Ironic its a lot more then I first imagined that I would have for trade o.o;.

Ok so far what I want is fairly small so guess I will just list it. And I will be willing to trade more then one thing for something I want. If its worth it of course.

Things I want.

Legit timid Latios(Good IV's would be nice but decent is ones is more reasonable)
Shroomish/breloom With drain punch and mach punch. Nature means nothing gender must be male.
Shroomish lvl 1 with dream world ability adamant nature or lonely(but adamant prefered)
Rhyhorn with stealth rocks(male)
event Victini Jolly or adamant and need 2 of these.
Landerous jolly nature UT
Evee timid nature lvl 1 with DW ability female if possible UT.(Really want this.)

I think that's it minus DW good natured/move bred starters but those i assume are hard to find. And DW pokes with good natures in general.

Hope I did it all right thanks for reading it if I did. ^^