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    This fic is about the leaders, elite four members and champion of the noncompetitive trainer's hangout league. It's not in the Epic Clashes of Cole because... It's not just me. It's all of them. Sure, I wrote it, and from the perspective of my character, Cole. But it's more than that. I couldn't have done it without these guys. So without further ado, here's the Gym Leader Summit:

    Cole clenched his fists as Charizard circled in for a landing. Athena, his Victini struggled in his arms. “Calm down,” Cole whispered. “We’ll make it. I know we will.”

    "Don’t be so sure," Athena chided. He had learned to communicate with her and his Samurott Masamune telepathically during his battle with N, the king of Team Plasma. The invitation said high noon, and it’s a half hour past that.

    “They’ll understand,” Cole muttered. “Some of the other leaders must have flown and got caught in the same storm. I mean, there’s a flying type leader.” He shrugged. “Besides, the headquarters is on top of a mountain. It was either that or bring Infernape to climb.”

    Charizard grunted underneath him, a plume of smoke coming from his nostrils. Then, he started the odd sound that passed for laughter. The dragon was mocking him! Cole tapped his heels into Charizard’s sides. “Quiet you!”

    Charizard circled the large imposing tower that the champion and the Elite Four resided in. The flat sandstone in front of it, scrubbed smooth by centuries of exposure, was an ideal landing spot.

    The orange and yellow dragon spread his wings to reduce speed. Then, with the clicking and scraping of his talons, he slid to a stop on the wind swept stone. Charizard glanced at Cole as his Trainer dismounted, and then at its pokéball on his belt. Though they shared no telepathic communication, Cole instantly knew what Charizard was thinking.

    Cole laughed. “Oh no. You’re not getting away that easily. We came all this way, just the three of us. Of course I’m going to show you off a bit.”

    He pushed open the heavy stone door to the tower, and pulled the letter from his bag. He didn’t need to open it to see what it said; he knew it by heart.

    “Come join our league, for trainers who love the thrill of battle, not the competition. We’re looking only for the strongest of trainers to be our leaders and Elite Four members. You have been selected to attend our summit in three weeks, at the Tower of the Ancients. A map is enclosed. Please present this invitation upon arrival. We hope to see you soon… Fire Leader Cole.
    --- Raj”

    A courier rushed up to Cole as he walked in the door. “I’m invited!” Cole proclaimed, waving the letter printed on elaborate stationary. “Now the fun may begin!”

    “Very good, sir,” the courier said. “There are still several members to arrive. Please, follow me. Ah, but your pokemon?”

    “They’re coming too.”

    Athena made a noise from where she had perched on his shoulder. There was no meaning in the sound, simply to get herself noticed. The man’s eyes widened to see such a rare pokemon. Cole patted her head. “Behave yourself, ‘Thena.” Telepathically, he said, "See? Told you we weren’t the last." Athena only grumbled in reply.

    Charizard growled low in his throat. Though it would sound menacing to the untrained ear, to Cole it was like a Persian’s contented purring. Charizard yawned widely and followed obediently after his Trainer.

    The courier led them through a labyrinth of winding hallways and stairs to an obsequious doorway. He pushed it open, and cleared his throat. Before the man spoke, Cole saw several people sitting around a collection of tables, pokemon milling behind them.

    “Now presenting Cole, the Fire Type Leader, and bearer of the Flare Badge!”

    The man led Cole to an empty seat, beside a man in a full suit and a wide brimmed hat. He wouldn’t have looked out of place at the Seaside Resort in Sinnoh, where Cole had been kicked out of.

    In spite of himself, Cole felt underdressed. He self-consciously fixed his black leather jacket and straightened his black t-shirt with a red flame print. He suddenly realized his jeans smelled like wood smoke. “Sir,” the courier said. “The meeting will begin in a short time, once most of the other delegates have arrived. Please make yourself comfortable.”

    “Well, hello there,” the man said. “You’re Cole? Nice to meet you. The name’s Mozzeh.”

    “That’s… an odd name.”

    “It’s a nickname, really.” Mozzeh looked at Cole’s Charizard. “That’s a fine pokemon you got there. Not a true dragon, but close enough. Very nice wings, and he radiates power.” Charizard preened, and Cole found himself growing more at ease.

    "I like this man," Athena said.

    “Ah, what’s this?” Mozzeh asked. “A Victini? I’ve never actually seen one up close. May I-?” Cole nodded and handed Athena over. The pokemon purred as he scratched her absently behind the ears.

    "Ah, he found the spot! He found the spot!"

    “I saved her from Team Plasma,” Cole explained. “My Oshawott evolved to fight them off.”

    “Interesting. I too have had brushes with Team Plasma. Ghetsis especially was rather rotten.” Mozzeh had a faraway look in his eyes. “Of course, he wasn’t so hard to beat, not with my team. Come on out to say hello, guys.” In the back of his mind, Cole cringed, because Ghetsis had nearly killed him. To see this man so casually brush him off made him feel… inadequate.

    There were two flashes of light, and a Hydreigon and Dragonite appeared behind the man’s chair. Hydreigon glanced at Charizard, and the fire type growled.
    “Hey,” Cole hissed. “Play nice!”

    Charizard glared at Cole, but made no further moves of aggression. Mozzeh chuckled. “Ah… I hope I haven’t provoked a rivalry or anything. Perhaps those two should fly together sometime.”

    Dragonite smiled, and waved at Cole and Athena. Athena waved back. "Hi, Dragonite!"


    “Hey,” a new voice drawled. “Cole, right?”

    Cole turned. “Yeah.”

    The girl standing behind him crushed her soda can in her fist and tossed it away. Cole bit back the natural reply, asking her to pick it up. This girl looked like she could kick his butt from here clear to Hoenn. Or even Orre. The tall, imposing Garchomp and Krookodile standing behind her only furthered the image.
    “Name’s Becca. I’m the ground type member of the Elite Four. Nice to meet you, punk.”

    Mozzeh smirked. “The one who looks like a punk here is you. Just saying.”

    “Oh, and you’re Mr. Dragon Leader, aren’t you, Mozzeh? Well, I got a bone to pick with the two of you, so it’s just as well you’re sitting together. Now my Garchomp only has to strike once!” She bared her teeth in a smile that looked like a snarl more than anything. “Stupid league picks you two clowns to be the leaders of the types I wanted! Not fair, if you ask me!”

    “Frankly, I don’t associate with clowns,” Mozzeh remarked. “Creepy things, they are.”

    Cole ignored this. He couldn’t take Becca’s attitude any longer. He stood up to his full six feet and stared down at her. Charizard and Athena glared at Becca as well. Garchomp and Krookodile circled Charizard, wary of the threat. Mozzeh snapped his fingers, and Hydreigon and Dragonite came to stand (or float, rather) behind Charizard. Fire crackled between Athena’s ears.

    "Let me burn her, Cole!"

    “I don’t want a fight, but if it means keeping the peace, I’ll have my dragons blast you both out of this tower.” Mozzeh pulled his hat down over his eyes and fiddled with the buttons on his suit. “And Becca, frankly I couldn’t care less if you’re a member of the Elite Four. I’m certain that my dragons are stronger than your desert lurkers.”

    Cole nodded. “Mozzeh’s right. It’s stupid to fight amongst ourselves. Just know, Becca, that I’m sorry you didn’t get the type you wanted. Frankly, I would have been just as happy with the water type!”

    “Water type? Huh? Talking to me?” A girl with dark blue hair, a blue jacket and blue shorts nearly fell out of her chair. A Vaporeon and Toxicroak pressed up against her to keep from falling.

    She stabilized herself, and smiled at the standoff, hoping to calm some nerves. “My name’s Ammy, and I’m the water leader. Who are you guys?”
    Introductions were made, and Ammy smiled at Becca. “I was afraid I was going to be the only girl here! But I guess I was wrong. Where’re you from, Becca?” As she led the ground type leader away, her eyes fogged over, as if she wasn’t paying attention to Becca at all. In fact, Cole was certain she wasn’t. Too bad Becca was too self-absorbed to notice.

    Mozzeh cracked his neck. “Well. That was interesting.” He glanced up as two young men entered the room from a side chamber. One was flanked by an Accelgor, while the other had a Hydreigon and Krookodile following him. Cole placed a hand on Charizard’s flank, to stop him from picking another fight.

    The one with the Accelgor smiled thinly at Cole and Mozzeh. “Hey guys. I’m Raj.”

    “No way!” Cole cried. “You sent the invitation!”

    Raj nodded. “Yeah. I did. Accelgor, say hello to the nice people.” The bug type surveyed Mozzeh and Cole, then nodded. Raj rolled his eyes. “Social skills, Accelgor. Ah well. Welcome to our HQ. This is Nate, by the way. Our dark type Elite Four member.”

    Nate raised an eyebrow. “Glad you showed up. We’re still waiting for a few more people. Let’s see. The flying, normal, psychic, electric and steel leaders. They all sent an RSVP, so they’ll be here. Oh… and the Champion is still missing.”

    Mozzeh scoffed. “He’s the Champion, though. This is his home. Why isn’t he here yet?”

    “Who knows? No one’s heard anything from him in days. His room’s locked. He’s probably meditating or something.”

    Cole shrugged, dismissing this behavior. Alder was weird too, and Cynthia certainly had her quirks. Red was going to spend the rest of eternity staring out into the distance from Mt. Silver. So maybe being weird was just a part of the job for Champions. He sighed. “Well, Charizard, Athena and I got caught in a storm on the way here. Maybe they got caught in it too. Maybe our steel leader flies on a Skarmory.”

    Nate glanced at the large doors to the chamber. “Probably. Or they’re just lazy. Hey… That Charizard of yours… and a Victini too! Both are pretty rare where I come from. How much do you want for ‘em? They look pretty strong.”

