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@ Yumi123: I do want some Pokemon with useful egg moves, so I'll PM you a list of them.
@ RedJemFlash90: Alright, guess Cyndaquil for Tyrogue (:
@ ITANI: Who are their OTs? (if ARREN is Rayquaza's, that I want for sure!)
@ evan0913: Well, if you give me a list of your flawless guys, I'll go ahead and try to find something of interest (:
@ psilocyborg: Sorry man, already got dratini like that.
@ decadencia: I have everything you want except for the Arceus in 4th gen (:
And, I really like these guys:
Eigakan Celebi, Timid, Flawless, HP Fire
Oblivia Shaymin, Flawless
Oblivia Deoxys Naive Flawless
Zekrom, Jolly
Reshiram, Timid
Kyurem, Timid or Naive w/HP Fire

So, what are the redis rights on them?
Ok, just waiting on the list. I'll try my hardest to get something for you so I can finally have a Bulbasaur! ^_^