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    Default BG's Blazin Hot Shop

    Thanks Mew_ for making the banner!

    Hey Serebii, and welcome to my first ever shop on this site. This shop can be found on a couple different sites, so it didn't take long for me to copy+paste the stuff here. Some things you may need to know is that I RNG abuse in 4th gen only, and clone in 4th gen only. Well, without further ado, here are the rules:

    1. Before posting in this shop, you must review the rules, and know what you are putting yourself up to.
    2. All forum rules apply.
    3. Do not trade me hacked Pokemon. This means the Pokemon should not be edited using an external device or obtained through the use of an external device. Do not trade me Pokemon from gen 5 with any ribbons, I consider those hacked. Unless, of course, the Pokemon is an event.
    4. When offering Pokemon, please give me the person who got the Pokemon. (this means the OT including the username of the person) If you don't know, just give me the OT and ID number, and I'll do some research about it.
    5. Do not spam me multiple times just for a trade. Please, be patient.
    6. Be nice and polite to every trader in this shop. This means, no trolling or flaming.
    7. Do not redistribute my Pokemon unless you are given rights to do so (if you want to, TELL ME before you do, and I'll give you specific redis information). And, if you do plan to redistribute ANY Pokemon here, you MUST MUST MUST give USERNAME credit to the original owner of the Pokemon.
    8. I assume that all Pokemon traded to me are fully redis unless you say otherwise.
    9. I do clone. If you don't like this, leave. In 4th gen, I use an AR to rebattle some legendaries, and get some items.
    10. Break any of the rules above, and you will be added to my black list, and you will not be able to trade here.

    Black List:

    White List:
    ~ TNR 64 - A great battler who came here and told me to do so as well. And, a really good friend
    ~ Kale12312 - Another great battler who came here with me to join RatedR. And, a really good friend

    • The Following DW Starters [This is only where I'll do 2 for 1 trades]    Spoiler:

    • Other Perfect IV'd 5th gen Pokemon I don't have
    • Even Victini Adamant nature with perfect IVs
    • Other perfect iv'd events
    • I don't want Pokemon unless they are UT

    SID Checking- Trade me a Pokemon in your game, and I will tell you the SID of the game.
    IV/EV Checking- Trade me the Pokemon of which you want the EVs or IVs checked, and I'll do just that.

    Pokemon (★) <--- The ★ implies shiny
    Ability: | Nature:
    Notable Moves:
    OT: | ID:
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