    Cole was taken aback. “Charizard and Athena aren’t for sale. They’re my friends!”

    Nate scoffed. “Friends. Yeah right. How much? Name it, I’ll pay it. I want ‘em for my collection.”

    “They’re not for sale! No one could put a price on them!” Cole cried. His fist clenched as Nate reached out to pick up Athena, but the Victini sank her teeth into the exposed skin of his hand.

    “That little-!” He moved to hit her, but Dragonite moved protectively in front of the small pokemon. Charizard growled menacingly. This was no contented purr, but a primal invitation of challenge.

    "Tell him not to touch me ever again!" Athena snapped. "Or I’ll use my fire next time!"

    “Perhaps you should go,” Cole remarked in an icy voice.

    Nate nodded as he wiped the blood from his hand. “All right. Hydreigon! Let’s get out of here. We’re going to find those other leaders.”

    Raj put a hand on his shoulder. Nate bristled at the touch, like a Herdier on its hackles. “Your place is here.” Raj said calmly and slowly. “The leaders will turn up. You’re the highest-ranking member of the league here at the moment, anyways. We need you.”

    “Raj!” Nate hissed, his teeth clenched. “If you don’t step out of my way, right now, I’ll have Krookodile rip your head from your shoulders.” Accelgor moved protectively to its Trainer’s side.

    Cole tuned out of the rest of the conversation. Obviously Raj would win. He just seemed like the kind of person who could settle any argument peacefully.
    Instead of paying attention, Cole looked around the room. The trainers already here looked really strong. Mozzeh, definitely. Charizard was already itching to take on his team. And Swampert with ice beam could certainly do some damage…

    Then there was Becca. Well, he had a score to settle with her. Plus, she was the ground leader. He had plenty of water types to take her on. And flying types to avoid the worst of the hits. And plenty of pokemon with ice beam.

    Ammy… well, he liked using water types, not going up against them. He supposed if he got Ninetails out to clear the skies, then he could use solar beam. That would work. As for Nate… well, he was an Elite Four! Of course he’d be top notch. But Kami, his Lucario, and Infernape could easily handle dark types. And teach him a lesson or two about courtesy while they were at it.

    Cole was tempted to stand up and announce he was closing his gym, just to take them all on. But that wouldn’t be fair to the league. They’d need to find another leader. Ah well. Better he test his skill on some challengers first.

    Lost in his thoughts as he was, Cole jumped when the doors to the chamber swung open. The stand off between Raj, Nate, and their pokemon ended instantly. Ammy woke from a nap. Becca looked up from a discussion she was having with another member of the Elite Four, a man attended by a blue Sceptile and Braviary. He had a name card in front of him that read Phoenix.

    Standing in the doorway were three people, a man and two women. The man was toweling off a sopping wet Archeops. One of the women pulled two pokeballs off of her belt. “Okay boys, it’s safe to come out. Bullet, Spooks, nap time’s over.”

    A Zebrastrika and a Rotom appeared from the blast of light. The woman led them over to the seat next to Ammy, and greeted the water leader.
    The second woman had her back to the leaders. “Whadda ya mean, you can’t fit through the door?” she cried. There was a rumble from outside the room. “Well, hold your breath or something!” Another grumble. The woman, more of a girl, actually, stomped her foot. “Use hyper beam or something, then! I know I never taught you how to use it! Here’s the TM!” She tossed the disk outside the room.

    Then, she turned on her heel and waved at the leaders. “Hi! I’m Fire! And you all might wanna duck.”

    Raj nodded, flipped over a table and crouched behind it. Nate ducked down next to him. Becca and Phoenix ran to an adjoining room. Cole and Mozzeh pressed themselves against the far wall, while Ammy and the other woman did the same.

    Fire ran out the door, and Cole faintly heard, “Okay, now use Hyper Beam!”

    A blast of white and red light flew across the room, blasting the door from its hinges. The man with the Archeops dove out of the way, and both he and his pokemon pressed themselves against the floor.

    The pulse of light stopped, and Fire walked back into the room, smiling. “Sorry about that door, but it was tacky anyways. I did you a favor.”

    Nate moaned as he saw the damage. “My door! My beautiful door!”

    Fire led two hulking pokemon in, a Metagross and a Steelix. Cole cleared his throat. “Uh… you’re the steel leader, right? Aren’t there any smaller steel types you could bring? Like Aron? Or Bronzor?”

    Fire snorted. “Those guys couldn’t have got me through the storm.”

    Mozzeh nodded. “Yes. How is the storm?”

    The man on the ground got to his feet. “Bad. Genesis and I barely got through it.” He scratched the Archeops behind its head. “We had to run overland for a while. My name’s David, by the way. The flying type leader.”

    The woman with the Rotom spoke up. “Bullet and I were fine until we got to the mountain, but then the wind was so strong, he couldn’t stay on the trail. Fire gave me a lift on her Steelix.”

    Fire nodded. “Steelix took Karin and I through the mountain, and got us out just a hundred feet down the slope. We climbed up the rest of the way.”

    Raj frowned. “This is no natural storm. The region around the Tower is known for it’s calm weather. Perhaps… a pokemon is behind it?”

    Nate pulled a list out of his pocket. “I don’t know. It would take a lot of pokemon to build a storm this big. Or… Kyogre. But there’s no way Kyogre would be around here. Let’s see, now that you three are here, we’re only missing our psychic and normal type leaders. And the fighting type Elite Four member. He said he’d get here today, because he was training in the mountains.”

    “And the Champion hasn’t been seen in a while…” Raj said. He whistled, and the courier appeared at the destroyed door.

    “Yes, sir?”

    “Hastings, go up to the Champion’s room. We might as well start the meeting now. If the others show up, we’ll fill them in. But the Champion should be here.”

    Hastings bowed and left. Raj sighed and rightened the table. “All right. Everyone, find a seat. We have much to discuss. You all know why you were called here.”

    Becca cracked her knuckles. “Because we’re the best there is.”

    Mozzeh rolled his eyes at Cole as David sat down next to them. “Her modesty is overwhelming.” David and Cole hid grins.

    Nate shrugged. “Yeah. You’ve all proved your worth. And you made it way out here. That’s commendable. Basically, what you need to know is that we have posted a notice for this league in pokemon centers around the world. We want people to come from everywhere to challenge us. Find who really is the best in the world.”

    “But,” Raj cut in, “not in terms of sheer force. We want to know the best strategies, the best tactics, and the best adaptability. You are all to assemble mono-type teams, with one wild card of your own choosing. Mozzeh, you for example, will have to deal with trainers using rock, ice and other dragon types. You will develop strategies to counter this, becoming stronger yourself. That is the goal of this league, to make everyone stronger.”

    Phoenix nodded. “Sounds like a good time. And us Elite Four members will eagerly await the challengers that defeat you.”

    Becca scowled. “Make sure that some of ‘em actually make it this far, or I’m going to be freakin’ bored.”

    Cole cleared his throat. “What about badges?”

    “What do you mean?” Ammy asked. “I already got mine right here!” She pulled out her necklace and showed them all a badge made of crystal bubbles.

    Mozzeh nodded. “I too have my badge. You see?” He pulled a badge shaped like a crown from his pocket. It flashed indigo and violet in the light.

    Nate glanced at Cole. “Finding a badge is up to you. We will not supply you with one.”

    “Oh.” Cole studied the grain of the wood in his table. “Okay. I have a friend with a forge, maybe she’ll help me out.”

    Karin nodded slowly. “What about rules? Anything we should know?”

    “Mostly the rules will be up to the individual leader,” Raj explained. “Battle style, items that are legal, using pokemon of the same species and so on are decisions you can make. However, we will say that you cannot invalidate a win on the basis of luck, and you cannot ban counter teaming. This league is about overcoming that.

    “What about one-hit knock out moves?” Cole asked. “People who use those just ruin the fun for everyone else.”

    Nate nodded. “Those are illegal, and are grounds for the nullification of the challenge.”

    The group talked about rules for a while longer, and finally, the meeting adjourned. Nate glanced at everyone. “Now, leaders. We Elite Four will use this tower as our base of operations, and our headquarters. The door is always open for you if you need a place to stay. But… where are your gyms going to be? This way, we can send challengers in the right direction.”

    Mozzeh raised a hand. “My gym is in an old castle deep in the mountains between Kanto and Johto, north of the Indigo Plateau. I can give you a rough map of where it is.”

    Ammy smiled. “I’m building my gym on Lake Verity, in Sinnoh. Just tell challengers to head to Twinleaf Town. It’s not far from there.”

    Karin smiled. “Ooh, I love Lake Verity. I’ll have to come visit you sometime, and we can go swimming.”

    David smirked at Cole. “And I’ll have to come visit them. Pretty girls in swimsuits!”

    Cole kicked him under the table. “You sound like that gym leader from Pewter City.” David only laughed.

    “My gym is on a mesa south and west of the Unova region,” the flying type leader said to Raj. “It’s a long journey by foot, but if you fly, it’s not hard to find.”
    “I’m in those caves west of Cianwood City in Johto,” Karin said. “No one’s used it in a while, so I just set up shop there. It’s actually marked on some of the old maps.”

    Fire waved her hand. “Ooh! Ooh! I found this steel mine under Mount Silver! It’s cool! I’m making my gym there!”

    Becca bared her teeth. “Mount Silver? Don’t expect many visits from me.”

    Cole suddenly felt embarrassed. Not only did he not have a badge, he didn’t have a gym, either! He’d been too busy relaxing in Unova to find one. The past three weeks, he’d been relaxing in Undella Town, and playing with his pokemon in White Forest.

