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    Default Jordan and tyty's Flawless and Shiny Marketplace

    Do you competitive battle? Are you a shiny collector? Do you need relationship advice? Well you've come to the right place!(Though the dating advice costs extra....))

    This shop is co-owned by tyty and Jordans77.
    Links to our profiles:
    Let's lay down some laws first. Remember, if you run from the law, the law will win. So just keep it cool and follow these.
    1.) No trading us hacked pokemon. We won't intentionally trade you hacked pokemon, and if we do, please contact us and show us evidence. With sufficient evidence we'll do a trade back and remove the hacked pokemon from our list as well as give you a free shiny flawless of your choice. Clones and RNG'd pokes are perfectly fine!
    2.) Please post your offers here. It gets tedious answering loads of PMs everyday with that minute between messages thing.... Once we post here again, you may VM ONE OF US(not both) but we prefer to keep the trade here for obvious purposes.
    3.) Please include the following things when you offer-we dont use a template, because that gets tedious for you guys, but just make sure you include:
    A.)What pokemon you are offering. Be sure to use descriptive adjectives. We really like it when pokes have 3+ adjectives.
    B.) What poke you want. Please make it so you're descriptive as possible- we don't mind, "shiny flawless gallade", but "ur gallade" won't cut it.
    C.) Your friend code if it isnt in your sig.
    D.) Your time zones, times available to trade.
    4.) Try to sound like you have an education. "hey, i'd like your shiny flawless gallade" is ok, and "Hey, I'd appreciate if you could give me the details on your shiny flawless gallade." is better, but "hay cud i get tat won pokemanz u got dere" is pretty bad and we'll probably ignore you.
    5.) Please follow our redis agreements. If we say that our shiny flawless gallade is non redis and we see you offering it, you'll be blacklisted.

    Ok, now all that constitutional stuff is cleared up, I'mma put a few things out there.
    -Please be willing to negotiate-its better for both of us if we compromise.
    -Our FC's are in our sigs.
    -Jordans and I are both on fairly limited schedules. We'll set up a trade time after we finish negotiating. We understand if you miss it due to real life problems and won't get mad, and we expect the same for us.
    -Many of our shiny flawless ev'd pokemon we have an UT version of as well if you want a different spread. Just ask.
    -Some of our pokemon may be cloned via pokecheck and therefore have a ribbon. If you must know, post to ask. Oh, and most if not all of our pokemon are cloned. Don't like it? That stinks. If you request a trade back after we trade due to a pokemon being cloned, you were too lazy to read this, and will not be given a trade back.
    -Hmm....think about sums it all up.We'll implement a point system if necessary as well as a strike system, but for right now just use your head in deciding a fair offer.
    -Yes, we know that our shop is currently a mess, yes we know we have too many spoilers probably, but we're working on cleaning it up.
    Onto services.

        Spoiler:- Services:

    Some terminology we'll use throughout the shop:
        Spoiler:- Terms:

        Spoiler:- Coming soon:

    Now, onto our extensive list pokes.

        Spoiler:- Regular, everyday, non flawless shinies, non ev'd.:

    Flawless shinies
        Spoiler:- Flawless shinies, UT:

        Spoiler:- Regular ev'd:

    Dream World

        Spoiler:- DW:

        Spoiler:- Eggmoves:

        Spoiler:- Our growing events section!:

    Now, you knew it would be here eventually, our wants. Feel free to offer anything that is not on our "haves" list or anything that isn't on our "wants" list that you feel might be interesting. Main wants are in bold.

        Spoiler:- Wants:

        Spoiler:- Comments about our service:

        Spoiler:- Pending trades:

    Last edited by tyty; 27th June 2011 at 1:16 AM.

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    White FC: 0862 4107 7661See Jordan and tyty's flawless shiny marketplace!

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