    “I… I don’t have one yet. But I heard a legend from the Village Elder in White Forest that there’s a forest to the northeast of Unova, where it’s always autumn, like on the Bellchime Trail in Johto. It used to be the favorite resting place of Ho-oh, before the Bell Tower was built. I think I’ll go there. It seems… right. That I’m supposed to build my gym there. In a place blessed by a fire pokemon.”

    Raj smiled. “Don’t worry. You have time. Just send word as soon as you can.”

    Nate stretched. “All right. I guess this meeting is adjourned. If we need you to know anything else, we’ll send a letter, or call you on your Xtranscievers. Later, everyone.”

    As he got up, Hastings, the courier, ran back into the room. “Sir Raj! The Champion! He’s… He’s…”

    “Slow down man, catch your breath!” Nate snapped.

    Phoenix leaned forward. “What’s wrong, Hastings? The Champion’s just sick, we know that. Has the fever gotten worse?”

    “No!” Hastings cried. “It’s not that at all! The Champion is just… gone!”

    “You’re lying!” Nate roared. “The Champion would never leave without telling anyone!”

    There was a flash of light, and four cloaked figures and a Beeheyem appeared in the center of the chamber. The pokemon in the room jumped forward, fangs and claws bared. The middle figure clapped his hands together once, and Beeheyem glowed faintly. The attacking pokemon were halted by its psychic power.
    Mozzeh sucked in a breath. “What’s wrong?” David hissed.

    “Those three men!” Mozzeh whispered back. “I’d know them anywhere! It’s the Shadow Triad!”

    “The Shadow Triad?” Cole muttered. “But… why? They said just a couple weeks ago they were going to find Ghetsis!” Then he looked at the man in the center of the triangle. He could see little of his face beneath the large hood, but…

    “No! It can’t be!”

    Karin leapt up from the table. “Spooks! Quick! Shadow Ball!”

    Rotom focused its energy and launched the dark mass at the man in the middle. He nodded slowly, and Beeheyem darted in front of him, throwing up a Protect.
    “Using his pokemon as a shield…” Cole growled. “It’s gotta be Ghetsis!”

    Athena hissed. Ghetsis’s Bisharp in the battle at N’s Castle had mortally wounded her, under Ghetsis’s express command to torture her. She must have recognized his scent, and wanted revenge.

    “Easy girl,” Cole murmured.

    "I’ll kill him!"

    “Not now. He’s here for a reason. And if he’s not…”

    “Then Genesis and I will show him a world of pain,” David whispered. “I’ve heard about this bastard.”

    Raj was standing now, his Accelgor at his side. “What are you doing here, interlopers?”

    The man in the middle smirked. “I have merely come to bring you the news. You must have noticed four members of your assembly are not present.”

    “If you have anything to do with this, you’ll pay!” Nate roared.

    The man smiled. “I have everything to do with it. I have captured them. They are safe. For now. I will release them to you… if you give to me all of your pokemon.”

    “Okay, really?” Cole snorted. “That’s never been done before.”

    The man glared at him. “Cole. How does your Scrafty fare? I heard through the grapevine it was wounded quite severely.”

    “Athena? You can kill him now.”

    Athena’s ears crackled with flame, and a V composed of purple and red fire launched at the circle. Again, Beeheyem used Protect to stop it. “Garchomp! Giga Impact!” Becca shrieked.

    The cloaked man tossed out another pokéball. When the light cleared, a large blue pokemon stood in front of Becca. “L-Lapras?” Becca said, trembling with rage. “Lapras?! You bastard! How did you know about that? How do you know about Dracoburn?”

    The man shook his head. “I know everything. Now, Raj. Tell your league to turn over all of their pokemon, and the others go free.”

    Phoenix crossed his arms. “I say we don’t. Why don’t we just take you captive, and make you tell us where they are? Braviary, Sceptile, get him!”

    The two pokemon leapt at the group in the center of the room, only to be stopped by Beeheyem. The cloaked man in the middle nodded to the assembled leaders and Elite Four members. “You will regret this day.”

    He vanished.

    The other three men all raised their right fist. “Long live Team Omega!” They too, vanished in a flash of light. Finally, Beeheyem also teleported away.

    Nate slammed his fist down on the table. “Those bastards!”


    The group stood outside the Tower of the Ancients. The storm was clearing. They all knew by unspoken agreement that this Team Omega had likely caused it to separate them, and capture them all.

    Fire, her Steelix and her Metagross were preparing to leave. “Bye, everyone!” she said with a wave. “I’m gonna head back to Mount Silver, get my pokemon, and then find those shady guys! Let’s get our comrades back!” She hopped on Steelix’s back, and vanished down the slope of the mountain.

    Mozzeh clasped David and Cole on the shoulder. “It was good to meet you both. I am going to see what I can find out from Interpol about Ghetsis. I wonder as to his movements. Perhaps their files show some insight…” He jumped onto the back of his Dragonite, and along with Hydreigon, took off into the sky.

    David sighed. “Man, that guy’s so cool. I hope I see him again some day. Well, anyways, I’d best be off Cole. See you soon.” He jumped on Genesis’s back, and the two ran off down the windy trail down the mountain.

    Karin waved goodbye in her quiet way, and climbed on to Bullet’s back. Spooks floated alongside her, and the trio followed after Genesis and David.

    Ammy came up to stand beside Cole. “Good luck out there. I know the others didn’t think of it, but here’s my Xtransceiver number. Call me every so often so I know you haven’t been kidnapped. Oh, and here’s mine, so you can check on me too.” She smiled wistfully. “Where are you headed? I think I’m going to stick around here for a while. Phoenix tells me the Tower has a cool Library. Maybe I can learn some strategies.”

    Cole shrugged, and Athena giggled as she rode up and down on his shoulder. “I think I’m going to go set up my gym. No one but you guys knows where that is, so I should be safe. But I’ll call you.”

    He waved to Raj. “I’ll send you the information as soon as I’m set up!”

    He got on Charizard’s back, but Becca ran in front of him. “Wait! Hey, Cole, I wanted to apologize for being such a jerk.”
    Cole shook his head. “No worries.”

    “No, really. I guess… I was kind of jealous. You got the type I wanted, and your Charizard is so healthy and strong. Not like Dracoburn.”

    “Dracoburn?” Cole asked. “You said that back at the conference. What is it?”

    “It’s the name of my Charizard. He was blinded, in a battle against Red at the top of Mount Silver. His Lapras used Blizzard, and Dracoburn jumped right in front of it to protect me.”

    “That’s why you stopped when that guy threw out a Lapras.”


    “And when Fire said her gym was in Mount Silver…”


    “I’m sorry,” was all Cole could say.

    Becca shrugged, not looking at all like her former unshakeable self. “Hey, you didn’t know. No big deal. And… well, I’m going to go to Twist Mountain for a while. Clay and Skyla are old friends of mine, and Twist Mountain is right near both of them. Plus… I just like mountains. So if you’re in the neighborhood…”
    “Yeah,” Cole said with a grin. “Charizard and Dracoburn can fly together.”

    Becca stuck out her hand. Cole shook it. “Keep in touch,” Becca said sternly. “If we’re going after these Team Omega guys, we’re going to have to work together.” Cole nodded.

    Then, Charizard unfurled his mighty wings, took a running start and soared off into the sky. They circled the Tower several times, before soaring away to the distant eastern horizon.

    New challenges lay ahead, but with his new friends, Cole could conquer them. They were more than just a league. They were partners, just like people and pokemon, lending their strengths to each other.

    The skies were clear for miles around and Charizard roared to the empty heavens, challenging the sun to a race across the sky.
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    "Trainer: We would like to invite you to try your hand at a new kind of challenge. The League of Heroes is a league of world-class battlers, with its own set of leaders and elite four members. If you are interested, please mail your invitation to the location listed below with your RSVP and we will send you a map with the locations of our gyms.
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    I normally hate fanfiction, but wow this had me grinning from ear to ear - I LOVE IT! Just break it up into paragraphs every so often it's great! You had my character down perfectly, I can't wait to read the rest!
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    Nice fanfic. Is this all there is, or will there be more?

    Btw, you got my character down great!

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    I apologize for not breaking it into paragraphs, but I type it up first on Microsoft Word, and then copypaste to here. The story is twelve pages long, so it's a lot of bother going through twelve pages to break it up.
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    So far so good man! You got my character down to the nearest grin! I hope you can fit a battle or two for me in this fanfic :]
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    Default Establishing the Gym

    This next bit is about Cole going and finding his gym. After this point, the story is all up to what the leaders want to do. Let me know, guys!

    Cole soared out over the mountains and forests that marked the boundary to the Unova region. Except for a quick stop in Opelucid City for Charizard to rest his wings and for Cole to pick up a few pokemon from the PC, they had flown non-stop from the Tower of the Ancients.

    Athena the Victini clung tightly to Cole’s shoulder. “I’m tired,” she yawned.
    Cole rolled his eyes. “You’ve slept for the past six hours. How can you be tired?”
    “Just cuz. Did you get Masamune? I like Masamune.”
    “Yes, I brought Masamune. I might need his help cutting down trees.” He gently tapped the pokéball that held his Samurott. He knew that even in energy form, Masamune was watchful, observing his environment meticulously.
    Charizard groaned underneath them. “You tired, partner?” Cole asked. Charizard shook its head. “You sure? You don’t need to rest again?” Charizard again shook its head, and lifted up lazily on a thermal.
    “All right,” Cole replied. “But it’s going to be a long flight. If you get tired, just land.”

    They flew on for some time, and basked in the sunlight. Cole took out some of the letters he had bought at the pokemon center, and hastily wrote out the messages, informing people about his position, and his plans.
    After several more hours of hard flying, the trees beneath Cole turned orange, red and gold. Several miles in the distance, Cole could see the ocean breaking against a sandy coast. A large stone tower with a perfectly flat top jutted up from the forest. “Land there,” Cole directed.

    Charizard circled the tower twice before settling into a landing. Cole and Athena slid off his back and stretched their legs. Cole unclipped Charizard’s flying harness and stored it in his bag.
    Athena scampered around the tower, sniffing the intricate stonework. Cole saw that beautiful designs had been etched into the stone, but it was too grimy to make them out. He’d have Masamune use Hydro Pump to clean it off.
    The trio made their way down to the base of the tower by way of a stone staircase carved into the side. When they reached the bottom, bird pokemon like Starly, Pidgey, Pidove, Rufflet and all of their evolutions took to the air in surprise. A family of Chimchars, Monfernos and an Infernape vaulted into the trees. A mother Typhlosion protected her babies from the shelter of the forest. A small clutch of Torchics raced into the underbrush. A Vulpix and two Ninetails regarded Cole and his companions with cold aloofness. A pack of Houndours and Houndooms leered at them.

    Fire types and flying types. It made sense, since this was a forest blessed by Ho-oh. They would have sought this place as a refuge. Perhaps Entei, Moltres and maybe even Reshiram frequented this place. Somewhere in the distance a Charizard roared.
    Athena ran out to greet the pokemon. “Hi!”
    The pokemon regarded it warily.
    “Cole’s not going to hurt you or capture you or anything like that,” the small legendary explained. “He’s here to make a gym, so people can come and test their strength.”
    This set off a chorus of yapping, howling, crowing and screeching. Athena turned to Cole. “They don’t want other people to come here. They don’t want to be captured.”
    Cole nodded and stepped out to stand before the pokemon. “I do not wish to disrupt your habitat in any way, and I will ban my challengers from capturing any of you. In fact, I will disrupt the natural order here as little as possible.”
    The Typhlosion mother sniffed at him, and then nodded. The other pokemon seemed to follow her lead. They disappeared into the forest once again, willing to tolerate him, if not accept him just yet.

    Cole looked around the base of the tower. The remains of an ancient village were clustered here. There were several patches of ground that long ago might once have been gardens. Berry plants still grew there, but they were choked by weeds. The skeletons of several stone houses stood around the base of the tower. One, he decided, would be turned into his own living quarters. Another, he would convert into a healing center, and would try to link to the Pokemon Storage System from there. Another would serve as a guesthouse, for any challenger who made it this far would be weary.
    Work would have to be done, certainly, but for now… at least it was a start. And anyway, he had picked up a hammer, nails and a saw in Opelucid City, for he had expected to need to do something like this.
    He took out the four pokeballs at his belt. One opened up to reveal Masamune, his Samurott. Like Athena, he could communicate telepathically with his starter from Unova.
    “You humans have no idea how cramped those things can be,” Masamune grumbled. “Though I daresay, I quite like the new scenery.”

    The other three pokeballs expelled his three strongest bird pokemon. Xaldin the Unfezant, Talon the Staraptor, and Scree the Pidgeot now stood before Cole. The Trainer looked at his three pokemon in turn. “I have an important assignment for each of you three.”
    He turned to Xaldin. “I need you to take a letter to Skyla for me. The leader of the Mistralton City Gym. You know, the rainy city, with the airplanes?”
    Xaldin nodded and cooed. Cole ruffled his feathers and tied the letter to Xaldin’s ankle. “Okay Xaldin. That letter tells Skyla to fly to Professor Oak’s lab in Kanto in her plane. From there, she is to take the cargo he give her and bring it out here to me. Stay with her through the whole thing, to guide her back this way. Okay?” Xaldin nodded again. “Good. Now, from the air, it looked like she could land her plane on the cliffs near the sea. See you soon, Xaldin.”
    The Unfezant jumped around and then lifted off, soaring into the sky. Cole turned to Talon. The Staraptor regarded him coolly. Cole smiled, because Talon’s aloofness was really just a cover that he liked Cole.

    “Talon, I need you to fly south and west, to the Tower of the Ancients. Take this letter to Raj, a man with an Accelgor. Just wait outside the tower, and he’ll find you. Hang on.” Cole scribbled down the general area of the forest, and described the tower. Then, he folded the letter and the directions into an envelope, and tied it to Talon. “It’s a long flight. Are you sure you can make it that far?”
    Talon made a noise that Cole interpreted as “Of course I can, you foolish human.”
    “Fly well, brave hunter.” Talon spread his wings and silently lifted into the wide expanse of sky. He wheeled above their heads for a moment before rocketing off to the horizon.

    Scree blinked at Cole, inquiring as to its purpose. Cole ran a hand through the Pidgeot’s feathers. He had captured Scree the same day as Charizard. They had traveled through many regions together, and the Pidgeot had made the legendary run between Cianwood City and Lavender Town in less than three hours. They had grown strong together. If anyone could do this errand, it was Scree.
    Cole rubbed Scree at the base of his neck, where the feathers were thickest. “You have a tough run to make, old friend,” Cole whispered. Scree whistled softly, understanding.
    “Remember back when we first met, on Route One? I had just left Pallet Town. You were the first pokemon I ever caught. Well, I need you to go back to Pallet Town for me, and take a letter to Professor Oak. He needs to give all the other pokemon to Skyla when she comes, and to send me the equipment to link up to Storage System. And… take this letter to Lisa for me. I know I’m grown up now, but my sister is still worrying about me. Can you do that, old friend?”
    Scree nodded slowly. Cole gave the bird pokemon the two letters, and hugged the large Pidgeot. “Stay safe. Team Omega’s out there somewhere, and I wouldn’t put it past them to hit you to get at me.”

    Cole stepped back to allow Scree to spread his wings. Scree whistled to Athena, Charizard and Masamune, saying goodbye, and then raced off into the cloudless sky. It eclipsed the sun for the briefest of moments, and then was gone, flying east, far across the sea.
    Cole put the three empty pokeballs in his bag. “All right,” he said to his three remaining pokemon. “We have a lot of work to do, so let’s get to it. Masamune, I’m going to need you to cut down some trees so we can get a roof over our heads. Charizard, help Masamune carry the fallen trunks back here. Athena, while they do that, we’re going to clear out this garden.”


    The group worked until the sun set far in the west, and slept out under the clear, starry sky. Cole pillowed his head against Charizard’s warm flank as he closed his eyes. Athena curled up in his lap, and was asleep in minutes.
    Masamune gazed at Cole from across the fire pit. “You should call Zekrom to this place. He would like it. It is far away from humans.”
    Cole sighed as he fingered the Dark Stone Zekrom had created for him. “I don’t know, Masamune. Zekrom said he was going to find Reshiram and N. I’m not going to distract him from that.”
    “But he also said you could speak to him whenever you pleased.”
    “I’ll only do that in an emergency.”
    “Ghetsis is back. To me, that seems like an emergency.”
    Cole shrugged. “I suppose you’re right. I’ll use the Stone tomorrow.”
    Masamune nodded, and fell asleep. Cole quieted his thoughts, closed his eyes, and fell asleep, comforted by the presence of his pokemon. The stars above twinkled merrily, and the moon shone softly. Though darkness had once again reared its head in the world to strike at that which Cole held dear, here in the wild lands far removed from civilization, all was peaceful.


    Skyla arrived a week and a half later. In that time, Cole had finished the roof on his own dwelling place, and was halfway completed with the one over the guesthouse.
    Athena tottered by with a pot held above her head, sloshing with water. “Remember!” Cole cried “Just a little bit for each berry plant! We don’t want to drown them!”
    “I know, I know!” Athena shot back.

    Cole sighed. Zekrom had come several days ago. He had not stayed long, only a few hours. But he had met Charizard, and informed Cole that Reshiram and N had seemingly vanished. There was no trace of them anywhere in the region around Unova. He would be expanding his search to encompass the entire world.
    Cole understood what this entailed. It meant that he could not easily contact Zekrom anymore, and even if he did, there was no guarantee that Zekrom would come if he called. Cole laid a hand on the tall dragon. “Don’t worry,” he had said. “I understand. My pokemon from back home are coming soon. They’ll take care of me.”
    Zekrom nodded. “I understand. Cole, stay safe. And I will bring N back to you.”
    Then the legendary pokemon had spread its wings and vanished into the clouds that gathered around him. Cole had watched him go, knowing it would be last time he saw Zekrom for a long time.

    Now, a week later, Cole realized just how much he missed Zekrom. But… there was nothing he could do about it. He sighed and got back to work hammering nails into the roof. Then, he heard a distant roar, not at all like the Charizards that lived about ten miles away. This sounded like an engine!
    Cole leapt off the roof. “Athena! Masamune! Return!” The two pokemon vanished into their pokeballs in a blaze of red light. “Charizard!” Cole cried, and the orange dragon flew down next to him. “C’mon, let’s head to the cliffs!”
    The fire type kicked off the dirt floor of the forest and winged up higher than the tower. He raced over the tops of the trees, and Cole clung to his back. There had not been time to put on the flying gear.

    A gray plane was quickly closing from the south. Three black dots surrounded it, and they grew as they got ever closer. “Faster!” Cole cried. “Come on, Charizard, faster!”
    Charizard poured on a burst of speed, and slid to a landing on the rough rock of the cliffs. Then Cole and his partner dove into the nearby forest as Skyla’s plane came in.
    The leader of the Mistralton City Gym leapt from the cockpit. “Hey Cole! Glad you’re all right! Alder told us about what happened at the Tower of the Ancients. Man, I thought we took care of Ghetsis…”
    Cole shrugged. “So did I. But I faced him alone before. Now I have a whole league behind me.”
    Skyla grinned. “Yeah, and your best pokemon too. Here, help me get these crates out of the hold.” She raised a hatch on the back of the plane, revealing several crates filled with pokeballs. As they unloaded the crates, Cole called all of the pokemon out.

    They were all here. His Unova team, and all the friends he made in Johto, Kanto, Hoenn and Sinnoh. Swampert and Poseidon the Empoleon greeted Masamune in their quiet, reserved way. Xaldin, Talon and Scree circled with all of Cole’s other flying pokemon. Braviary and Swana joined them after a brief moment’s hesitation.
    Naga the Dragonite, Garchomp, Salamance, Latios, Latias and Countess the Tyranitar looked coldly at Hydreigon and Rhehia, the Haxorus. Then, Dragonite smiled, and made the two new additions to Cole’s dragon-types welcome.
    Noir, his Darkrai, stood silently off to one side. Cole walked over to him and smiled. Noir, ever a stoic, merely nodded in greeting. Scathatch the Zoroark was being surveyed by Kami the Lucario and Absol. Absol’s nostrils flared, but she brushed up against Scathatch’s side, and bumped her in welcome. Kami held out a paw, which Scathatch took.
    Shiva, Cole’s Sceptile that had been raised since infancy, tried to discreetly look at Solar, the Sceptile Cole had received in a trade. He had minimal success, to Solar and Athena’s amusement. Kali the Luxray hissed at Thor the Zebrastrika, sizing each other up.
    Sol the Volcarona, my shiny Emboar, Cinder my Chandelure and Ninetails all stood in a cluster, nervous around so many new faces. They had trained for Cole’s Gym team together, and were wary of outsiders.
    Marley the Bouffalant and Excalibur the Excadrill were being greeted by Rex the Nidoking, Leon the Vaporeon, and Gliscor. The pokemon seemed to get along well together, and Cole made a mental note to train them as a group.
    Infernape tested the strength of Rook the Bisharp, Roswell the Beeheyem and Scrafty. Cole would have to get used to being around Roswell, since it was a new addition to the team, and also because Ghetsis had used one in the Summit.
    Electvire, Magmortar and Rhyperior carried the heavy equipment that would be used to heal pokemon, and transfer pokemon through the Storage System. Skyla was about to climb back into her plane to fly away, she nodded into the hold. One solitary crate remained.
    “Looks like you forgot one.”
    Cole looked around the gathering. “Nope. All of them seem to be here. You sure that’s not left over from another haul?”
    Skyla shook her head. “Nope. Oh! Now I remember! Professor Oak told me to give that to you. It’s a gift.”

    Cole walked over to the crate and opened it up. Twelve pokeballs sat in a pile of warm hay. Cole looked at them. “Well, go on then,” Skyla urged. “Open ‘em up! I don’t know what’s in them, he wouldn’t tell me!”
    Cole threw the pokeballs one after another. They revealed the starters from every region, Bulbasaur through Piplup. But something was… off. “Oh!” Skyla gasped. “Those are… are…”
    “Shiny pokemon…” Cole murmured. On the Bulbasaur it was barely a noticeable change, but on some, like Charmander, Mudkip and Treecko, it was clearly evident. He spied a note in the hay. He read it aloud, for Skyla’s benefit.
    “Cole, these pokemon were donated to me by a friend, looking for a way to keep them safe from people who would use them for profit, or abuse their power. When I heard you had hidden in the woods far away, it struck me that they would be safest out there.
    “Their names are as follows. Bulbasaur is called Arbor, Squirtle responds to Wake, and Charmander responds to Flayme. Chikorita is named Retäv, Cyndaquil is Corona, and Totodile is Hook. Treecko is called Evergreen, while Torchic likes the name Jet. Mudkip is called Akira. Turtwig is Nyaru, Chimchar is called Wrath, and Piplup is Tzar. I trust that you will nurture them, and treat them kindly. I look forward to hearing news of their development.
    Cole folded the letter and looked at his twelve new pokemon. They blinked back up at him with wide, innocent eyes. Cole picked up Corona, and the little Cyndaquil curled up in his arms. “I’ll protect you,” Cole said. “From bad men like Giovanni and Ghetsis. Trust me.”
    Skyla got into her plane and waved at Cole. “Good luck out here. If you need anything, just call. See ya!”

    The pokemon cleared her runway, and retreated a hundred feet into the forest. Cole watched her as she flew away, and turned to his friends, both old and new. “Well everyone…” he said with a grin. “Looks like we have a lot of work to do!”
    His pokemon cheered. Some of the flying types carried the young shiny pokemon back to the tower. Solar, Shiva and Infernape swung through the trees. The rest fell into a rough procession behind him, blazing a trail back to the large stone tower that jutted up against the horizon.
    Already, he was planning on flying back to the league as soon as things were established out here. The pokemon he would not be taking with him would get returned to the Global Storage System, aside from a select few to keep things around the gym tidy.
    Not many challengers would be willing to come out this far, not without first challenging the gyms closer to cities and towns. That would give him plenty of time to meet with the other leaders, and perhaps track down Team Omega.

    I should probably note something. Those shiny pokemon I have do exist in-game. They are not, however, obtained in a legitimate way. I used an AR modifier code to get them, and to make them shiny. However, that's ALL I did. Their stats, and moves and everything else are all totally legit.
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    Sweet. Nice story!

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    Man, you've convinced me that fanfiction is actually amazing when done right - good job!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Displeased Owl View Post
    Man, you've convinced me that fanfiction is actually amazing when done right - good job!
    So true. Soooooooooo true.

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    Fear not, good people. My writing skills have been masterfully honed through the writing of a novel and a half (click my profile banner to read it! But be warned, Book 1 is 45 chapters long!)
    I also do solemnly swear there will be no shipping. Cuz it freaks me out.
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    *insert bad joke here*


    argh, I'm so used to things like RPGs where I control my character...oh got her uncannily well......although I kinda feel you got her sliiiiiiightly off in being a little too outgoing and stuff

    and you're saying we control the story or something? if so...awesome

    oh yeah...and can you like...make a character sheet or's hard to keep track of everything
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    As for breeding; unless you chain-breed max IVs onto a pokémon, you're basically throwing darts with a blindfold on at a dart board that isn't there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Feralninja View Post
    Fear not, good people. My writing skills have been masterfully honed through the writing of a novel and a half (click my profile banner to read it! But be warned, Book 1 is 45 chapters long!)
    I also do solemnly swear there will be no shipping. Cuz it freaks me out.
    1. Ok! I look forward to seeing your improved writing skills.
    2. Thats a LOT of chapters.
    3. Yes. PLEASE no shipping.

    This is turning out great! Nice fanfic.

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    Default From Twist Mountain to the Tower

    A sort of interlude between the next conflict. Enjoy!

    Cole shut his eyes and gripped the flying harness as Charizard flew into a headwind. Athena poked her head out of Cole’s shoulder bag, but Cole hissed at her to get back inside, out of the stinging gale. The Victini stuck her tongue out, but silently obeyed.
    Below, the Pokemon League HQ of Unova came and went, and then Opelucid City flashed by. “Want to stop and rest? Wait out this wind?” Cole asked.
    Charizard shook his head and blew smoke out his nostrils. He beat his wings harder, and plowed onwards. The dragon veered sharply to the west, catching an updraft over the Tubeline Bridge. After a brief handspan of time, they passed over Iccirius City and Dragonspiral Tower. Cole realized how fast Charizard must have been flying to attain this speed, even in a headwind.
    Finally, Charizard flared its wings out over a large mountain. They had arrived at their destination. The dragon slowly decreased his momentum, and drifted to a landing. As soon as Cole had unclipped the flying harness, Charizard dropped to the ground, exhausted. His Trainer returned him to his pokéball, and put the capsule away.

    Athena clambered out of his bag, and scented the air. “Why’d we stop here?”
    “To meet up with a friend.”
    “Hey!” someone shouted through the growing evening fog. “Glad you could make it out here to Twist Mountain.”
    “Becca!” Cole shouted back. “Nice to see you again. How’ve you been the past few weeks?”
    “Not bad,” the brown-haired girl replied. She emerged from the fog, her Garchomp right behind her. “And you? From the way your Charizard flew in, it looked like you were pushing him pretty hard.”
    Cole shrugged. “He pushed himself. Do you have a Storage System here? I might switch him out for our trip south. Any leads on Omega?”
    Becca shook her head, and Garchomp bristled. “No. But I let the Unova leaders know about it. They’re on the lookout.” She sighed. “Oh well. It’s cold out. Come inside, I’ll make tea.”

    Becca led Cole to a rather homey cabin set against a ledge of rock in the mountain. The air inside was warm, and Cole basked in it for a moment. “Make yourself comfortable,” the Mountain Trainer said, and gestured to a chair.
    Cole sank into it gladly, massaging the kinks out of his legs from the long flight. Athena curled up on his lap, purring like a Meowth. He let his eyelids sink down. “So,” Becca said as she sat down opposite him, placing two steaming mugs of green tea on the table beside them, and a tiny cup of milk down for Athena. “Who’d you bring with you for this trip?”
    Cole looked around the living room of the cabin. There’d be enough space to call them out. “Well,” he replied. “Obviously, I brought Athena and Charizard. But I also brought along a few new faces…” He reached for the line of pokeballs on his belt, and tossed them up. Four blasts of light flashed.
    Cole’s Flareon, named, quite originally, Flare, brushed up against Cole’s leg until Cole scratched the scruff of his neck. His Infernape and Typhlosion, Hades, moved to stand behind Cole’s chair, the fires on their backs crackling merrily, and fortunately not catching on the wooden walls. Cole’s final pokemon surveyed the cabin, and sighed.
    Swampert curled up on the floor, and raised his eyes to Cole and Becca. “This is Swampert,” Cole explained. “I’ve had him just a little less than Charizard, and they’re great battle partners. He may not look like much now, but he’s a right terror on the battlefield.” Swampert grumbled something in affirmation.
    Becca nodded. “So he’s probably your wildcard, right?”
    “Uh-huh. He can handle all the rock and ground types that would seriously hurt my fire types. Plus, he can hold his own against water types, too.”
    “My team’s further down the mountain. I’ll get them tomorrow. Though I must say, that’s a nice Typhlosion. Mine’s living on Cinnabar Island with a friend of mine for training. Yours reminds me of him.”
    Cole smiled. “Hey, I remember you told me about Dracoburn. Is he here?”
    Becca nodded. “Yup. He’s with the others. I’ll introduce you later.”

    Any further conversation was halted by Becca’s video phone ringing. Becca rushed over to answer it. Raj’s face popped up on the screen. “Becca? Thank goodness!”
    “Raj?” Becca snapped. “What’s wrong?”
    “It’s Nate!” Raj cried. “He’s gone missing!”
    Cole ran over. “Do you think Omega got him?”
    Raj blinked in surprise at seeing Cole on the feed, but recovered quickly. “No, I don’t believe so. You see, he left a note saying he’d found a lead on their whereabouts and went after them. That was a week ago, and he hasn’t been seen since. He claimed he was just going on a reconnaissance mission, so it shouldn’t have taken this long. Phoenix, Ammy and I have cloistered ourselves in the Library of the Tower, to protect against attacks. I sent Hastings back home to Striaton City. He should be safe there.”
    Becca nodded curtly. “All right. Stay where you are. Cole and I will be there in a few days time. Get in touch with the other leaders. It’s time to have another meeting.”

    Raj nodded and broke the connection. Cole sank back into the padded armchair. “Nothing’s ever easy, is it?” Flare made a soft noise and licked Cole’s hand, trying to cheer him up.
    Becca sighed. “I guess not. Still, you need your rest, so we’ll head out the day after tomorrow. The Tower isn’t in any immediate danger, so let’s give Raj and the others some time to get in contact with the remaining leaders.” Cole nodded. Becca continued, seeing that her guest wasn’t going to make a further comment. “There’s a bed in the guest room over there. If you want, you can go relax there for a while.”
    Cole followed her advice, and let Charizard out of his pokéball. The great orange dragon stretched out his wings and promptly fell back to sleep. Athena and Flare curled up next to him. Infernape and Typhlosion remained in the outer room, calmly listening to Becca bang around in the kitchen alcove.
    The two fire types eventually grew bored, and wandered into Cole’s guest bedroom. This made the room rather cramped, but also somewhat cozy. After a considerable length of time, Becca stuck her head into Cole’s room to tell him she had cobbled together a meal.
    But Cole and his pokemon had fallen fast asleep, his head pillowed in Flare’s warm fur, Athena curled up in his arms. They all lay against Charizard, and the dragon had wrapped his tail around him. Infernape and Typhlosion slept close by, resting their heads against Charizard’s outer flank.
    Becca silently exited the room and closed the door.


    The next morning, a crash woke Cole up. He leapt to his feet and raced out the door, a command to Infernape already on his lips. He feared Team Omega had broken in and was kidnapping Becca.
    But it turned out the elite four member had merely dropped a pan, which set off a chain reaction of clattering pots and other kitchenware. Cole grinned and moved to help her clean up.
    “I’m really a terrible cook,” Becca confessed. “How does cereal sound?”
    Cole only laughed in reply. “Just so long as you don’t burn it or anything.”
    Becca punched him in the arm. Hard. Cole stopped laughing, and happily accepted the bowl she passed him. As they ate, Becca explained to Cole some of the signals she used to communicate with her blind Charizard, Dracoburn.

    Then, she led him down a windy mountain trail to a cave. Cole’s pokemon followed close behind. Athena chatted in Cole’s head, and Charizard drifted in the surprisingly calm mountain air.
    Becca stepped inside the deep cave and shouted out. “Hey everyone, Cole’s here! Come out and say hello!” Ferocity, her Garchomp roared in echo.
    There was a rumble further in. Cole placed one hand on the wall of the cavern, and the other on Flare. The rumbling came again, and several hazy figures materialized out of the darkness of the cave. First came a swooping Aerodactyl that shrieked at Typhlosion and Infernape. After it dashed a Krookodile that grinned at Cole. Or perhaps it was a snarl. A Nidoking and Tyranitar followed him.
    Then, there was a scraping noise as a massive Gyrados hissed along the corridor. Bringing up the rear was a Torterra. But still, two figures moved in the dark. Cole squinted, and saw that it was a Dragonite helping a Charizard walk down the path.

    Becca clicked her tongue, and Charizard snapped to alertness. He followed the sounds of her vocalized commands, and staggered towards his master. Becca’s cold demeanor instantly softened. “That’s good, Dracoburn, just take it easy. There you go.”
    Dracoburn scented the air, and growled softly. Infernape moved protectively in front of Cole, shielding his trainer with his body. Typhlosion hissed, the fires on his back igniting. Flare went up on his hackles. Swampert bellowed a challenge. But Dracoburn ignored this. He merely ‘looked’ right at where my Charizard was flying, and growled.
    “This isn’t the Charizard that hurt you,” Cole murmured. “I’m not Red. Easy there, Old Fighter.”
    Dracoburn huffed. He seemed to realize that no, this Charizard was different from the one he had borne a grudge against. Becca stepped back and I drew closer. Cole scratched him at the base of his neck, where spine, and wings and collarbone converged, a favorite place of Cole’s own Charizard.

    “Besides,” the young man whispered, so that only the scarred Charizard could hear him. “I hate Lapras too.” Dracoburn grinned, and Cole saw that his teeth were gleaming white, like the cataracts on his eyes. He flared out his wings.
    The Dragonite inched closer; ready to catch him if he stumbled. “Easy, Analyt,” Becca whispered. “Let Dracoburn stand on his own two feet.”
    Cole motioned his Charizard closer as the rest of his team inspected Becca’s pokemon, and vice-versa. Dracoburn and Charizard examined each other carefully, Dracoburn by scent alone. Then, Dracoburn nodded. Charizard grinned at him, and lifted back off into the air.
    Athena put her head close to my ear. “Charizard says they wanna race.”
    I blinked in surprise. “Race?”
    “Race?” Becca echoed. Then she nodded. “I see. Yeah, all right. Let’s do it.” She jumped on Dracoburn’s back.
    I did likewise on my Charizard. “Where to?” I asked.
    Becca nodded down towards the excavation in the mountain crater. “Five laps around the perimeter of the mountain. The course is well marked. But don’t worry, you’ll be behind me the entire time.”

    She tapped something out on Dracoburn’s back, and the Charizard angled sharply, and sped up. Charizard and I followed close behind. “All right, Partner,” Cole hissed. “Follow them until we understand the course. Then, blow past them.”
    Charizard nodded, and trailed on Dracoburn’s wind stream. The blind Charizard ducked under a piece of machinery, and Charizard followed right behind. They wove through the construction and excavation site in the heart of the mountain, before Dracoburn and Becca ascended sharply.
    Charizard was startled, but quickly regained control. Cole flew out over a series of ledges, and he saw Becca tapping out a pattern on Dracoburn’s back.
    “Something’s coming,” Cole whispered to Charizard. “Be ready.”
    Then, the pair ahead of them… disappeared. Or rather, they had ducked into a side tunnel, where a cold breeze emanated.

    Charizard growled and followed after Dracoburn’s quickly fading tail flame. The walls of this tunnel were smooth, and Cole noted that a glacier of some kind must have shaped it, back in prehistory.
    Then, they burst back out into the sunlight, very close to the cavern where they started. Dracoburn was only a hundred yards ahead. Cole smirked. “All right. We know the course now. Finish it quick.”
    Charizard poured on speed, quickly overtaking Becca. He raced through another lap of the mountain, and another. Still Dracoburn was close behind. At the end of the fifth lap, in the cold tunnel, Dracoburn pulled up alongside Charizard. They were neck and neck.
    The finish line was a large, protruding boulder, and Charizard raced at going top speed. Too fast. He shot a Flamethrower from his mouth, melting a hole in the stone. Cole ducked as they passed through it, beating Becca by a hair.
    Becca met them back with the other pokemon. She nodded. “Good race.”
    Cole shrugged. “We haven’t trained in such close quarters. Mostly Charizard and I fly in the open skies, so we’re not used to cave flying.” Then, the Fire Gym Leader grinned. It was time for a little bragging. “Charizard flies faster than a Pidgeot. He beat an Entei across the Johto region.”
    Becca’s eyebrows went up, impressed. “That’s an accomplishment.”

    Scragg, her Krookodile, regarded Cole silently; it’s telescopic eyes focusing on his face. Her Garchomp, Ferocity, shuffled her wings. A tiny Gible poked out behind her leg.
    Becca smiled at the little dragon, then looked at her Garchomp. “You okay leaving the little one, Fer?” At the Garchomp’s sad look, Becca shook her head. “You know Analyt will take good care of him.”
    Cole and his pokemon backed away. This was a private moment, and he needed to have one of his own. He knelt down to look Flare in the eye. “It’s going to be a long trip, and I might need a remount. Plus, I’ll need all the muscle I can get. Are you okay if I switch you out?”
    Flare licked his face and purred. He felt less guilty now. Cole rubbed a hand through his warm, fluffy fur. “I’ll get you back as soon as I arrive at the Tower. You can play with Ammy’s Vaporeon.”

    Becca and Cole spent the rest of the day planning our return to the Tower of the Ancients. Cole would fly on Charizard for as long as the dragon was able to go, then switch to a ground-based pokemon to run the rest of the way, or at least until Charizard was rested.
    Becca would fly on Ferocity, again until the dragon tired. But unlike me, she would remain in the air on the back of her Aerodactyl, Wyvern. Wyvern flew slower than Ferocity, and would probably match the pace of Cole's remount over the flat, arid land between Unova and the Tower.
    Haste was the most important thing at the moment, and we would not have time to stop.


    Charizard huffed as a current of cold air buffeted them. Ferocity dipped lower to evade, but Charizard stubbornly retained his altitude. “Don’t do this,” Cole muttered. “You have nothing to prove.”
    Charizard only grunted in reply. “Seriously,” Cole said. “Go lower. It’ll be easier to catch thermals.”
    Charizard grudgingly obeyed, as the dense forest around Unova gave way to crags and rolling hills. A herd of Rapidash and Ponyta galloped along below the two Trainers for a while. Athena waved at them.
    Soon, the foothills turned into a flat, grassy plain, where pokemon abounded. Ferocity began to tire with the absence of the mountain wind at our backs, and Becca called her back, substituting Wyvern in.

    The sun sank lower in the sky, and still, Charizard fought on, though it’s breathing grew ragged. “Stop!” Cole cried. “I need you at top strength to fight Omega! I’ve been pushing you too hard lately, and you need a rest.”
    Charizard shook its head.
    “Come on!” Athena hissed. “Listen to Cole! Charizard, just take a break!”
    Cole tried to return his dragon, but Charizard refused to go back into his pokéball. Soon, they were drifting dangerously close to the ground. Charizard’s wings finally gave out, and the trio fell.
    Wyvern screeched, and Becca called out something to Cole. Cole could only grab onto the flying harness as the grass rushed closer. Then, one of the pokeballs at his belt opened of it’s own volition.

    A blur of motion whisked Cole and Athena away from Charizard, depositing them safely on the ground a short distance away. Then, it grabbed Charizard around its neck, and brought it back to Cole.
    Cole returned the exhausted fire type to his pokéball, and patted the newcomer’s flank. “Thank you, Entei.”
    The beast growled in reply. Becca circled lower. “That Entei! It’s shiny!”
    Cole nodded. “Uh-huh. Met it on a trip to Crown City. I met Professor Juniper there, too. Of course, it didn’t seem right to catch it, so we parted ways. But right around when I was getting to Nimbasa City, Entei shows up again to help me fight them off. After that, it made it clear that it wanted to travel with me. We found my Zoroark, Scathatch, right after that.”
    “Entei’s so cool!” Athena chirped.

    Entei modestly bowed his head. Cole clambered up onto the Legendary’s back, and clicked his heels against Entei’s sides. “We ready to head off again?”
    Almost before Wyvern had lifted off the ground, Entei was off. The leonine creature bounded across the arid plain. Its feet touched the ground for the briefest of moments before rushing off again. Stalks of grass seemed not to bend beneath its weight.
    Though Entei ran quickly, it also ran smoothly. The consistent rhythm of its gait lulled Cole into a dreamlike state, and his eyelids grew heavy. “I’m gonna take a nap,” Athena purred. Then, she was asleep.

    The moon traveled higher and higher in the sky, and the chill of the desert air seeped into Cole’s bones. He drew his leather jacket around him, and Entei panted with silent laughter. It shared the attitude of Cole’s Staraptor, Talon, that people needed the cooperation of pokemon to survive.
    But soon, Cole was asleep, and Entei adjusted his motions so that Cole would not fall off. The young man was woken up when Entei bounded up the cliffs that led to the Tower. The moon had set, but the stars glimmered in the sky. It was likely a little past midnight.
    Wyvern swooped in the sky above and skittered in for a landing as Entei gently shook out its fur, rousing Cole to full alertness. Becca looked at the large, imposing door. “Should we knock? Somehow, I doubt it’s unlocked.”
    Cole shrugged. “Entei? Can you get this door open for me?”
    The Legendary pokemon roared, and ran towards the door. Before Entei made contact, they swung open. The fire type’s paws slid along the floor of the foyer, and it looked out at me.

    Raj stood in the door, a scowl on his face. “You really should have just knocked.”
    He led them deep into the center of the Tower, to the Library. Ammy waved from where she was laying down on a cot, a book in her hands. Her Vaporeon was curled up at her feet.
    Phoenix was feeding his shiny Sceptile and Braviary, and looked up when Entei walked in. “Ooh!” he cried. “A shiny! Mind if I take a peek?”
    He fawned over Entei for a time, and the large fire type basked in the attention. Cole rolled his eyes and returned the Legendary to his pokéball. Athena popped out of Cole’s bag and waved to Vaporeon.
    Cole sat down at one of the tables and brushed aside some books. Becca glanced at Raj. “Tell us everything. What happened to Nate?”

    Raj sat down in an armchair. He sighed. “It was about a week ago. He kept muttering about Omega, and Ghetsis, and then he just got up and left one day with his best team of pokemon. I haven’t heard from him since. His Xtransceiver is not responding to any calls. I fear he was captured.”
    Becca’s hands clenched into fists. “We’ll get him back.”
    Raj held up a hand. “Don’t be so rash. We should not rush off immediately. I have contacted David, and he is coming. He is also bringing a friend of his, Jo, a strong trainer that challenged his gym. She lost, but she’ll be a valuable asset to have. I have also gotten in touch with a friend of mine, Xander, an expert on shiny pokemon, and one who has fought in several leagues. Within a few days time, they will be here.”
    Cole sank back into his chair. “So there’s nothing to do but wait, and hope Omega doesn’t move in the meantime. Great.”
    Raj shrugged. “We can always train. I’m calling in my associates from all over the globe to aid us in our struggle. And trust me, I have a lot of associates.”
    Cole looked at the towering shelves forlornly. “I guess. But if Omega is strong enough to capture our strongest trainers, is anyone truly safe?”
    Deep inside, he knew that if it came down to it, he could always flee to his little home in the woods, a place that had not been explored in hundreds of years. He at least would be safe. But no.

    He would stand with his new friends, and fight until the end.
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    Nice dude! Keep it up! :]
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    Wow this is amazing! I can't wait to see what happens with my character!
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    In your head.


    Couldn't stop smiling

    Tiny thing. Scrag only has one "g" in his name. He's named after a Kobold(that just happens to be much less bloodthirsty than much of its race) in Dungeons and Dragons Online. You're thinking Scarr, my Salamence.

    But I'm very impressed. You caught my character well, though it's myself I always burn, not my food
    One of the quirks of choosing a fire-type starter, right?

    Well done.
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    Hooray for running off!

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    You've done it again man! We do need a character list though I don't know who's who (even the pokemon :S). But wow the travelling scene was excellent I really felt their desperation and concern along with the co-operation of the pokemon. Soon I will challenge the league.

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    Default Character Sheet

    Character Sheet:
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    Ammy- Pokemaster001
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    Did you forget to add Phoenix's brother Zephyr, or is he just not ready yet? Or did I give you too little info? Also, Phoenix has a garchomp, dragonite, kingdra, and salamence. Dragon e4.


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    you know, we should probably stop flooding this fic...I's probably rushing him and it's just cramming the thread with constant praise
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    True.. But it feels good to get praise. Great to get any kind of comment. I love seeing a new name in the comments on my fic. Getting that notification is a simply brilliant feeling. Besides, what are we supposed to criticize? "You don't eat your veggies enough, grrr!!!"? He's in our league, we're biased.

    Though, Feralninja, if you get the time, you may want to go back and edit the new paragraph spacing and quotes around telepathy into your first chapters. You wouldn't want to accidentally turn off new readers. It's excellent now, but you want to make it this easy to read from the beginning, right? Just a suggestion. If you get time. *shrugs*
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    Default Confrontation

    And... new part's up!

    “I’m going off on my own.” David dropped his mug of coffee on the table with a clatter. He glanced at the assembled faces seated around the round table in the Library. “Divide and conquer.”
    “What are you talking about?” Cole roared, pushing his chair back. “Look how well that worked before! We’re strong together!”
    David shrugged. “We’ve all traveled Unova. Does anyone remember that Team Plasma had a lab on Route 17? What if there’s information there? Or in the remains of N’s Castle? Sending the entire league there would cause too much attention, but one adventurer? No problem.”
    Cole crossed his arms. “You weren’t at N’s Castle. I was. There was nothing there, except a bunch of empty rooms.”
    Raj held up a hand. “Cole, you were dead set on finding N, and awakening Zekrom. Perhaps you missed something.”
    Cole sank back into his chair and grumbled. Fine. Let David waste his time. Jo, the Trainer David brought with him, scoffed. “You mean that you brought me all this way, out to this Tower in the middle of nowhere, and you’re going to ditch me? I don’t think so.” She winked. “I’m coming with you, whether you want to or not.”

    Ammy nodded. “At least take one partner with you, David. Safety in numbers, even if those numbers are small.”
    David raised an eyebrow, and glanced at Xander, Raj’s friend. The young man, an expert on shiny pokemon, had a hand on his green Salamance. “Truth be told, I’d rather take that guy.”
    Xander grinned. “No way! I’m going right up to Team Omega and hitting them with a Hyper Beam! Espionage all you want, but I’m headed right for the front lines.”
    Phoenix’s little brother, Zephyr, toyed with the three pokeballs on his belt. “We need to concentrate on finding the lost league members. Information would be nice, but I’d rather just end it now.”
    Phoenix nodded. “That’s my brother.”

    Cole glanced at Mozzeh, his fingers tapping out a tattoo on the table. “Mozzeh, what have you found from Interpol? We could always call Looker, I guess.”
    Mozzeh scoffed. “Interpol is as useless as ever. They have no proof it’s Ghetsis, so they can’t act. I spoke to Alder on my way here, we go back a ways. He’s getting his league to brace for the coming storm but…
    “Cole, what happened back when you summoned Zekrom… that hurt the Unova league really bad. They were powerless before Team Plasma. I don’t think they want to go against Omega unless they absolutely need to.”
    Becca nodded. “I talked to Skyla. She’s my cousin, by the way. Anyways, I talked to her… it’s all they can do to prevent the league from falling apart. Cilan, Chili and Cress are missing too, and Omega left a note at their gym, saying they can strike anywhere they want…”

    Phoenix slammed a fist against the table, making the cups of tea, coffee and berry juice tremble. Athena, Flare and Ammy’s Vaporeon licked up any drops that fell. “That’s how many league personnel captured now? Eight? Nine? And maybe they’ve even struck in Hoenn, and we don’t know about it yet, since they’re so isolationist. We haven’t heard from Karin or Fire in ages. Maybe they got caught.
    Our only choice is to strike back. Mozzeh, you and I are dragon type specialists. Dragons are some of the most powerful pokemon in the world. Together, I think we could create a diversion, letting the other members of the league in.”
    Mozzeh nodded. “I was thinking the same thing. If Omega is this strong, I’m willing to bet they don’t just have Zubats and Watchogs. Their grunts might have really powerful pokemon. Their admins must be on at least the level of the Elite Four. And Ghetsis… well, for all we know, he’s paving the way for N to come back.”

    “No!” Cole slammed his fist on the table. “N won’t work for Ghetsis again! We… we’re going to ride the Ferris Wheel. And eat Casteliacones. He changed in that fight! I know he did! Besides, why would Ghetsis want to use him again, after it failed the last time? He has the Triad! And anyone else in Omega. He doesn’t need N. Reshiram maybe, but he’s better off trying to get another legendary. One I’ve never met before.”
    Cole stalked off through the shelves. He needed a minute to calm down. He reached the alcove he’d staked out as his own. Towers of picture books, fairy tales, legends and fantasy novels loomed over his head. Flare and Athena padded after him.
    Flare curled up, and Cole rested his head against him. Athena lay down in the crook of Cole’s arm, as he leafed through a book about Moltres. Charizard appeared from the shelves, followed by Swampert, Typhlosion and Masamune.

    They relaxed in front of his ‘cave’, and their very presence calmed him. Cole just couldn’t bear people badmouthing N. No one else had been there when he left. No one else knew how much he changed. Becca had told the Fire Leader she spotted Reshiram flying over Johto some time ago. That meant he was safe, at least. Far out of Ghetsis’s reach.
    Cole only hoped Zekrom would find him soon.
    He heard the other people muttering farther off, but Cole fell asleep.

    When he woke up, it was because Becca had toppled a pile of books on him. “We’re heading out,” she said.
    Cole instantly shook off drowsiness. “So soon?”
    “Where to?”
    “Another ancient structure, across the plains. Some say as old as Dragonspiral Tower. Raj thinks it’s worth checking out. It’s the only place within teleportation range of the Tower.”
    Instantly Cole was alert. He loved all these old buildings. Even if Ghetsis wasn’t there, even if there was no trace of Omega, he wanted to explore.
    “Who’s coming?”
    “You, me, Ammy, Raj and Xander. Mozzeh, Phoenix and Zephyr are going to train back here, as the distraction. David and Jo have already started off to Route 17.”

    The Fire Leader stopped by the Storage Terminal in the Library. He put Flare and Masamune back, and took out Entei and Sol, his Volcarona. Cole would have liked to keep Masamune, but Swampert and Charizard made a better team. Plus, Swampert had stamina, so it could actually carry him on it’s back if Charizard and Entei got exhausted or injured.
    Raj would be riding with Xander on Salamance, and Ammy was with Cole on Charizard. Becca was alone on Ferocity. None of Ammy’s water types could match the pace the fliers, and again, speed was essential.
    Charizard kicked off the sheer cliffs of the Tower, leading the pack. Ammy’s hands were wrapped tightly around Cole’s waist, though Cole had strapped her tightly into the flying harness.

    They flew for hours over the never changing landscape. A flock of Pidgey, Pidgeoto and Pidgeot accompanied them for a time, but eventually broke off. Eventually, the ground below became rocky, with many jagged boulders sticking up from the ground. This in time gave way to sand, a fine red dust that was very unlike the hard, coarse grains of the Desert Resort.
    Ferocity cooed as she dipped lower, enjoying the grains playing over her scales.
    Raj must have said something to Xander, because Salamance angled sharply southeast, darting towards an unseen objective. Charizard and Ferocity followed, tailing the green dragon like shadows. After a few more minutes of flying, Salamance dropped down over a dune, vanishing from sight.
    Charizard landed at the crest of the empheral hill, letting Cole unsaddle him. Ammy had a bad case of what Cole called “air legs”, and staggered. She fell down, and rolled down the hill, to where Raj and Xander stood.

    Cole folded up the harness and put it in his bag. He pulled his leather coat tighter, trying to keep any sand off. It would be a while before he got to a shower, and he wanted to minimize his discomfort.
    He and Becca slid down the dune, and realized why Raj had made them land. The man was looking at a stone complex, smaller in height than the Tower, but longer, and probably with more space inside. “We’ll look here,” the man said.
    He called out his Accelgor, and it darted off to make a sweep. Swampert’s pokéball opened by itself, and the great blue behemoth hunkered down in the sand, looking like a cat ready to pounce. Accelgor returned a few minutes later, and nodded briskly to Raj.

    “We’re clear. Let’s move out.”
    The group ran across the fine red sand, and ducked into the building at the nearest entrance. Cole felt the Unown glyphs on the walls, and words in Sanskrit as well. It reminded him of the sunken ruins in Undella Bay. He and Masamune had spent some time there on their vacation. Perhaps there was some connection.
    They moved in silence for a time, following the labyrinthine walls. Occasionally, someone would spot a side chamber, and they would investigate. However, the rooms appeared untouched, barren, and covered in a thick layer of dust.
    Eventually, the group wandered so far into the old fortress (at least Cole assumed it was a fortress) that no ambient light penetrated. They were relying solely on the light from Charizard’s tail flame. Ammy called out her Lanturn, and it’s natural luminescence lit up the halls. It hovered alongside them with a magnetism it produced from its body.

    Cole stumbled over a raised tile in the floor, and fell down. He stretched out his hands to break his fall, and nimbly somersaulted back to his feet, disregarding the hand Xander held out to him.
    There was a rumbling further down the passage, and Accelgor again darted forward, Lanturn following close behind. Athena squirmed out of Cole’s bag to run after them.
    “Hey, wait!” Xander cried.

    The group rushed after the pokemon, and found they had stopped in front of a dark stone staircase that led deep into the fortress. A small groove in the floor showed that Cole must have stumbled on a switch that revealed it, dropping the wall away.
    The faint sound of voices filtered up. Raj cracked his knuckles. “I assume we have no choice but to go down, huh?”
    Cole scooped up Athena. “Nope.” Charizard and Swampert moved to stand protectively behind their trainer. The Fire Leader was greatly comforted by their looming presence. They proceeded down the staircase in absolute silence, making sure their feet made no noise on the stones.
    The staircase finally ended in a small hallway. The league members paused for a moment, and glanced around the corner, into a much larger chamber. There, surrounded by flickering torches, were about one hundred and fifty men and women, all in dark capes with the hoods up. A Ω, the symbol for Omega, was printed in silver on their breasts. Apparently, this was the standard uniform for Team Omega.

    A man with green hair that spilled out of his hood approached a throne at the far end of the room. A figure clothed all in black sat upon the dais, remaining completely silent. As the green haired man passed the assembled people, they bowed low.
    From the folds of his robe, the man, obviously Ghetsis from the stance, gait and figure, pulled out an ornate crown forged of gold, silver, platinum and crystal, inset with rubies, sapphires, emeralds, diamonds and pearls.
    Cole scoffed under his breath. “Old habits die hard.”
    Athena softly clicked her tongue. “Some bad guys never learn.”
    Raj peered out towards the dais. “That can’t be N, can it?”

    “At least a month ago, N was in Johto,” Becca replied.
    “A lot can change in a month,” Xander countered.
    Ammy shook her head. “No. It doesn’t look like N. I mean, his hood is up, but from the pictures of N in the newspapers and on TV, I don’t think this is him.”
    Cole bit his tongue, waiting to se what happened. Ghetsis raised the crown high. “Team Omega!” he shouted. “Behold, the strongest trainer in the world! Our new king!”
    “Long live Team Omega! Long live the king!”
    Raj gasped. “Strongest… in the world? It can’t be!”
    Ghetsis moved to place the crown on the shadowed figure’s head. There was a fwip sound behind the group from the league. Cole whirled and saw a member of the Shadow Triad appear behind them.

    “Master Ghetsis!” the man cried. “Interlopers!”
    “What?” Ghetsis roared, the crown mere inches from the man’s head. He whirled around as the other two members of the Triad appeared next to the league members, and forced them forward. Then, he smirked. “Perfect. A sacrifice before the new king.”
    He stepped closer to Cole, who stood in the front. “Are you afraid, boy? You should not be trembling so. You are about to witness the dawn of a new world.”
    Xander spat on the indigo carpet of the chamber. “You sound just like that cultist… what was his name? Wait! Don’t tell me! Insane man, kinda tall, blue hair, horrid fashion sense… Cyrus! That’s it! Yeah, you’re just like Cyrus! Well, at least the insane part, and the bad fashion sense part.”
    “Silence!” Ghetsis bellowed.

    The Shadow Triad grabbed him, Raj, and Ammy. Ghetsis bent towards Cole, and shoved him to his knees. “You afraid yet? I’m going to kill you all, right here. Are you going to call Zekrom? Go ahead. I’ll kill him too. There’s no legendary pokemon to save you now. What’s that now?”
    Cole snarled at him. “I said, I don’t need Zekrom!”
    He leapt to his feet and punched Ghetsis squarely in the jaw. Ghetsis recoiled, and clambered backwards. “Kill them!” he shouted to Team Omega. “Kill them all!”
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